Beachside Estates Ch. 03

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Chapter 3 – American Geisha

January 5, 2019

7:00 – 10:00 am – Hannah Fairbottom

I was sitting on my back porch, looking over the beach, and enjoying the sunrise. I sat in a chair at my small deck table, a cup of coffee before me with steam wafting off it to be carried off by the cool morning breeze.

It was abnormally warm today.

Last night’s low was 51 degrees, and this morning was already warming up as the sun came up and would be 70 degrees or more before noon.

It felt to me like it should have still been a bit cool for Natalie to have come over in just her bikini, but then, she did have nordic blood in her veins that kept the mild chill from affecting her…

My thoughts were interrupted when I heard something made of glass crash and break in apartment 104, and the roaring of an angry masculine voice coming from Jenny Defoe’s apartment, “What the fuck do you expect me to do? It took 2 fucking months for you to find an apartment!”

It must have been Gregory Defoe.

It didn’t take them long to start fighting.

The yelling turned unintelligible as they moved to the kitchen and living room. Part of me wanted to go and knock and see if Jenny was alright, but I knew that my curiosity and interference would not be welcome and would probably bring untold consequences. It was best that I leave it alone, if she needs me… she knows where I am.

Downstairs the sliding door of apartment 105 opened and Hannah walked around and came upstairs to the deck and saw me. Walking over, she sat in a second chair opposite of me.

“Good morning,” Hannah greeted with a sultry smile.

Looking at Hannah was like looking at the picturesque Swiss Alps… cool, refreshing, and breathtakingly beautiful. She was only an inch shorter than Natalie standing at 5 feet 9 inches. She was 51 inches in the bust, 34 inches in the waist, and 43 inches around her hips, just a bit thicker than Natalie.

Where Natalie was a blooming white rose Hannah was in full bloom, at her peak, fully… unabashedly… mature.

As usual, she was wearing lavender wedges and a long lavender overly fluffy bathrobe. She wore nothing underneath it. I knew that because for the last 5 years this was our routine.

She wore her robe like an off the shoulder Japanese kimono, it was the wrong way to wear it, but I never complained. The neck was pulled out to the very edges of her shoulders so that her magnificent decolletage was fully on display and her fluffy robe wrapped from her shoulders and over the massive swells of her 38 M-cup breasts like new snow that curved down between her valley accenting her voluminous cleavage before being cinched tight just below her breasts at her natural waist. Below the sash her robe fell open exposing her soft smooth feminine lower belly, hips, and legs.

I scanned down to her crossed thighs and saw the hints of platinum peach fuzz that bespoke her thick thatch of long straight platinum pubes decorating her pubic mound in a long, wide Brazilian landing strip. I could neither see her beautiful thatch nor her thick meaty pussy lips, but I didn’t have to, I knew every inch of her body.

“Good morning, my lovely Hannah,” I greeted as I ogled her hungrily.

Gregory and Jenny came back to their room still arguing. Though it was muffled, it was loud enough that Hannah turned to look at their slider before turning back and asking, “The new neighbors having trouble already?”

“It seems so,” I answered in a neutral voice.

“Have you fucked her yet,” Hannah asked, her voice a perverted purr with an amused smile as if she already knew the answer.

I smiled back lopsidedly as I answered, “Come on Hannah. You know me. I don’t talk about you to any of the others and I won’t talk about them to you.”

“Mmm, so you have fucked her,” Hannah said with a nod answering her own question.

I just stared at her and refused to rise to the bait, instead I asked, “So was Natalie’s coming over this morning your doing? Have you been grooming her for that? Or, did she come to me of her own accord?”

Hannah smiled nastily back at me and stuck out her tongue as she answered, “You know that I have never forced that girl to do anything she doesn’t want to do.”

I looked at her sharply trying to detect any deception, but if there was any I couldn’t find it. Most likely my rose tinted glasses were working against me, perhaps, “I have asked you every month for 17 years, and I will again today; Hannah Fairbottom, will you marry me?”

Hannah smiled at me like she always did, with profound flattery, thankfulness, and a deep sadness as well. Of course I knew the answer before she said it, but I had to try.

“Thank you Jaiden,” She purred lovingly, “You know I love you, right? More than any man alive, but I am…”

She stopped suddenly and took a cleansing breath before she continued, “I was married, and I will never marry any other man but him.”

