Degrade Me


The following story contains watersports. Please note, that I do not condone violence to women or objectification. This story is an attempt to explore extreme desire and as such depicts a consensual sexual relationship. Remember to always agree upon a safety word should you and your partner wish to indulge in such acts.


It was over heavily salted fish and chips one night when Beth, taking a deep breath and stammering, confessed to Rick, her husband of five years, what she truly wanted from him.

They’d married in August and a few bottles of wine had greased the wheels for sex from behind. She’d giggled in ecstasy as his spunk had shot up inside her arse whilst she’d furiously frigged her clit to a simultaneous climax. Later, she’d lain next to the snoozing form of her new husband, his cum running out of her backside and staining the sheets beneath her and touched herself again until she came and sighed with content at the promise of a future of indulging in the depravities she’d harboured since childhood.

The following morning, she’d vomited into the bridal-suite’s toilet bowl as he’d stroked her hair and wished he’d stick his cock inside her whilst she did so but didn’t have the heart to ask. The security of a marriage is not a key to opening the doors behind which we hide our secret desires.

The years passed and the missionary position of sober Saturday sex had left her frustrated and trembling with the hesitation of asking for what she wanted more than anything. Those things, those fantasies, she was sure would lead only to rejection, perhaps divorce. But the desire would not abate and eventually led them to that night when, with the salt tickling her nose, she finally put caution to the wind and asked.

“Rick?” Her voice was a strangled animal caught in a poacher’s snare.

“Hmm?” her husband answered noncommittally, chewing a chip as the TV cast a blue hue across his smooth features.

He sat across from her on the other sofa at a right angle to her own and she regarded him as he focused on the screen. He was a good looking man with a strong build. Tall and broad of shoulder, he wasn’t muscular but nor was he skinny and effete. He was the kind of guy who could swim a mile or two if he decided to get off the sofa or his nose out of a book but usually chose the latter for recreation. He liked to look smart and, even now, with takeaway on his lap, wore a pair of trousers and long-sleeved shirt which hid his strong frame but hugged his reasonably sized manhood appreciably.

He had his hair cut short into a tidy side parting and, in the years since they had married, grey had begun to fleck his temples prematurely, making him look a little older than his thirty years. Beth liked this, though; she’d always liked the look of older men and the firm hand it implied. Despite Rick only being a year in actual fact older than his wife, she liked to let him lead on most things which was the primary reason why she had been so reticent to tell him what she secretly needed for her life to be truly satisfactory.

She put down her fork and took a deep breath as her pause brought his eyes to finally meet her own.

A few too many fish and chip dinners had lent her tall frame a little of extra baggage but nothing that didn’t add positively to her curvaceous form. Tonight, she’d elected to wear a dress, which was unusual for her; the fundamental boredom of their sex life had encouraged nothing but comfortable jeans and jumpers on a day-to-day basis, but for tonight she’d elected to be a tad more revealing to hopefully make the pill easier to swallow for her husband.

It was a simple floral print, light green swirling buds on black, but it was low cut enough to show off her ample cleavage which she’d squeezed into the dark red bra she’d bought especially for the occasion. She’d made sure that her tits bulged just enough to encourage the unavoidable attraction of his eyes. The hem of the dress was just slightly under what she’d be comfortable with out of doors, showing just a little too much of her freshly waxed, milky thighs to suggest innocence. She wore her dark hair up in a pony tail which she hoped would draw his eye to her long and shapely neck.

Rick eventually filled the silence of her hesitation. “You look pretty tonight.”

She loved him. Unequivocally. That was why it was so frustrating to live with him and never have his hands use her the way she needed to be used.

“Um…” she started, lamely. “Rick… I’ve been thinking.”

His brow creased in a frown and he placed the tray of beige takeaway on the sofa seat next to him.

“What’s up, darling?”

She took another deep breath and placed her own food on the coffee table before her. It was now or never.

“I want… I think we need to spice up our sex life.” Just that was enough to make her hands tremble.

“Okay.” He swallowed whatever was left in his mouth. “Okay, that’s fine. What’d you have in mind?”


“I mean, I could like… I don’t know… buy some whipped cream or… Kurtköy Ukraynalı Escort something.”

