Back from Quarantine!

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The Covid 19 Pandemic separated us for 7 months, and compared to the relationship we had while we stayed together, the distance has been really difficult on both of us. Her staying with her mother, and her shyness on the topic did not give us a lot of opportunity to explore each other’s kinks. I have to admit I tried a lot of times to get her alone in the room, to be really open and talk about things that you cannot to any person, but every time her shyness or nature opposed those conversations. Needless to say I’ve been desperate for some love for a long time, and this dry season might finally come to an end.

I’m 25 Years old and she’s 23. We’ve been together now for almost 4 years, but we’ve rarely had a chance to stay together; us living in different cities. We finally started to live together in our third year but the pandemic hit. Needless to say we haven’t explored each other sexually that much as by the time we would get comfortable with each other, we would go each other’s way.

When we finally started living together, it was great for the first few months where we both went to the gym, and the confidence with our bodies led to a lot of sex. We did not go very far, since I think to do bolder things, I would need to be the confident one, and lead the way. I wanted to go on a few trips, have some intimate moments to move forward with her, but the lockdown restricted access to the gym, and being stuck at home, we both just got lazy, and the sex was rarely that good. We would have some good days, but in the end it was just the same old same old. I got fat, and she too wasn’t really looking that great. The sex appeal kind of died, and my confidence along with it. Eventually we went home and had been staying apart all this time.

When she promised back in October that she will be back to our place in January, I knew I had to do things differently. I couldn’t just go back to the way things were since they weren’t that great, and if I kept doing what I did i.e. letting go of control, hoping for a good time, we would have the most boring relationship.

I had been committed to making this first day a representative of how I wanted things to be going forward. I had been working out every day, including running, pushups, pull-ups, squats, and multiple ab exercises. I’ve seen that when I look great physically I have the confidence required to really be true to myself, and makes me confident to ask for what I truly want. Having said that, what I truly wanted from that night was to woo my girlfriend off her feet, show her how much I care about her, give her multiple orgasms, and make her feel things she hadn’t felt before.

To start the night, I wanted to give her one of the biggest surprises. Before the pandemic, I didn’t know how to drive a car, and this really limited our ability to go on trips. I have since taken lessons to drive the car, and to surprise her I rented a big ass car to pick her up from the airport. I went out of my way to pay double for it, and got a Fortuner to really make her feel like a princess.

I had been waiting for her to come out of the airport for some time now. She is 5’6 slim, and medium build; she hasn’t got a big bust but I love the feel of her body. Not to forget she’s got a wonderful ass, and a tasty pussy. You can imagine why I was anticipating this so eagerly.

She called and said she was near the door. I got out and went near the Arrivals gate to greet her. She came into view and like a hawk she instantly recognised me in the crowd, and gave a smile a guy could die for. I ran towards her, helped her move the luggage away from the gate and embraced her. We hugged each other for a good minute. It took some time for me to believe that she was really here, and the wait was over. She smelled great, and fit right into my arms. I gave a quick kiss on her cheeks, and we started to move towards the road.

I did not tell her about the car, so I just casually guided her towards it, and before she asked why we were going in the opposite direction of the bus stand, I pulled out the keys and preesed the unlock button. The look on her face was ecstatic, I knew she would be happy but that was unexpected, she got so giddy and gave me another hug!

We loaded the luggage into the car, and started towards home.

The drive was about 60km and went through long barren roads. We stopped occasionally in a quiet spot to make out. She would climb on top of me and grid herself on me while I tried to embrace her sexy figure. She kissed me hungrily, and at one point my hands got into her clothes, her ass, and on her wonderful breasts. I love kissing her on her neck, and she moaned louder and louder as things got hot.

We paused our makeout session for a while, while we drove further. Her hands found my erection and she started to give me a slow hand job. I slowed down the car, and asked her to take me into her mouth. She happily complied, lied down on the wide seat, and eased her lips on my dick. It was a great feeling, bursa escort and this went on for a good few minutes till I could not take it anymore.

