Bully Revenge, Pt.9 – it’s back!

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t was about this time that I re-entered the room. The call had been a necessary business one, but in all honesty, it was short, & I had given Sandy time to enjoy herself. And by the looks of it, she had. Jordynn was just a mess on the bed, whimpering and sulking. Had she not bullied me for almost two decades, I would be a bit more forgiving, but right now, the little head was doing the thinking, and my dick wanted another round.

Jordynn had been untied and was laying there passively. Sandy was beside her, running her fingers through Jordynn’s dark hair. “Well you got your turn I see.” I said with a sly grin, and had a seat. I quietly touched the switch and yes, it was on. Apparently there would be good footage, should it be needed.

“Well Jordynn, I think you are starting to learn.” I said.

Jordynn sat up, hanging her head. “Yes. Yes I have. May I PLEASE get dressed and go now?”

As Sandy stood I told her “Since we only have you for one night, Sandy & I need to make sure you have learned your lesson fully, and I don’t think you’re there yet.”

“BUT!!!…” Jordynn exclaimed

“Sure, you go RIGHT ahead Jordynn Perry, you get dressed,” Sandy told her. “You stay until told you can go, otherwise Johnathan won’t have to a damn thing. I’ll take your income claim, your ability to make future claims, Hell I’ll take your man’s freedom…everything from you, & make Your life pure misery. So you make up your mind Jordynn-damn-Perry. What’ll it be?”

You could cut the tension with a knife, but after a minute, Jordynn Perry’s face changed. She relented and said “OK…what do I have to do?”

I caught Sandy’s slight hand motion to let her go with it. “good girl.” She said. “Now Jordynn, you are going to get off that very nice, naked ass of yours, and undress Johnathan, then me, just as someone in your position should.” Holding up a finger Sandy added “MY clothes are designer label, so you are to properly fold and place them on the chair I was sitting in, then we can get down to business. You may escort start.”

Jordynn was no longer sniffling and whimpering, she was simply resigned to her task. As she undressed me, she was, after removing my shirt, on her knees. Having removed my pants, Jordynn had just started to tug down my underwear when I had her stop and look up.

Just as with that first day at the courthouse, I held my phone up as high, and got a great pic of me, just showing me biting my lip as a naked Jordynn Perry hoisted my fat boner out of my underwear. Her pleading eyes were enough to make any man hard. But the best part of the pic though, was that you could distinctly see a third hand. It was Sandy Berger’s hand, gently stroking Jordynn’s hair.

Jordynn then moved to her task with Sandy. She wasn’t truly into it, but she did accept a kiss from Sandy with no resistance, and that was good. Jordynn willingly did as told, and I have to say, there is something incredibly sexy about watching one woman being submissive to another.

Jordynn again accepted a second kiss from Sandy, and this one, Sandy held. Jordynn also held the kiss. Sandy released, and stepping in very close said in a near whisper, “now you’re going to be my good girl, and make me happy, right?”

Almost imperceptibly, Jordynn nodded. “Yes…ma’am…” she said very meekly.

Sandy had one arm around Jordynn, and as she again kissed her, she placed Jordynn’s hand on her breast. Jordynn submissively let her hand be placed there. “Come on Jordynn,” she cooed, “Show me you want to please me.” This time, as Sandy again kissed Jordynn, she moved her free hand thru Jordynn’s pubic hair.

“Oooooh…” Jordynn said, with a lusty lilt in her voice. Jordynn may have been a cut-rate bitch growing up, but under Sandy’s hand, she was fast turning into a total submissive.

Jordynn seemed to almost be returning the kiss now. As Sandy kissed her, she was moving her head a bit, and they were both groping each other’s breasts. Jordynn was tensing/relaxing her hips to Sandy’s hand movement izmit escort bayan between her legs. Was she ‘humping’ Sandy’s thigh?