She let out an involuntary giggle.

“What?” Rick asked, a little rebuke lurking beneath his words. She knew that he could be a little prudish and scolded herself for not taking his efforts seriously.

“Nothing. I just had something a little bit more… extreme in mind.”

“Er… extreme? Like what?”

Her heart was pounding beneath her heavy breasts and her fingers were wringing but she couldn’t deny that between her legs and beneath the red lace of her new panties there was a warmth and moistness spreading.

“Well… It’s like… I want to you to, like… degrade me.”

He spluttered. He actually spluttered. Bad time to take that sip of coke.

“Degrade? You want me to degrade you?”

He looked away from her as he thought about the implications of that word, the word so central to her fantasy it was like an icon in her mind. He exhaled through his nose and looked back at her open face, her pleading face.

“What do you mean… exactly?”

Oh my God, she thought, he’s actually willing.

“I love you so much. So, so much. But I need a little more when we have sex. I… I want you to… like, treat me like a whore.”

“A whore,” he repeated, quietly and thoughtfully.

“Yes, I don’t want to be loved when you… fuck me. I want to be used and… and abused. I want you to force yourself on me and in me and I want to be degraded.”

There was a pause whilst he digested her request but more was on the way; it rushed up and out of her mouth like it was desperate to finally be free. Her eyes closed as she focused on forming coherent sentences, the emotion threatening to overwhelm her sensibilities.

“I want to be fucked in my throat and up my arse. I want you to take me to the bathroom and abuse me on the floor.”

“W- what?” he spluttered but she wasn’t finished.

“And I want to be covered in your spit and your cum and told how much a dirty little cunt I am. Because I am, baby, I am a dirty little cunt and I want you to punish me… please?”

He was panting with surprise at the obscenities that had emerged from his wife’s pretty mouth. He was shaking his head with shock at the revelation that the woman he’d spent five, rather placid years with could, in actual fact, be such a depraved individual and he’d never known, never even guessed. But she saw the bulge forming in those tight trousers, and the pupils dilated with desire under those thick eyebrows, and her heart skipped a beat as she waited for his response.

“I… It’s a bit of a surprise, Beth. I never knew you wanted such things.”

“I know… and I love you. I just want a different kind of love than you usually give me. I just feel… a little incomplete, you know? I’ve always wanted this… I just couldn’t ask.”

“Why now then?”

“Because… because I can’t wait any longer. I need this, baby. I need you to do this to me.”

He sighed and looked away again, thoughtfully. After a long pause he finally gave her the answer she’d always wanted to hear.


A wide grin split her features and her hand slipped unconsciously into her crotch in expectation.

“Oh, thank you! Thank you so much; this means so much to me, baby.”

She’d moved to slide onto the leather beside him and now draped her arms around his neck to better kiss his full lips. His hands came up to her shoulders to push her back a little where he regarded her beaming features and spoke.

“I want to make you happy. I want you to be complete so I’ll do whatever you want me to.”

He kissed her but then retreated again.

“But first, I need to do some research. If you want me to do this properly, I’m going to need to learn a few tricks so I’m going to go upstairs and look a few things up on the computer. You clean this up,” he gestured to the trays, “and I’ll call you when I’m ready.”

“Okay,” she whispered as the full implications of what was ahead began to sink in. She didn’t know how far he would go; would he go as far as she truly desired? “I… I want everything. No limits, okay?”

He licked his lips. “Okay.”

He kissed her lightly again, and then he was ascending the stairs to discover the strategies by which he could satisfy his wife.


As he switched the laptop on in their office upstairs, Rick reflected on the revelations that still had his heart fluttering. He’d never known Beth to be such a depraved creature, to harbour such dark fantasies. All he’d ever wanted was to please her, to make her happy, but this…? Could he bring himself to treat the woman he admired and respected most in the world in such an immoral way? But she’d asked him, almost begged him, to reduce her to an object of humiliation and he’d be remiss as her husband not to even try and indulge her whim, no matter how he balked at the idea of such an act.

The homepage finally lit up on his screen and he clicked the web browser open. The Kurtköy Üniversiteli Escort default search page sprang to life and he hovered his fingers over the keyboard. What to search for? He didn’t know where to begin. He’d looked at porn before, when Beth was away visiting her parents or on some business trip, but never had it occurred to him to view material themed the way his wife was now suggesting.

