Amazon Cartel Ch. 03


Jane looked at the sleeping man and kissed him.

As he woke, she wrapped the cat playfully around his neck. “You are my prisoner now.”


She fell back giggling, “No, but you are so trusting.”

He raised himself up, “I wasn’t.”


“Trust but verify,” Jordan said coming in.

“You were watching all night?” Jane demanded.

“Oh yes, “the taller woman grabbed her chin. ‘You may work out, but don’t forget I can put you in those lovely chains if you falter.”

“Beside her other duties, Jordan is the enforcer.” As he grabbed the naked red head to join them. ‘She is far more ruthless than I am.”

The red head demonstrated by cuffing his wrists to the bed. ‘That’s how you take someone prisoner.” Jordan began engulfing his cock while kissing Jane.

Andrea had managed to keep track of the days and had even read that revisionist book.

The door opened and Jane came in. She had not seen the blond since they had been captured.

“Come with me, “she instructed.

Andrea had no choice, as they exited. Jane bound her wrists and attached a lease.

“Jane what?”

The Pendik escort bayan blond stopped, “its mistress Jane to you.”

Andrea laughed, you my mistress.”

Jane yanked the chain forcing her to her knees and grabbed her by the neck… “Yes Slut, Jordan and I are your superiors, as are Frank and Eric. “She put a knee in her back. “Crawl!”

Jane attached a bridal and rode her. “Faster.”

She had no choice as she entered a chamber. Only Matt. Jane’s slave was there. Jane had not only joined the other side but was allowed to keep her slave.

“You have caused a lot of trouble,” Jane said. “Did you read the book as Mistress Jordan ordered?”

“I read the lies, you are both traitors to your sex.”

“Too think you had me convinced at one time, I am going to show you what it’s like to be on the bottom.” She looked over at her sex slave. “Matt”

‘Yes Mistress.”

“You remember the conversation about trust we had with Frank and Jordan?”

He smiled, ‘I do.”

She grabbed his arm, “I trust you. Spank the bitch.”

Matt dragged the helpless Andrea to Escort Pendik the bench and began hitting her ass with an open hand

Andrea could help herself and began crying, “Perverts!”

“Oh she doesn’t like it,” Jane mocked. She pushed Andrea to the floor.” Matt, hands and knees. Worship his ass.”


“Does she deserve it?”

“She doesn’t want to. That is reason enough.” Jane pushed her foes face in her man’s ass.

“Cunt, you think you’re so smart. If I was restrained I’d beat you and Jordan up.”

Jane looked over to the far corner,”That sounds like a challenge.”

Jordan walked over,” It does indeed.” She started unlocking Andrea’s restraints.

The blond started stretching.

“Sorry love, I’m claiming this privilege.”

“Bitch,”Andrea swung at the red head.

Jordan blocked and sweated her feet. Andrea landed on her butt.

“Try again.”

Andrea rushed her only to meet Jordan foot in her stomach.

“This is too easy,” Jordan taunted.” Take over Jane.”

“Get up, “the smaller woman ordered.

Andrea lost all control, and again attacked Pendik Rus Escort widely.

Jane responded by simple avoidance dancing out of the way, taunting Andrea who lost her balance and fell to the floor. Jane sat on her and applied, a neck vice.


“Yes!” she screamed.

“Yes what,” she replied calmly.

“Yes Mistress Jane!”


“Yes she is, do you wish to make her your fuck slut Matt?”

Andrea looked horrified

“Only if you order it Mistress.” He looked down at Andrea. “I prefer to serve real women.”

‘Very well, make sure Keisha and Carl are working hard.”

“Jordan how will we pass the time with poor Andrea?”

The red head handed her a strap on and put one on. “She should learn what it means to be the one fucked.” Jordan grabbed Andrea’s head. “This is for what you made me do to Eric!”


Jane led Andrea who was bound in a slave harness and a chastity belt into frank’s office.

“That will be all Jane.” Frank told her. ‘Well done.”

“You will pay for this, “Andrea grated. ‘You have no idea who you are dealing with!”

She was oblivious to Jordan who kicked her in the pussy.

“Bitch you have no idea who we are.”

“Ishtar, “Frank added, “We know all about your organization.” Grabbing a CD he stuffed in between her tits.

“Tell Diana, Gemini is here.”