All the Devils are Here Pt. 05

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So this is the unofficial sequel to Spector_Dugan’s three-part, dark masterpiece “LIKE THE DEVIL WITH A DEAL”. If you haven’t read that I suggest you do, PLUS all the previous parts to this story as things will then make much more sense.

All the characters in this story are extensions of the characters created by Spector_Dugan and this follow-up is not endorsed by Spector himself, so if you don’t like it and feel it ruins the original, it’s all my

I would also like to thank Spector for his assistance and support in making this story possible. All active participants in this story are over 18 years of age and as they are fictional know what they are getting into.

This part features a fair bit of BDSM and also some male-on-male sex, so if that’s not your thing and you do not wish to go any further I understand. It also has mild spoilers for Rocky II.

And finally as this is my first attempt at anything like this I would like to thank everyone who has spared me the time to take a look and hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I’ve loved every minute of creating this and look forward to your comments now it’s complete.

So…let’s get into this final part. Enjoy.

Part 5a “Whatever you do, don’t mention Moby Dick!”

“We have to go back to the hot-tub,” I said to Kate. The hot-tub had beaten us the last time we were here, it had seen us ripped apart and destroyed thanks to my slimy brother-in-law and equally scummy sister-in-law. They may not be here this time but I still felt like that place had power over us. Like me Kate was also scared but I could tell she understood my logic. This was what had bested us, done us in. I got so close to getting us out when we were last here but our experience back then wrecked everything, well this time we were gonna take charge and wreck it. I knew we could visit every other room in this house but if we didn’t beat the tub it would hold this over us forever. I considered my words carefully before speaking, but even then I got it wrong. “Honey, we have to beat the hot-tub. It’s like our white…”

“DON’T SAY “WHITE WHALE”, ANDY! You know what happened to Captain Ahab!” Kate reminded me.

“Shit, oh no, yeah. I didn’t think about that. Okay then, here’s a different view…tonight the hot-tub is like our …”Rocky II”, huh?” I stated. Kate’s eyes lit up at that reference.

“Ooh, I like that!” Kate beamed. She nodded, enthusiastically and grabbed my hands. “Okay. Let’s “Rocky II” this bitch!”

With that we headed down to the tub, our stomachs flipping as we walked through the house and the sleeping bodies. Last time we were here we felt obliged to be in the hot-tub due to Kate’s deceptive sister Tara, this time it was our choice to enter those waters and although part of me felt brave for heading in there, part of me was also desperate for a different outcome. We walked out back out to the deck, but unlike when we were out here earlier, the hot-tub had occupants.

“Darlings. you came,” Vanessa purred as we walked down. Both Kate and I had a sense of dread as we walked towards the water. We knew this was a place where bad things could happen if things spiralled out of control and with Vanessa in charge there was every chance they would spiral…badly. My only hope was to take charge here and hope I could change the tone in the hub to my liking. I did feel more optimistic as I knew most of the people who were already here and already wet. The other occupants we knew who were naked were Vanessa and Brian, Mary, Joseph and Chester, and Nikki and Troy. The other three people I didn’t know and they were still in their underwear, looking around kind of stunned at what was going on. It was two girls and a guy. I was curious to know what their deal was and so as soon as Kate and I had removed our clothing (keeping on Kate’s collar) and entered these dangerous waters I started to press them for more details.

“Hi. We’ve not met yet. I’m Andy. This is Kate,” I stated, with a wave that felt weird in the circumstances. How often do you get a friendly wave from naked strangers?

“Hi, I’m Amber, this is my boyfriend Matt and this is my best friend Kimberley,” Amber replied making the introductions. Amber was a toothy blonde with freckles and long straight hair, her boyfriend, Matt, was a guy with mousy brown crew-cut that was largely bones and angles. The best friend at the end had light brown, wavy hair and brown eyes and a huge cleavage that bounced with the water. I had them pegged around 19 to 20.

“How come you guys all wound up here?” I asked as they seemed completely out of place here.

“Troy mentioned it. We all go to the gym and he’s my instructor,” mentioned Amber. All eyes moved to Troy who seemed to shrink in the hot-tub as he thought of what to say next.

“Let me guess, it’s not what it looks like?” said Nikki. Kate and I burst out laughing as did the rest of the hot-tub at Troy’s discomfort. It was exactly what it looked like. Troy had invited or organised the inviting of everyone güvenilir bahis he wanted to fuck to the party, including Kate. I looked over at Kate and I could see that in spite of spending all night with me her face was still a little flushed at Troy’s deceit. Thankfully my girlfriend was also my rescuer as she had been so often tonight.

