Begging for Her Crop


She was getting undressed when I asked. Just sitting at the edge of her bed in panties and a thin black t-shirt, when I kneeled down before her. I still couldn’t believe I said it.

I didn’t dare to look at her face. As soon as the words were out of my mouth, I buried my face in her thigh, hiding. I was so scared of how she might react. There was something about the touch of her skin, the feeling of being so close to her, that made me feel safe.

I felt her hand on my chin and raised my head off her lap, still looking down, unable to meet her gaze. She brought one hand under my cheek, cradling my face, so tenderly. I breathed a sigh of desire and relief and anticipation. That touch gave me strength, made me brave, and I looked up at her, ready for anything.

“Are you sure?” She said

“Yes master, please,” and again, “please!” Then a final, quiet “please.”

“Such a good slave,” she said. I loved those words.

I heard it before I felt it. The sound of her riding crop stinging across my other cheek. It was just loud at first, then I felt it – the shock, the adrenaline, coursing through my veins.

I saw her lower her arm and quickly asked “master, will you do it again?”

And she did. The gentle hand cupping my cheek, the crop slapping my face, the adrenaline, and this time a moan. It just slipped out. I leaned my face down against her thigh again and I could smell her – wet and waiting – just the thin fabric of her panties between us. I moaned again – still feeling the after affects moving through me.

I raised my head and asked “Once more?” then quickly “please master.”

I saw the twinkle in her eyes and felt the crop again. I moaned hard. It didn’t hurt at all this time – just sent pleasure racing through my body. Electricity across my skin that somehow found it’s way straight to my cock. I bowed my head between her legs, overwhelmed, breathing in her scent again and moaned louder this time.

She pulled her knickers to the side, “look how wet you made me.”

“Yes,” I breathed, staring at her beautiful pussy. Desperate to taste her, but waiting.

Then a simple command, “lick me.”

It took every ounce of willpower I had not to leap forward and devour her. I wanted to, wanted to slide my hard cock so deep inside her. Wanted to feel how wet she was, wanted to fuck her senseless.

Instead I breathed somehow, and gently kissed her inner thigh. I slowly moved my tongue across her, trying to put all of my submission, all of my heart and all of my desire into that one movement. She breathed out my name and I knew she felt it. I yalova escort licked her again, tasting her. I was lost. I could feel myself slipping away, slipping into such sweet surrender.

As I licked her again, I heard her chuckle under her breath. She always felt it somehow. Felt me giving in. “Good boy,” she said quietly.

I slid my tongue inside her, back out and then deeper. I heard that wonderful dark laughter again and felt her hand push my face back, away from her. “Don’t move,” she said, and I obeyed.

She pulled the shirt up over her head and threw it on the floor. Then pulled her legs up and slid her panties down over her beautiful thighs, across the length of her calves and then over her feet. Then she raised her panties to my lips and I kissed them. I breathed in her scent and she rewarded me with a smile.

She dropped her panties to the floor and I fell right into her trap. Ducking down eagerly to retrieve them for her. I had just grabbed them when she said “I thought I told you to kneel.”

“Yes master!” I said, quickly, but I knew it was too late.

I saw that twinkle in her eye again, then she began to tease me.

“Such a bad slave, what am I to do with you?” She wondered aloud.

I was still lost, desperate to please her, and hoping for some chance to make up for my sins. “Anything you want master.” I meant it in every possible way. “I’m yours.”

“I know,” she said, running her crop up and down my body. Then she slapped it across my face again – sharp and hard. “Yes,” I hissed. Then I felt her crop against my shoulder, then my chest. “I’m yours,” I whispered over and over again as she hit me. I felt the leather against my nipples, my arms, my neck.

She was rough and I loved it. Loved letting her use me. It should have hurt, but it didn’t, instead my cock was rock hard. It felt too good. My cock jumped each time the crop touched me and I felt like I could come at any moment. Then I felt the sweet kiss of her crop against my cock and my world exploded with pleasure. I barely recognized the noises coming out of my own mouth. I was like an animal, moaning and screaming and begging as she struck me again and again. I knew I was going to come. I could feel the wave about to wash over me when she suddenly stopped.

I collapsed on the floor at her feet, panting and whimpering.

“I’m not done with you yet,” she said and I shuddered in response.

“Up on the bed,” she commanded me, and I crawled onto her bed, panting for breath.

