Cheryl walked into the office Christmas party wearing her standard little black dress, a black dress that covered her black heart.

Not that anyone else would have known that aspect of her, as far as everyone else was concerned she was a pretty ordinary person, good looking yes, her slim frame, dark hair and green eyes always turned heads but she was considered an average person who dressed in a conformist manner, little did they know.

In her late teens Cheryl had been a rebel, barely recognisable from the woman today, her hair had been cut short and dyed jet black, heavy make-up and outrageous clothes, that’s how she looked as she had started at university until one tutor had taken her under his wing, his heart as black as hers. He taught her that to succeed she needed to outwardly conform, hide the darkness underneath a cloak of orthodoxy. He guided her, he watched in hiding as the first cock entered her virgin body, just as she watched as he satisfied his lust with both girls and boys. Never once did they have sex together, he wouldn’t allow it, she was his apprentice and he was the master who taught techniques in seduction and dominance.

One night in her final year he disappeared from the University, sexual transgressions the rumours said – if only they knew the half of it. Nobody had ever really connected the two of them together so she was not tainted by his demise and to all appearances she went in to university a rebel and came out a lady.

Now a few short years later Cheryl was at the party. Normally she wouldn’t mix sex with work but times had been lean lately and she was desperate for the feel of an orgasm raking her body. As she made her way to the bar one of her colleagues greeted her, telling her how good she looked. She smiled back sweetly but her mind rejected him as insipid. At the bar she bought herself a vodka and orange, which she sipped slowly, she would not be getting to drunk tonight, although she might allow people to think she was. For some pathetic reason, she thought, if people think you’re drunk you can get away with the most outrageous things while they just look on and smile patronisingly.

She surveyed the room and decided that she would bide her time, not everyone was here yet and those that were had not consumed enough alcohol, she went a sat with some of her female workmates and joined in their inane chatter, although even then the lust got to her. Jenny, the girl who worked closest to her was looking really good, her low cut red dress accentuated her full bosom and her blonde curled hair draped teasingly around her neck. Cheryl kept herself in check, seducing a work colleague was risky but seducing a female one…..

The entrance of Lee and Nick, the two office studs, who competed with each to see how many women they could have, broke her reverie. She despised their pathetic ways, they knew nothing of seduction. A cruel notion entered her head, tonight they would Kurtköy Grup Escort learn. Cheryl knew it would be easy, she knew both of them wanted her as another notch on their bedposts, well if things went to plan they would be two notches on hers.

As they approached the bar she announced she was going to the toilet and pushed her chair back in their path. They were forced to stop suddenly, she gave them her sweetest gaze, and in her most innocent (and slightly tipsy) voice she apologised. She kept eye contact with them both and then she saw it, each one thought he had a chance with her, they were hooked. Simultaneously they offered to buy her a drink, she said yes to both but only one at a time though, they fell over each other trying to be the first.

From then on she played up to both of them, showing interest in both of them, letting them compete for the chance to bed her, while they were competing neither was interested in looking at another woman, just the way she wanted it. As they danced and drank the night away she insisted on making things fair and buying drinks every so often, this wasn’t out of any real generosity – it simply gave her the chance to buy herself an orange juice, without the vodka in it and a chance to make sure both men had a little extra alcohol in each of their drinks. She flirted as she had a slow dance with Lee holding him tight, then she did the same with Nick, each time she could feel a hardening bulge pressing against her.

As the night drew to a close she knew she had to make a definite move, this was the difficult bit, she didn’t want to leave the party with the reputation of a slut – even a drunken one. She declared to the two men that she needed more to drink but the bar was closed, both Lee and Nick offered to take her back to their place were they had something but she countered that idea,

“But that means one of you will be going home and I’m so enjoying being with both of you, follow me I know somewhere that’s open.”

Like to puppies they followed her out of the building and in to a cab, she gave the driver an address, which neither of the men recognised. They looked even more puzzled when they arrived at a house converted in to flats. It’s my place she explained, with that news both perked up. Once inside she gave them another drink, although this one was special, black vodka to make them more pliable with a viagra tablet ground to powder and added to the drink, after all she wanted them for their cocks, nothing else.

Then she walked over to her CD player, pressed play and the sound of soft rock ballads filled the room, she moved over to stand between the two men and began gyrating in time to the music, letting her body brush alternately against them. Then she kissed each of them teasingly on the lips, a quick brush, she did not linger despite both Lee and Nick leaning forward in to her in an attempt to prolong it. She stepped away Kurtköy Manken Escort slightly then, still gyrating, she slowly removed her little black dress so she stood there in her black lacy thong with matching bra and a suspender belt, which held up her sheer stockings,

“Do you want to see more,” she teased and they both nodded eagerly, “well you can but not until I see you two first”. She may have been acting like a drunken tart but behind the façade her mind was sharp as she watched them strip, looking for the tell tale signs she was after. Lee was the taller of the two, his frame skinnier but well toned, she licked her lips with anticipation when he removed his trousers and she saw the strong hard package beneath his boxer shorts and when he removed them it revealed a long straight cock, she wanted it inside her. Nick, by contrast, was stockier but it was all muscle, he obviously worked out, his cock was shorted than Lee’s but no less impressive because of it’s width. Then she saw it, the little sign that confirmed what she had suspected, it was time to put her plans in to play.

