Barbara’s Family

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I occasionally write erotic stories for posting online at this adult website. A woman who identified herself only as Barbara sent me an email in which she outlined the thoroughly incestuous adventures which are described in the story which follows. She assured me the storyline was entirely fictional, and I never questioned the truth of that assertion. But some parts of the story had the unmistakable ring of truth about them, and I always like that in a good story. I told her that the plot had possibilities, and I got her permission to explore its potential as a future work of fiction. Barbara wished me well in my efforts. She asked only that she be notified if her story suggestions were ever made available to online readers. I’ve told Barbara about this posting. The story may be fiction, but I sincerely hope that Barbara is my newfound friend’s real name.

* * * * *


It wasn’t a great job, and the pay wasn’t great either. But it enabled Nate to pick up a few extra bucks on the weekends, cash he needed to help pay the tuition fees at the local community college he attended. He was taking courses that he hoped would lead to a career as an air traffic controller. His part-time employment at the county airport was getting him some valuable firsthand experience in how an airport is maintained and operated.

But this Saturday afternoon had been different, and not in a good way. A thunderstorm had blown into the area. It was relatively modest in strength, but lightning strikes had been reported over a widespread area and the airport had been forced to shut its activities down. It had already begun to rain, hard. The few scheduled flights in and out of the airport, mostly shuttle flights that local business types used to get to and from connecting flights at the international airport a hundred miles to the east, had been cancelled. And of course the recreational and private pilot flight training aircraft were grounded too.

Nate was told by his boss to clock out and head on home, hours before he would usually have done so. He cycled the three miles home, avoiding getting thoroughly soaked only because he’d been prudent enough to have worn his raingear in the morning, just in case. Persons connected in any way to aviation learn to always keep close tabs on the weather forecasts.

Nate and his twin sister Patti, now 19, still lived at home. Hank, their dad, worked at the town’s only major manufacturing facility, a production line plant from which came the parts that made up automobile transmissions. Barbara, their mother, worked part-time as a seamstress for a chain of dry cleaners, doing minor repairs and alterations. She described her job as “putting on buttons and taking off cuffs”. Occasionally she made custom garments for customers, and at those times her job became a ‘temporary fulltime’ one.

Having to leave work hours early was something of a disappointment for Nate, but getting home hours early turned out to be something else entirely.

* * * * *

Nate had barely locked his bike in the garage and entered the house when he realized that things weren’t quite right at home. He could hear the strident voice of Hank, his father, coming from somewhere upstairs. Nate couldn’t make out what was being said, because his father was behind a closed door somewhere, but he was talking much too loudly, the way Hank did when he was angry at something or someone. Nate thought he could hear his sister’s voice too, but Patti’s was much softer and was barely audible from where Nate stood, trying to make sense of the unfamiliar noises echoing through the house.

Nate walked slowly, almost on tiptoes although he had no reason to be quiet about it, to the foot of the stairs that led up to the bedroom level of the house. He couldn’t tell which room the voices were coming from until he was halfway up the stairs, when it became clear that his father was in his sister’s room. Hank and Patti were apparently arguing about something. He reached the top of the stairs, looked down the hallway toward Patti’s room, and froze in shock at what he could see and hear from where he was now standing.

Patti’s bedroom door was open, but just an inch or two. Kneeling in the hallway, her back toward Nate and her face close to the doorway opening, was Barbara, Nate’s mother. She was obviously spying on whatever her husband and daughter were arguing about in the bedroom. Nate couldn’t see into the bedroom, but he could certainly see his mother. And she had Nate’s full attention. She was nearly naked.

Barbara was wearing just her underwear, a white bra and panties which were quite plain except for narrow bands of white lace which trimmed their hemmed edges. Nate had never seen his mother in a nearly undressed state before, and it unnerved him a little to see the full globes of her buttocks, snugly clad in nylon spandex (at least he thought that was what that fabric was called). The cheeks of her bottom were spread over her parted calves and ankles. bursa yabancı escort She looked quite comfortable, as if she had been there for some time, and her body language didn’t suggest that what she was watching was a cause for much concern.

