All Is Not Roses


Author’s note: the following story is purely a work of fiction and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental. The author wishes to express his gratitude to Copperbutterfly for her editing to make this a better story.

You know the old saying: If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But there are times when life gives you strawberries and the best you can come up with is sour, puckering lemon juice.

That’s the way I was feeling. My name is Gene Shallot – yeah, just like little onions – and I’m 27 years old. Although I’m 5’10” I weigh just 135 pounds straight out of the shower before any water drips off so I’m not big; that has always bugged me because I have a huge appetite.

I’ve got unruly brown hair – not bed head; worse! – and unremarkable hazel eyes. My skin, although tanned from spending as much time outside as possible, is ugly and scarred, like Mick Jagger, only I can’t sing or dance or any of the things that drive the women wild.

Perhaps my one redeeming feature is one that stays hidden in my pants, at least the vast majority of the time. I was endowed with 14 ½ inches of manhood – well, 14 ¼ to 15, depending on who is doing the measuring, so I claim the “middle of the road” number. As far as the circumference is concerned, I can’t tell the difference between me and the size of the proverbial Coke can, except that I’m harder than the Coke can!

Most guys who know what I keep in my pants tell me I’m lucky, that women would swarm over me to have some of what I’ve got. Except I know that isn’t true. Sure, there are a few women who like it but the majority of the ones I’ve gotten to the point of being ready for action take a long look at my probe and scream, “You’re not getting close to me with that thing! No guy would ever fuck me after you put that thing in me! No way, Jose! Get away from me!” And then I never see her again.

Even when I get lucky and find a woman willing to consumate our relationship, I have to be careful of hurting her. I can’t just screw her with wild abandon like most of the guys talk about. Shit, if I did, I’d rip up her insides so bad, she’d never be the same.

Mostly I’ve found that my best bet is to be on the lookout for a lonely mature woman. If she’s lonely, that means that she probably doesn’t get laid very often. If she’s mature, it might – just might – mean that she’s not as tight as most younger ladies are. And if she’s maybe settled into the broad beam shape that tends to run in mature women, she just might have enough space inside to make me really welcome. So most of my “conquests” have been women twice my age and sometimes more.

Being a budding architect, I had been out on a job checking on the progress of the construction crew one morning. After talking with the contractor about several small problem areas, I stopped at a coffee shop to get some lunch before heading back to the office. I brought in my plans, the smaller 12″ x 16″ versions, to give some thought to possible solutions while I waited for my food.

Being almost constantly horny, I naturally notice the movement of all females around me. I had checked out the waitress and gave up, although I did like her swaying walk. When four women, probably late twenties or early thirties, came down the aisle and were seated at the booth I was facing, I lowered my plans enough to get a good view.

There was not a raving beauty in the bunch but neither was there a single one that I’d kick out of bed for eating crackers. They were pretty much in the same mold: nice heavy breasts, modest but substantial waists, and round but big butts. Ah, yes! Back to my plans – sigh!

The coffee shop was not crowded, since the lunch rush had already passed and cleared out. The ladies in the next booth were not exactly quiet either and I couldn’t help but hear some of their conversation.

I tried not to pay attention but when I heard, “I got laid so-o-o good last night,” I couldn’t help but listen surreptitiously. A chorus of, “So … tell us about it,” came from the others.

The blonde speaker said, “Well, you all know what John is like. I’ve described him to you enough times. He was pretty tired but I was horny so I started sucking him while he was watching TV. He let me get him hard but didn’t do anything else so I climbed on top of him and pushed myself all the way down his shaft. I loved it. It felt like he was in my throat. He is so big. He let me rock on him for a while and then he got turned on too, so he picked me up and laid me on the sofa and just started pounding me. Oh, ladies, it was so delicious, I just can’t describe it. You know what it is like.”

“Yeah!” said the redhead to her right. “Oh, God. David has been out of town for almost three weeks and I’m so horny I can’t stand it. Last week I picked up some guy at Bennigans. He looked like a football player so I was hoping he’d be hung but he was a total disappointment. Shit, when he got inside me, I could barely feel it. I sent him packing and was more frustrated than fikirtepe escort ever.”

