An Anal Encounter to Cherish


I lay on the floor of the hotel room…you placed pillows under my stomach to raise my ass up higher. My head is turned to watch you strip your clothes. How glorious you look. Your cock even semi erect is impressive as it is. My pussy is wet just knowing you are going to slide that cock into it.

I feel you behind me, your hands touching my inner thighs, spreading them…. your fingers feeling the wetness of my pussy. The heat of me making you smile… smile because you know you did this to me. You got me so wet before you even touched me.

You ask me if I am comfortable… the floor is hard but not uncomfortable and I tell you so.

You move my right leg up and out so you can see my pussy. I feel you fingers spreading the lips and I moan at the insistence of your fingertips. Is this what you want slut? you ask… I cringe at slut but I do feel that way when with you… I love how masterful you sound and at how masterful you can be… forcing my brain and body to their limits, yet I never worry you will forget and go to far.

My trust in you evident as I begin to push back on your fingers, you slide three in which scares me. In the past you have always slowly worked me up to three fingers. Adding a new one with each climax. How I love cumming for you. So when you suddenly start with three I feel that moment of Pendik Anal Escort fear but I accept them and grunt at the pressure I feel. You test me right away by adding the 4th and I whimper at the tightness and pressure… the pain is sharp as you spread my vagina walls…but it is not unbearable and you enjoy the creaminess of my climax on your fingers.

Your body is hot laying on mine and I search for your mouth but you are out of reach of it. I move my hands back to touch you and they are instantly captured in your free hand and held above my head. I struggle against that.. I want to touch you… you whisper to stop struggling or you will be force to use other measures…I shiver as I remember past harsh measure you have used.

Your fingers are removed and you stroke your cock with my juices. When you put your cock at the entrance of my pussy I push back to have you fill me. You slide in and out to get it further wet but you put it back where I want it most. To the entrance of my ass…..

I welcome you there.. pushing my ass up to meet your cock… you push in steady…. I love the feel of you in me. You slide out which makes me frown but I “ahhhhh” when you slide it back in a little further… you are taking your time driving me just a little bit crazy. but slow and steady is what you want… until Pendik Yaşlı Escort that moment.. will you cum in my ass?

Each stroke is like a match.. lighting me up… making me want more and more. I feel the beginning of my climax and I move my ass faster and as I explode you hold still and let me do the work. Slamming back on harder and harder on your cock until my mind screams and my ass squeezes around you as I cum. I collapse on the pillows and I hear you say .. “no one said to stop“… oh god, I remember your words… “keep cumming until I tell you to stop.” I feel you move in and out of me again and oh god the friction has me building again…

I know I can cum many times with you in my ass and you want me to keep cumming….

How long it is before I start moaning, I don’t know… How many times do I cum before I can cum no more? I don’t know, I lost count. But now I hear you say, “once more Jane .. I am cumming” I am so exhausted but your fierceness of your “NOW JANE” has my ass pushing back against you and you are slamming hard now. Hitting the back side of my womb pounding it and again so that the blackness of my total climax begins and I am screaming.

Your hand covers my mouth and the shock and suddenness of it catches my breath and the fear over takes me… fucking me harder Pendik Zenci Escort I cum and cum hard as I struggle to get free of you.

I am locked against you and your hand. I can feel you cum in me and your grunt of release hits my ears and I crumble… you remove your hand and I gasp for breath…your body hot and sweaty against my back, your breathing so quick in my ear. It matches mine but soon we both slow and your cock slides from my ass….. I cannot move! I cannot speak but I moan my disappointment of it leaving me. You slap my ass and say “enough rest.”

Holy shit it has only been minutes…

I need some more but you tell me to get up on the bed…. again the slap when I don’t move fast enough… dam it…how are you not exhausted???? I begin to rise up but flop back down… you reach around me and grab a nipple pulling it hard. I have no choice now but to rise up to follow you..

Leading me by my nipples? ouch… but you also roll them as you pull and my juices begin to flow again. You have me standing now and tell me how dare I not do as you asked…. I look at your eyes and do not see cruelness but I do recognize my masters voice.

I bow my head and say I am sorry. You hold my nipple out from my body and slap my breast. I flinch at the slap and begin to pull back.. you pinch hard on the nipple and I look at you again. “Moving away from me?” you say… I step forward and accept three other punishing slaps.

Get on the bed sitting at the edge, facing me you say. Your cock, semi hard, is at my lips. I know what you want and I open my lips and smile…………………