Discovering Lynn Ch. 05


My name is Dan and to look at me, you would probably call me a very lucky man. I live with my two lovely women, Lynn, and Gina.

Lynn used to be my next door neighbor and Gina was her lifelong best friend. Originally Lynn and I started a relationship after living next door to each other for several years. Her husband had died and my wife ran away with my business partner.

Our affair started quite strangely but got even more strange when I was introduced to Gina and we all ended up becoming lovers.

The intention was for us to live together in my house and decide what to do with Lynn’s house later. Lynn is unable to have children but Gina could and actually wanted me to father her a child.

So the plan was for the girls to live together in Lynn’s house until we had all come to terms with the arrangement. If everything went well then they would move in with me and we would decide what to do with Lynn’s house. Gine had been renting an apartment so she just terminated the agreement with her landlord and moved in with Lynn.

I had three other bedrooms apart from my master bedroom. My plan was to give each of my ladies their own room and have the fourth on as the nursery when it was needed. Therefore, the nursery would be the room nearest to mine with Gina’ next to that. That way, if the girls were in their room or mine, someone would be near to the baby.

Like I said, that was the plan. But it was plain to see that after a couple of days of this arrangement, the girls were not be using Lynn’s house very much. All three of us spent most of our spare time at the moment, by the pool, naked.

We would go off to work each day and as soon as each of us got home, we would shed our clothes and relax by the pool, safe in the fact that no one would ever stray down our road and catch us doing what we loved to do most. We lived a hedonistic lifestyle, pleasuring each other without a care in the world.

Even when we were in town, the girls usually chose not to wear any underwear, so it was always a treat to catch a glimpse of their jewellery as they got out of a vehicle, or teased me in a restaurant by flicking their skirt up as they sat down, letting me know that they were sat bare-assed on the chair. Lynn had a real penchant for wearing very short skirts while we were grocery shopping and always choosing the item from the bottom shelf, exposing here bare bottom and luscious pussy lips.

Gina’s favorite trick was to wear loose, open blouses so she could show the world her constantly erect nipples with whatever jewellery she was wearing on them that day. Her beautiful breasts would hopefully not be ruined when she started breastfeeding the baby.

We had agreed that when we were all happy with the gaziantep escort arrangements and were sure this relationship would work out long term, that Gina would come off the birth control pills and make herself receptive to my seed.

I had already come to terms with the fact that I may soon be a father and was secretly looking forward to it.

Lynn was the one I was most concerned with as she may feel herself being the third wheel once we had the pregnancy under way. I wanted her to know that no matter what happened, she would be as much a parent and partner in this relationship as Gina and me.

One Friday, I came home from the office and walked in the front door to hear noises from upstairs. I called out and instantly, both girls squealed. Then Gina called down.

“Get a beer, get naked and get outside, but don’t come up here.!”

I chuckled, wondering what they were up to, but decided that it was best to follow orders. I undressed and threw my clothes over the back of the sofa, walked to the kitchen to get a beer from the fridge and then walked out the back door, letting the sun’s rays hit my body. I don’t think that as long as I continue to enjoy being naked outdoors, will I ever tire of the feeling of the sun warming the parts of me that are usually hidden away due to civilized ideals.

I settled on one of the loungers and sipped my drink, and after a few minutes, I started to doze. Suddenly there was a banging sound and I looked up to see Gina in one of the bedroom windows. She smiled mischievously as she started to run her hands over her body, Teasing herself and also me. She closed her eyes as she slipped her fingers between her thighs and began to caress her pussy lips.

I became enamored as I watched her put on this show for me. But then I noticed movement from one of the other windows and saw Lynn starting to put on a similar show. Lynn, however, had a large dildo that she was teasing herself with. She then turned around so I could get a perfect view of her rear and bent over. She then looked back at me as she thrust the dildo deep into herself and started to fuck herself.

Meanwhile, Gina was fingerfucking herself wildly and pulling on her nipples. She would not take much longer to reach her climax.

Suddenly, both girls stopped and looked at me with a smile and crooked their fingers, beckoning me to come up.

As I rushed into the house I realized that both girls had been in their prospective bedrooms. I bounded upstairs taking care not to damage myself as I realized I had a very hard erection. I reached the bedroom hallway and simultaneously the girls shouted. “In here baby!”

The problem was that they were in separate konya escort bedrooms. I wondered what to do. Which one should I cater to first? Then it hit me. I would turn the tables on them. I slipped into my room, threw myself on the bed and then shouted.

“If you want it, come and get it!”

