Dentist Appointment Leads to Wild Sex


I’d left work early as I had a dental appointment, my dentist was close to the office were I worked as opposed to being near my home, which was a bus ride away.

I arrived slightly early and was ushered into the waiting room, dentist appointments were always late, so I picked up a magazine from the table. Being late summer and weather being good for a change, I was wearing a summer dress that came just above my knees and a pair of heels, nothing too high, about 2 inch, no tights or stockings and just bra and knickers. I became engrossed in a magazine article and didn’t pay any attention when two boys, well they looked about 18 came into the room, I knew they were foreign as I didn’t understand the language they were speaking and there had been a lot in the papers recently about the fact that a number of them were being accommodated in my area.

After about 5 minutes their voices were a bit lower and I looked up from my magazine, the two boys were of mid east appearance, but clean shaven and quite good looking, what shocked me was that they were staring at my legs, my legs were crossed but I wasn’t revealing any thigh or anything, quite prim and proper really. I continued to read my magazine, however, I could feel my fanny twinging, the thought of being eyed up was making me wet! Almost without thinking I uncrossed and re crossed my legs, making sure that they got a bit more leg to see and carried on reading the magazine. I looked over the top of the mag and they were totally engrossed, staring at my legs, not only that, I could see the one directly opposite me was rubbing his prick through his tight jeans. I nearly dropped the mag, I was now turned on, I could see the outline of his cock, it must have been at least 8 inches! The other lad wasn’t rubbing his cock, but I could see it making a good impression of a tent pole in his trousers, fucking hell, my twat was soaking, the fact I was turning on two young lads was making my head swim. I was guessing that they’d never been close to a white lady, not one in her late 30’s showing a bit of leg, I could only imagine what was in their minds, but the thought of having two brown rock hard knobs in every hole was making my fanny soaking wet. I wasn’t sure what to do, after all this was a dentist surgery, I wanted to lift my dress, spread my legs and pull my knickers to one side, I wanted to show them my married wet cunt! Just then my name was called, I came to my senses, but as I uncrossed my legs I let my legs fall apart so they could see right up my thighs, I hoped they could see my knickers, which were dripping!

I sat in the dentist chair, closed my eyes and thought about being fucked silly by these too lads, when the dentist put his finger in my mouth I imagined it was one of the boys cocks!

I managed to stop myself wrapping my lips around his finger, but I came as I imagined a big red bell end being shoved in my mouth.

By the time he’d finished my knickers were stuck to my fanny, I ‘d been having the filthiest thoughts and had cum at least three times, the dentist had given me a funny look, wonder if he knew that I was creaming my knickers during his examination.

By the time I left the dentist surgery, I’d missed my normal bus home, so needed to get another via a slightly different route which meant I had half a mile walk at the other end.

My husband was working away and had taken the car, his car was in the garage for repairs.

I got off the bus and preceded to walk to my flat, we lived in a small complex with large apartments on two floors.

As I turned the corner I was stunned mersin escort as the two lads from the dentist were at the entry to my apartment block! The door opened and David an elder neighbour opened the door and they entered, the penny dropped, since David’s wife died he’d been doing a lot of social work with the under privileged. David saw me and waved, I waved back and my fanny started to twitch again, David lived on the first floor.

I’d noticed in the past David eyeing me up as worked in the garden, this had turned me on and I’d started to wear more revealing clothes and got into positions so he could see a bit more, this then progressed to me actively flashing him, the thought of having this old guy wank over me used to drive me mad. Things then progressed when I gave him a lift home from town one day, I ‘d let my skirt ride up to my waist and asked him if he liked what he saw as I drove, needless to say, by the time we got home he’d fingered me off and I’d wanked him off. The next thing was I was visiting his flat on the slightest pretense, even when my husband was at home and we’d have a quick fuck, suck and finger. When my husband travelled on business I ‘d spend all night there with him and his friends, they’d all fuck me and I loved it, they’d photograph and video me as they fucked me silly.