I knew she wanted me on my hands and knees, so edirne escort I turned away from her on the bed, kneeled down with my legs spread wide and buried my face in the bed. I felt so exposed, but that turned me on even more. I started gently rocking back and forth like I could feel her inside me already.

She watched me for a moment, then started to slide her hands all over my body. Her fingers caressing my ass, teasing me, then moving down between my legs and over my hard cock. I swayed under her touch and groaned as she touched my ass again. Her hands sliding over me, until I felt her fingers start to open me up, testing how ready I was.

She leaned forward and I felt her breath against me, and it was like the whole world disappeared. I felt the tip of her tongue touch me and I surrendered to her. It felt incredible. She licked me so gently that I nearly wept, my entire body letting go, joining my mind in breathless submission. I felt her slide her tongue inside me and whimpered my pleasure. “I’m yours,” I breathed, happily burying my face in the bed.

“Turn around!” She said, and I complied, still kneeling, but facing her now.

She grabbed her new strap-on cock from the night stand and slid it up over her legs. I watched transfixed, burning every second into my mind. Just before she pulled the harness up over hips, she sat back against the headboard. She stretched her right leg out, until her tiny foot was barely resting on my forehead. That touch was electric, I felt the pure joy of submission while I stared at the beautiful view between her legs, watching as she slid the inner piece of her cock into her wet pussy.

“Do you like what you see?” she moaned at me.

“Yes master yes yes yes,” the words tumbled out of my mouth, “you’re so beautiful. Please, please.”

“Please what?”

“Please, fuck me. I need your cock,” I breathed. Then begged “please fuck me, master. Please.” She laughed a little in the back of her throat enjoying my desperation. “Please, please, please,” I couldn’t stop begging as she took some oil and rubbed it up and down the length of her hard cock. She moaned as she stroked her cock and I moaned with her. Begging quietly under my breath, “please master, fuck me, please, please.” She was in no rush though, she just slowly stroked her cock, while I begged her to take me. I couldn’t say how long I stared, hypnotized, as she touched herself. Eventually I must have begged enough, because she stood up in front of me, and slowly walked around me, my eyes glued to the cock dangling between her legs. erzurum escort

I could feel her move behind me, and then grab my ass. “You’re mine,” she growled, suddenly grabbing my hips and sliding her cock inside me. With one hard thrust she was deep inside me. I threw my head back and called her name, my heart melting as she took me. She growled again and grabbed my hair, holding me in place as she fucked me hard.

She was moaning with every thrust, puling my hair with one hand while the other held my hip, keeping my body right where she wanted me. She was using me, taking her pleasure, and I loved every second of it. I moaned and screamed for more. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. Take me with your beautiful cock.”

“YES!” She screamed as she pounded into me. Her muscles flexing and sweat pouring off her body. I thrust back against her, trying to drive her cock deeper inside me, desperate for her to come. “You’re such a good whore,” she said as she pulled my head farther back, driving her cock deeper inside me.

“Yes,” I moaned to her, feeling her getting closer “yes yes yes,” I begged “please! I need you to come!” I was so far gone, and she was completely in control, her cock pounding into me so quickly that I could barely stand it.

“Master!” I screamed for her, as her nails scratched my back. Then I felt her hand pushing my face down into the bed, as I groaned in pleasure. Then suddenly it happened, one more deep thrust and she yelled “I’m coming!” And it was like the sun coming up. I was screaming her name as she fucked me through her orgasm. Deep and hard, using me, taking me, coming inside me. It was heaven.

She rode me until the last shudders of her orgasm faded away, leaving us both breathless. The feeling of her coming inside me was so intense that I was still panting and moaning even after she pulled out. I was only half there – still lost somewhere, helpless, completely under her control. I rolled over to look up at her, desperate to see her beautiful face. “Such a good slave,” she said, as I looked up into her eyes. Her approval was pure pleasure washing over me and I could feel my pulse pounding in my cock. I wanted to touch myself, but I couldn’t move. I was lost in her eyes, trapped, waiting for her command.

She looked down, her blue eyes piercing through me, then said “come.” And I exploded. My orgasm ripped through my body, cum bursting out of my cock. I could feel it landing all over my stomach and my chest and even my face. Just when I thought it might end, she stroked my cock and I came again, coating her beautiful hand with my cum.

When it finally ended, I was still staring into her eyes. I think I may have fainted or something, because the whole world disappeared into this beautiful white fog.

When I woke up I was laying next to her, with my head resting on her shoulder. Laying next to her, with her hand gently covering my mouth, as I licked her clean.