Her husband, Jeremy Fairbottom, was my best friend. We almanbahis giriş both dated Hannah, and we both loved her, but in the end she chose him over me. I can honestly say I have never loved any other woman like I do her. She is unique to me.

Jeremy knew I loved her but he always trusted me to watch over her when he was away on duty because he knew I would never take advantage of him… or Hannah. I think everyone usually loves their parents, but after our parents I think as humans we surround ourselves with a new family made up of those friends that are dearest to us, and that was what Jeremy and Hannah were to me. I loved them both too much to ever let my love of Hannah come between us. Then 18 years ago Hannah got pregnant and within months 9-11 happened and Jeremy was shipped out. Soon after we were engulfed in the Second Gulf War and Jeremy died 5 months later from a roadside IED.

Before he left he told me to take care of Hannah and I have ever since… I smiled at her, but part of me had hoped that today was the day she would change her mind. Leaning forward, I reached out to her and she took my hand. I squeezed it, “You know I have always meant every proposal. I would marry you today if you said yes…”

“I know,” Hannah whispered with a wink and a smile, “That’s why I love you… and why I do what I do with you… because I know… you love me too, and even more you love Natalie!”

“I see,” I whispered before standing up and pulling her to her feet, “Then let’s go inside and talk about Natalie.”

I led Hannah by the hand through my slider and bedroom to my living room and sat her down on a sand white loveseat. Once she was comfortable I asked, “Can I make you coffee or tea? Would you like some breakfast?”

“No I’m fine, thank you Jaiden,” Hannah purred as her clear sapphire blue eyes met mine.

“Sit with me.” She asked demurely while patting the couch beside her.

I smiled and obeyed, sitting next to the woman I love. As usual, she always causes me to get flutters in my stomach, and today was no different as she took my hand and placed it on her thigh mere inches from her pubic mound and kept her hands on top of mine.

“So,” Hannah started with a smile, “Let me start. Natalie has been in love with you for at least 3 years. I think it’s all the stories I told her of you, me and Jeremy. All the trouble we got into in school. The way you and Jeremy both declared your love for me. How you never let the fact that I chose Jeremy dampen your love for both of us. How you always took care of me when Jeremy was away, and later after he died. She knows that you have proposed to me every month after waiting a year for me to mourn, and out of respect for Jeremy. I am afraid that after years of hearing our stories she rather regards you as much of a hero father figure as her own father.”

“Well,” I answered with an embarrassed laugh, “That puts what we did this morning in a very different light… A bit too incestuous for my tastes… but there we have it!”

Hannah smiled and crinkled her nose at the insinuation of incest, “No! Nothing like that! Think of Natalie as the best of me and Jeremy, and she is giving herself to you…”

I did think about it as I looked down at her hands on top of mine, and her long thick white thigh. When I looked up I asked, “Is she why you haven’t said yes to my proposals of marriage?”

Hannah made a kinda sorta face and looked away, “I love you Jaiden, and I wish I had said yes the first time you asked 17 years ago, but now, I feel like you deserve more than me. You deserve the 18 year old me you fell in love with. The me that chose Jeremy instead of you, and Natalie is me in a manner of speaking… the ripe young virginal me that is head over heels in love with you!”

I nodded my head in understanding before I asked, “Natalie wants me to take her as a lover. She wants me to be her sugar daddy not her husband. What do you think of that? Do you want me to ask her to marry me anyway?”

Hannah’s smile fell as she thought over what I said and asked. She squeezed my hand and then answered, “She’s a grown woman now, capable of making her own decisions. Would I rather she marry you? Of course! But, if this is what she wants then you and Natalie must come to your own arrangement.”

Looking into Hannah’s eyes, I answered, “I told her that if all she wants is me to be her sugar daddy, then our arrangement would be like the Japanese Geisha. She is to be my Lover, mine alone, she cannot date or have sex with any other man but me. I will support her and give her a stipend, and I will increase her allowance for every child she has. I will move her into her own apartment and if she grows out of it I will buy her a house. As her mother do you have any other amendments that you would like to negotiate on her behalf?”

“You and your love of Japanese culture,” Hannah sighed as she shook her head, then she brought 1 of her hands up and clutched her breast as she suddenly hissed at a thought she had. almanbahis Looking at me she whispered, “Under those terms I have been your Geisha for years!”

