Amy Goes from Hair Stylist to House Pt. 05


Chapter One

Today I got a letter from Mr. Kesler’s Institute. It was a nice brochure and a note that said I had been accepted into the next class that starts on Monday, in three days. It also shows where I will be sponsored by Mr. Kesler. I am excited and first text Mr. Kesler to let him know of my acceptance and to thank him for sponsoring me. He quickly texted back that he and Chloe were elated and want me to come spend the weekend with them at their Island estate right near the Institute. I am instructed to pack a nice dress, sunglasses, a hat, and nothing else.

Mr. Kesler and his submissive wife Chloe, along with their black bull stud Max are grooming me to be their next submissive or slave. I have been with them for about two months and I’ve been able to learn a lot. But this Institute is very important to Mr. Kesler in that it will train me in the BDSM lifestyle.

Friday arrives and I am picked up from my condo by Mr. Kesler’s driver, Michael. There is not much conversation and I’m wondering if Michael is embarrassed about his involvement with our play a week ago, when Mr. Kesler, Max, and Michael took all three of my holes at once.

Michael keeps his eyes on the road and says nothing. When we arrive, he opens the door for me at the private elevator were last week I was instructed to show Michael my new genital jewelry and then masterbate to climax at his feet. A shudder goes through my body as I remember this event. Michael has his typical non-descript face. I pull him down to my level by his lapel and give him a wet kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you Michael for having pity on me and allowing me to cum in front of you. That was a noble thing to do when you clearly had a large hard on.”

He blushes sweetly, “You’re welcome Ma’am.”

The very next morning We arrive at Mr. Kesler’s Island estate. I thought his penthouse suite was luxurious. But this is place is over the top. Because it’s so secluded, we are allowed to go around naked and not be seen by anyone. Although, Mr. Kesler says that when they have had big lifestyle parties out here, that they get a lot of helicopters and plane flyovers trying to snap some pictures. This property was off the charts. There is a big plantation style home, a stable, swimming pool, pier and boat house. Mr. Kesler has several jet skis and a rather large motor boat and three masted sailboat. I don’t think we are going to have enough time to do everything.

Mr. Kesler stresses that this is supposed to be a relaxing weekend in preparation for me starting at the Institute on the following Monday. This means that all protocols are off the table. Chloe and I went shopping on Saturday. We bought some really sexy things and we modeled for Max and Mr. Kesler that night. We must have done a really good job because by the end of the night we had a white hot free for all orgy that last several hours.

Sunday we all woke up and had breakfast and proceeded to go out on the big sailboat. Chloe and I are completely naked except for our collars. Mr. Kesler is in casual wear and Max is wearing some tight lycra shorts and shirt. His gigantic cock is clearly visible and bounces with his every step. I can’t keep my eyes off of it. I flashback to last week when I was finally able to take his enormous dick in my pussy. His throbbing black root got to places in the vagina that have never been touched before. I am sitting up on the front deck of the boat and everytime he goes by me, my mouth and pussy are watering to have him again. Chloe is back by her Master at the wheel.

The day out on the sea was very quiet and relaxing. We find a nice little secluded spot to anchor and go for a swim before heading back. Chloe and I are the first ones off as we didn’t have any clothes on already, but Max and Mr. Kesler follow soon after. I’ve been skinny dipping before but swimming in the salty water of this lagoon was my top ten of things to do before you die. We played around. The men would catch us and playfully throw us around in the water. I for one was getting very horny and started grabbing the men’s cocks and rubbing up on them trying to get someone to fuck me. After several hours of teasing, we had to load back up and head towards home.

That’s when Mr. Kesler and Max sprung their trap. As they were helping us into the boat they grabbed us and tied our hands and secured us to either side of the mainmast with our hands over our heads. Our legs were secured spread very wide. Neither Chloe or I could move. As Mr. Kesler set sail for home. Max came and clipped several weights to our piercings. One for each nipple and our clitoral hood. At first it wasn’t to bad but as the ship began to rise and fall with each wave, the weights were stimulating us and driving us crazy. From time to time we would splashed by cool water as the boat cut into a wave. As they would walk by Max and Mr. Kesler would tweak a nipple or drive a few fingers into our sloppy wet cunts but stopping just before we would orgasm. Because this was a relaxing weekend we did not have Pendik Türbanlı Escort to ask for permission to cum. Our being tied up prevented us of just masterbating or getting each other off.