I stopped the car again in a quiet spot, and asked her to get in the back seat while I checked out the surroundings. It was a bit cold, so I quickly got back in. I knew she was turned on, and the look on her face said so too. Luckily I got a condom with me just in case, but I wanted to make this count. I got between her legs, and took off her panties quickly. I know her body, and I know what makes her moan. I begin by caressing her entire body, and going round and around her pussy. I kiss, nibble, and bite her as she slowly started to heave harder and moan louder. She had enough of that, and she held my head to position on top of her clit. I gave in and concentrated all my efforts on her orgasm. I could see it had been long, as she did not take much time to get to the edge. I started to kiss and nibble on her clit harder, while my finger petered her from beneath. She gave a silent scream as she came.

We lay there in each other’s arms half naked for a little while she recovered, and in a few minutes her hands started to wander towards my erection. I sat on the seat and asked her to get me hard. She gave me another wonderful blowjob as I got really hard, and ready to fuck. This was the first time either of us had ever done it in a car, so it was a little tricky. I put on the condom and had her sit on top of me. She lowered her head so as not to hit the top, and she rode me like that for a while. Then I laid her down on the set on her stomach, and got on a position to fuck her from behind giving me that wonderful look of her ass.

She turned around and I went all in while our bodies were pressed together in that tight space. I had more things planned for her, so I did not want to take too much time here. I fucked as hard as I could, and within a few minutes I was close. I pulled out and said I wanted to cum on her. The car wasn’t ours, so I had to be careful. She helped me go over the edge and I came on her face. We kissed and I wet my handkerchief to give it to her to help her clean up.

We put our clothes on again, and continued on our journey. I was around midnight when we reached home again. I had booked the car for the night, so I parked it near the house. We carried her furniture up the elevator to the flat.

I had returned to the flat a month earlier and prepared everything beforehand. I wanted to really connect with her that night so I set the place up really well. I had the perfect lighting, I got new bedsheets, and I also got a couch for us. I cleaned the room really well, and had a diffuser added to make it smell really great.

Before she could enter our room, I gave her some water, and asked her to wait outside. I took her luggage inside and set it aside. I came back outside, and picked her up in my arms. She loves it when I do that, and I carried all the way to the couch and placed her on there. While she appreciated all the different things, I locked the door properly and turned on some romantic acoustic songs. I joined her on the couch and we started to make out again.

She smelled like cum, and her sweat was really turning me on. We attacked each other’s necks, and grabbed whatever we could lay our hands on. She would giggle whenever I touched places where she was ticklish, and that turned me on even more. My hands were now permanently on her ass and since I did not let her wear her panties gain, it was even more sexy.

I started to finger her, while her hands went on my erection stroking me from outside. We spent what felt like and eternity, and eventually I had enough, and wanted to move forward with what I had planned.

I knew she was extremely turned on again, but I wanted her to wait. I lay a large towel on the bed, and lay her face up on it. I took off all her clothes, and spent a minute appreciating – kissing each wonderful part of her body; getting her ready for a sensual massage.

Along from the massage, I also wanted her to have a different kid of sensation. I heated up some oil, and got a blindfold out. I spend a minute massaging her cheeks, eyes, temples and jaw after which, I put on the blindfold.

She often gets shy by the way I look at her, and does not open herself up to me. I read somewhere that if I took that away, and she only focused on how something made her feel, it would make it easy on both of us to enjoy it. I began the message from her legs. She’s been walking the whole day, and I wanted to give ease to her feet. I used a technique I saw in a YouTube video, and her moans and approval made me happy that I was doing something right. I started up her legs, and went up to her thighs. Ohh those wonderful thighs. As my hands slid up to her centre, I could feel the heat coming from within. I could see her pussy juices glistening in the warm lighting. I didn’t spend much time there however, and moved on to her stomach.