Honestly the thought had never occurred to me, and my eyes must have said as much because Hannah suddenly smiled as she asked meekly, “Under those terms, can I negotiate for both Natalie and myself?”

I didn’t really have to think about it, so I simply nodded.

“Okay then,” Hannah said with a sigh, “As your Geisha, I would prefer that we stay together, Natalie and I. You as our Benefactor can call on us at any time. As compensation we live here rent free and you will provide us both with separate stipends. That way Natalie has her own spending money, as do I. Should Natalie get pregnant, you will provide us a house…”

“If you want to be my Geisha, officially,” I interrupted Hannah, “I want 2 children from you at the least.”

Hannah stared at me for several seconds, her eyes wide in shock as her hands suddenly squeezed my hands, “I will take my diaphragm out then. I never realized you wanted children with me… I just assumed you wanted sex… I’m sorry!”

I smiled at her, “I’ve wanted you all my life… of course I wanted kids with you!”

“But, I’m 40 now,” Hannah said demurely, “I am not certain I can have kids anymore!”

“All I ask is that you try,” I answered as I leaned over and kissed her cheek.

“Okay.” She whispered.

“Also, from now on if you’re working, you can quit,” I said as I squeezed her thigh, “I will provide everything for you.”

Hannah smiled as tears budded at the corners of her eyes.

“I will have a contract drawn up that covers everything we have discussed.”

Hannah nodded then suddenly slid off the couch. She was on her knees and smiled up at me as she slid her hands up and unfastened my shorts and pulled them down my legs. Once she had my shorts off, she pushed my legs apart, moved between my knees, and pulled on her sash so that her robe fell off her shoulders to the floor.

Hannah’s 38 M-cup breasts hung like massive watermelons, full and ripe, and each one was capped by a faintly pink palm sized areola with long thick nipples sized for a man to suckle not a babe. Her natural waist looked tiny by comparison to her breasts though she put on several inches of thick smooth padding over the years, and she kept her long platinum hair in a braid that fell down her back to her broad thick round ass cheeks.

She situated herself and then she ran her hands from my knees to my crotch as she caressed my thighs. She ran her hands across the tops of my legs, down the outside of my thighs to my knees, and then up my inner thighs to my dick and testicles. She motioned for me to scoot down closer to the edge, and when I did she put my dick and balls inside her massive cleavage and began fucking my dick with her soft pillowy breasts!

My dick was hard from the moment Hannah joined me on the deck. That was the power she had over me. I felt hot… swollen… and throbbing to the point of bursting, and when she wrapped her breasts around my organ she was a furnace!

I could feel her heart beating through her chest!

She looked up at me with those beautiful blue eyes as she slowly pushed her breasts up my dick and then let them settle back down on my thighs. This went on for several minutes as she teased me to nearly exploding and then stopped as my dick throbbed and bobbed within her cleavage. Finally, she looked up at me as she tilted her head down and sucked my head into her hot wet mouth!

I immediately felt pre-cum squirt into her! She ignored it and began lashing the glands under my head as she pressed her breasts together and began fucking my dick slow but firmly.

It felt like coasting at 25 miles an hour with the engine clutched and the accelerator pressed to the floor so that my engine was pegged out at 9 thousand rpms, and by the time Hannah let me cum my balls were vibrating! When my sperm hit my prostate it felt like a volcanic explosion as hot lava sprayed into her mouth, filling her up and then cascading down her throat to her stomach! When she finally pulled her lips away from my dick it was with a suction pop, and then she smacked her lips as she made yummy moans, “Mmm, that was good!”

Hannah left me shaking and breathing hard as she stood up. As I watched she squatted down and pushed 3 fingers inside her vagina right in front of me! She looked at me and smiled as she fished around inside herself and then said, “Ahhhh haaaa!”

She pulled at her diaphragm and soon the thing came out. It was bent oddly, collapsing somewhat so that came out of her tight little vagina without a problem, and as soon as it was out it resumed its proper shape and wagged in the air as she handed it to me.

“Here. Keep it as proof of my commitment to you as your Geisha,” She purred, “You can give it back when you no longer want me to have your children!”

I looked from the diaphragm to her and back before I almanbahis giriş nodded and took the slimy thing, “I will put it with my proof of Natalie’s virginity… unless you want me to give that to you as proof of my responsibility as her Benefactor.”