A few moments later, both girls appeared at my bedroom door all deflated.

Gina pouted and mumbled. “You weren’t supposed to do that. We wanted you to christen our bedrooms. We’ve been moving all our stuff in all day. We’ve worked really hard and been good all day just so you could fuck each of us on our bed.”

Lynn then added “Do you know how fucking difficult it is to get all sweaty and see each other all sweaty and not play? Do you want to know how much our pussies ache, from not touching ourselves all day while we moved everything from next door?”

I suddenly felt very sorry and guilty for not playing their game. “But if I had picked either of you to visit first, what would the other one have done?”

Lynn spoke. “We had agreed that the other one would stay in her room until you visited her. It would have been hard to do, but she was not to come in or play with herself until you were in her room.”

“Girls, I don’t ever want to choose between you. This is a three-way relationship and for it to work it must be equal thirds every second, minute, hour, day or year. For as long as we are together.”

The girls looked at each other and then sheepishly said they were sorry.

“Good, now to the problem in hand. I have a rather hard cock here that seems to think you are both hot little mamas. He wants to know which one of you is going to bathe him in pussy juice first.”

The girls jumped on the bed and Gina chose to straddle my cock while Lynn straddled my face. My tongue flicked her clit and then slid down to penetrated her glistening pussy. Meanwhile, Gina was slowly sliding down my shaft. Revelling in feeling it spread her deeper and deeper until she could grind her clit against the base of my cock. My hands were up between them both, taking it in turn to tease their nipples.

Gina started to bounce up and down on my cock, fingering her clit, her moans beginning to get longer and louder.

Lynn was allowing my mouth to ravage her pussy and tease her by running my tongue from inside her all the way to her clit which I would trap lightly between my teeth and pull slightly. Her whimpering became more intense and I pinched both her nipples and pulled just as she began to buck and convulse, streams of her pussy fluid oozing out and onto my tongue.

No sooner had Lynn’s orgasm begun, Gina began to impale herself as hard as she could on my shaft. kayseri escort

“Oh, fuck, your cock feel so good. Yes, yes, oh fuck!”

She came and squirted both Lynn and me. It was a full minute before she could lift herself off and collapse beside me.

Lynn leaned forward and began to clean my cock of all Gina’s fluids and the remnants of cum. Once I was clean, she leaned over and started licking Gina clean. Gina continued to give little shudders as Lynn’s tongue touched her clit and inner pussy lips.

When she had finished, I sat up and turned to face them both.

“Okay, from this moment on. Your bedroom is your sanctuary. If you decide at any time that you want to be on your own, you can go to your room and there will be no questions asked. The other two of us may be invited in at any time, but other than that, this is the marital bedroom. This is where I will make my women happy and they will make me happy… and each other.”

The girls smiled and jumped up to hug and kiss me, and each other.

“Baby, do you realize what you just said? Lynn asked with tears in her eyes.


“You said marital bedroom, as in marriage.”

“Well, apart from all the legalities of a wedding, which we won’t be able to have as bigamy is illegal, we should consider ourselves married in a very unique and special way. You are my wives and I am your ever-loving husband.”

They both pounced on me with tears rolling down their cheeks, kissing me and each other until I pulled them both into a tight hug and whispered: “I love you”.

They both responded with “I love you too!”

Gina sat up in bed suddenly. “Hey, just a minute! If we can’t have a wedding, at least, we can have a honeymoon, and I have a very good suggestion too…”

“Where?” Lynn asked.

“Hedonism!” she replied with a grin.

“I might have guessed you would put a kink on it,” Lynn replied.

“Wait, isn’t Hedonism the swinger’s resort?” I asked.

“Well, yeah, but you can keep to yourself if you want. I think we would be okay with that as it will be our honeymoon.”

“So why bother going?” I asked.

“Because for one it’s Jamaica and I love Jamaica. Two, it’s clothing optional and I think we would all enjoy that. Three, we can do it anywhere we like and no one will care. Four…”

“Okay, okay, if Lynn agrees, then I am in. I like the idea of just walking around naked and getting it on whenever we like.”

“You do realize that you are going to have a constant erection while you are there don’t you. All those naked women flaunting themselves at you. It’s a good job you are taking two very sexy and extremely horny women with you.”

Lynn straddled me and slipped my now hard shaft inside her. She started rocking back and forth on it and closed her eyes. Gina leaned in and took one of her nipples into her mouth.

Lynn didn’t take very long before she was panting and whimpering. “I think it’s going to be the perfect honeymoon,” she whispered just before convulsing and flooding my groin with her juices.