I spent a few bursa escort bayan minutes massaging in a circular motion on her belly, and in that same movement went to her breasts. I heard that massaging breasts increases the blood flow and it makes them softer and fuller. Thinking about that I spent time making sure I put the right pressure, and gave her breasts the treatment they deserved. Next, I focused on the arms and having done that I went for her wrists, hand, and fingers. It reminds her of the first time I ever gave her a massage, and brings those fond memories back.

Holding her neck and head with my hand I gave her a warm slow kiss while my hands slowly circled her now swollen pussy lips. I flipped her around and finally came face to face with her wonderful ass. I could not contain myself and I had to lick and kiss her there before I could continue.

This time I started with her back, and used an inward to outward technique to relax her shoulders and lower back. I then put extra pressure to relax the spine and often went from her neck to her butt in a fluid motion.

Finally I massaged her legs again, and a last time went all the way from her feet to her neck a few times to finish it off.

I did not let her take the blindfold off, instead, I lifted her ass up to come in a doggy style position. Her face was on the bed, and her ass was facing right at me. I handed her a bulb shaped vibrating massager, and turned it on. I asked her to use the vibrator on her clit, while I penetrated her with my fingers from behind. We’ve had some struggle with doggy style, so I did not want to force myself on her, so I think using my fingers was a good sacrifice. I continued my attack on her from behind and raised the vibration on the massager. Within a few minutes she was getting close and eventually I replaced my fingers with the tip of my dick. I did not go all the way, but the feeling got her over the edge and she came harder than she had in the car.

While she came I flipped her around, pushed myself fully into her and hugged her really tight. I wanted to make her feel me inside her.

We kissed for a little while I slid in and out extremely slowly. I pulled out, and helped her get up. I did not let her take off the blindfold however, not yet.

I took her into the washroom and asked her to get down on her elbows and kneed. I had set up the enema bottle up there, and went outside to get the water warm. Once the water was warm, I poured it in, and added a bit of epsom salt to it as well. I got near her ear and told her what I was about to do. I wanted to give her an enema while I would massage myself, and get my skin to feel and smell great just as hers. I handed her the vibrator again, and asked her to massage her pussy from under.

It took some time to get the silicone tube to get into her butthole since this was the first time I had ever got anything into her ass, but finally we got it into it, and it was worth it.

I emptied the bottle into her, and could see her belly expand. She lay there using the message on herself. I got back into the room and started to massage my own body. I had been doing this for quite some time, and I also had spent quite some time in a steam room to make sure my body looked healthy and vibrant. I had cleaned out all the unwanted hair, and with all the exercise I had done, I was really proud of my efforts. I even waxed my butt hair to make sure I had left no stone unturned.

Going back into the washroom I found her exactly where I left her, now with an extremely wet vibrator. I asked her if she was ready to expel, and she was. I gave her privacy to clean out the water, and make sure everything was clean.

I went back in and started up the warm shower. I got out a shower cap to cover her hair, and wet her body slowly. I was already hard again, and I made sure she would feel my erection as often as possible touching her body again and again. I used a Coffee scrub to lather her, and made sure to cover every inch. I did the same for myself, and handed her a bit to clean my back, and my groin. I made sure to use an intimate wash for our private parts.

I felt bad for cleaning out all the wetness in her pussy, but I had given her water in the middle to compensate. We cleaned each other properly, and then I proceeded to get the towels and dried her completely. I also switched the wet blindfold with a dry one.

Before applying the amazing body butter I got for her, I used a black ball pen to write ‘mine’ on her wrist, and made a heart on the right side of her belly. I spent a minute on her ass to feel the freshness, and then proceeded to apply the body butter. I covered all areas slowly and erotically while giving slow kisses all along the way.

Once I was done with her I sat her down on the couch and did the same for myself. I had washed the vibrator, so I handed it back to her.

After that, I bought out the real reason I did all this, I had bought this really sexy gold bikini set, escort bursa and a golden chain for her waist. I also got a beautiful anklet with a butterfly on it for her to wear. I brought these out and helped her wear these items. Her hair was dry, and she looked extremely sexy in the outfit.

