Barb’s Bet Payoff Ch. 02


Barb had left the house about 8:30 and called me an hour or so later. She asked me to go to a particular Internet site and gave me a password. Minutes later I was looking at my wife sitting naked in front of a computer with at least half a dozen naked black men in the background.

When she left, she wore a green front button dress with 3 buttons fastened at the waist leaving no doubt that she had no panties or bra. Her trip out was triggered by Jamie calling earlier to find out how she was doing. Actually he wondered if he and his room mate had knocked her up a month ago. The story called “Barb’s Lost Bet” will explain that comment.

When I asked if she was ovulating again, my wife said that she had finished her period 13 days ago and her temperature was just starting to rise this morning, so would likely be very receptive tomorrow (Saturday). For the one or two who do not understand the significance of that, when a woman ovulates, her body temperature rises a couple degrees. She said with a coy little smile that more than likely, there would be a lot more than four blacks to breed her. She would let me know on Sunday night. Jamie wanted her to come to another party tonight. She said he hinted there would be at least four black men there for her breeding pleasure. She shyly said that seeing as it did not take the first time, they wanted to try again, except this time, she was going to spend the weekend with them. So that is why I was looking at her naked and chatting on this web site where I saw there were at least 50 viewers.

Soon after I joined in, one of the black men summoned Barb to a bed seen in the background. Suddenly several thumbnails popped up, each showing a different bebek escort video angle of the bed. Barb was just coming into view in a couple of them when a black man pushed her to her knees and she gobbled his huge black cock into her white mouth. She sucked several cocks before some guy put her on the bed and mounted her.

Barb grabbed his big black cock and guided it to her wet pussy hole and he began to work it into her. Soon he was buried to the balls inside her, then started to fuck her.

Barb started to verbally encourage him to fuck her harder then to come inside her. She kept telling him she was fertile and wanted his sperm. He thrust deep inside her and groaned as his balls unloaded in my white wife as she spread wide open to accept every squirt.

He got off Barbara and another mounted her immediately. She kept up the verbal encouragement with him until he fertilized her womb also and 5 more black men had squirted their potent sperm into her ovulating cunt after him. A short break then I watched them bend my wife over a chair and get nailed by several more black men. Finally Barb announced that she was done for the night and the party mostly broke up.

Barb was spending the night with Jamie and Trace and I supposed that sometime overnight, she would move from one bed to another. She later told me that the men switched beds and came to her, and of course in her also.

The next morning I tuned in again and watched my wife walking around their apartment naked, then Trace fucked her. In the early afternoon others began to arrive and soon my wife was being continuously bred. I could hear her begging the blacks to knock her istanbul escort up, give her a baby or just plain come deep inside her cunt.

Sometime early evening, I saw her taking her temperature again and she announced that it was normal. Then my wife asked if any of the blacks had not yet fucked her. Several replied they had come in her 3 or 4 times, some had fertilized her only twice and couple had taken only one turn in her. Only one said that he had just arrived and had not a chance yet. He was a very large black man, and as black as anyone I had ever seen in my life. His cock appeared to be at least 12 inches long, more likely 15 or 16 inches and big around. I heard him tell my wife that he definitely knew of about a dozen white wives that he had knocked up and delivered his children also saying that they were darker by far than most mixed race kids were. Barb push him back on the bed and mounted him, using her tiny hands to guide his monster into her baby hole. I heard her say that she hoped no one had fertilized her yet and she dropped down on his shaft. She rode that cock for nearly a quarter of an hour before flopping over on her back and allowing him to mount her. For five minutes or more all we heard was her screams of ecstasy and begging for his fertile load. Finally he began to come and come and come. Fresh sperm was oozing out of my wife’s cunt around his huge cock and he still kept fucking. She took at least two more loads from him in non-stop fucking before he finally dismounted.

She decided that she had taken enough cum and they began to tally how many nigger loads had been pumped into her pussy. The best they could do was billions beyoğlu escort of black sperm swimming around in her cunt from the last 27 hours. Some of the viewers posted comments that no matter because she had been royally fucked and should be black pregnant by now.

Barb came home the next morning have fucked Jamie and Trace once more, naked in her BMW. She immediately jumped into the shower and spent half an hour washing sperm from her cunt, hair and body, then she crashed. Monday she called in sick, still recuperating, but Tuesday she was up and about, although moving slowly at times. The next weekend she had a couple offers for dates, but refused them.

A few weeks went past and I noticed she was not a chipper in the morning. She then told me that she was sure she was knocked up as she had morning sickness and a missed period. A doctor’s appointment put paid to that assumption. Yes someone had impregnated her and she was likely growing a little nigger baby in her belly. I had noticed her tits were getting a bit bigger and a little tummy was showing. Time passed and her tits got bigger as did her belly. We fucked every day, reliving her monster gang bang.

It was getting near decision time, to carry to term or terminate. All of the gang bangers wanted her to deliver the baby and most offered to do a DNA to see who indeed had knocked her up. Only a few more days before the point of no return remain.


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