The third woman, a brunette, spoke up, “Oh, Ruby, that is so sad, honey. But it happens so often. You can’t tell a book by its cover … or the size of a cock by its jeans. I’m a little better off since Glenn comes up to visit nearly every weekend. When he’s here, we try to make up for the rest of the week. After he goes back, I know all about frustration. I’ve tried other guys but it just doesn’t do it for me. I’m better off using my big black dildo.”

By then, my third leg had made an unannounced appearance. It had fully engorged, pushed up under my belt and the head was now probing my stomach just above my belly button close to my nipples. I had to shift around and then loosen my belt a couple of notches until I could get it to go down. If I stood up before then, anyone seeing my shape in front would think I was deformed.

The fourth woman, another blonde – albeit with light brown roots – was shaking her head. It appeared that there might even be tears in her eyes as she said, “Thursday Jason told me that he is being transferred to a secured location in the middle east and he can’t take me with him. He’s committed to four years and he doesn’t think we should try to remain committed to each other that long. I don’t know what I’m going to do. You guys know how hard it is to find … someone like that. I’m just going crazy thinking about it. Even with him working in the area, I’d get so horny when he was at work, I didn’t know if I’d make it until he got home. Whatever will I do when he’s gone? And I’m just like you guys – I can’t make do with those little guys!”

“Oh, poor baby! I’m so sorry.”

“Oh, honey! Don’t worry. Something will come along. We’ll help you look.”

There was no doubt about it! They were talking about size. The size of the implement used to fuck them! These women believed size mattered. I wondered if they believed in such a thing as too much size.

I tried to keep my eyes down as I finished eating and then sipped my coffee. Their conversation continued along the same lines, with nothing said that would dissuade me from believing what they were talking about. An idea began to form in my head.

Leaving enough money on the table to cover the bill and a tip, I picked up my plans and eased out of the booth. Grabbing a chair from the table across the aisle, I quickly turned it to the end of the women’s booth and sat down.

“Excuse me, ladies, for interrupting but I have a challenge for you.”

“Hey!” said the blonde.

“What are you doing?” queried the redhead

“I know that you four ladies all believe that size matters. So do I. In fact, I want to make a little bet with all four of you. I’m willing to bet that I have more than anyone you’ve ever had. If you win, I’ll give you a hundred dollars.”

I pulled a $100 bill out of my wallet.

The brunette asked, “And if you win?”

“If I win, I get to show you what I can do with it … each one, one at a time.”

The questionable blonde said, “Are you kidding me? You’re … you can’t possibly … I’ve had bigger than … “

“Oh, yeah? Prove it! Show me one that is bigger than me.”

They put their heads together for a few moments and I heard, “Hey, he thinks he’s gonna fuck us? All of us?” and “Shit, if he’s bigger than my John, I’d fuck him” and “Damn, it would be better than waiting for the weekend” and “Hell, I’ve already lost mine. I have nothing to lose. I’ll do it.”

Then they turned back to me. The brunette said, “You’re on. Let’s do it.”

I handed each of them a scrap of paper. “Write the size of your biggest on here and your name. Then give it back to me.”

They quickly scribbled numbers on the paper and shoved them back to me. I went through them one by one. The shortest I beat by four inches, the longest by nearly two.

“Ladies, you all lose. Let’s go somewhere so you can verify and pay. Your lunch is on me.” I dropped enough money to pay for their meals twice and they followed me out.

There was a nice little motel two buildings down and they agreed on the location. I got a room and the four women dutifully trooped after me.

When the door closed, I kicked off my shoes, opened my belt and unzipped my pants. When my shirt opened and they could see that the bulge on my belly was not a deformity, they all seemed to be impressed. I tossed my shirt on a chair and dropped my shorts and the four women began fondling my dong.

“Shit. That’s bigger than John, that’s for sure.”

“Yeah, its way bigger than David too. Fuck! I’ve never had one that big. I gotta try some of that!”

“He sure beats Glenn. Longer and bigger around too.”

“Shoot, even if Jason was going to be here, I’d want to try getting laid with that joy stick. I lose the bet but I win the fuck. Come on, honey, let’s try it.”

The women all began disrobing and I was soon surrounded by four lusciously naked ladies. When the blonde gebze escort settled on her back in the middle of the bed, I dropped down between her legs, intending to eat her out by way of foreplay.

