Angel’s Punishment


You are walking back from dropping your kids off at school its early Friday morning; you can feel the butt plug deep inside you. Your pussy is so wet that’s its soaking your sexy black thong as you walk. You are keen to walk quickly as you are aware that you do not have much time before you will have to back home again in order to get ready for work.

You have been told by your Master that your plug must remain in place until you have texted for his permission to remove it, but first you have a task to complete!

You walk towards the bus stop and await arrival of the local bus.

You’re wearing jeans and a tight see through top and no bra as instructed, your nipples always erect due to your piercings forming noticeable lumps in the flimsy material of your top, your denim jacket is open as you have also been told you’re not allowed to fasten it. You notice that a man in the bus queue is staring at your tits this makes you feel even more horny, you clench your arse cheeks together aware of the hardness of the plug deep inside you, you wish that you could cum but you know you are not allowed to unless you text for Masters permission!

Your mind returns to the task ahead of you as you see the bus approaching. You climb on board pay the driver for a return fare into town. As you walk away from the driver deeper into the bus you glance back toward the bus stop and are quite relieved that the man who had been eyeing you up was still standing there obviously waiting for a different bus.

Upon finding an empty seat you sit down for the short journey into town you rack your brain trying to think of the best shop to go to in order to complete your task, which is to find a very short black leather skirt.

You decide to go to the sex shop that you have told your Master about many times called Pillow Talk as they are sure to have sexy skirts and a changing room that you will also need in order to complete your task.

The bus arrives at the nearest stop and you get off, checking the time table to see which would be the last bus you could catch in order to get back in time for work, once noted you hurry off towards the shop.

When you arrive you are pleased to find that the shop is empty, you walk over to the clothing section and start looking for the required leather skirt, it must be tight fitting but quite short!! You think to yourself as you browse the rail of clothes, you select a nice black one in size 10 and take it from the rail as you look around for a changing room to try it on.

You hope that the changing rooms are also empty as you think of the task you still have left to perform! You find a cubicle and go inside shutting the door behind you. You recall the instructions given to you earlier, Master has told me to strip so strip I must do!

You take off your denim jacket and hang it on the hook on the back of the door, slipping off your shoes at the same time then you unfasten your jeans easing them down over your firm arse taking care not to catch the waistband of your thong thus prolonging the time that you can wear it but knowing that it must also be removed very soon anyway!

You sit upon the small stool in the corner of the changing room and pull each leg in turn out of your jeans before folding neatly and placing them into your bag, as you are well aware that master will not allow you to wear them for the return journey home!

Under your jeans you are wearing lacey-topped black hold-ups as also instructed by your Master via your mobile phone this morning when he also told to insert your plug among other instructions.

Next you stand up and unfasten the buttons down the front of your blouse before slowly removing it and also placing it upon the hook on the door. You notice your reflection in the full-length mirror, standing there naked apart from your thong and stockings you look great for a woman of 40 nice firm tits complete with their pierced nipples standing erect, flat tummy despite being the mother of three, with a nice firm cute arse but you are not here to admire yourself in the mirror as now it’s also time to remove your panties!! Reluctantly you do so not wishing to disobey your Masters’ instruction.

You think to yourself about the next phase of the Task and decide its would be best to sit back upon the stool, but first you move it so that you have your back to the door and you are facing the full length mirror.

You sit down spreading your legs wide apart. You look at your neatly shaved naked pussy in the reflection from the mirror, this makes you even hornier, you admire your tattoo one of your own design based upon the bondage logo but coloured in red blue and purple.

You reach down to you bag to retrieve your mobile phone so to have it handy for use!

Trying to forget your location you slowly run your hands over your tits catching your nipples, watching yourself in the mirror as you do so, squirming upon the stool as your plug gets pushed deeper inside you.

Leaving your left hand upon your tit you squeeze tuzla escort your nipple hard as you let your right hand travel down your near naked body over your shaved tattoo to find the top of your very wet pussy, you allow your finger to rub your clit hood which is still tender from the new piercing you have just had done, so instead you play with the rings in your labia pulling them gently you watch your reflection in the mirror, you allow your fingers to slip inside your inner labia into the wet opening of your pussy. You push two fingers deep inside yourself and then remove them before licking them clean as you know your Master likes you to do.

You return your hand but this time your fingers find your clit lightly brushing it at first and then applying more pressure as you drift off into your own little world, fingers now working feverishly as you bring yourself towards a climax, you are near but remember permission has not been granted.

You reach for your mobile; you open the text screen and key in the words

Please Master may I have your Permission 2 cum!!

You press the send button and key in Masters mobile number and press send again.

You continue with your fingers willing your mobile to bleep to show that a new text has arrived as you are now so close to an orgasm, but it remains silent you are almost at the point of no return what should you do? Disobey your Master and take his punishment later or stop now and be left wanting, just as you cant take any more and are on the brink of disobeying, your phone bleeps you grab it and frantically try to open your inbox the message simply reads


You reply to the text and again type

Please I’m begging U Master may I have your Permission 2 cum!!

