Attic Clock

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One nice spring day, Mrs. Kelly Smith had the day off from work. Now this was interesting, because she owns a small craft business, selling stuff in shows, and making plenty of money. It was a very nice day outside, warmer than spring but cooler than summer. The kind of day that you can keep the windows open, and maybe get a nice light breeze. Sunny and a few clouds out there also filling up the sky.

She’s your average middle-aged woman, happily married to her husband John, has one 18-year old son named Ryan, and she herself has just turned 40. Her husband and many men find her very attractive, as she could easily pass for 30. She has great sized breasts, wide hips, and the kind of beautiful body that comes naturally, that many people die for. Thin and nicely toned, but not muscular or overly skinny. Long flowing brown hair that always seems to stay well kept without much effort.

They lived in the same house for many years, even with Kelly’s mother, who passed away a couple of years ago. Ryan was raised in it his whole life, and even plans to stay during college, so he can save room and board for things like a car. It’s a three bedroom house, two bathrooms, large rooms and hallways, four floors (if you count attic, basement, street level floor, and the upstairs area underneath the attic ) .

She decided to do something that she hadn’t done in about ten years. She was going to take a look around in the attic, and tidy it up, with a little spring cleaning. So, early that day, she went upstairs to look at what she was dealing with. When she saw the amount of dust and boxes, she knew she was going to need help. She knew her husband was getting ready for a two day business trip, so he wouldn’t be much help. Or would he? She went back downstairs to see if he was still there. Upon arriving in her bedroom, she saw he was, tying his shoes, with pants on, but no shirt on.

“Hey, Honey!” said her husband John.

“Hey. Listen, the attic looks bad. I don’t think I can do it by myself. Maybe I can do it when you get back, so you can help me out.” She said to him.

“Hmm..! If you want, honey, that’s fine. Or what about Ryan? Maybe he can get a few of his friends to help you out. You can get pizza and drinks for them, or something,” said John.

“I don’t think Ryan would want to,” she said.

“OK, I’ll ask him,” he said. He got up and threw on a T-shirt he had on the bed. He then headed for Ryan’s room. It was blasting some dance music, and the door was partly closed. John peeked in, knocking, and saw Ryan bobbing his head to the music, sitting at the computer.

“Can I come in, sport?” he asked his son. Ryan turned around and saw his father at the doorway. Just as he saw him, he hit a button on the computer, and the music went away. “yeah, sure, dad. I was just downloading some music. What’s up?” Ryan asked.

“Your mother wants to tidy up the attic. You know I’m heading into Manhattan for the convention, and won’t be back until Monday, so that leaves you. She can wait until I come back, or do it now with you, and if you help, you can have your friends come over and help also. I’ll treat you to pizza and drinks, and they can stay over late, as you can play with your newest toy,” said John.

“What toy?” asked Ryan.

“Only if you help your mother,” said John.

“All right, Dad. Sure. I don’t have any thing better to do,” said Ryan.

“Good. Walk with me as you get your birthday present a month early,” said John, as he left the room. Ryan followed, as they made their way to the main large closet. John opened it, and used the stool inside, to climb up and reach the second high shelf, which was very deep. He grabbed what appeared to be a large box, and brought it down. Once it came into view, Ryan’s face lit up with such a smile. Ryan was just given a Playstation 2 by his father. The large box also had three games and a remote for the DVD part.

“Oh, Thanks, dad!” said Ryan as he hugged his father. “You got yourself a deal! let’s get to work on that attic.”

John spoke with Ryan a few more moments and it was agreed that Ryan would have one or two friends come over and help out his mother. Ryan went back to the computer, and punched up his friend Eric on the instant message. Eric was Ryan’s best friend, and also somewhat secretly Eric fancied Ryan’s Mom. He was 18 himself, just as Ryan was. Of course he agreed to help out, and was even allowed the chance to stay overnight. When Ryan tried to punch up more people, he had no luck, so it looked like it was Kelly, her son Ryan, and Eric, who would be cleaning up the attic.

John got up and left, in his car, just as Eric came by the house.

“Hey, man! What’s up?” said Eric as he gave Ryan five. Ryan returned the gesture and greeting to his best friend.

“Hi, there, Eric,” said Kelly, at the front door.

“Why, hello, Mrs. Smith. How are things?” said Eric to Kelly.

