Dirty Talking Strippers


I just moved to a new city and wanted to check out a new strip club. After I pay the cover I sit near the side where I can see the main stage and all the other hot girls walking around while I drink.

After a while, I decided two particular girls stood out, and made my cock stand up, more than any other girls. One is a latina of about average height with full, pouty lips, large breasts that are obviously fake, a perfect round ass, and wearing white see-through top and panties. The other girl is a blonde that’s a little taller, absolutely huge tits (but this time they’re natural), and a tight ass.

I call the latina over and she sits on my lap, my semi-hard cock stiffening a little more.

“Hey baby! Enjoying the show?” she asked, wiggling her ass a little on my cock and winking.

“Definitely,” I replied.

She grabbed my head and pulled my face into her cleavage. My cock twitched again and again, straining to get out of my pants as she rubbed her tits all over my face.

“Someone’s getting pretty stiff. Wanna go to the champagne room and get a few dances?” she asked.

“Yes, but I have 3 requests.” I said.

She gave me a puzzled look and then started to smile after I explained what they were. I told her the first was to get the blond I was checking out and bring her to the champagne room. The second was to tease my cock and talk dirty to me and each other. The third was that they would put on a lesbian show for me.

“I think we can take care of you, baby.”

We both got up and she led me to a loveseat in the champagne room, then walked out. I was served my drink and after I had a couple of sips she came back in with the blonde I told her to get.

We did our introductions. The latina’s stage name was Carmen and the blonde’s stage name was Roxy. They both sat on either side of me. Roxy leaned down and unbuttoned my pants.

She bit and teased my cock lightly through my boxers before Carmen said “Just take it out bitch! I want to see that fat cock.”

Roxy smiled and pulled my cock out, pre-cum oozing out of the tip. Carmen leaned down and licked it off gently, then shared a kiss mersin escort with Roxy, making sure to keep their mouths open enough so I can see their tongues.

“Why do you two still have your clothes on?” I asked.

They simply smiled, stood up and started to undress slowly, dancing to the music. Carmen took her top off first, exposing her firm, luscious tits. Roxy leaned over and started sucking and licking Carmen’s nipples as Carmen untied Roxy’s top. Once Roxy’s breasts were free she grabbed Carmen’s ass, pulling her closer. As I watched them rub their breasts together I couldn’t help but want every part of my body to be in between them. I wrapped my hand around my cock and started to stroke it hard and slow.

Roxy then came over and took my hand off, saying “You can’t cum baby. Not yet. Just sit back and watch.”

Carmen grabbed a wing-back chair and pulled it over next right in front of me.

“Sit down, slut, and spread your fucking legs,” she told Roxy.

Roxy sat on the chair and spread her legs, resting her calves on my thighs, giving me a perfect view only a couple of feet away from her bald pussy.

“You want my pussy? You want to fuck my soaking cunt, baby? Ooooh, my pussy needs to be eaten and fucked so bad!”

She took her fingers and spread her pussy lips open. Carmen leans in next to me and whispers, “Mmmmm yeah. Doesn’t this whore have a hot pussy or what? You want to watch me bury my face in this whore’s cunt until she cums?”

I continue to stare at Roxy’s tight, pink pussy, hypnotized by it, but I nod slowly in response to her question.

“My pussy is dripping just from seeing her spread for you like this. Would you like me to show you?”

I look at her and smile saying, “Put that sweet pussy of yours in front of me while you eat her fucking cunt.”

She straddled me, her pussy only inches away from my face, but down far enough so I can see her lick Roxy’s juicy pussy. I didn’t want to violate any of the club’s “touching” rules, so I just looked back and forth from the Carmen’s sexy pussy to her licking Roxy’s pussy and clit. kocaeli escort She then slid a couple of fingers inside her. Roxy started squirming in pleasure.

“That’s it bitch. Finger my fucking pussy. Lick my clit!” Roxy commanded.