“Kate, I LOVE your collar and chain. Where did you get it?” Nikki asked with sparkly eyes.

“It was in the utility room, there’s loads of good stuff in there!” Kate beamed as she sat bolt upright, her glorious tits on full display as she wobbled her shoulders in delight.

“So, are you like, his slave, or something?” Amber asked, flicking her blonde hair back defiantly, a gesture that suggested she would never wish to be in a position like that.

“Tonight…Yes,” said Kate, looking back at me with a wink.

“So, you’re like, her Master then?” asked Kimberly, with eyes wide and smile broadening as if in stark contrast to her mate, who seemed to be enamoured by such a possibility.

“For tonight, I am, yes,” I replied as politely as I could. I watched as the three semi-clad individuals talked among themselves for a moment before hatching an idea between them.

“So you could ask her to bark like a dog?” Amber asked, proud of herself for coming up with such a stupid comment. She was asking this to see how far Kate would humiliate herself for her Master, but I was not about to bite.

“I could..But I won’t,” I replied.

“But if you asked me to, I would,” Kate giggled. The rest of the tub laughed at her comment and my awkwardness in response.

“Fine. Slave…bark like a dog,” I stated, reluctantly.

“Woof! Woof!” Kate barked and the tub was now in stitches as Kate carried on making dog noises.

“Okay, slave, stop,” I ordered and Kate did so. I was against Kate being humiliated in such a manner but she had managed to break the ice and bring humour to what was a stressful situation. I pulled on her chain so her face was next to mine and kissed her deeply. her hand came to my face and mine to hers as our mouths enjoyed each other. I looked up and across from us I could see Nikki and Troy exchange a few words before both of them came over to our side of the tub.

“I am sorry about tonight. I should have been straight with you,” Troy apologised to Kate, however if he was trying to get back into Kate’s good graces he was gonna have to try way harder as Nikki took up position next to Kate and started caressing her body. Kate was responding in kind to the younger women.

“You really have an effect on me,” Kate said to Nikki as their hands explored each other’s bodies, their breathing quickening as their excitement mounted.

“Likewise,” Nikki replied, before they kissed. I had enough of being on the sidelines and so slipped my hands beneath the warm water that was frothing and bubbling around us, and let my hands explore Kate’s body, but now as I did, I could feel Nikki’s hands exploring Kate too. I knew that Nikki liked Kate, but I didn’t know Kate would be SO into it, but she really was. Kate moved her left hand to my cock still but her right was exploring Nikki”s curves. Behind Nikki I could see Troy kissing Nikki’s back and rubbing his hands all over her. I was harsh on Troy because of his motivations, but he seemed okay. He wasn’t violent or nasty or mean and the truth was the easy-going charming guy that I met at the restaurant was the real him, more or less. He was just a bit sneaky about the party, but I could hardly feel bad about that now, could I? All four of us were building each other up and combining and reconfiguring as we were going from four people to a foursome, breaths becoming synchronised, moans leading to sighs, touching and kisses and more sighs. The bodies of these women were extraordinary and even with the second tablet just starting to kick in the effect of the bubbles and their forms was oh-so intoxicating. I could see Kate’s trap muscle and a vein running through it and a part of me wanted to lean forward and taste the flesh, it looked so inviting so tempting and so I leaned forward and…

“What sort of shenanigans are going on here?” a British voice cried out. All nine of us in the hot-tub looked around. Stood there was Aunt Bernadette (Even now, cause she was with Mary and Joseph I STILL wanted to call her Sister Bernadette). She was with Mason and they were both fully dressed, he was in a Long Green T-shirt and flairs, meaning he was Shaggy from Scooby-Doo (Minimum-effort costume, perfect for an easy-going dude like Mason) however what I noticed that others did not was that Bernadette’s outfit…was ruffled. This outfit had clearly been taken off and put back on again, judging by its creased state, possibly quite a few times.

I looked around the tub to see if anyone else had noticed and there, locking eyes with me, was Vanessa. She too had picked up in this and, as we both looked at each other, I realised we were no longer rivals, we were co-conspirators. Bernadette may well have been güvenilir bahis siteleri royally fucked tonight but she was still hiding behind a veneer of respectability that should no longer exist. We, the gathered throng in the hot-tub would tear that veneer down. We would make Bernadette ours.

