Charlie’s Arse Manifesto

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This is only my second attempt at an Anal story although many of my other efforts in other categories have featured some backdoor action. It’s only short and would be better described as a scene rather than a full blown story.

I’m sure I read somewhere that “writing is ten percent inspiration and ninety percent perspiration.” For me, an amateur scribbler, it’s probably the other way around. When I get inspiration then the words just flow like water from a dam’s spillway.

My inspiration for this short scene came from the lovely Luscious Loralie. If you want to check out her deliciously perverted mind check out her random picture thread on the link below.

Thanks for the help sweetie! Also thanks to Capt Obvious of his help editing.

I hope you enjoy and I would love to read your thoughts so leave a comment.




Charlie’s Arse Manifesto.

The preparation has been done. Dinner, dancing and just the right amount of alcohol to loosen the shackles. We turn into the lane just down from the club where I’d managed to find a parking spot. Out of sight of the busy road I push her up against the wall and kiss her fiercely. My hands fondle her large breasts through her clothes as she reacts enthusiastically. Breaking away we make it to the car. She waits at the passenger door and looks confused when I open the boot. Her smile returns when I lift out an overnight bag before closing and relocking the car.

“What have you got planned?” She asks excitedly.

“A special treat,” I reply taking her hand and leading her back up the alley.

“For me? Or for you?”

“Definitely both of us.”

We walk down the block and across the road. I steer her through the large doors of an expensive hotel. The receptionist senses our impatience and quickly organizes our room. In the elevator I attack her again, getting her ready for what is to come. Inside the room I see my planning has worked as she quickly sheds her clothes before climbing onto the king sized bed. I remove mine more slowly as she watches. Once I’m naked I signal to her to roll over and she Eryaman Escort automatically knows what I mean.

There is no more beautiful sight than a big breasted curvy women on all fours on a bed. As I approach from behind she drops down onto her elbows and rests her head on her folded arms. The arse now sits up proudly like a toffee apple.

I climb into the bed and shuffle up behind her. My cock is rock hard. I’m eager to start but first I have to touch the magnificent globes. I run my hands over their pale surface. I feel goosebumps start to rise before she presses back eager to begin.

I relent, moving into position so my dick disappears from my view as it slides under the overhang of her arse. It doesn’t need guidance. It knows the path too well. I feel the heat first, next the moisture then I’m inside her cunt . Like a hungry animal she is not happy until she has it all. I control her urges with my hands on her hips. Slowing it down so I can watch my now wet dick reappear from underneath her arse. I slide all the way out then plunge back in again. It feels fantastic and looks even better. We settle into a rhythm of slow, long, fucking.

Just when we should be speeding up I pull out completely and slide back. I bend down and she can feel my hot breath on her arse. The goose bumps rise again as I tease the delicate skin with my stubbly chin. The excitement is building in me too. I bring my hands up to pry her open to reveal her honey pot.

I’ve been there so many times but it still raises my heart beat to gaze upon her most intimate parts. Her lips are puffy and I can see traces of moisture on the silky hairs that fringe them. I dive in, pressing my face between the twin pillows of her butt cheeks, snaking my tongue into her slit. I slavishly worship at the altar of arse.

I could stay there all night but I tear myself away. Gripping her shoulders I slam my dick into her again. There is no going slow now. Our bodies slap together as I ram myself relentlessly into her. She pushes back up onto her hands from her elbows so I grab her hair and pull her head back as I pound her. Her big breasts swing back Sincan Escort and forth under her. From her moaning I can tell she’s close so I pull out again.

Quickly I’m back down behind her. This time as she slumps back down on the bed her hands reach back and she spreads herself for me. I’m straight back in there but this time my aim is higher. I concentrate on the small patch of skin between her cunt and her anus.

“Oh fuck you are nasty!” She moans.

She presses back even when I move higher still and engage her puckered hole. I flick my tongue over it before straightening it to push inside.

“Arghh,” she gasps.

I can sense the internal struggle as I strive to breach her last taboo. She shifts her butt higher so I once again bath her perineum with my saliva. Once she’s relaxed I try again. With a sigh she relents and allows me to continue preparing her arse for my cock. My cock is tingling as I straighten. She looks back over your shoulder at me, apprehension is etched on her face.

“Just take it easy okay?”

I nod before pulling her butt open again and dribbling some spit on her virgin hole to ease my passage. I grasp my cock just behind the head and press it home. She gives a stifled squeal as I breach her back passage.

“Arrghh,” she gasps as I continue to press inside.

It is everything I thought it would be. Tight, like a vice and super hot. Her hand spears back to press against my abdomen, hoping to halt my progress. I relent and stop momentarily before slamming in even harder and sinking another two inches into her burning arsehole.

“Stop! Stop! It hurts.” She pleads but I take no notice.

“You’re an arse fucking slut now so take it.” I hiss but I stop to let her adjust.

She is panting softly, swallowing hard occasionally. Sweaty threads of her hair are stuck to her temple and the side of her face. I reach down and tenderly sweep them back behind her ear. My sudden concern a sharp contrast to her abused anus stretched obscenely around my cock.

I ease out slightly and she tenses up again. I spit more saliva down onto my dick, smearing it along the Etlik Escort exposed parts. Realizing she needs more time I begin to gently rub her back, sliding down her sides to caress her breasts.

As the tension leaves her body I begin making tiny movements in and out of her bowel. I continue to dribble spit down onto my cock to ease its passage. Gaining in confidence I slip my dick back until just the head is nestled inside. The whimpers emanating from my slut stop and there is the unmistakable moan of pleasure.

Emboldened I start slowly long dicking her arse. There are no more complaints. Her body still tenses up when I plum new depths but I am soon giving her everything I’ve got. With her arse now open to me I pull right out while stretching her cheeks wide. The once tiny hole now stays open, beckoning me to continue. I jam my cock back inside and begin fucking her butt in earnest.

“Uhgg, uhgg, uhgg,” she grunts as I up the pace.

Her arse cheeks ripple from the impact of my thrusts. I feel something tickling my balls. I realize she has slipped her hand down and is fingering herself as I fuck her butt. She is not just accepting me but she’s enjoying it. It’s time to cement my authority. I raise my hand and bring it down hard as I continue pounding her..

“Ooww!” She exclaims.

I can see the red hand print on her pale arse. I strike again and again she protests.

“Are you my slut?” I demanded.

“Yes,” she gasps. I slap her butt again.

“Are you my arse fucking slut?”

“Yes, yes, just fuck me please, just fuck me.”

I relent and intensify my efforts. I can feel the familiar tingle in my balls. I know I’m close. She is almost there too as she begins to encourage me.

“Fuck me you bastard… Fuck me… Fuck my arse.”

I can feel her fingers working feverishly on her cunt as I begin to lose it. I continue slamming into her even as I feel my seed jet into her bowel.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop,” she implores me. “Ohhh you fucker I’m cumming!” She screams as I feel her butt contract and spasm around my dick.

I grip her hips to keep myself planted deep inside as she shakes herself through a massive climax. We gather our breath but remain coupled together. I ease myself back and my dick slips out. She rolls onto her back and looks at me with a smirk.

“You’re a filthy fucker, aren’t you?”

“And you’re my arse fucking, cock sucking slut!” I reply as I shuffle forward and push my slimy cock into her grinning mouth.

The End.

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