It took Nate a moment or two to grasp what was happening. It was totally incredible, and it was incredibly exciting. Hank was punishing Patti for something, and that punishment was taking the form of a spanking. A spanking! Did Patti still get spanked by her father? At her age? He could hear the rhythmic slaps of his father’s hands on his sister’s bottom, and the sound suggested that the flesh exposed to her father’s palms was bare, presumably to add sting to his blows. Now he could hear what was being said in the bedroom. To make the scene even more erotic, Barbara had one hand inside her panties and was apparently rubbing her pussy as she watched through the narrow door opening.

Nate felt that he might be hallucinating, but he didn’t want the unbelievable scene to end. At least not quite yet. His cock was twitching and moving in his boxers. It felt good.

“You’ve been a very naughty girl, Patti!” said Hank, almost shouting. (Whap!)

“You’re hurting me, Daddy!” Patti cried out. (Whap!)

“You deserve to be hurt, you miserable little slut!” (Whap!)

“Yes, I know I do,” said Patti, “but you’re really …” (Whap!)

“You know what’s going to happen next, don’t you!” (Whap!)

“Yes.” (Whap!) “Yes, Daddy.” (Whap!) “Yes, Daddy dear.”

“Do you want it now?” asked Hank. The spanking paused as Hank waited to hear his daughter’s answer. She was silent.

There was the sound of a flurry of spanks which sounded even harder than the ones that had preceded it.

“You do want it now, don’t you.” asked Hank again.

“Yes”, whimpered Patti. “Please … Do it now”.

There was some movement in the bedroom, and the conversation ended. Now he could hear grunts coming from Hank and moans coming from Patti. What the hell was going on now? Nate moved closer, and when he got close behind his mother he could see a little of the bedroom. The spanking, and now Patti’s agreement to let events move to a different sort of carnality, was beginning to make some sort of weird sense to Nate now. What Patti was doing in there went beyond his wildest masturbatory fantasies about his sister, and Lord knows he’d had many of those, and what his mother was doing right in front of him fitted in perfectly with his wildest masturbatory fantasies about her.

Barbara had picked up the pace of her masturbation. She had three fingers inside her now, and she was panting with obvious lust at what she could see from the hallway. What she could see was her husband lying between her daughter’s spread and raised legs, fucking the girl hard and fast, and Barbara could see how much Patti was enjoying being fucked. Patti humped her hips upward to meet her father’s thrusts, occasionally glancing toward the door as if she knew that her mother was there, and her hands grasped her father’s ass cheeks to pull him even deeper into her.

Barbara groaned in her excitement at what she could see from her hiding place, but what Barbara couldn’t see was her son. Nate was standing right behind her, and stroking his cock which he had freed from its confinement behind his jeans fly.

The action in the bedroom was reaching some sort of climax. Hank was shouting out his lust for his daughter, and Patti was imploring her father to flood her with his cum. Barbara was close to orgasm herself, and might have reached it if she hadn’t at that critical moment caught a glimpse of Nate’s shadow moving on the carpeted floor beside her. She nearly jumped in fright, turned quickly around with panic in her eyes, and struggled to deal with the shocking sight of her son standing close behind her with his fully erect cock pointed right at her face.

Barbara’s hand went to her mouth to stifle her cry of fear and shame at being caught red-handed, as it were, and she got quickly to her feet. She grabbed her son by the arm and dragged him down the hall, away from Patti’s bedroom and into Nate’s room.

“Put that thing away,” she ordered, although she couldn’t help stealing glances at her son’s rapidly retreating erection. She closed the bedroom door behind them. Nate did as he was told, but he wasn’t sure how to interpret his mother’s sudden interest in propriety. The way he understood the situation, he had been doing pretty much the same thing she had been doing, and for pretty much the same reason.

“What are you doing home so early?” Barbara demanded as she lay down on her back on her son’s bed, as if Nate’s presence was the only thing wrong with the situation she was struggling to manage. Nate started to explain, but his mother obviously didn’t care about his explanation and interrupted him.

“You weren’t supposed to see that,” she said. Nate had figured that much out for himself. “Your father’s been abusing Patti bursa sınırsız escort for some time now,” she said. She had her hands over her eyes, as if trying to blot out her mental image of things. “And they know that I like to watch them do it.” She was still partly in the aroused state that the events down the hall had caused in her, and she knew that she wasn’t expressing herself very well.