We were begging to be let down and fucked. We both promised anything that we thought would entice the guys to ravage us. When the sea finally leveled out. Mr. Kesler put the boat on auto pilot and he and Max came to us at the mainmast. Both men had removed their clothes and were sporting raging hard ons. Without any ceremony Max rubbed his gigantic black cock into Chloe’s wet folds and rammed his rod home in one massive thrust. Mr. Kesler teased my sloppy opening with the head of his dick. I was whimpering and trying to meet his cock but I couldn’t move. Finally he claimed me by seating his throbbing fat cock in my cunt. I came for the first time when he entered me. The men fucked us both to completion several times, switching out and then back again. Chloe and I were fucked all the way home until we came the buoy that marked the way to the dock.

Then it was our turn to service the men. Chloe took her Master and was on her knees sucking his root while he steered the boat home. I was again of the fore deck with Max laying down and me laying across him with his magnificent black cock in my mouth. While I was bobbing up and down on his dick, I was telling him that watching him in his shorts today was making me a black cock whore. He took his meat out and gave me a few slaps on my face and tits before grabbing me by the hair and feeding me his thick shaft down my throat. Max finally shot a huge load of his hot semen down my gullet as we pulled into the docks. I came four times while I was giving him head. All toll I probably came over ten times that day. When we got back to the main house we all showered, had dinner and went to bed.

In the morning I was the first one up and fixed breakfast for everyone. One by one they came down to warm waiting meal. Once everyone had eaten Chloe told me she would clean up and for me to shower and get ready for Mr. Kesler to take me to the institute.

I hour or so later I was walking out the house in a pretty sun dress and sandals that Chloe had picked out for me to wear. I gave her a tight hug and kissed her passionately then turned to have Max take me in his arms and lift me off my feet. His soft kisses belied his outward physical strength. Then Mr. Kesler walked me to his car and drove me to the doorstep of the Institute.

It was a large red brick building that stood on platial grounds. Like Mr. Kesler’s Island estate it was very secluded and seemed to offer privacy and security. I could feel the nervousness in my body. Mr. Kesler must have sensed this and placed his hand on my thigh.

“You will do fine my pet. I will have no contact with until you graduate in two weeks or you decide to end your training. I have to warn you though, if you do decide to end your training before graduation. You will never see me, Chloe or Max ever again. Do you understand Amy?”

“Yes Sir. I will make you proud of me.”

“I already am proud of you. Have you decided on whether you want to be a submissive or slave?”

“I want to give up all control to you. I long to be your slave, if it pleases you Sir.”

“It does please me my pet.”

His hands cup my face and draws me into him as his lips capture mine. His wet tongue invades my willing mouth as he stirs the tinglings in my body. With that he breaks the embrace too soon and sends me on my way.

Chapter Two

I walk into the front of the Institute and find the registrar’s office. I present my letter of acceptance and proof of sponsorship and I’m given a packet and a small map showing where my lodging is. The woman at the desk instructed me to go down the hallway to the auditorium for the introductory meeting.

I find myself a chair and wait for the meeting to start. There are about 20 people in the crowd. Mostly women but a few men. They range in age from 19 or 20 to their 50’s. There are all body types here. Some very beautiful while others or more plumper. The meeting finally starts and they give us the basic layout of what will happen for the next two weeks. Then we are instructed to find our assigned room, get to know your roommate, and read over the packet we have been provided.

I gather my things and find my room rather easily. There is not much too them. It’s a one room duplex cabin. There are two trainees to each room thus four to each cabin. There are no amenities only a basin to wash our face and hands, a toilet, and two small mats to sleep on. There are various hooks and rings attached to the ceiling and walls. There are two pieces of cloth hanging from a hook by the door. They are a mottled white color. I remove my dress and sandals and slip the cloth on my body. It takes me awhile to figure out how it is meant to be worn. Basically it s strip of Lycra about 10″ wide and 6′ long. There is a leather strip that bunches the cloth in the center. Pendik Otele Gelen Escort That lays on your right shoulder and the cloth is draped over the front and back of the body. Another leather strip gathers the fabric at the waist. It doesn’t cover much and is clearly see through but it’s simply designed to provide easy access to our instructors..