“Great. Thanks for coming to help out. I really appreciate it,” said Kelly, as they all entered the house, and closed the door. bahis siteleri “Now, let me know when you get hungry. I’ll order pizzas, and get lemonade or something like that, OK?”

Both of the young men nodded and said “sure.” Then Ryan made his way to his room, so to change into some comfortable clothes. This left Eric and Kelly there waiting for Ryan, as they both were already dressed comfortably. Eric was dressed in loose jeans and a T-shirt, while Kelly was dressed in a belly baring T-shirt that hugged her tits very nicely and loosely tight sweatpants that showed her figure very nicely but weren’t obscene looking at all.

“So, where was Mr. Smith heading to?” asked Eric.

“New York. He’s doing business there for us, at a convention,” she said.

“And left you here? I’d never leave a pretty lady alone for one second. I’d miss her too much,” he said.

She let a small smile come out, and her cheeks had a slight flushed look to them, like a light blushing. “That’s sweet of you to say that. You’re a very nice young man.”

“I’m just saying the truth, Mrs. Smith” he said, just as Ryan came back into sight. When he did, they all made their way to the attic. They opened the windows up, and started to get to work. The two guys opened boxes and they organized things neatly, while she vacuumed and dusted everything up.

This went on for a few hours, and it wasn’t heavy work, it was just time consuming, dusting, and putting other things in boxes. Most of it just involved moving boxes from here to there, and it was light, but needed more than one pair hands to be done quickly.

One of the boxes they opened up had some old vinyl records, and some other things. Kelly was tearing up when she saw them, because they were records she owned when she was younger, and once she danced to with her husband while they were dating. Eric and Ryan were surprised also, because they were fans of jazz music, and there were some great records there of the really good older jazz. She told them to bring the box downstairs, so they can include the contents in with their regular collection. Just as she did, a small paper fell out from the bottom.

When they went down with the box, she picked up the paper, and it was actually a picture. She was stunned because she didn’t recall that picture ever before. It was a black and white picture, of her when she was really young, and of her parents also in front of the house, holding a small cuckoo clock. She smiled looking at it, and decided to add it to the family photo album. She went downstairs, thinking about it, and realizing that she never remembered that clock before in the house, and wondered if it was her mother’s or not.

She made it to the living room, a couple of minutes later, where the two guys were looking at the records. They seemed very excited, especially when they saw a copy of the Beatles Sgt. Pepper album and pulled out from the box, seeing it was in great shape. She was shocked also to see that record. “that was one of the first records I ever bought myself,” she said.

“Cool!” Ryan said.

“This is a collectable, in such great shape. You guys should hang onto this one,” said Eric.

“We will, for sure!” said Ryan, as he dazed at the cover.

“Hey, look what I found. An old picture of me when I was I think three or four. I don’t recall exactly,” she said, handing the boys the picture.

They both looked at the picture. “You were a very adorable little girl, Mrs. Smith” said Eric. She smiled, as Ryan spoke up. “Is that grandma and grandpa?” he asked.

She nodded yes. “What’s with the clock? Grandma must have loved this clock a lot,” asked Ryan.

“I dunno,” she said “I don’t remember this clock at all ever.”

“Well, your memory must be slipping, Ma, because look at this picture. We found a few of them in the box, and a couple of them have the same clock in it,” said Ryan as he handed his mother several pictures from the box.

She then took a look and saw several shots of her, her mother, and her father, together, and separately. The common thing about all of them, was that the same clock was in the background, in most of the pictures. Then when she came across a picture of her when she was 18, she really appeared surprised.

“What?” asked Ryan.

“I was looking for this picture for years. I thought I lost it. This picture was taken the day your father and I had our first date. I remember that day so much, but I don’t remember the clock ever being on the wall at all,” she said. The black and white picture showed her next to the bottom of the staircase, with one hand on the wall, and she was wearing a nice simple dress for the time. The clock was just behind her hand on the wall, and her first dog, Rover, was there coming down from the kitchen, in the picture.

“You still look just as pretty as you did back then, Mrs. Smith Even more so,” said Eric.

“Flattery might get you some free pizza and drinks. Want some boys?” she asked.

They both said yes, and she made her way over to canlı bahis get a pizza delivery flyer. It was inside one of the drawers in the living room. as she pulled out the menu flyer, and started reading it, she began wondering out loud “Where did that clock come from?”