Nate joined his mother on the bed, lying alongside her on his stomach. He was very much aware of his mother’s state of undress. The way her breasts mounded upward slightly inside the cups of her bra, and the nearness of her bared leg to his own pantleg, caused his cock to move again in his boxers. He was glad that his mother couldn’t see his cock misbehaving the way it was now.

“It didn’t look all that abusive to me,” he said. “And she’s not a child, you know.”

“She enjoys it,” said Barbara, “but that’s not the point. A father isn’t supposed to be … uh … doing … you know, that … with his daughter.”

“You seemed to be enjoying it too, Mom,” said Nate. Barbara blushed furiously. Nate was beginning to like this conversation.

“It’s O.K., Mom,” said Nate. “I can understand your finding it exciting … especially since your nice body is … uh … somewhat underdressed.”

Nate draped an arm casually across his mother’s waist. She did not remove it.

‘This isn’t fair’, she thought. ‘My pussy is still wet and warm and it’s making my mind go fuzzy and my own son is making a move on me!’

“I do get aroused by it,” she confessed. “And I know it’s wrong, but …” And then she suddenly seemed to realize that she shouldn’t have to justify her behavior to her son, and shouldn’t have to be ashamed of it. She sat straight up and faced Nate. “Hey, wait a minute, young man! You seemed to enjoy watching them too!”

She looked at her son, awaiting his reply to this charge, and found him smiling at her with conspiratorial mischief in his eyes.

“I wasn’t watching them, Mom,” he grinned. “I was watching you. I’ve seen people fucking before, but until now I’d never seen a woman fingerfucking herself with such enthusiasm.”

Barbara blushed again as she lay back down on the bed. Her pussy shivered. She had never heard such filthy language from her son before. At the very least she thought she should try to show that he couldn’t out-adult her.

“This is really fucking awkward,” she said, pleased at herself for coming up with that zinger, and a really fucking awkward silence followed.

“It would be best if you just forget what you saw today,” she said, knowing that she was asking for the impossible.

“I will if you will,” Nate said, grinning at her. “But wouldn’t if be more fun for both of us if next time we could enjoy watching them together?”

Barbara stared at her son in amazement. Was he serious? And then she caught herself wondering if and how that might be arranged, and she had to admit that the outrageous idea was in fact wildly appealing to her. The idea of her son stroking his cock as she touched herself, both of them peeking at the horny couple on the bed from some secret hiding place … oh my …

And what if she was the one who was stroking Nate’s cock, and her son was the one who was touching her … oh my oh my …

Barbara closed her eyes tightly, trying hard not to imagine the unimaginable. A moment later, when she opened them again, she was looking straight up into her son’s beautiful eyes. He was lying half across her now, his face directly over hers, and he gently let his chest rest upon her upper body. She felt the swells of her breasts flatten against his pectorals. Then he moved slightly, and she felt the gentle curve of her belly against his. She couldn’t believe what was happening. Her nipples felt funny.

His lips touched hers, but very lightly and only briefly. She was surprised by how pleasant her son’s intimate gesture was, but she had no intention of letting him know that.

“Why should Dad be having all the fun, Mom?” he whispered before letting his mouth brush hers again.

“Oh, God, this is crazy”, whispered Barbara back, but when Nate’s mouth touched hers again the kiss lasted longer and she made no effort to end it.

“You are much too beautiful to be on the outside watching others play,” Nate whispered. The tip of his tongue slid teasingly along his mother’s lips, and continured to do so as he continued to whisper to her. “I know you don’t approve of what Dad and Patti are doing … I guess that’s because they’re father and daugher … but you can’t resist the urge to watch it … and you’re turned on by it. Think of how much more exciting it would be for you if you were the one being the naughty parent.” He kissed her again. “And with me.”

“Don’t think I don’t know that you’re trying to seduce me,” she said. She let him kiss her again.

“You seduced me out there in the hall without even trying,” said Nate. “I’m just returning the favor.” görükle escort This time the kiss went on for long enough so that she felt the need to break it off.

