Border Adventure Ch. 2

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The yellow cab screeched to a halt at the front entrance of Imperial Village. Almost immediately, the doorman was opening the door nearest him and allowing a tall, slender but shapely, and dressed too warm for Texas young woman to step out of the cab. Natasha smiled as he took her hand and said, “Thank you.”

He returned her smile and said, “Of course, ma’am.”

On the other side of the cab, a much taller, but younger girl stepped out and handed the cab driver a bill to cover the ride and his tip. The doorman noticed that this one was also more casually dressed in a yellow, sleeveless, tee shirt and pale blue, running shorts and Reebok cross trainers. The doorman returned his glance to the young woman next to him. She was able to look him directly in the eye; so since she had on three-inch heels that matched her navy blue blazer and slacks, he decided that she must be about five-seven as opposed to his five-ten. Even with the heels, she still had to look up to her friend though. As Natasha removed her jacket and let her light brown hair fall onto the collar of her white, silk blouse, she looked at her friend and said, “You were right, Frankie. It’s a lot hotter down here than it was in New York.”

Francine brushed away the strands of her blonde hair that had fallen into her blue eyes and said, “Of course I was right. Now you just need to lighten up and relax. We’re here to let loose and have some fun.”

Nat smiled and said, “No. You’re here to let loose. I’m here because your parents would not have let you come without me.”

Francine giggled and said, “If only they knew how poor a job you did of chaperoning me in Amsterdam.”

Nat rolled her gray eyes and said, “If only.”

As Francine stepped to the rear of the car, the doorman couldn’t help notice that neither her shorts nor Natasha’s slacks were able to conceal the round shapeliness of their asses. Given a choice, he would have taken the older one. Her tits were much bigger, her hips were wider; and she’d probably hold up better to the pounding that he’d like to give her. Besides, it was always the aloof bitches like her that were the real hellcats in bed. Of course, were he truly given his choice, he would choose to become the meat for a sandwich that the two of them were the bread for.

The cabbie opened up the trunk so the doorman could help him remove their bags and the girls followed them inside the hotel. Once inside, they sat down the bags for a bellhop to be able to take and the cabbie left. Natasha had been instructed by both her father and her Uncle Howie to never tip any of the employees of one of Uncle Howie’s hotels. Still, she dug into her purse and pulled out a couple of bills and handed them to the doorman. She couldn’t stand the thought of being considered cheap. He thanked her and took the last opportunity to steal looks at their asses as they strolled to the reception desk. Goddamn, he thought to himself. I’d give a months pay to fuck either one of them.

As they neared the desk, they noticed a young, short, boyishly pretty, olive skinned girl placing a cigarette into her mouth and lighting it as she had an obviously heated debate with the clerk. “Ma’am,” the clerk said. “I’ve told you there is no smoking in the lobby.”

The girl lit the cigarette anyway and blew a stream of smoke in the clerk’s direction. “I don’t give a rat’s ass what the fuck you told me,” she said. “I’m either going to have a smoke right now, or I’m going to fucking kill you. Now do what I told you and call the fucking manager.”

The clerk’s face reddened as he fumed and said, “If I call anyone it will be security. I’ve already explained to you our policy. The manager will only tell you the same thing. Found items can only be returned to the registered guest of a room or suite. You were not the registered guest.”

“I know that, you stupid, little, fucking twit; but I was a guest of the registered guest. Now, if you don’t give me back my motherfucking diamond, I’m just going to have to beat the shit out of you and take it.”

Before the clerk could respond, Natasha cleared her throat and said, “Maybe it would be better if you just called the manager as she asked.”

Both the girl and the clerk turned their gaze to Natasha and Francine. The angry young girl’s dark brown eyes immediately lit up and she ran to give them a hug. She jubilantly squeezed them to her and pulled both the taller girls down to give them kisses. Francine allowed the girl’s lips to softly brush her own, but Natasha just managed to turn her head so that the girl’s kiss landed on her cheek instead of her lips. Then the girl hugged Francine again and screeched, “Frankie! It’s so fucking good to see you.”

Before Francine could reply, the girl turned to Natasha and said, “You too, Nat.”

Natasha smiled despite herself and said, “Okay, Laurie. What have you gotten yourself into?”

Laurie sighed and said, “You want the long story or the short story?”

Nat and Frankie exchanged glances and Nat said, “Since we’re standing out in the open lobby, better make it the abbreviated almanbahis adres version.”