“I would like that very much,” Hannah answered as she took a step forward, turned around and sat back on my lap.

I set the diaphragm down on the arm of the couch and greedily grabbed 2 great handfuls of her ass cheeks and hips as she tilted herself and guided my dick inside her vagina!

Her platinum white hair… and her snow white skin may give her the appearance of an Ice Queen, but nothing could be further from the truth! As my dick slid inside her I felt like I was melting! Like we were both separate but also one! She was so hot I imagine that my lava like cum must have heated her up and turned her whole insides into a vast sea of magma! She rocked her hips back and I slid completely inside her, and then she began whisking my dick and it felt like I was stirring her sea of lava!

I couldn’t help but grab her hip flares and lunge my dick deeper inside her as I tried to speed up our pace! Hannah was an excellent lover, and she knew me, she knew her affect on me as well as my skill at pleasuring her. She reached down between her thighs and she grabbed my scrotum and testicles and began massaging them as she adjusted the pace of her rocking hips to my need.

It became a rhythm to us, rock.. rock.. whisk.. rock.. rock.. whisk.., and the whole time she gently massaged my balls and lightly scratched her nails down my crotch just until she reached my anus. Seconds turned into minutes, and we were both hot sweaty messes when Hannah suddenly began grinding her pussy on my dick hard!

I felt her orgasm cause all her muscles to quake as her vagina clamped down around my phallus and it felt like all the magma in her body suddenly solidified leaving me fucking a long hot shaft that ended at the very core of her being!

The heat of her body…

The tension of her muscles…

The feeling of her cool silky smooth skin drove me to pull her back by her shoulders and wrap an arm around her chest! I grabbed a giant greedy handful of her breast as I slid my other hand around her waist and down her belly until I was combing my fingers through her silky pubic hair! I thrust a single finger between her pussy lips and found her clitorus, and twisting her nipple I also rubbed Hannah’s swollen red jellybean!

Hannah began to shake and quiver and wail loudly as I thrust my dick high inside her as deep as her thick fat ass would allow me, and as she screamed out her orgasm I blasted hot cum inside her until… I hoped… it all reached her core!

As our afterglow settled over us, Hannah slid her hand down to mine that was still rubbing her clitorus weakly. She cupped my hand and gently pulled me away from her sensitive nub before guiding me to her less sensitive breast.

“Ohhh fuck that was good,” I whispered into her ear.

“Yeah…,” She sighed, before turning her head so that I could kiss her cheek and the side of her mouth.

“I love you Hannah,” I confessed.

“I love you too Jaiden,” She answered in a purr.

We laid there together on my couch for another 15 minutes as I throbbed and slowly finished cumming inside her. Only once I was in danger of shrinking out of her did Hannah sit forward and stand up as she clamped down her vaginal muscles to keep my spend inside her. She bent over and retrieved her robe and threw it over her shoulder before sashaying to my bedroom.

I stood up and followed her. By the time I reached my bedroom door she was lying in the center of my queen sized bed with a pillow beneath her hips, her legs spread open, and a ‘Come get me!’ grin. I couldn’t help but grin back as I climbed on the bed and crawled between Hannah’s thighs. I spent several seconds combing my fingers through her thick thatch of cornsilk pubes on her pubic mound before I moved up her belly to rub circles around her navel.

Hannah wrapped her legs around my hips and pulled me in as I moved on to place both my hands on her great mountainous bosom! Her breasts squeezed out between my fingers like marshmallow, and I began slowly twisting her areolas and nipples until they were thick and long.

“Mmm,” Hannah purred delightedly, “That feels so good!”

Happily I removed my hand from her left nipple and placed my mouth on it instead, lightly licking it at first and feeling her nipple tighten in response before I sucked it between my teeth and nibbled!

“Mmmm,” Hannah moaned again as she arched her back and rotated her hips as my flasid dick head played at her vaginal mouth.

My old dick doesn’t recover like when I was young anymore, but still, when an alluring woman is beneath me and my dick is playing in her pussy lips… it does speed things along!

Hannah was patient, she was happy, and no doubt she needed her own recovery time as much as I did, and as we waited, I made love to her breasts… kissing and suckling them before moving up to spend close to 30 minutes kissing each other. Our tongues explored every part of each other’s mouths and then I moved back to her breasts as my dick hardened and I slid back inside her…

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