“Aunt, Bernadette! You made it!” Mary replied as she jerked her two favourite fellas beneath the water.

“This, this is all completely outrageous!” Bernadette continued.

“Jeez, chillax, Aunt Bernie,” Mason said as he removed his slip-ons, his top and dropped his flares to the deck revealing a naked body that Bernadette licked her lips at when she saw it fully exposed. “Come in the tub, I imagine the water’s lovely.”

Mason walked forward naked and stood at the end of the deck with his hand held back for Bernadette. She looked about the bodies that were clearly naked and was obviously conflicted. On the one hand she had clearly got up to something in the house, but this was in front of Joseph, her Nephew and his new Bride and Brother-in-Law. She straightened her suit a little before coming up with an excuse we all saw coming.

“I don’t have a bathing suit,” she said, politely but prissily.

“Wear your underwear,” Vanessa and I said at the same time. Not only were we co-conspirators but we were sharing the same mindset independently. This was a new turn of events. Mason just stood there with an “I’m waiting” look on his face. Bernadette then removed her suit and skirt and blouse revealing a salmon pink underwear set complete with stockings. With that she grabbed Mason’s hand and settled into the water with him next to her.

“See? Not so bad is it?” Mason asked of Bernadette.

“No. I guess…I guess the water is nice,” Bernadette replied as she let some of her tension go and lay back against the side of the tub.

I could tell that beneath the water Mary was continuing her hand-jobs to Chester and Joseph and the two lads were just sat there in this lazy heaven, blissfully letting her. Brian was canoodling with Vanessa and the three young occupants still in underwear where making it look like they were barely moving, but having dipped my head beneath the water I could see that Matt had hands stroking both Amber and Kimberley’s thighs and they were stroking his. The hot tub was simmering nicely.

“Hey, I thought we’d find you guys here,” came a voice I knew. It was Dave and with him was Jan in their serial killer outfits. “Mind if we join you?”

The question was irrelevant as they were already in the process of stripping naked. They looked so weird in this environment in their ‘normal’ outfits. Jan looked like she was about to attend a PTA meeting and Dave should be out-back hosting a barbecue, but I guess swingers were like serial killers in that respect…they looked just like normal people. They walked into the water but as they did so I caught Mary giving Dave’s cock a hungry look, almost as though she and it had unfinished business. Dave, however, seemed oblivious to Mary’s stare and he and Jan settled in between Amber, Matt and Kimberly and Brian and Vanessa and instantly started to snog like loved-up teenagers, their tongues twirling and twisting in each other’s mouths. Vanessa got out of the tub and produced two bottles that looked familiar and a packet that I knew all too well.

“So, does anyone want to get a little wild?” Vanessa asked before opening a bottle and taking a good gulp of God-only-knows what it was, passing it to Brian who lugged some down and passed it on to Jan and Dave. This was how they got me last time and I watched as everyone else felt obliged to swill down the vile concoction, whose only purpose seemed to be to lower inhibitions and initiate an orgy. The bottle made its way through the teens, passed Mason and Bernadette and then finally came to me, however, I passed on it, instead handing it to Kate who passed it straight to Nikki.

“None for me, thanks,” I commented, receiving hate-filled looks from Vanessa for daring to challenge her plans.

“Oh, Andy. Don’t be such a pussy!” Vanessa barked at my refusal. What I said next, however, blew her mind.

“I can’t, Vanessa. I’m on medication.”

For a moment she shook her head in disgust, before she understood what my words meant. She stared at me with a mixture of rage and admiration, not sure which would win out, before admiration did. She raised a finger to indicate 1…I raised 2 fingers back, earning even more respect. She nodded at me as Nikki and Troy took a swig and passed it back to her. She took another huge mouthful before opening the next bottle and sending it on its way. By the time the next bottle went around many people were starting to succumb to the effects. The weed was already there ready on the side but as the hot-tub was thrumming nicely already with everyone getting handsy beneath the water, Vanessa skipped to the next part.

“Say, it is nice sharing ourselves with all of our friends, old and new,” Vanessa chimed as she licked her lips. “But iddaa siteleri I feel like this is our chance to truly experience each other and share ourselves fully.”

“No,” Kate whispered as she drew herself to me. I held her hand and it was shaking. This was too much for her and I had to take charge.