“Got yuh,” Laurie said. “I was visiting a friend of mine at the hospital and I saw your dad there visiting with Cleo. I kind of had to leave where I was staying in a rush and didn’t get to take a shower. He kindly offered to let me come over here and use his before he left because I hated the thought of flying back home all yucky and sticky. This humidity sucks.

“When my plane laid over in San Antonio, I noticed that I didn’t have my navel ring anymore. It wasn’t on the plane, so I changed directions and traced back to here.” She paused to give the clerk an evil look and continued, “This asshole has it, but he won’t give it to me.”

Nat looked at the clerk and said, “Do you have it?”

Not liking the authoritative tone of Nat’s voice, the clerk turned his nose up and said, “A diamond similar to the one she described losing was found in that suite by housekeeping, but as I’ve tried to explain to her, I can only turn it over to the registered guest.”

“Well,” Natasha said. “I can assure you that my father has not taken to wearing diamond navel rings.”

“Still,” the clerk began but stopped as soon as Natasha held up her hand.

“Just give your manager a call. Okay?” Natasha said to him. “It might save you a few headaches.”

The clerk folded his arms across his chest and shook his head from side to side.

“Fucking faggot,” Laurie muttered half under her breath but definitely loud enough for everyone, including the clerk, to hear.

“That won’t help,” Natasha said as she shot Laurie a dirty look. Then she turned back to the clerk and said, “Would you please just call the manager?”

“No!” the clerk said firmly.

Natasha shrugged and took her phone out of her purse. She punched one of the numbers on her speed dial and waited for an answer before saying, “Hi, mum.”


“Yeah. We’re in Dallas.”


“Yes, mum. It’s very hot.”


“Yeah. I need Uncle Howie’s personal number.”


“No. I’m okay. I just want to call him. Maybe we can get together while I’m here.”

Nat took a pen from her purse and jotted down a number on a loose piece of paper she found in the bottom. “Okay, Mum. You know I’ll take good care of Frankie. Love you.”

Laurie and Frankie both giggled at that. Natasha pressed the end call button and punched out the number Jenny had just given her. Once it was answered, Nat said, “Uncle Howie? This is Natasha.”


“I’m doing well.”


“Yes. They’re doing well too. Dad’s in Vancouver for business.”


“Yeah. That’s him. Go, go, go.”


“Actually. I’m at one of your hotels in Dallas, TX.”


“Well. I’m not really having a problem, but a friend of Dad’s is.”

Laurie couldn’t help notice that she said a friend of her dad’s and not a friend of hers.

“Actually. You know her. You met her in Amsterdam. Her name is Laurie.”


“Uncle Howie! You’re terrible. No. That was her friend Amanda.”

Frankie giggled as Laurie whispered to her, “He just asked if I was the one with the big tits.”

“Yeah,” Nat said as she smiled at Laurie. “The pretty little Mexican with the attitude.”


“Hang on. I’ll get her for you.” Natasha handed her phone to Laurie and said, “He wants to talk to you.”

Laurie accepted the phone and said, “Hey, stud. How’s my favorite super stallion doing?”


“Of course I’d love to come to New Orleans next month. I’ll even bring Amanda with me. She misses that meat of yours too. And I’ll bring Taylor for Harvey.”


“Yeah. I’ve got a little problem. I lost my diamond in one of your rooms while I was visiting with Paul this morning and your clerk won’t give it back to me.”


Natasha blushed when Laurie said, “Big enough, but yours is the biggest I’ve ever had.”


“Yeah, hang on.”

Laurie handed the phone back to Natasha who took it and said, “Yes, Uncle Howie.”


“Yeah, we were hoping you’d give the manager of this hotel a call. We’ve requested that the clerk call him to help us settle this, but the young man refuses.”


“That would be wonderful, Uncle Howie. Thanks.”


“I love you too.”


“I’ll tell them. Ta ta.”

Natasha pushed the end call button and looked at the clerk who was now staring in disbelief. “Your manager will be out to the lobby in a couple of minutes. I expect he’ll be in quite a hurry to talk to you too.”

“I’m not stupid. You don’t really think I believe that bullshit conversation, do you?”

“Believe what you want,” Nat said. “I hope you’re not too fond of this job though.”

Before the clerk could reply, a tall, dark, middle-aged man with graying temples dressed in a dark blue, pinstriped, three piece suit came rushing out to the lobby. He spotted Natasha standing next to Frankie almanbahis adresi and Laurie and said questioningly, “Miss Wagstaffe?”


He handed her a card and said, “My name is Carl Simpson, and I’m the manager of this hotel. I understand you’re having a problem.”

“Mr. Simpson…” the clerk began.