After a moment or two regarding the flashing cursor, Rick entered the simple two word phrase his wife had tremulously uttered downstairs.

Degrade me. He stabbed the ENTER key.

A set of web addresses flashed up instantly and he hesitated before clicking on any. Who knew where a link might take him? And what about viruses? He paused, then clicked on the search engine’s Images tab.

The set of pictures cycled up on the screen and he recoiled slightly at the sights before him. Then he leant forward and began to scroll down the page.

The initial shock of the pictures transformed from a negative feeling to a more positive one, a thrill of discovery and a pleasure in the world which was opening before him. He was surprised at the hardening in his underwear and had to adjust his cock so that it didn’t painfully push against the inside of his trousers.

A lot of the images were worthless but several took his interest and he examined them closely for tips as to how he might satisfy Beth’s carnal needs. However, the images were devoid of context, were mere snapshots of sordid narratives which he needed to view should he construct a similar role-play for his wife. He spied the tab marked Videos at the top and clicked it without hesitation; he needed to see… and not just for Beth anymore.


Beth screwed up the paper wrappings with their unfinished contents inside and dropped them in the kitchen bin. She couldn’t quite believe that it was finally happening. She couldn’t seem to control her heartbeat and her new panties were moist in expectation.

Taking a large gulp of wine from the glass she’d poured in an attempt to calm her nerves, she found herself unconsciously slipping a hand down between her legs. Sliding her fingers up under her dress she ran one over the front of her panties and was pleasantly surprised at how wet she was becoming.

She heard a female scream of lust from upstairs before the volume on Rick’s computer was hastily adjusted. She let loose a laughing exhalation as she considered the fact that her seemingly prudish husband was watching porn in their shared office… porn probably quite extreme in nature. She wanted to run up there and watch it with him. Maybe it was one of her favourites, the one where the girl is gagged with a massive rubber cock whilst being fucked in the arse perhaps?

But no, she needed him to drink it all in and then re-enact it with her afterwards. She took another big gulp of wine and fought the temptation to finger herself on the countertop.


Rick was surprised to see that an hour had passed when he finally tore his eyes away from the cinematic depravity on the laptop screen. His cock was rock hard and painful in the tight trousers and he couldn’t help massaging it through the fabric with his hand.

He thought he’d have been repulsed utterly by the scenes he’d conjured up on the internet. He thought he’d have to really steel himself to give Beth what she wanted and have to rely a lot on those old drama lessons he’d taken one winter when he was bored. However, he’d discovered something deep inside of him had been stirred. Something perhaps he’d denied for years, denied so much he’d convinced even himself it did not exist and now he was utterly aroused by the opportunity his wife had presented.

He clicked the laptop closed and took a deep breath as the fan wound down to leave the office in silence. Then he stood up from the leather swivel chair and crossed the hall to their bedroom.

Beth had bought an ornamental candle a while back and it stood on their dresser. Well, tonight was the night for debasing beauty. He lit the candle and stepped over to the en-suite bathroom and clicked on the light. Yes, this would suit: a dark bedroom lit only by flickering candle flame, and a cold, tiled bathroom illuminated by a rather stark electric bulb. Now he was ready.


“You can come up now, Beth,” Rick’s voice echoed down the stairs.

Beth hastily withdrew a finger wrinkled by pussy juice from between her legs and padded over to the stairs, her naked feet whispering on the wooden floor. She was excited and blood flushed her cheeks; sweat had pricked from her pores and lay in a sheen across the curve of her fulsome breasts. She reached the landing and hesitantly stepped through the door to their bedroom.

Rick stood before her, by the side of their bed, his arms crossed and with a quite obvious bulging erection in his trousers. They stood regarding each other for moment, dangling on the edge of the precipice, waiting for the other to jump. Rick, bless him, decided to lead.

“Come Kurtköy Vip Escort here,” he commanded, pointing to the floor in front of him, and she obeyed, lips pursed, trying to contain her excitement.

He sniffed and caught her right hand in his. Bringing it up to his face he regarded the index finger, still wet with her moisture.