“No!” I stated, loud and clear. “Slave, tell them.”

“My Master says ‘No’. I cannot share myself with others without his express permission,” Kate replied, standing up in the water showing her delicious body.

“I see,” Vanessa seethed. “Is there anything else your master wishes to say?”

“There is,” I commented. “What’s the TV for Vanessa? I doubt you watch much sport on this thing.”

“You’d be surprised!” chuckled Brian before a withering gaze from Vanessa put him in his place.

Part 5b Who dares, plays

“Well, as you asked, Andrew, I’d be delighted to tell you,” Vanessa began, getting out of the tub revealing her amazing curves and retrieving the remote. She flicked on the big screen and switched to a screen that was full with games such as “sexy scrabble”, “sex Monopoly”, “Go for broke: sex-edition”, “sex-jenga” and other sex versions of standard games. However, Vanessa merely looked at me and travelled down to one game only…”Dares – a game for adventurous couples”. She selected it and a red screen came on and asked for the number of players. Vanessa selected the amount and entered our names through the voice recognition remote, before sliding back into the tub and looking at me as if issuing a challenge. “Why don’t we share a hit on this, and see where the challenges take us?”

I gestured to Kate to come closer so we could whisper together.

“Are you okay with this?” I asked as quietly as possible.

“I am. You?” Kate conferred, before moving back. I nodded my approval.

“Let the games commence,” Vanessa replied, taking a hit on the blunt, moving it on quickly round the tub to Brian and then watching it move round. She pressed the button and we could see all the names roll around before it stopped on…

* * * * * * * * * * * * Bernie * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Oh, no. I couldn’t possibly…” Bernie began, before Mason calmed her down.

“Why don’t we see where it lands before you decide if you can do it,” Mason replied, calming the damp-squib, Brit. I felt like I’d seen her in the house already but couldn’t quite place where. I ignored that feeling and like everyone else looked at the screen to see what Dare she would get.

* * * * * * * Lick ears – 60 seconds * * * * * * *

This was the option it came up with. Bernie held a hand to her chest. She could live with that.

“See, I told you it might not be that bad,” Mason stated as he held her hand reassuringly.

“Should I lick someone’s ears or should someone like mine?” Bernie asked before taking the fatty and sucking it in. For someone prim and proper she could take a hit like the best of them before passing it on, only for me to ignore it. My senses were so sharp they could cut glass and nothing was gonna dull them tonight.

“Tell you what, I’ll lick your ears. How does that sound?” Mason asked. Whatever had happened between them inside meant that Bernadette clearly trusted Mason and she nodded in approval. “Vanessa, time on the clock, please?”

Vanessa nodded and as Mason moved in front of Bernie she pressed start. Mason moved between Bernie’s thighs and went to work on her ears. Bernadette moaned as Mason’s skilled tongue went to work on her lobes and his teeth gently nibbled on the outer ear. Mason stood out of the water to show Bernadette’s hand working his cock whilst his hands stroked her bra clad-breasts, removing the flesh out of the cups. He stopped his work to kiss Bernadette before moving to the left ear. Bernadette was clearly in orbit now and her breathing was languid and distant as she was lost in the moment.

I looked around the tub momentarily and clearly hands were busy beneath the water in every part of the Jacuzzi, with Mary in particular licking her lips as she ogled Mason’s rock-hard cock, envious of Bernie holding his hot member as his hands fondled Bernie’s tits as he nibbled on her ear, clearly whispering to her as she responded aloud to his words. “Oh yes…I’d like that…Oh, please do that to me…Oh, I need you to fuck me that way!”


The timer went off and Mason pulled away from Bernadette’s ear to look into her eyes and kiss her firmly, his hand behind her head as his tongue explored Bernadette’s mouth. Mason stopped the kiss and looked into Bernie’s eyes.

“Er…Bernie?” Mason asked, looking down. Her hand had not left his cock and was still working it.

“Oh, I’m so sorry!” Bernie apologised as she realised what she was doing.

“Hey, I’m not complaining! I just need to sit down!” Mason chuckled as did the rest of the tub. Mason sat down next to the clearly flustered woman and as he did so moved his hands behind her back and unfastened her bra. “As the girls are already out, why don’t we get rid of this?”

And with that Mason threw the bra onto the deck, the sopping-wet material making a wet, thwacking sound as it hit the deck. Everyone’s eyes then went to Amber, Matt and Kimberley who were the only ones still in clothing.

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