I loved it when they’d playback the photos on his large TV for everyone’s entertainment, looking at the camera with a fat cock in my mouth whilst another blokes spunk was running down my face; having two cocks up my cunt with another in my mouth gives an idea of the slut he’d turned me into.

Anyway, to return to the present, as I opened the door David was at the bottom of the stairs, hi Carol he said, understand Mike your husband is away, do you want to come up for a meal later, have a couple of Somali lads here and have ordered some curry.

I couldn’t believe my ears and accepted like a shot.

I opened my flat door and almost ran to the bedroom, in a flash my dress was around my waist, my knickers were to one side and I was shoving my dildo up my cunt, right up to the makers name, I was on fire already!!

I lay on my bed and rammed the dildo up me, I couldn’t stop cumming, I was soo excited at being fucked by the two arab boys as well as David, I’d had David’s 7 inch prick in every hole and he never stopped to send me to new levels of depravity!

Eventually I pulled my dildo out of my hole with a plop and went for a quick shower, my fanny juice was all over my fanny, thighs and arse, I’d been gushing all afternoon.

I towelled off and decided what to wear, fuck it I thought, am going like a slut as I want to be treated like one! I picked up a red bra, low cut and of sheer material, my nips would stick out like chapel hat pegs with this on I thought, I got a red thong out of the draw, even though it was a thong, it had had an open crotch, I pulled it up tight and my cunt flaps were sticking through the opening. I got a lovely pair of copper coloured nylons on and a red suspenders belt, a grey tight fitting skirt that really showed off my arse and was about 3 inch above my knees and a white tight fitting blouse, I topped all this off with a pair of dark red 4inch heels, God I look like sex on legs I thought as I looked at myself in the mirror!

I sent my husband a message saying I would call him very late as I was going to David’s, he knew David fucked me and loved listening to the stories and seeing the photo evidence!

As I walked up the stairs to David’s, my fanny was already kocaeli escort wet, as I knocked on the door, David opened it, his eyes nearly popped, fucking hell Carol he said as he came outside and shut the door behind him, you look awesome.

I saw those boys at the dentist David I said, they were eyeing me up and I haven’t been able to think of anything else since, I ‘m going to fuck them and you’re going to take as many pics as possible, have told Mike and he’s dying to know what happens, I grabbed David’s hand and shoved it up my skirt.

Jesus Carol, your cunts soaking he said as he shoved three fingers up my hole, I grabbed his prick as he fingered me, he was rock hard, his bell end was covered in precum as I ran my fingers over it, the dirty fucker spun me round and pushed me towards the wall, he pulled my skirt right up and rammed his knob right up me, I was so wet, my cunt farted as he went in. Here I was, a married, respectable married woman, dressed like a slut, bending over in an apartment block hallway being fucked by an old bloke and loving it!

David ‘ s cock was sliding in and out of my wet hole, he’d his hands on my arse pulling my cheeks open, he was telling me how good it looked with his prick sliding in and out coated in my white cunt cream.

His balls were slapping against my clit as I came, am sure my cum was running down my legs as David fucked me like a piston. I felt his knob swell and before he could cum, I span round in front of him, I grabbed his prick covered in my cunt cream and started to suck it like crazy, he held my head as the first blast of spunk filled my mouth, I could barely swallow it before the next load squirted into my mouth, by the time he’d finished spunk was dribbling out of my mouth and down my chin. I straightened myself up and David opened the door to his apartment, we walked in to the living room and David introduced me to the two lads, Ali and Salem, both from Somalia he said, we all shook hands, even though mine were still wet with David’s pre cum. The two lads literally undressed me with their eyes, they were on stalks as they looked me over, my just fucked hole was already twinning for more!

David said put something on the TV as he would prepare the food, I grabbed the control and flipped through the channels, being early evening, there was nothing of interest on the TV, got any Dvd’s I shouted to David, in the draw Carol he replied. I knew David kept a load of porn in that draw, I pretended to be unaware, but picked one out which said “interracial dp’s” I put it in the player without the lads seeing the cover and took a seat opposite them in a large chair, they were on the sofa.

The film started with a 40 year old blond on her hands and knees being fucked by two young black guys with massive dongs, fucking hell, I hadn’t seen this before but as the bitch was being rammed silly it turned me on like crazy.