When I finished dressing my roommate enters the room. We introduce ourselves. Her name is Carol. She’s 4’11” tall with a very curvy figure. Beautiful red hair down to narrow shoulders, large breasts (I’m guessing 34DDs) She has a narrow waist that swell to some very voluptuous hips, ending in two strong but gorgeous set of legs. Her skin is ivory white with freckles all over. She a bundle of energy and has an infectious smile. I fall for her in a minute. Her Master has been training her for about a year but has grown tired of her brattiness and has sent her to the Institute for correction. I help her get settled and get her cloth on.

When we are finished a very tall and stern woman enters our room unannounced She introduces herself as Mistress J and will be our primary instructor for the next two weeks. She is very elegant. She’s wearing a black leather corset that sets under her large breasts. They are cover by a see-thru thin strapless cloth, similar to ours and a leather skirt that almost meet her thigh high leather stiletto boots. She is an imposing figure. My nipples tighten as my mouth and pussy are already watering. The urge to drop to my knees and offer to service her is great.

She instructs us to meet her out behind our cabin at the pavilion in 5 minutes. We clean our area and head out back. The pavilion is a covered area with a raised wood deck specifically for our cabin. There are several storage boxes around the edges with thin cushions for seating. At the center and front of the pavilion is a large chair that I could only describe as a throne. Mistress J is seated there as four of us gather. The other two girls are from the other room of our cabin but we have no time to introduce ourselves as Mistress instructs us to kneel.

She tells us that we are all in the “slave” area and the submissives are just over the hill. She runs down the basic rules.


We are to submit to anyone of authority, to any command without hesitation.


We are not to speak unless specifically requested.


We are to kneel and present ourselves to any Dominant/Domme who show interest.


We are not allowed around the grounds without escort or permission.


We are to maintain our appearance at all times. This includes removal of all body hair. Our hair will be neat and clean and drawn up in a ponytail.


Our breasts, mouth, pussy, and ass are to be available for inspection or use at anytime if interest is shown.


If at any time a trainee feels they cannot continue, they are to use their safe word which is RED. If the safe word is used all activity will stop immediately and the trainee will be escorted to the main office to departure.

Mistress J instructs us to line up in front of her and show her how we are to kneel and present ourselves. The first one is a Spanish girl (Rose) who drops to her knees with her head down, back arched, breasts pushed forward, her hands are clasped behind her head, and her legs are spread. Mistress J instructs Rose that she has not presented herself and tells her to adjust her slave cloth to allow her visual access to her pussy, ass, and breasts. Rose drops the bundled cloth on her right shoulder which falls and catches on the leather strip at her waist. She then pulls the cloth from under the same leather strip to the side giving Mistress J a clear view of her body. She instructs Rose to stand over in the far corner of the pavilion.

The other two girls go next and then it is my turn. I gracefully kneel with my head down, knees spread wide, I slip the top cloth off my shoulder exposing my breasts, and pull the bottom part of cloth aside to exposed my pussy. My back is arched to better display my breasts and I lock my arms behind my back. I hold my position. I’m waiting on Mistress J to correct any flaws as she has with everyone of the other girls. But she doesn’t and slips out of chair and walks in front of me.

She tells me that I have presented myself perfectly and I’m allowed to kiss her boots. I quickly bend over and place one kiss on each of her leather boots. I stay prostrate until she lifts my head by my ponytail. She lifts her leather skirt and pulls my head into her sex. I inhale her spicy scent. Only when I have been instructed to, do I start to lick her glorious vagina. Her labia is opened and wet as I run my tongue along them, flicking the soft folds. She forces my head further into her and tells me to get busy on her clit. That she doesn’t have all day for me to make her cum.