“I’m your mother, for God’s sake!” Barbara said, pushing her son to the side and pleading with her eyes for him to see the fundamental wrong in what he was suggesting, but in the light of what her husband was doing regularly with their daughter, this didn’t seem to be a very strong argument.

“Yes, you are my mother. And I find that thought delicious. Don’t you?”

She chose to ignore his question. “Watching is one thing,” she said. “But doing it is quite another.”

They heard Hank and Patti emerging from Patti’s bedroom, and remained silent until the two had headed downstairs. Hank always seemed to want to snack after his fun.

“If you’re a good girl, I may let you watch me fuck Patti,” laughed Nate, getting up from the bed and getting ready to go downstairs and get a snack himself.

“You wouldn’t!” his mother gasped, although now she was pretty sure it was just the kind of thing her son might do. She got up off the bed too, planning the best way to get back to her room for more clothes without those downstairs seeing that it was Nate’s room she had been in.

“Hey, if you’re a really good girl, I may let you watch me fuck Dad!” laughed Nate, giving his mother a quick kiss and a playful slap on the butt as she passed by him on the way to the door.

“Oh my God! You are awful!” she gasped again.

Nate gave her a big hug and a sort of goodbye kiss. “And you, Mom, are wonderful.”

* * * * *

Hank and Patti and Barbara always had their forbidden fun when Nate was at school or at work. It had always been important to them that Nate never find out about it.

For Nate, the problem now was to find a way to be at home when he would normally be engaged somewhere else – just the situation that had led to his accidental discovery of the naughtiness going on in and outside of his sister’s bedroom. Nate found that by carefully scheduling his study time so that he wouldn’t fall behind in his assignments, he could take time off on a weekday afternoon when he didn’t have classes. He let his mother know when that could happen, and Barbara dropped the usual hints to Hank and Patti about when she hoped they would next perform for her enjoyment.

Barbara didn’t have to tell them that she expected to have as much fun outside the bedroom as they would be having in it. As far as they knew, she always did. She was very careful not to mention the fact that this time she would not be their only observer.

At the appointed time, Hank entered Patti’s room as he always did, expected but unannounced. She pretended to be surprised when he barged into her room without knocking, as she always did. Hank left the bedroom door not quite closed, as he always did. There were the usual shouted accusations from Hank regarding Patti’s misbehavior, her usual inadequate excuses and feeble protests of innocence, and Hank’s usual threats of punishments to follow.

Barbara waited until Hank’s shouts reached the pitch she associated with his need to spank his daughter, and then she came out of her room and made herself comfortable outside Patti’s door. As she always did, she made sure that she had a clear view of the bed area.

But this time things were different. For one thing, Barbara had chosen to put on a black lace babydoll nightie. It barely reached the underslopes of her buttocks when she was standing up, and fell far short of that when she was on all fours in the hallway. When Nate slipped out of his room, wearing just the black thong brief he wore on dates when he was sure that the evening would lead to sex, the dim light of the hall was more than enough to give him a good view of his mother’s shapely ass cheeks and a glimpse of the delights that lay below them between her parted thighs.

Nate knelt beside his mother, and kissed her cheek. As Hank began the ritualistic spanking of his daughter’s cute little bottom, Nate began to trail kisses over Barbara’s neck and earlobe. Barbara’s gaze never left the scene in the bedroom, but she did tilt her head to offer her lovely long neck to her son’s lips and tongue. Barbara’s fingers were already at work between her legs.

This time Nate could really see what Hank and Patti were doing. Nate couldn’t take his eyes off of the gorgeous naked body of his sister. Her breasts were every bit as beautiful as he had always suspected they might be, and her puffy pussy lips were clean shaven and looked very lickable. The slight but unmistakable blush left on her buttocks by the spanking thrilled Nate, as it undoubtedly did her father.

Nate had moved to kneel behind Barbara, and his hands reached under her and cupped her swaying pendulous breasts. She gasped in delighted surprise but managed not to make a noise that the couple on the bed might hear. Hank was already through with the spanking and was now introducing his cock into his daughter’s very ready pussy from behind her, doggie style. Nate’s felt a need to move more quickly than he would have liked to. His hands left Barbara’s breasts, but before she could wonder at where they had gone she felt them replacing her own at the lower end of her pubic bush. She let out another involuntary gasp.

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