Far from using force, Sandy was turning this former Bully into putty, using an intimidation only she seemed to have, Sandy was again using her magic that I had only seen in the Law Office, but wow was I ever game to this!

Sandy dropped a pillow on the floor, pointed to it, and guided Jordynn to kneel, as Sandy sat on the bed, and turned slightly so that one knee was raised and on the bed. This showed the inside of her firm thigh, and the tiny landing strip of pubic hair.

Jordynn looked up at Sandy. Apparently she was trying for that pleading eyes/sympathy look, but sympathy had been hammered out of Sandra Berger long ago. Pointing to the inside of her thigh, just above the knee, Jordynn gave that spot a kiss. Sandy pointed higher on her thigh, and Jordynn repeated the process, then higher again.

Sandy then cupped Jordynn’s chin and softly said, “Now I want you to please me Jordynn. You can do this.” And pointed JUST to the side of her pussy while shifting back. Jordyn leaned in, and as she kissed Sandy’s thigh she said “hold there…oooh….good girl.” Sandy looked up at me, and smiled. “Do that again, pet.” She cooed, and this time, Sandy worked her hand into Jordynn Perry’s hair.

Sandy shifted, and there was some resistance from Jordynn. Sandy said “Ye-Yes-sss…oooh. There…” and held here there just a moment. Jordynn HAD to be on Sandy’s pussy, and the site made me fully hard and leaking. Sandy looked at my dick, then up at me, winked, and let Jordynn’s head go.

Jordynn coughed and breathed heavily. “I…I…..Sandy…” she said.

“Come on pet, you know what you have to do to please me.” Sand cooed. Pulling Jordynn towards her, she slid back on the bed a bit and said “Come up here with me pet, we’ll go just a bit slower.” And Guided Jordyn back so that Sandy was under her. Sandy pointed to her nipple, and obediently, Jordynn kissed and the took izmit sınırsız escort her entire nipple and breast into her mouth. “Good. Gooo…ahhh.” Sandy said. As I saw Jordynn’s hand slip down Sandy’s stomach. Sandy had a truly gorgeous pussy. The aforementioned close trim was something, but the lips, when she got excited, were glistening wet, engorged, and pink.

Sandy eased herself a bit higher on the bed, and Jordynn was following, having switched to suckling her other nipple. The box springs and mattress of the bed were purposefully made so that they were higher that the antique wrought iron footboard, and the result was that Jordynn Perry had her feet flat on the floor while being bent at the waist, perfectly exposing her inviting pussy.

Even though I was sure that the hidden camera was getting this, I did what any man would do with this. I grabbed my phone and, kneeling, got a perfect shot of her wet twat thru her thigh gap. Sandy looked at me and winked again, and again held up a finger indicating for me to wait.

Jordynn was now kissing her way down Sandra Berger’s stomach, and I don’t think Sandy’s nipples could have been any more erect “Good Gi-ir-ir-l-l-l, Oh, AHHH-h-h-…..” Sandy said. Sandy had been both Bi and now a total Lesbian for many years, but she was rightfully reacting like this was her best conquest ever (I’m sure it was).

Sandy’s face went from strong and ‘in charge’, to a furrow, and then in a high voice she quietly said “OOo—OH!” Jordynn’s head was between her knees, and now, Jordynn Perry was licking another woman’s cunt, and the view was incredible. There was no way to know if this was her first time, but judging by Sandy’s reactions, she was certainly doing a damn good job of it.

Sandy was up on one elbow, and the other hand was in Jordynn Perry’s long, gorgeous red/blonde hi-lited hair. She was guiding Jordynn’s head and from my angle, I could see Jordynn’s movements. I had to shift a bit, and then I could see the incredible sight of Jordynn Perry licking Sandy Berger’s Entire pussy. Sandy was arching her back & moaning loudly, saying “YES-S-S-sssss…..” and Jordynn was very much into it, obediently doing a fine job.

This former Bully was learning her lesson rather well!

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