She walked back over to them and kissed them both, this time harder. She kissed Nick first, letting him reach his tongue in to her mouth as she gently caressed his hard thick manhood, then Lee his body pressed hard against her. She broke away and grabbed a each by the hand,

“Lets finish this in the bedroom”. She led them in and made both sit on the bed while she erotically removed her stockings, once she did that she pounced.

She jumped on to Lee pushing him back on the bed, she told him to take her bra off, which he did and she leaned further forward letting her nipples press against his hot flesh. She whispered in to his ears,

“I like playing games, do you?” he nodded eagerly. She took on of his arms and with her stocking she tied it to one side of her headboard, he didn’t resist, so she then tied the other. She climbed off him and moved her head down toward his fervently twitching cock and she began licking its length slowly, as she tantalized it she felt Nick removing her suspender belt, then a tugging at her knickers, she moved slightly so that her could remove them completely. As she moved her mouth over Lee’s swollen end and slid her lips slowly downwards Nick placed his hand on her mound, his fingers gently probing to find her clitoris. Lee was moaning in delight, she didn’t want him to come yet so she broke away, pulled Nick toward her and kissed him passionately, keeping Nick there she went back to Lee’s cock, she kept alternating, Lee’s cock, Nick’s mouth, until she judged that the time was right.

This time as she broke away from Nick she didn’t go to Lee’s hard member, instead she thrust Nick’s mouth there, in his drunken state he didn’t think, he just started working Lee’s cock hard. Cheryl smiled, she was right, Nick had a bisexual side to him, when they were stripping she Kurtköy Masöz Escort had seen Nick’s admiring glances toward his friend. Lee was totally oblivious to who was giving him a blowjob, he was laying there, eyes closed in ecstasy. Time to change that, she thought. She moved up the bed, kissed his ear before speaking softly,

“hello lover.”

Eventually Lee’s drunken consciousness realised that if she was speaking someone else must be sucking on his excited member. He looked up, Cheryl watched as his expression went from shock, to horror, to disgust, to helplessness as he tried to free his hands. The whole experience sent a hot sensual shiver through her body. Sensing that he would go limp if it carried on much longer, she grabbed Nick by the hair, yanking him away as she threw her leg over Lee, mounted him and fucked him hard, despite his disgust he couldn’t help himself and he rocked his hips thrusting as deep as he could inside her. She felt an orgasm welling up inside her but she held on to it as long as she could but lust won out and it exploded through her body like a bolt of lighting. Lee couldn’t hold on either as his cock shot its load deep inside her wet cunt. As Lee slumped exhausted she rose from him grabbed Nick and pushed him backward, she threw one leg over his face so her stared straight in to her wet cum soaked pussy. He needed no prompting as his mouth reached eagerly for her, Lee looked up then turned away in helpless disgust rather than watch his friend feverishly eat his sperm from her. She smiled when she saw it, his humiliation excited her.

She looked down at Nick’s thick cock and greed took control of her as she moved her lips downwards and engulfed it in her mouth, the feel of his hot meat in her mouth and his tongue working expertly inside her was too much and another orgasm rocked her body. As her mouth tighten around Nick she felt his body quiver in anticipation, then his hot, sticky load hit the back of her mouth, she drank enthusiastically making sure she milked every last drop from him as she climaxed one more time.

Nick pulled his tongue away from her, his lust spent. She looked at the two men laying there and decided she had had enough of them, she told Nick to untie Lee and they could both leave. She went to the bathroom, not out of any need, just to be away from them and it wasn’t long before they shouted goodbye and the door shut. She went back into her bedroom, lay back on her bed and smiled, she reached her hand downward and bought herself to the biggest orgasm yet – Monday morning would be interesting.

On Monday she was sitting at her desk when they walked in, but not together. Lee was first and when Nick walked in Lee gave him a look of disgust and Nick responded by looking away in embarrassment, the whole thing sent a shiver of excitement through her. She knew one thing for certain, neither would be boasting how they bedded, in fact she already knew that both had denied even going back to her place. She looked at them again, Lee obviously had has his macho pride severely dented and would never bother her again, Nick on the other hand, well he might have a little bit of potential and become a willing accomplice in some of her future ventures!