“Shut up, Scott. I’ll get to you when I’m done talking to our guest.”

“We really don’t want to cause any trouble Mr. Simpson,” Natasha said. “My friend just wants her property back. She left it in my father’s suite and one of your cleaning ladies must have found it, because it’s been turned in. By the way, her honesty should be commended.”

“I can assure you, Miss Wagstaffe, that had I been notified; your call to Mr. Wolfenstien would have been unnecessary.”

“Well,” Natasha said. “I’m sure your clerk thought he was doing the right thing.”

Simpson shook his head and said; “Being rude to our guests, even if they aren’t personal friends of Mr. Wolfenstien is never the right thing to do.”

At that, Simpson turned to the clerk and said, “Let me see the item that was found in Mr. Wagstaffe’s suite.”

Scott opened the safe that was under the desk and produced a one-karat diamond mounted in a twenty-two karat gold setting. Immediately, Laurie jumped with glee and said, “That’s it. That’s my belly button ring.”

Simpson held out his hand and said, “Give it to me, Scott.”

Simpson handed it to Laurie as soon as it was passed to him. He couldn’t help but let his eyes fix on Laurie’s midsection as she lifted her tee shirt and slipped the ring home through the empty piercing in her navel. Catching him staring, Laurie winked and said, “Nice, huh?”

Simpson cleared his throat and said, “Very.”

Forever the tease, Laurie said. “I was talking about my six pack, not the ring. Which were you talking about?”

Simpson cleared his throat again and said, “Both are nice.” Then he turned back to the clerk and said, “Scott. Report to accounting and collect your check.”

Scott’s jaw fell upon and he began to stutter, “I-I-I’m b-b-b-being f-f-f-fired.”

Simpson shook his head and said, “Not being. Been. Now go get your check and leave, or I’ll call security and have you removed.”


Simpson held up his hand and said, “Just leave Scott. I’m following Mr. Wolfenstein’s instructions and have no say in the matter, but you’ve been warned in the past about being rude. You have only yourself to blame.”

The young man’s eyes immediately went cold as he shifted his gaze to Laurie. She merely shrugged as if to say she’d had nothing to do with him being fired. Still, a fainter heart than hers would have been concerned about the evil in that boy’s eyes.

Simpson turned back to Laurie and said, “I’m very sorry, miss. Please except my apology on behalf of Mr. Wolfenstien.”

“Hey, I just wanted my diamond back. It’s very special to me. I didn’t want anyone to get fired. Not even that irritating little twit.”

Simpson sighed and said, “I’m afraid Mr. Wolfenstien is not as forgiving as you are and he has insisted that Scott be terminated.”

Laurie shrugged and said, “Well, he’s the man.”

At that point, Simpson turned his attention back to Natasha and said, “Have you had a chance to check in yet, Miss Wagstaffe?”

Nat shook her head and said, “No. We had a reservation for one night only.”

Simpson did some punching on the computer keypad and said, “I have a room with two double beds reserved under your name. Is your friend going to be staying with you now? I can give you a free upgrade to suite if you like.”

Nat gave Laurie a look and said, “You staying up here or going back home?”

“It’s late to go back now,” Laurie said. “I don’t think they have anymore flights into Harlingen until tomorrow morning.”

“You live in Harlingen!” Frankie said. “That’s where we’re flying.”

“You got to be shitting me,” Laurie said. “Too fucking cool. Let me guess. Y’all are going to South Padre Island.”

“That’s right,” Nat said. “How’d you know?”

Laurie giggled and said, “Because there is absolutely no other reason why you’d be flying into Harlingen.”

“Well then,” Nat said. “Why don’t you just stay with us tonight, and we’ll fly down together tomorrow?”

“Cool,” Laurie said. “But forget about the suite. I’m taking y’all to this killer club tonight, so we won’t be in it. Besides, Frankie and I can share one of the beds.”

Nat looked at Frankie and she grinned and said, “A club sounds like fun, and I don’t mind sharing a bed.”

Nat looked back to Simpson and said, “Yeah, we’ll go ahead and keep that room.”

“Fine. I’ll activate your keys and call a bellhop for you.”

Once the bellhop had left and they were settled in the room, Natasha begin unbuttoning her blouse and said, “Anyone else want to get in the bathroom before I do. I’ve got to get out of these sticky clothes and into a nice cool shower.”

Frankie sat on one of the beds, and Laurie smiled and said, “No, you almanbahis adres go ahead and take your time, Nat. Frankie and I have catching up to do.”

“Okay, thanks,” Natasha said. “I’ll try not to be too long. I know you both probably want to freshen up as well.”