You again await the reply, which arrives, quickly as your phone bleeps again this time it reads

U may cum sub but only if U wipe yourself clean with your panties & post 2 me on the way home!!

You are too close to climax to argue and as permission has been granted so you allow your self to cum, the feeling washes over you as you push your fingers deep inside your pussy.

Picking up the thong from the floor you find the gusset and press it to your soaking pussy then using your fingers you push the material deep inside yourself, as you pull it out you realise that your panties are now soaked and you have not got any others to wear, and Master said you must buy the skirt and wear it home.

You curse yourself as you realise that you had chosen the shortest one on the rack and now you cant leave the changing room to change it.

You think to yourself Master is so clever as he has now had me soak my only pair of panties as well.

The thought of having to go home on the bus in a short skirt and no panties still wearing your plug panics you but it is also a huge turn on, you again feel the need to climax again. You can’t resist the temptation to do it again, but again first text for permission.

Master I’m begging U again 2 let me cum once more

You press the send key as again you let your fingers slip into your moist little slit and remain there until you get the text reply.

Master’s reply comes back

Fine my sub but no panties R allowed under your skirt & U must text me when U R on the bus!

You sit quivering upon the stool as another big climax washes over you; you again wipe your juices from your soaking pussy with your panties.

You then come back down to earth with a bump as you notice the time, shit you have got to catch the bus or you will be late for work, you dress quickly and realise just how short the skirt really is as you bend over and catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. You bend over further and can clearly see your naked pussy and the plug; I can’t wear this home you think to yourself,

You text again

Please Master may I change back into my jeans

But the reply comes back

Permission denied! & Now U may also not wear your jacket!!

You look at your reflection again and realise just how see through your top is, but you have no time to argue, so you grab your jacket from the hook pick up your bag and leave the cubicle.

As you walk toward the desk to pay for the skirt you realise that you must have been in there ages, the female assistant looks you up and down and smirks!

You say to her, “I will take this skirt but I want to wear it home”.

She replies, “That’s ok Lesley its already been taken care of by Visa over the phone and I hope you have obeyed your Master and have no panties On!!!”

You feel your face go bright red and you rush out of the shop back towards the bus stop, you can see the bus as you approach the stop and have to run to catch it.

The driver takes a good look at you as you climb the steps into his bus your nipples clearly visible through your top, you try to cover your chest as best you can with your jacket that’s folded over your arm flashing your ticket you turn away from the driver and into the göztepe escort aisle.

The bus is quite empty and you opt to sit right at the back,

You text

Master I am now on the bus home

Your phone bleeps as a new message arrives.

Make yourself cum again now

It simply says!

You lay your jacket over your lap and your hand again finds your soaking pussy you look around to see if anybody is watching you, nobody seems to be, good you think as you rub your clit with your fingers you cum almost immediately.

You text

Your wish has been carried out Master!

Your phone bleeps again as another new text arrives

I have a new wish! As U leave the bus U must drop your bag & then bend over 2 pick it up make sure the driver sees that UR not wearing any panties!!!

You read the message with alarm, as you realise you have already arrived back at your stop, no time to beg that Master changes his mind. You walk toward the front of the bus as it comes to a halt at your stop and as you wait for the doors to open you accidentally drop your bag in front of you.

The doors open and you bend over to pick up your bag, wiggling your bum to attract the drivers attention before you hurry down the steps not glancing back toward the driver, wondering if he did actually see your pussy or your plugged arse?

As you step off the bus the driver beeps his horn twice!! He did see you! You feel your face reddening again for the second time today as you turn back to look in his direction he has a big grin on his face and gives you the thumbs up, you must have just made his day!

You look away at your watch in embarrassment, no time to hurry home you must go directly to work.

You text for permission to change back into your jeans and to put your jacket on, also asking if it is ok to remove your plug as you have to go directly to work,

Master texts back

Ok, but no panties!!

You rush into the ladies as soon as you arrive at work you bend over and remove the plug slowly then wash it under the tap, wrap it in tissue and hide it at the bottom of your bag. You take out your jeans and drop your new skirt around your ankles stepping out of it, again you are standing there almost naked in just your shirt and stockings you sit down on the toilet and roll each hold-up down your leg before pulling it from your foot, you feel randy again and your fingers find their way to your pussy but you cant text Master from the toilet for permission as you have no signal!

You think to yourself I will take his punishment when I own up! You quickly bring yourself to another climax feeling guilty that you have done so without permission, before changing back into your jeans, you put on your jacket to try and hide the fact you are not wearing a bra and exit the toilets.

Work passes quickly and before you leave you complete your remaining Task by finding an envelope a plastic bag and a stamp from the office. You place your wet thong into the plastic bag you address the envelope to your Master and stick on the stamp; you then put the plastic bag and its contents into the envelope and seal it.

As you walk home you pass a post box and send your letter on its way.

You text

Your final task has been completed Master, but I have a confession 2 make!

The reply comes back

I look 4ward 2 my post! & You must confess online as soon as U get home!

You start to wonder what punishment Master will dream up for you as you hurry home with your new skirt in your bag!