Then she looked at me and said “Lick that slut’s pussy, baby. I want to hear her moan from you tongue-fucking that sloppy wet cunt!”

I don’t need her to tell me twice as I instantly dove my tongue in and tasted that sweet latina’s pussy. She responded by licking Roxy’s clit more vigorously and sliding her whole fist slowly inside her pussy. Roxy let’s out a scream as her pussy was stretched by Carmen’s fist. She worked it in and out, Roxy whimpering a little each time her fist plunges deep inside.

Between watching this blonde slut get fisted while I eat this whore’s cunt, my cock is ready to explode. Pre-cum has been leaking all over Carmen’s firm stomach ever since she straddled me.

“Fist my fucking pussy baby! Oh….yes…fuck me….yes…oh God!” Roxy screamed, her thighs quivering as she’s being fist-fucked.

“You like my fist in your pussy, bitch?” Carmen asked. Can you feel your slutty hole being stretched? Cum in my face baby. I want your juices all over my fucking face.”

Then she looked back at me and said “Fist me baby. I want you to ram your fucking fist in and out of my cunt like it’s a big fat cock! Abuse by fucking slutty hole and make me your little whore.”

I got so turned on by this I wasted no time in taking my fist and jamming it deep inside her pussy. She bucked her hips and grinded them around my fist as she continued to pleasure Roxy.

“I’m cumming baby! Ooooooooh yeeaaaaaaaah!” Roxy screams over the music as she reaches climax.

Carmen removes her soaking fist and buries her face in Roxy’s throbbing pussy, tasting every drop of her juices. Finally, when she stopped spasming, Roxy stood up and her ass was soaking wet from sitting in a pool of her own cum. Then she kneeled between my legs and I felt her warm mouth surround my cock. She bobbed up and down a few times before finally taking it all samsun escort in. I hear her gag a little before the head of my cock was lodged firmly against the back of her throat.

I could barely concentrate at this point with Roxy deepthroating my cock, but I tried to focus on the fist-fucking I was giving Carmen and my reward of making her cum. Carmen was slapping Roxy in the face and forcing her head farther down on my cock.

“Choke on that cock, whore! Feel it abuse your mouth like I abused your slutty cunt!”

Hearing Carmen talk dirty encouraged me to fist her even more violently. I used my other hand to rub her clit. She started to scream and suddenly I felt her juices spray all over my face. I pulled my fist out and even more gushed out and showered my face. The last of it ran down her thighs as she stood up – still forcing Roxy down on my cock.

“Holy shit! You didn’t tell me you could squirt!”

“I didn’t want to ruin the surprise” she replied. “Now lets see what kind of surprise you have for us.”

Carmen finally lifted Roxy’s head off my cock and she was gasping for air, her mascara was running badly and saliva ran down her mouth onto her huge tits.

“Let me show you how a real whore deepthroats, bitch.”

Carmen engulfed my cock and took it all the way in, keeping her mouth open around it and gagging. I could hear the “ack! Ack! Ack!” sounds she made each time the head slammed against the back of her throat. My hips started thrusting toward her face harder and faster.

Roxy said “That’s it baby. Face fuck this little slut!”

After a couple of minutes of fucking Carmen’s wonderful throat, I moaned loudly. She quickly released my cock and started jerking it over her tits. Stream after stream of thick cum splattered on her tits as she squeezed them together so the cum would collect in her cleavage.

When I was finished cumming, Carmen told Roxy “Be a good cum slut and lick all this yummy cum from my fucking tits.”

Roxy stuck her long tongue out and slowly licked all the cum from Carmen’s cleavage and then raised up to give Carmen a kiss. I watched them kiss passionately, sharing my thick cum back and forth along their tongues. When they finally broke their kiss they swallowed and smiled at me.

“You’ll have to come back again for another show baby,” Roxy said. They got dressed, put my cock back in my pants and we walked out. I told them I’d definitely be back and they better be ready