She stopped me, saying, “Honey, I’d love to let you do that but first things first. We all want to get fucked right now. Foreplay is not important this time. Just climb into the saddle and start riding, cowboy. If it works out, I promise you can eat all the pussy you want to later. Right, girls?”

They all agreed so I knee-walked up until my cock was near her opening. She was soaking wet and a few swipes spread her moisture around the head of my cock and provided the lubrication I would need. I eased my throbbing head into her soft but tight pussy – and watched her look of lust turn into one of satisfaction when my entire shaft buried itself into her love hole. I had to lift her butt a little to slide behind her cervix but that worked just fine.

I began moving very slowly, as I had trained myself, but her fingers dug into my back and she hissed, “Faster. Harder. Bang me, honey. Fuck me!”

Well, what th’ hell! I didn’t seem to be hitting her cervix so maybe she was “arranged” just differently enough that we could be … compatible? I picked up the speed, backing out as far as I could and ramming into her pussy. Actually it didn’t take that long to make her cum. She screamed, “Oh, FUCK! I’m cummmmmmmminnnnnnnnnnggggggg!” and dug her fingernails into the mattress. Just a few more pumps and my balls shot my load deep into her pussy. I wondered, if I could see inside her, whether my cum was shooting up behind her cervix or coating it. I guess it didn’t really matter.

When I rolled over, hands from the other women closed over my cock and testicles. For the next several minutes, they probed and stroked and fondled and licked and sucked until my flag pole was at full length again.

The blonde had moved and was replaced by the redhead. I climbed into her saddle and worked my cock into her vagina. For a few minutes, I kept her legs on my shoulders while I flexed inside her. For the first time, it occurred to me how fantastic the sweet scent of luscious women mixed with hot sex could be.

I leaned forward over the woman. Her legs touched her forehead and her butt came up off the mattress to meet my thrusts. Again I started slow and she seemed to enjoy it, especially when my full length was buried inside her. Several times she pulled me down for a spit-swapping kiss. Her ass began bouncing upward to meet each thrust so that we smacked together loudly.

Her expression changed gradually so that I could tell she was getting titillation from our contact – I figured I was at least grazing her clitoris with those strokes. Then the big “O” formation of her mouth changed to the big O itself when she climaxed. She left absolutely no doubt that she loved it. She loved our fuck. She loved being fucked by my cock!

Fortunately it would take a while before I came again. I pulled out of the redhead and sat back, watching with interest as she rolled out of the way to be replaced by the questionable blonde; I still wasn’t sure about her because her cunt was shaved baby’s butt smooth. I eased up to her and my cock slid into her, fitting like a hand in a custom made glove. I held my cock as deep into her as I could reach and began to suckle her tits … mm, she was tasty!

She liked the slow start and let me stay with that for several minutes while my mouth hit the triangle formed by her nipples and her mouth. When I began to pick up speed, she started moving with me, raising her hips to meet my thrusts on every stroke. Again my brain was assaulted with the fragrance of soft roses and hot sex, turning me into a fiery spear of lust. My long pole had been plowing her furrow for several minutes when she stiffened up, bit her bottom lip and shuddered through an orgasm.

I leaned over and kissed her again. She put her arms around my neck and pulled me down, whispering in my ear, “Would you be my new regular lover?”

I looked at her to see if she was serious. She was. I nodded. She let go and rolled out of the wet spot. The brunette took her place, not complaining about laying in the juices of the other women. I had barely started sliding into her before she started grunting, her face wreathed in a big smile.

“Oh, my god, honey, I love the feel of your big cock in me. You make me feel so full, honey. Just take as long as you want to, sugar. I could take these feelings forever.”

She was the heaviest of the four ladies and had the biggest pair of knockers, with extra long nips. I settled down to slowly moving eight or nine inches of cock in and out of her cunt while sucking on her tits. She cupped her breasts and held them to my mouth, encouraging me to nurse at her fountains. I only wished she had been lactating!

After several minutes, I picked up my speed just a little. Staying with that speed for several minutes, I kept sucking on her tits until içerenköy escort she clamped arms and legs around me and gasped that she was cumming. I kept plugging away, even picking up the speed a little more for the next several minutes.