“Nat,” Laurie said as she sat down on the bed opposite from Frankie and kicked off her sandals. “Take your time. Let the water cool you off. We’ll wait. Won’t we, Frankie?”

“Of course we will,” Frankie said as she sat and wondered if Natasha noticed Laurie rubbing her calf with her now bare foot.

“Alright then,” Nat said as she went into the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

Laurie sat opposite Frankie and silently stared into her light blue eyes as she moved her foot higher up Frankie’s leg. Frankie sucked in her breath and opened her legs a little wider to let Laurie have more room to work. Finally, they heard the shower turn on and Laurie said, “It’s been a long time since Amsterdam.”

Frankie gasped again as Laurie began to use her big toe to rub Frankie’s clit through the material of her running shorts. Rather than speaking, she merely opened her legs even wider to give Laurie better access. Laurie took her cue and stood from the bed and lifted her tee shirt over her head and dropped it to the floor. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and the combination of the room’s air-conditioning being set to max cool and her own arousal caused her nipples to be hard enough that she could have cut glass with them. She opened the top button to her khaki shorts, unzipped them, and let them fall to the floor and stood in front of Frankie wearing only her pink gee string panties. Laurie then stepped out of the panties and took a step closer and stood between Frankie as she continued to sit on the edge of the other bed with her legs spread wide.

Laurie leaned down and let her lips touch to Frankie’s. Frankie’s lips parted and their tongues slide across each other and intertwined. As Laurie leaned her weight into Frankie, the British teenager leaned back and let her American counterpart take her to her back. As they continued to kiss, Frankie pushed herself back until they were full on the bed and Laurie worked her hands inside of Frankie’s shirt. Like Laurie, Frankie had very small tits that were more nipple than anything else. So, also like Laurie, she just about never wore a bra, thus Laurie had immediate access to Frankie’s nipples as soon as her hands reached that far inside her shirt.

Frankie moaned as Laurie began to kiss her neck while she stroked Frankie’s nipples with her thumbs. Then Laurie pushed up on the shirt until both of Frankie’s nipples were exposed and she could take turns sucking each one of them. Frankie continued her low moans as Laurie left her nipples and kissed her way down Frankie’s lean torso. Once she reached the waistband of Frankie’s running shorts, she paused to hook her fingers under the elastic and pull them down. She smiled when she saw Frankie wasn’t wearing any panties. Then she looked up at her and said, “You were ready for me.”

Frankie giggled and said, “I was ready for whoever I met.”

Laurie laughed and said, “I see I did a good job of properly liberating you when we met in Amsterdam.”

She glanced at the bathroom and said, “Maybe this time I’ll even liberate her some.”

Frankie laughed out right and said, “Good luck.”

Then she gasped again as Laurie pulled her shorts the rest of the way off and pushed her thighs back apart. Laurie lowered her face to bottom of Frankie’s triangle of blonde pubic hair and slowly traced the tip of her tongue along the outer lips of Frankie’s beautiful pink pussy. She did this several times as Frankie reacted by lifting her ass off the bed and trying to push her pussy up into Laurie’s face. Laurie dipped her tongue a little further into Frankie’s pussy and concentrated on tonguing the sensitive area that made up the opening to her friend’s pussy. Frankie’s moans were now coming from deeper in her throat as Laurie slipped one finger into Frankie’s pussy and worked it in and out as she began flicking at the flesh around Frankie’s clit with the tip of her tongue.

This only served to increase the intensity of Frankie’s moans as her clit budded out from its’ fleshy hood and exposed itself to be sucked. Not one to ignore an exposed clit, Laurie wrapped her lips around it and began to greedily suck it while she slipped a second finger inside of Frankie and furiously fingered her while sucked the clit for all she was worth.

Fearing she was about to explode, Frankie grabbed a pillow and bit into it as Laurie’s tongue and fingers brought her to the edge of orgasm. Just when she was about to fall over that edge, Laurie broke contact with her pussy and kissed her way back up Frankie’s torso until their lips were again touching and their tongues were dancing a furious tango. Then Laurie climbed atop Frankie and positioned her own clit against Frankie’s and began to hump against her the way a confused mutt likes to hump a stranger’s leg.

In just a few seconds of grinding their clits together, Frankie was moaning fiercely, “Oh shit, Laurie. That’s it. That’s it. That’s fucking it. Oh god. Oh god. Oh my fucking god. I’m cumming. I’m cumming. Oh my fucking god. I’m fucking cumming. Don’t fucking stop. Oh please. Oh please. Don’t fucking stop.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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