“Why not ask the clock yourself, Mrs. Smith?” said Eric, as he pulled out a cuckoo clock out of the same box. It appeared to be the same clock that was in all those pictures they were looking at. It was small, painted white, had a brown roof, had a few flower designs on it, and looked to be very old. She immediately put the flyer down, went over to pick up the clock, and held it, with a smile.

“Oh, my God! This clock is so beautiful! It’s perfect! it matches the vase! Oh, this is going on the wall!” she said, hurriedly moving over towards one of the living room walls. She placed the clock onto the table, and then removed a painting from the wall. The painting was of a clown. She then picked the clock up again, and looked behind to see if there were any ways of hanging the clock up, and sure enough, there was. There was a small hole behind the clock, for nails to enter into and hold the clock onto the wall.

She then stood back and admired the view of it on the wall. She then noticed the clock was not even on the nail, and leaning towards one side. She then adjusted it, and unknowingly pulled on one of the two strings hanging from the bottom. This then did something to the clock, because it started ticking, and it even opened up, and making cuckoo noises. A flap opened up and showed a blue bird, sticking out slightly, singing an unusual melody.

“Woah! It still works!” said Ryan.

“Nice touch” said Eric.

“I can’t believe I didn’t remember this clock before. Well, now it’s mine,” said Kelly.

It then stopped making music noises, and started ticking softly, like normal clocks do. Then Ryan noticed that the clock’s time wasn’t at all accurate, as he looked at his digital watch. “Ma, it’s exactly two hours ahead,” he said.

“Is that all? Wow! well, we’ll take care of that,” said Kelly, as she used her index finger, to move the hour hand over to the proper and earlier slot. “there now it has the right time.”

“Cool. So, are we still on for the Pizza, Mrs. Smith?” asked Eric. Kelly then realized that she had promised the boys some pizza. She then picked up the flyer, and called them up. After some short inaudible conversation from the view of the boys, still looking at jazz records, she hung up.

“OK, boys, I ordered two large pies for us, but I have to go get them. The delivery truck at Vinny’s is in the shop for some brake problems and feared Firestone Tires. I’ll get the keys, and jacket, and go pick them up,” she said.

So, she went to get her keys and purse, while the two young men explored the contents of the box further. There were lots more pictures, and also a small notebook of some kind. It was Ryan’s grandmother’s journal. Ryan opened up and began to skim the contents of it. One page he randomly picked had something interesting on it. He the read the entry aloud to Eric:

“March 4, 1969. I went out shopping, and on the side of the road, after taking Kelly, there was an old man. He was holding a clock, that was so pretty. I asked him where he got it, and he said he made it. It was a supposed magical clock. I asked him if he would sell it, and he sold it to me for $5.00. He also told me to be wary of adjusting the time, as it may ignite spells, and change the people who own it. I told him thanks, and left to finish shopping. I finished my shopping, and went to bed, before I fixed the time on the clock, and hung it on the wall, in the living room. “

“What’s so odd about that? It’s just a bunch of hocus pocus, man. it ain’t real,” said Eric.

“Yeah, but, I dunno. It’s odd to me,” said Ryan.

“You’ve seen one too many X-Files episodes, man,” said Eric. Ryan then closed the journal, and decided he’d show his mother after skimming the contents himself. Eric then looked at more pictures of his friend’s Mom, when she was 18.

“Can you front me some of these?” asked Eric.

“No! That’s gross, and those are family pictures!” said Ryan.

“Yeah, like these old school bikini pictures with her and your dad, on a beach? Nobody will miss them, these are date pictures,” said Eric.

“No, Eric,” said Ryan.

“Come on! Your mother has got it going on big time! How can you not see that?” said Eric.

“No! That’s sick, and that’s my Mom! Now give me the pics!” said Ryan. Eric then reluctantly gave him the pics, and then Kelly came out with her purse and keys. “All right, I’m going now,” she said.

They waved, and she left. The sound of a car starting, and leaving was heard, and the car was gone from the hallway, off to get pizza. About 20 minutes later, while Eric pulled out some paper plates, Ryan found another interesting entry in the journal

“Look at this one, man,” said Ryan, as he read.

“March 5, 1969 This is something out of a scary dream, güvenilir bahis or a Twilight Zone show. I woke up, and found myself apparently younger. I look as I did when I was 16. Luckily, Larry and Kelly were gone out, and I was alone. I panicked, and cried, and then recalled yesterday. I ran to find the old man, and I did. He didn’t even recognize me. I told him who I was, and he was stunned. He then told me how to change back. “

“Your grandmother had an active imagination,” said Eric.