Look at the dirty slut I said, lucky bitch having two massive dongs fucking her like that, the two boys were looking at the TV and rubbing their pricks through their trousers.

Without thinking I hiked my skirt up around my waist and literally started to finger myself, I looked at the two lads, their eyes were on stalks looking at me and the TV, sorry I said can’t help it, but I don’t mind if you want to wank as well.

in a flash, both had their pricks out, Ali had a good 8 inch with a red bell end, Salem’s was fatter and his bell end was all purple, I’d now got 4 fingers up my snatch and my fun as frothing, I knew this was going samsun escort to be an almighty fuckathon!

I was now passed caring and stood up and walked across to the sofa with my skirt round my waist, I climbed on the sofa and stood in front of Ali on the sofa with my legs apart, I grabbed his head and shout lick my fucking cunt, as his tongue went up my hole I squirted immediately, his face was wet with my cum, I looked at. Salem and said don’t worry, your turn soon. With that the dirty fucker lifted his other hand and shoved two fingers up my arse as Ali licked my cunt.

I had to hold Ali’s head as my thighs were trembling from the tonguing and fingering that I was getting, both were wanking their rock hard knobs and I was loving it.

I moved from Ali and stood over Salem’s face, only facing away from him, his tongue went up my arse and Ali started to finger me, he’d three fingers up my hole which was now squelching, I was that wet.

I couldn’t help it, the sight of their pricks drove me mad and i squatted on Salem’s 8 inch dong.

David was now taking pics with my face covered in his cum whilst I devoured Ali’s prick, I was behaving like a complete slag, I was even “posing” allowing David to take pics with my lips wrapped around Ali’s helmet as I looked at the camera, my cheek bulging with his cock, licking his balls etc..

I grabbed Ali’s prick and started to lick under his balls, I could feel it swelling in my hand, I pulled his cock head in front of my face and looking at the camera started to lick his pee hole, David got it all on film as Ali’s cum plastered my face and tits, I was covered in thick gooy spunk which was dripping off my face.

Salem continued to pound my cunt, my legs were trembling and I couldn’t carry on squatting on his knob any longer. He sensed this and pushed me off him, he then lay on the floor with his fat knob sticking in the air, jesus, it was covered in my cum! I climbed on top of him and his prick went straight up my hole, I was being royally fucked. My skirt was still around my waist, Salem’s prick was in through the gap in my knickers, my blouse was open and tits sticking over my bra, spunk was in my hair, all over my face, on my tits and clothes. David was taking pics from behind me as Salem’s prick rammed my twat like no tomorrow, your cunt’s like a horses collar David shouted, as he took even more pics of my married arse sliding up and down a thick brown knob.

Even though Ali had just cum all over my face, his cock was still hard and I could see him wanking it as he watched Salem fuck me. I looked over my shoulder and said fuck me Ali, I wanted his dirty brown knob up my arse whilst his mate fucked me rigid. He got on his knees behind me and I felt his bell end touching my arse hole, I tensed myself waiting for his prick to stretch my arse, when fucking hell, my eyes nearly popped out of my head and I gasped, the dirty fucker had shoved his prick up my cunt alongside Salem’s!!

It felt as though an iron bar was being shoved up my fanny as I was stretched to new limits, the sensation was fantastic and I squirted all over their pricks. I couldn’t stop cuming, I was in ecstasy as they pounded my cunt, fuck me I was shouting, I’m your dirty married slut, I’m yours, fuck me everyday please, fill me with your filthy spunk, I’m your whore. They continued to fuck me like this for at least 15 minutes, I’d never had anything like it, my cunt was making filthy noises as they pounded me like a fucking train.

Eventually they both came, I could feel, load after load of their filthy brown spunk filling my belly. When they pulled out David took pictures of my gaping hole with their spunk dripping out and sent to my husband!!

I stayed with them till about 11pm, all three fucked and abused me all night, I won’t go into detail, but let’s say I didn’t care, the dirtier the things they made me do the more I liked it.