Dirty Laundry

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Most people think that doing laundry as a chore, and it can be. Collecting, sorting color’s and whites, wondering if you put the correct amount of powder in the machine, to add beach or not, and fighting with the washer when it eats your favorite pair of socks. Sure there’s the good part when those smelly things come out smelling of fresh mountain breeze and there’s nothing like warm cloths fresh from the drier. But most people have it figured out wrong. You see if you’re a bit of a pervert like I am, wash days can be just as much fun as any other and some times more so.

Take the other day. My wife asked me to sort the wash as she was still in the shower, so, sure I was happy to do it. Now, admittedly dirty laundry is dirty laundry and not very exiting, until you get to the underwear, now that’s different. My wife quite often wears knickers in bed, and it’s very sexy. Try having sex with them on. It adds a different pleasure to the whole thing, a sense of naughtiness, like your just having a quickie at lunch. There is nothing like a pair of knickers that have the smell of sex in them. I don’t know if it works the same for girls but for me it’s a bit of a turn on, and on that particular morning it was no different. I’d sorted the various shirts, T’s, skirts and smelly sock in a few moments. It was my wife’s pants I was having a problem with. I love the smell of my wife, especially her sex and we regularly have oral sex, well every night to be frank, but who’s counting. So being more than casual with her underwear is to be expected.

I’d held each pair to my face and savor the perfume of well sexed pussy before dropping each one into the wash. What a waste. I could just buy her new ones to soil and I could keep the old ones. Of course there are some additional bonuses to being that intimate with sexed up undergarments and that was the huge boner I got. Now to waste that would be a crime; she was probable waiting for me in the shower. Another of our almost daily rituals. We wash each other and then fuck. Did I say we’re as bad as rabbits? So we enjoy sex and are always sneaking away for quick ones. güvenilir bahis

In went the last pair; oh well plenty more where that came from. I set the machine and turn around to see my wife standing several feet away, wrapped in a bath, hair still dripping wet. Oh crap I was so busted.

“I waited so long I thought you forgot about me.” She said a little upset.

“How could I Babe, look at my cock, does that look like I forgot you?”

“No. It looks like you want to get into my knickers…. one at a time.”

“You were watching weren’t you?” My cock was deflating rapidly. I was so fucked. She knew I had a pants fetish but not that badly. If she only knew I had a couple of her soiled ones in my suitcase and slept with them every night that we were apart. “How long?”

“About ten pants worth” “Crap, I’m in some serious shit aren’t I honey” is said apologetically.

“Yep, you’re fucked. I’ve been waiting for you to come and suck my pussy and I find you here with you face in my knickers; and I’m not in them.” She said angrily. “Get over here now”

I did as she wanted; sheepishly standing in front of her wondering how I was going to get out of this.

“Drop your shorts and kneel down”

I complied. My face level with her hips.

“Honey if you want to sniff my dirty underwear you can, but you better do the same to me.”

The towel dropped to the floor, facing me now the most beautiful pussy ever, still wet from her shower and definitely sexed up. How could I refuse? My cock was in total agreement.

“No touching. Put your face in pussy like you did with my pants. That’s right, now lick me dirty boy.”

I’ve never seen my wife act this way, she is normally quite reserved about what she wants. This was a side I’d not seen. I liked it. She smelt of lavender and fresh water and sex. Catching me in the illicit act of perversion had affected her in the same way. I sniffed again. Yep, the fresh scent of an excited pussy. I stuck my tongue out and licked her pubes. This had and instant effect. Grabbing my head and holding it still she started güvenilir bahis siteleri to grind herself on my face. I licked her again, right on target. She was soaking wet. Her juices already flowing. She was more fired up than I’d thought. I tried to get my tongue into her hole for a deeper draft of sex but her grinding made it difficult.

“Lay on the floor babe so I can eat you” I mumbled between her thighs.

“No” she pushed my head away, “You lay on the floor bad boy”

I did as she commanded, resting on my elbows, cock erect waiting for her hot cunt to descent onto it. She stood over me, naked, water dripping from her hair holding her pussy open so I could see how wet her cut was.

“This is the real thing, not my pants. You can’t get the same thing from them as you can from this. Now stick you tongue in it and make me cum. I’m going to cum on your face so you never forget it’s my cunt you’re smelling. And next time you’re in my pants and I’m not there, you’ll want me to be, so we can to do this again.”

She dropped straight down thrusting her dripping hole into my mouth. With an order like that you just have to obey, and I did. I wish my tongue was longer. I love the taste of my wife’s cunt and will spend hours servicing it, and she has never refused my attentions. Being a little reserved has never stopped her enjoying a good tongue fuck, but she had never thrust herself onto me like this. Fuck if she touches my dick now I’d jizz all over her back.

My head held tight between her thighs it was all I could do to keep my tongue in her hole. I wasn’t giving her a fuck, she was fucking me. Gyrating against the pressure of my tongue and nose. God she tasted so fucking good. Finally I caught her clit between my teeth. Normally this is too much for her as the sensation is overwhelming, but this time she held still. I flicked it furiously with my tongue and she let out a loud cry. I worked on her without mercy. Two can play at that I thought. You’ll cum babe and I’ll be ready for it.

Her thrusting was lessened now I had a good grip on her clit and she was moaning iddaa siteleri uncontrollably. I hastened my assault on her hole. With out warning I grabbed her ass and slipped my left thumb as far into her pussy as possible. This had the effect I was hoping for. Soaking my thumb in cum and making her relax her grip on my head just enough to do the next thing I planned. I finger fuck her for a few minutes bringer her closer to her spend, then, slowly pulled my hand away. As I expected she was disappointed. Not for long. While I’d been working her with my thumb I had contrived to make her ass as wet as possible. Now that it was nice and lubed she was ready. While flicking on he clit I thrust my thumb into her ass and pushed down on her “G” spot from behind. The results where instant and surprising. The initial shock was wiped away by an explosion of orgasm, cum and moaning. Her cum squirted from her cunt onto my face, into my mouth. Again she ejaculated into my mouth. I was taken quite by surprised and half choked on the first mouthful and wasn’t ready for the second. The third I was and caught it squarely in the back of my throat. It tasted different from her normal cum, sweater, more fluid like, almost like she’d pissed her self, but this wasn’t piss it was definitely cum, and lots of it. She spurted again onto my face and chest.

She grabbed my wrist forcing my thumb out of her ass, as I looked up from between her legs I realized that it wasn’t because she didn’t like it, but to support herself. She was shaking uncontrollably. Another spurt issued from her hitting me in the throat. She slumped forward and it was all I could do to catch her before she hit the floor.

“So much cum for such a small person. Maybe I should sniff your pants more often Babe.” I wisped in her ear.

“Sure, just not twice in one day Ok”

We lay there, her orgasm still causing after shocks. Finally I eased out of our embrace and picked her up and carried her back to bed. As I pulled the covers over her cum covered body she looked up at me with sleepy eyes and said, “If this is what happens when you sniff them Babe, don’t let me catch you cuming in my knickers, Ok”

“I’ll try, but I can’t promise. You know I’m a pervert for your pussy and knickers. Now rest while I go take a shower; in water this time.”

So who says doing laundry is boring?

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