Finally, I stood her in front of the mirror, and asked her to take off her blindfold. She was stunned, and I knew why. She had never worn these types of clothes, and this was the first time she had. I also got out her heels to get her ass in an even better shape.

We made out for a bit, and I asked her to pose for photos. She resisted at first, but I made her sure I would hide them in a secret folder. It took a few tries to get that sexy look. Before a photo I would kiss her, or we would make out heavily. Before we knew it she became completely shameless, and asked to be photographed while she gave me a blowjob . She got on her knees and started her magic. She even took the phone from me to get those close up shots.

Eventually she was stripping down, and I was in heaven. She looked so sexy, and all my dreams were coming true. At one point she asked me to record us, and I set the phone up on a stand near the couch.

She was on top of me in no time, and we were going at each other like crazy. Her ass felt amazing, and I couldn’t wait to bring out the next surprise.

We made out for a while, we switched between 69, to fingering to blowjobs and hand jobs. I loved the feeling of her clean and fresh ass on my face. I spent time on her neck and breasts as well before we started to fuck each other like teenagers. I did not put a condom on as I knew I didn’t want to cum inside her pussy.

We fucked in different positions for a while, and when I was close, I pulled out, and got her in that doggy style position again. I asked her to finger herself again, but my intention was not to finger fuck her this time. I pushed her face down on the couch and licked her from her pussy to her ass. I rimmed slowly, then harder. Her moans made me sure I was doing something right. I gave her the vibrator in case her fingers got tired, and then began to play with her butthole.

I put one finger in at first, and slowly went in deeper. I used her own pussy juices to ease the passage, but also made use of lubricant along with it. It was not that difficult as she was extremely turned on, and I was able to get 2 fingers in as well. It was a beautiful site to see. I took her phone and showed her a small clip of what I was doing to her – she got even more turned on from seeing that.

We then got into a 69 position and I played with her ass while she got me hard again. I didn’t want to lose this feeling so I asked her to face away from me, and sit on my dick, so I could penetrate her sexy butthole again from behind.

She slowly started fucking me, and my fingers were in such a way that as she was moving on up and down on my dick, my fingers also fucked her ass at the same pace. I was so focused on her ass that it delayed my own orgasm, while she came in a few minutes really hard. She almost screamed with joy as her orgasm hit. My fingers were now deep into her ass and I needed something else I put in there.

I told her I was also close and I wanted to fuck her ass. She was a bit worried, but she got in the doggy position to give it a try. She held her ass open for me, while I poured lube on her butthole and my dick. I kept my hand on her sexy back, and eased my erection into her ass. Initially it took a few tries, but she relaxed eventually, and I was able to get the head of my dick in her ass. It was so tight, and she gripped me as hard as possible.

Slowly she started to move her ass a little bit, and I tried to match the same. It was slow but I gradually started to get deeper into her ass. Her moans were getting louder and louder. I grabbed the vibrator and attacked her clit with it.

Her hands left her ass and stretched outward as I slowly fucker her ass from behind. I quickly reached my climax and as I told her, she said she was also close. I added another blob of lube all over her ass and ever so slightly increased my pace. As our rhythm matched I opened her ass with one hand, and with the other I went down to her pussy. I pushed my thumb in her from behind and used fingers to circle her clit. My hand motion and my penetration was at the same pace, and within a few minutes we both reached the point of not return. I added more lube, and before I knew it she had started to cum. Her moans pushed me over the edge and I pushed my dick all the way into her and came like I had never before. I was pumping out cum again and again and again deep into her ass. In my frenzy I grabbed her from the back and embraced ger into my arms, as my dick was buried deep in her ass.

I did not immediately take my dick out, instead we lay there for a minute while my dick softened and plopped out itself. I could see some of my cum seeping out of her ass, and I took her phone to take a photo of that as well.

We lay in each other’s arms when my phone gave a ring. It turned out the battery was dying. We had forgotten about that camera there, but we were glad our first time got recorded on video.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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