Who is the weaker man, the one who bows before his wife and begs her to dominate him or the man who lives his life as an alpha male and fantasizes about his wife dominating him? Myself, I’m one of the later types of wimps and although there is nothing I would rather do than to be my wife’s personal slave I am afraid she would lose all respect for me if I tried. It is just this fear that has driven me to become what is called a ‘cyber wimp’ that is, I have begun an online relationship with a domineering woman.

We met in a femdom chat room I bumped into while surfing one night. What drew me to her was her understanding of my deep-seated need to be humiliated by a female yet without desire for any pain to be involved. Most of the doms wanted to whip you, or kick you in the balls or at least something similar to make you bow down to them. I didn’t need to be made to bow down I wanted to submit to their will, to be used for their enjoyment in whatever fashion they desired. Mistress Meg was her chat room name but right off, she instructed me to call her ‘My Queen’.

I told My Queen up front that I was in a vanilla marriage and did not want my wife to learn about my weakness. She said she understood my desires and it was just another sign of how spineless I really was. We began to make on line dates so we’d both be in the chat room at the same time. Most of these dates were on Wednesday as that was my day off and a day my wife had to work. My Queen told me she was going to put me through some tests to prove my desire to serve her and my first task was to install a web cam on my PC to prove I was doing as told. After it was up and running I was instructed to steal a pair of my wife’s dirty panties, to put them on and model them in front of the web cam. I stood in front of the camera in my wife’s underwear with my fat belly stretching them out and my erection sticking out of the waistband. I had often fantasized about doing this very thing but had never had the nerve to do it. Next, she had me masturbate in front of her until I came in the panties and then I was to wear the cum stained panties all day. istanbul escort My Queen did allow me to take them off before going to bed but I was then to mail them to her. As the cum dried, my penis stuck to the panties but I wore them all day in fact I went around doing housework dressed only in my dirty panties. It was so erotic I had to stop and masturbate ever couple of hours to relieve the tension in my groin. I managed to shower and change before my wife got home, she walked in just as I was hiding the panties in my briefcase.

Our next date was my wife’s bridge night, My Queen now had her web cam up and as we connected, my first view was of her now wearing my wife’s panties and she was rubbing herself through them. She told me that after she came she was going to return them to me so I could taste My Queen for the first time. She told me to take my clothes off and then to stand before her naked. I was next instructed to get a ruler so she could measure me. As she talked to me she held her web cam to a close up of her panty clad pussy and her fingers teasing her clit. My Queen asked me if I’d been playing with myself and I told her I couldn’t keep my hands off, even at work I was sneaking into the men’s to toss off. She said that my orgasms now belonged to her and I was no longer permitted to cum unless she allowed it. She asked if I could muster enough self-control or did I need a cock cage put on and the key sent to her. I made her a promise to stop self-abuse and said I would only masturbate when allowed.

She instructed me to start playing with myself in front of her but not to cum until told. I stood before the camera stroking my penis and I watched intently as she rubbed her nub, knowing that I would never be allowed to cum before she did. I witnessed her have a violent orgasm as her knees slammed together and she bent over in blissful agony. She sat like that for a moment or two, then she sat back up and as she looked me in the eyes, she ordered me to cum into the palm of my hand. She smiled then told me to be a good boy and lick my palm clean; I did as instructed almost escort bayan retching over the taste of my own spunk. As we ended our session, she asked an address where she could return my wife’s panties. I told her I would rent a PO Box the next day and sent her the address as soon as I had it. I was instructed to have those panties in my hand before our next date.

I had to wait a whole week before I had the panties and a private moment to be alone with My Queen. As instructed, I had not played with myself the whole time and as I booted up, my erection throbbed with anticipation. She now told me to put my face inside our panties, as she called them, by now they were quite crusty but still had a feminine aroma. First, I breathed in deep, hoping to catch all of My Queens scent, next, I was instructed to tongue the crotch and after that to turn them inside out and put them in my mouth. As I chewed on the material trying to get her taste she informed me that not only was I enjoying the taste of my wife, her, and my cum, I was also tasting her husband’s cum that she had added to the mix. She said that was to show me how it would be if I was at her studio as her servants were expected to clean her orifices of any semen collected from her lovers or her husband.

I mentioned how lucky her husband was to be married to such a dominant woman and she chided me by saying he wasn’t lucky but was just brave enough to admit his desire. I said my wife was not interested in anything kinky and would have nothing to do with something like this. She laughed and said at one time she was that same woman but once her husband told her of his fantasy she looked into it as a way of being a better wife and soon found it was far more advantageous to her to let him be her slave. She has never looked back and now enjoys using him as much as he enjoys worshiping her.

At this time, she had her husband come on screen and as he knelt before her, she put her dress over his head allowing him to please her as she talked to me. Once again, I was instructed to undress, stand before her naked and to play with myself. Kurtköy escort I watched her use her husband for her pleasure and I found I was jealous of him. I could see his head under her dress as she held him in place with her hands and rubbed herself against him using him more as a sex devise than as a man. After she reached climax she kept him in place scratching his head as one does a pet dog while she watched me play with myself. I was so near I was afraid if she didn’t allow my release soon I would come before her consent and yet as always she sensed when I could hold out no more and allowed me to spill my seed again into my hand. After watching me lick my hand clean, she signed off first turning off the camera but just before disconnecting, I heard her telling her husband to stay where he was, as she wasn’t done using his face. To hear her say this was such a turn on for me I wished it were me she was using for her own pleasure. That night I made love to my wife for the first time in weeks and as our usual custom I would go down on her until she climaxed but this time instead of stopping oral to insert myself inside her I kept using my tongue to give her more pleasure. She liked this and told me so and jokingly I said that I just wanted to be her pussy boy, she thought this was funny.

Just as I decided that my cyber-dom was the best sex I ever had, she stopped. She didn’t keep our date, she wouldn’t answer e-mail, I even sent a letter pleading with her to talk to me, but it was returned undeliverable. I went back to the chat rooms looking for a replacement but none was like My Queen. I know what you’re saying now is the time to approach my wife and admit what I desire and believe me I want to, I just can’t as of yet. My plan right now is to shower my wife with attention, to service her discreetly and to judge her reaction. One night after finishing two bottles of wine my wife and I bathed together and I told her to relax as I bathed her then dried her. After, I even painted her toenails for her and she told me it was such a nice relaxing night and she had liked the attention I had given her. The more she seems to enjoy the more I’ll do all the while I watch for that look of disgust she gets when she thinks something is perverted. Who knows maybe it will never happen but no matter what I now at least have a femdom wife even if it’s only in my fantasizes.