Upon arriving at your house you go directly to your Mac and switch it on waiting patiently as it starts to boot up as soon as the desktop appears you connect to the internet and start up msn messenger you can see immediately that your Master is already on-line waiting for you.

Before you have a chance to type anything a text box appears

Emu_p: What have you to confess then?

Angel: Master I made myself cum again in the toilets at work without your permission please forgive me, but you had got me so horny!

Emu_p: I will think up an appropriate punishment! Are you going to keep fit tonight?

Angel: Yes, you know I go every Friday.

Emu_p: You are to wear your duo balls for the class and you must have made yourself cum again before you leave the building.

Angel: I can’t complete a class wearing them Master as they will fall out but I promise to put them in as soon as I get back into the changing room.

Emu_p: OK but you also choose a sexy thong to change into as well then.

And with that Master was gone logged off, you just stare at your screen checking the online users list but Emu_p remained offline.

The remainder of the day passed slowly but finally Wendy arrives to give you a lift to your keep fit class.

The class passes quickly and you really workout hard so as you finish you decide to take a quick shower

You remove your Lycra top and leggings and enclose your naked üsküdar escort body in a large towel before picking up a bottle of shower gel. You walk over to the shower remove your towel and hang it on a hook as you enter the shower cubical.

You press the button on the wall and as the warm water flows over your naked breasts you pay close attention to your nipples making sure they are well soaped you allow your fingers to roam over them which stirs a feeling down below you allow one hand to slide down your wet body to the shaven area between your legs your fingers find your clit as you start to play but remembering the rest of Masters task you avoid bringing yourself to a climax just yet.

Instead you wrap your towel back around your naked body & head for a cubicle to dry yourself, as you search through your bag for a thong (a sexy white lace one chosen by you as instructed earlier) you also see your duo balls!

Remembering your promise you insert the first one into your pussy, as you do so you catch your clit with your finger and you start to rub yourself again. Your pussy starts to get wet making the insertion of the second ball even easier as your fingers remain rubbing your clit.

Wendy calls out, “Lesley if you don’t come now you will miss your lift home!”

You are to engrossed with rubbing your clit to notice her! But you do Cum now! And you think of your Master as you do so.

Shit look at the time! You will miss your lift home dressing quickly into a bra, crop top & jogging bottoms with the thong underneath you leave the changing rooms in search for your friend Wendy but she is no where to be seen, so you head for the exit.

Yon scan the car-park, its going dark but you think you can see her car at the back near the trees you hurry over not wanting to miss your lift forgetting that this was not where her car had been parked when you arrived!

As you get closer you hear footsteps behind you

“Oh Wendy l thought you had gone without me,” You say as you turn, but it’s not your friend you see as you turn!

It all goes black as a hood is placed over your head. You are spun round again, dropping your bag as your hands are pulled behind your back and secured in place with a large plastic cable tie. It’s then you realise that you had not noticed anyone else in the car-park so to scream would be pointless you are marched a short distance toward a waiting dark blue BMW in the shadow of the trees, (Not that you can see it with your hood on) As you are bundled into the back seat you can feel your duos move deep inside your wet pussy. You think to yourself either I am going to get raped and my wildest fantasy is about to come true or this is Masters punishment for not asking for his permission earlier and with that thought you feel the urge to climax again but dare not without permission.

As the car drives off you try to free your wrists but its no use you can’t the car is heading away from the YMCA building but you are not sure in which direction, you try to think what is around here, where will he take me? Then you remember the common!

Again your mind turns to the question are you in your Master’s car or is this the car of a complete stranger have l been kidnapped by a rapist or is this Master punishing me? Should I be scarred or excited? Your soaking pussy answers the question for you! Whatever the outcome you are extremely turned on.

The car journey is short your guess must have been correct this must be Wimbledon Common.

All is quite as you are pulled from the car and forced to your feet. You feel leather cuffs being placed around your wrists and then your ankles. You are lead round to the back of the car and can hear the boot open, and then close again. You feel a pushing upon your back as you are walked away from the car towards the common, but not far, you hear a rustle of a tree as something is thrown up in the air, a knife is used to cut the cable tie and then you realise that a rope has been thrown over a branch of the tree as now it is being attached to your cuffs, then your arms are pulled high above your head.

Next a spreader bar is attached to the cuff upon your left ankle and your legs are pulled apart so that the other ankle cuff can be attached to the opposite end of the bar.

Now something cold touches your ankle as you realise that a knife is being used to cut away at the ankle cuff of your jogging bottoms, the knife carries on up cutting the inside leg seam toward your crotch when it reaches the top it does not stop but continues back down to the other ankle.

Next your attackers attention is drawn to the back of your waist band which is cut down the crack of your arse before the tattered trousers are pulled away to reveal your naked legs clad only at the top by your skimpy white lacey thong which seams to glow in the moonlight against the tanned skin of your firm bottom.

The crutch of your thong is pulled to one side and the string to your duo balls falls out, you now guess that this must be your Master as who else would know that you are wearing them or did your attacker just find them by chance?

Whoever this attacker is, pulls them out from inside you but then to your surprise they are forced into your mouth to act as a very efficient gag!