Finally shifting into high gear, I began humping her as fast and as hard as I could. The sound of our bodies smacking together wetly filled the room and the odor of sex permeated everything. I felt my balls reach that point-of-no-return feeling and knew I was seconds away from cumming. I put the last of my energy into fucking the woman and just as my load began to shoot deep into her twat, she gasped again that she was cumming. I never could see the advantage of spraying cum on the outside of a sweet woman so I kept my cock buried 14 inches deep in her pussy until the last drops had oozed out.

I rolled over onto my back and lay huffing and puffing, trying to slow my heart rate. The questionable blonde scooted up between my legs until she sat cross-legged just below my bottom with my legs over her crossed legs. She said, “Hi, honey. My name is Sammie – Samantha. Did you mean what you said earlier?”

“Yes, if you did.”

“I did, honey. Listen, girls, Jason is out. This guy is in. Hey, what’s your name?”

“I’m Gene.”

“Well, ladies, Gene is my new regular lover.”

“Alright!” the blonde said. “Are you going to share him?”

“Sure. What are friends for? Gene, look, I don’t mind if you fuck all of my friends – just the three in this room – any time you want to but I don’t want you screwing other women if you’re going to be coming to my bed. Is that agreed?”

“I can live with that,” I said, grinning like a devil. “How about introducing yourselves?”

The blonde said, “Hi. My name is Lisa. My John has about 11 inches and usually takes care of me but I want some more of what you’ve got sometimes too. Okay?”

“For sure,” I replied, turning to the redhead.

“Hey, my name is Ruby. David is about 10 ½ inches and I love screwing him. Unfortunately he travels way too much for my liking and I need a lot more than I’m getting. Maybe we can work out something on a schedule. I’m not greedy. Two or three times a week would be good.”

Sammie laughed. “I think we can work out something.”

The brunette said, “I’m Jean. My Glenn has a very good 12 inches but I never get to see him during the week. I sure hope we can work out something.”

Sammie leaned over and hugged her. “I’m sure we can work out something for everyone, girls. Just make sure you leave some for me.”

The other three started stirring around, putting on their clothes, so I figured the party was over and got up to follow suit. However before I could dress, Sammie called to me. She had changed her position on the bed so that she was on her back but on the other end of the bed with her head hanging over the end.

“Come here, big fella, and let me have a taste.”

That was a strangely erotic pose, to see a woman with her head hanging off the bed, her mouth open and her hands reaching for me. I stepped over next to her and she took my flaccid member into her mouth. Guess what! It didn’t stay flaccid for long. I began to grow hard, loving the feeling of her questing tongue over the head of my probe and then around the shaft, feeling her lips form a seal around me. I closed my eyes and savored the sensations.

Sammie’s hands grabbed my buttocks and moved me back and forth in her mouth for a few moments. Then she began to pull me toward her. I opened my eyes to see her exposed neck. Watching a ripple slowly move down her throat, I realized that it was the head of my cock making its way along under the creamy white skin. Again her hands pulled me back out part way, only to pull me in again and then further, until I felt my ball sac gently slap against her nose. She had consumed my entire cock, the only woman who had ever done that!

It felt wonderful. It felt magnificent. It felt deliciously sexy. It felt … better than words. I could feel her throat constrict around my shaft and then relax only to do it again. I began to feel weak-kneed, not sure if I could continue to stand, yet determined not to give up those special feelings until Sammie could take it no longer. I wondered about the sensations of cumming in such a position.

Then things got even more intense as the other three joined the fun. Lisa sat at Sammie’s legs, her fingers gently probing Sammie’s pussy. Jean knelt beside me fondling my balls. But the greatest sensations, other than Sammie’s throat, came from Ruby, who was standing behind me sliding a finger in and out of my anus, gently nudging my prostate. I was on total sensory overload and only lasted a couple of minutes before shooting my cum straight down Sammie’s throat. Surely I had died and gone to heaven!

Thus did my sex life go from the pits to the clouds. I went from having sex occasionally to having about as much as I could handle. I kept thinking that I might be getting into trouble with the three women who had significant others. However as time passed, I met all of them and they were all satisfied with the arrangement; their relationships had not been exclusive. Apparently all three of them had been getting a lot of cock on the side anyway.