“You… disgusting little whore,” he breathed, hesitant over the insult to the woman he loved. She smiled though and felt a tingle of satisfaction course through her, electrifying her extremities.

“You’ve been touching yourself… You’re not allowed to do anything without my say so, is that clear?”

“Yes,” she nodded.

He slapped her then, lightly, almost a stage slap, but it exploded with sexual energy and radiated to the tips of her nipples which were now standing erect in their red lacy covering.

“Yes, SIR,” he commanded, lip trembling.

“Yes, sir,” she repeated, licking her lips between words. “Please hit me again, sir.”

His brow creased.

“I’m in charge around here; do you understand, you little whore?”

“Yes, sir.”

His hand was still around her wrist and his fingers held her tightly. Now he pulled her arm around behind her back and twisted her so that she fell across the edge of the bed onto her front. Her knees met the carpet and she leant forward to expose her arse as much as possible for his inspection.

His hand left her wrist and pressed down on the back of her head. She managed to turn her face so her cheek was forced into the duvet as his mouth came close to her ear.

“Now, I’m going to take what I want from your body and you’re going to lay there and take every second of it. Is that clear?”

“Yes, sir,” she whispered into the sheets. “Please, fuck me ’till it hurts.”

“Oh, the fucking comes later. Before then I need to eat.”

With her face buried in the duvet, Beth had to rely on her other senses to discern what her husband had in store for her. She heard him crouch down behind her and shivered a little as his fingers slid up the backs of her thighs and under the hem of her dress. Then he was roughly pulling her panties down; she squeaked as the gusset was unstuck from her wet pussy lips and the waistband uncomfortably tightened against the flesh of her thighs.

Then she was moaning as his face was aggressively thrust into her exposed pussy from behind. His tongue slid into her hole and licked at her pussy lips and a thrill unlike anything she’d previously experienced coursed through her veins. Her hand slid back and her fingers ran into his hair as he lapped at her vagina.

Then, with a grunt, Rick’s face withdrew and he grabbed her wrists.

“I didn’t say you could touch,” he panted and she squealed as he released a hand in order to deliver a harsh slap to her arse.

He grabbed a tie from the back of the dresser chair and bound her wrists tightly. She couldn’t help but let a giggle escape as the delicious pain of the fabric cut into her wrists. Then, with her arms suitably restrained, he returned to his meal.

She felt his fingers on her arse cheeks and moaned with pleasure as she felt him part them to allow greater access to her behind. Then, with a rushing torrent of arousal, she felt his tongue probe her arsehole and she fought against her bonds in an unconscious effort to touch her clit and bring herself to a premature orgasm as he began to thrust his tongue into her behind. His groans sent vibrations through her flesh as he lapped at her backside like a hungry dog. She felt a spreading wetness as his salvia coated the valley between her cheeks.

Then his face was withdrawn and a stinging slap was delivered to her behind. She yelped in surprise before more slaps landed on her skin until her flesh warmed beneath the onslaught of abuse. She bit her lip as she thought of the deep red handprints which must be appearing on her arse.

With a grunt he grabbed her forearms and pulled her from the surface of the bed. She fell backwards onto her knees and was spun to face him standing before her. Then his fingers were levering open her jaw and she choked as his hard cock was thrust down her throat. He gripped her head in his strong hands and began to fuck her throat vigorously.

She struggled instinctively against her bonds, trying to bring her hands from behind her to push his thrusting pelvis away but she was consciously aware of how much she wanted his thick penis to ravage her face. She coughed and spluttered as the head of his cock jammed against the back of her throat, spitting out opaque gouts of slime onto his manhood.

He had a sizable dick. It wasn’t inordinately large but was big enough to cause her to stretch around it when he slid it up inside her. But now, in this moment, it felt large enough to choke her to death. And she liked it.

She was making gurgling, strangled sounds as he roughly fucked her. Salvia ran from her lips stretched around his shaft and ran down her chin to dangle in viscous threads onto her bouncing cleavage.

Suddenly he released her and withdrew his instrument of torture from her mouth. She snivelled and spluttered, gasping for air like she’d had her head held under water. Spit shot from her abused maw and landed on his trouser front before she widened her mouth and stuck her tongue out, desperate for more.