“She didn’t man. She never lied. It’s strange but I do have a bad feeling about this,” said Ryan, just as the car pulled back into the driveway. The door opened soon later, with Kelly holding two pizzas, out of sight of the two boys. “Can you get the soda in the car, and my purse? ” she asked out loudly. Eric agreed, and went and got them. Kelly had placed the pizzas on the table, but Ryan was still out of the room.

Kelly then left to hang up her purse, in the hallway, as Ryan came back into the kitchen. Ryan had opened a pizza box, to examine the pizza. As Eric came inside again, and closed the door, he stared at Mrs. Smith’s ass. This was as she was facing the coat hook, placing her purse onto it. Her ass looked just as good as it always did to Eric, but yet it even seemed better, this time around. Firmer, and more desirable, perfect for staring at. she must have caught wind of this, from a side glance, because she spoke soon after.

“OK, now that’s enough staring young man. You’re sweet, but a tad too young for me, and besides I’m married” said Kelly as she turned around to face him.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Mrs. Smi…” said Eric, as he watched her turn around, with surprising shock, in mid sentence. “Oh………uh…….oh…..” he stuttered.

“What? Am I that desirable to you little pervert?” she said to Eric.

“Uh…Mrs….. Smith?” he asked.

“Yes, Eric?” she replied.

“Is that you, Mrs. Smith?” he asked.

“Yeah, it’s me! What’s wrong with you?” she said.

“Um…nothing. It’s just that…uh…..well…….” he stuttered again.

“What? What’s wrong with me?” she said.

“Um….nothing you are perfect, Mrs. Smith. But maybe you should look in the mirror.” He said. She then made her way over to the mirror, next to the kitchen, and just glanced. Then after, taking a second look, shock consumed her whole body. She saw her face in the mirror, and saw that somehow she had grown many years, to where she looked 18 or 19. Her first reaction was less than encouraging.

“Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!” she yelled out. Ryan then quickly rushed out from the far side of the kitchen where he can first get himself a look at what has happened. “What?!? What?!? ” he asked. He then saw his mother, and also expressed shock, but a slight shock.

“What? Mom! Is that you?” he asked.

“Of course it’s me! Oh, My God!” she said.

“You shrunk down to your teenager bootylicous babe years!” said Eric.

“Hey, man! Show some class! That is my mother you’re talking about!” said Ryan.

“Would you both please knock it off! This is serious! How could this have happened?” she asked in near tears of panic.

A brief moment of silence overcame to two teenagers, but then Ryan remembered the journal and it’s odd contents. “Mom! The clock!” he yelled out.

“I don’t think that this is a time to worry about that old clock, Ryan!” she yelled, staring at herself in the mirror.

“No! We found Grandma’s journal, and in one part, she yacks about this clock. Then in the next part after, she’s all panicked about turning young. Then she is looking for some guy who gave her the clock so she could change back,” said Ryan.

“Oh, my God! It must be a magic clock or something! Voodoo or some strange phenomenon like that! How did she change back?” said Kelly.

“Why would you want to change back? You look so young and you have a few more years added to your life like this, I’m sure,” said Eric.

“I can’t stay like this! And besides, it didn’t seem to help my mother much anyway! Besides, I can’t run work as an 18 year old…” she said, until a thought crossed her mind.

“What?” said Ryan.

She then stepped back from the mirror, and lifted her shirt up over her breasts, but not off fully. This showed her nice large boobs held in the constrictions of a bra, screaming to be let out, and even more so, as they became younger. Ryan in turn turned and faced away. “what are you doing?” asked Ryan. She then replied, ” I want to see how old I am.”

She looked at her chest, and her boobs which were just as full as before but more firm and youthful, but her attention was drawn to her stomach. “Where’s my heart?” she said.

“I think it’s a little higher than that, Mrs. Smith” said Eric, jokingly, but staring at the sight of a lifetime for him.

“No! My tattoo! it’s gone! Oh, my God!” she said with a shocked look on her face.

“I didn’t know you had a tattoo of a heart,” said Eric, just as Kelly fixed her shirt so it was on normally again.

“She got it a long time ago,” said Ryan, as he turned around to face his mother, in her new form. “But, anyway, I didn’t read further than that entry in her journal, but it must have the answer in there somewhere.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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