I flatten my tongue and swirl it over her engorged bud as I look up into her eyes. I moan Pendik Ucuz Escort into her leaking vagina as she holds my head in place. She is grinding her sex against my face as her moans become louder and more forceful. When she tells me that she is cumming, I’m told to put my tongue as far into her hole as possible. I lick and lap at her sex trying to catch every drop of what is offered. While she is calming her breaths and heartbeat, I softly clean her juices from her sex.

Mistress J then tells me to rise and follow her. She instructs me to get a crop from one of the boxes that circle the pavilion. I return promptly and she proceeds to give each of the other three girl four slaps for their various mistakes. The punishment is very severe as each of their rumps are left with four distinctive red marks.

We are sent to our rooms and instructed to gather at the dining hall at 5:00. The four of us are walking there about 15 minutes early. When we arrive there about half of the trainees are already there. There are quite a few instructors around and we are told to present ourselves several times. Rose had her ass fucked by a Mistress with a strap-on. Her only lubricant was her saliva that she was force to lavish on it before it was pushed into her waiting hole. Carol gave blow jobs to two Masters under the “head” table while they ate. All of this was very stimulating and my juices were flowing.

On our way back to our cabin led by Mistress J, we came across a group of men who were working on the grounds area. Carol and I were looking their way and admiring their naked bodies. There were several with very large cocks. We both flashed our tits at them. Mistress J caught us and told the others to go on to their rooms and for Carol and me to kneel and present. She then called the men over to where we were. Mistress J then instructed me to lay on my back and bring my legs back to my head and offer my fuck holes to any of these men that I has been caught teasing.

Carol’s instructions were to keep each man hard and clean each cock as it was removed from any of my holes. The first man approaches and pushes his long thin cock into my wet pussy. Its is glistening from Carol’s saliva. In this position my ass and pussy are straight up in the air and provided easy access to both. But it restricts my movements. As such I am just an instrument for their pleasure. One after the other they stuff their throbbing cocks into my holes. At some point both my ass and pussy are filled with cock at the same time. After what seems about 20 minutes the men start to quicken their pace. Some start to cum and Carol is placed by my open holes so that each man can pull out and squirt their seminal fluids on her body. When they are finished they are dismissed. I am left with two well fucked and gaping fuck holes. My juices are covering my sex and leaking down my thighs. Carol is covered in cum from her hair, face, breasts and shoulders. Neither of us had been allowed to cum.

Mistress leads us to the front of our cabin and we are both placed in stocks or pillory. We are bent at the waist and locked in place. Carol is still covered in cum and we are left naked and exposed. Several instructors walk by and fondle or slap our breasts, ass, or face. Our holes are filled at times with their cocks or forced to lick Mistress’s pussy or ass. One Mistress saw my wet and swollen cunt and ass and gave me ten hard slaps with her hand for being a slut. About 3 hours later we were released and sent to be cleaned up and then bed.

Chapter Three

The days and nights go slowly but I am comforted in the fact that I feel that I am learning to be a perfect slave for Mr. Kesler, whom I hope to call Master some day. There have been a few trainees that have safe worded out and our ranks have thinned to only 14. We have been learning basic skills such as the obvious one of providing various kinds of pleasure. We have also been practicing our grace during transfer on slave positions, how to eat properly and exercise in order to remain healthy for our Master’s.

During one of these training days Carol and I were pitted against each other in a test of wills. We had been learning proper placement and service during meals and refreshments. This basically was learning how to mix drinks, snacks, prepare meals, and finally how to act as a server. (carrying drinks, plates of food or snacks) It seems that Carol and I had demonstrated that we were by far the best in this capacity. One of the Master challenged us to tell them which one was the best. We both proclaimed that the other one was far better. The instructors laughed and set up a challenge.

We were both stripped of our garments, bent over over at the waist and each given two serving trays with one glass of water on each. This was a very difficult position to maintain. The challenge was to keep the most water in our glasses. Whoever did so would be proclaimed the winner. At first it was rather easy, all a matter of focus. We had been taught to calm our breathing and slow our heart rate in order to center our body and mind. Before long we were both beginning to shake and spill some of the water. But apparently we had already gone longer than others who had been given this challenge. So some of the instructors lined up behind us and starting entering our various holes.