Doctor Does His Rounds


“Your list of patients,” said my receptionist as she handed me my daily round.

She smiled sweetly, “Sarah Jones’ daughter is one of them!”

Now Sarah Jones’ daughter was a budding supermodel, and when I say ‘budding’ I mean tall, slim, extremely beautiful, but only 18. I’d seen her as a patient at the surgery a few times, most recently when she wanted to go on the birth pill coz she’d started to find boys interesting. She’d come with her mother and we’d had a very frank talk with her. I don’t think she expected to enjoy me examining her, but I’d found the insides of her obviously virgin pussy were soaking wet by the time I’d finished. I wasn’t sure whether her mother saw the effect that her young daughter had on me. Lucky I was wearing a big white coat that day.

Sarah herself was a stunning beauty, and had been a model in her earlier years. We’d several times enjoyed each other during her visits to my surgery, but they had always been quickies. She didn’t encourage me to visit her after hours. I always think that women usually like me just because I have a larger than average cock and also know how to use my fingers and tongue to good effect. I wondered whether Sarah had been talking to her daughter about me at all.

I looked at my list of patients and planned my route to make sure that the Jones’ house was last on my round. By the time I parked my car in their huge driveway, I was pretty tired of old ladies with nothing better to do than waste my time with trivial complaints. I hoped that Sarah’s daughter, Janie, would at least have something more serious wrong with her. When I knocked at the door I was pleasantly surprised to see Sarah herself open the door. She was dressed devastatingly as always, this time in a low tight top and short shorts. This was one former model who’d not lost her figure after ‘retiring’.She showed me in and pointed upstairs.

“Janie’s in the room to the left,” she smiled, “Would you like some coffee?”

I gratefully accepted her offer and walked upstairs to the room she’s indicated. I knocked and was invited in by Janie’s strong voice.

“Hi doc,” she grinned, sitting up against the pillow, “Please sit down.”

She was in her bed, dressed in a simple nightdress, not too low or see-through.

“What’s the trouble, Janie,” I inquired as I sat on the chair she’d indicated beside the bed.

“It’s my knee,” she grimaced, “I twisted it badly when I fell off my horse yesterday. And I couldn’t walk well enough to come to surgery. You see, Mum’s car’s broken down and Dad’s away for two weeks.”

Just at that moment, Sarah came in the room, without knocking to deliver the coffee. She sat down on another chair, crossing her gorgeous legs right in front of me.

“Mum!!!” cried Janie, “you’ll put doc off with that display!”

Sarah just grinned. “Maybe doc wants to be put off?”

I didn’t reply but just got up briskly and said, “Better have a look at that knee, Janie, before Mum distracts me too much.”

We all chuckled and that diffused a little the sensual tension that Sarah had created by her sexy display. The way Janie was lying in the bed I was able to lift up one side of the bedclothes to expose her left leg. Her nightdress was short enough that I couldn’t even see it, just Janie’s beautiful long smooth leg. I could feel something straining to control itself inside my pants and this time I wasn’t wearing any loose fitting clothes. I gently ran my fingers up Janie’s leg from the foot, hearing her gasp with pleasure.

“Sorry, Janie,” I smiled, “Does it hurt down here?” I pressed her shin.

“No, doc, it didn’t hurt,” she giggled.

“OK,” I continued, “You just tell me when I hurt you.”

“Mum, it’s alright, you can go now,” Janie urged.

“But, Janie,” said her mum.

“It’s alright, Mum,” Janie repeated, more firmly.

Reluctantly Sarah got bursa escort up and slowly left the room, with a wistful smile on her face. I watched her go and then turned back to her daughter.

“Mum excites you, doesn’t she, doc?” she asked with a big smile.

“Um, yes, I guess she does. Your mother is a most attractive woman,” I admitted, shifting so that my now almost fully erect cock would be more comfortable. “Now let’s check your knee properly. Does this hurt?” I asked pressing quite firmly on her knee cap.

She just grinned, “No, doc, nothing really hurts down there. I didn’t really hurt my knee, but Mum thought I had. What really hurts is up here,” she pressed around the tops of her thighs. “Since I’ve been on the pill, I’ve been getting this terrible ache that doesn’t go away

however much I masturbate.”

I looked at her in astonishment. “Janie, are you sure this is a problem for your family doctor?”

“Well, Mum says you’ve been able to cure that ache for her most successfully several times.”

“Your mum told you that,” I asked trying not to look flustered.

“Yes, and she told me also that you have a very large one too!” She was grinning naughtily now. “Do you have time to help me cure this ache, doc?” she asked so innocently.

“Janie, you are underage!” I protested.

“But that doesn’t stop my ache,” she cried, shifting in the bed so that the sheet and duvet slipped to the floor.

Now I could see where her nightdress ended! It ended at her waist – and she wasn’t wearing anything else. And as she saw me looking, Janie slowly parted her legs a little. I had the most delicious view of the sweetest clean shaven pussy I’d ever managed to see. She moved her hand down to her pussy.

“Shall I show you how I try to relieve the ache?” she asked softly.

“Uh OK,” I stammered, transfixed and extremely aroused by the beauty of this young girl. She bent her knees and opened her legs wider, slowly parting her pussy lips until I could see the delicious pink insides. My cock threatened to explode as I watched this erotic display.

After sliding one of her fingers slightly inside her pussy, she exclaimed, “Oh man, I’m so wet!” then started to use that lubrication to stroke her clitoris. “Is this how I should do it, doc? Relieve the ache?” she asked with a grin.

“I guess so,” I murmured, trying hard to stop myself just jumping on her young sexy body.

I watched her fingers, mesmerised at her boldness, but I guessed her need was great. Her pussy was oozing copious quantities of her juices, coating her fingers each time she dipped down there. One time she took her fingers to her mouth and hungrily sucked on them.

“I taste nice, doc!” she gurgled, quickly returning to continue to play with her clit.

“When I start to orgasm, doc,” she groaned, “I get quite loud. Make sure the door

is shut!”

I got up quickly and shut the door firmly. As I returned, I could see her eyes follow me, at crotch level.

“That does look very big,” she giggled, “But now…”

Her voice trailed off, then she started to groan. Her body began writhing wildly and her legs started to thrash. With a loud scream she burst into orgasm and juices literally poured from her pussy.

“That’s what happens,” she managed to stutter, smiling broadly.

“Very impressive,” I chuckled, “but you say it doesn’t relieve the ache.”

“No, doc,” she replied, “Is there something else that might help? Like this,” she almost pleaded, sitting right up and reaching out to touch my big erection.

“Janie, you are too young!” I cried trying to move away, but she now had a good hold on my erect cock.

“I could tell Mum that you tried to rape me,” she giggled, “And Mum would believe me after all the nice things you’ve done to her.”

I malatya escort had to admit that she was probably right and, anyway, my cock was starting to talk louder than my senses. Janie was now busily trying to unzip my trousers and pretty soon she’d extricated my big fat cock from inside my pants.

“Oooooo,” she cooed, “this is the first time I’ve held a real one. It’s so hot and REAL!” she giggled, slowly running her fingers along my shaft.

As I’d been holding back a lot while watching her masturbate, I was almost instantly ready to explode.

“Careful, Janie, you might get a shock soon!” I cautioned, moving away from her rather gentle touch. “I won’t be able to satisfy your ache if you continue,” I added as she looked disappointed.

“But Mum says you cum twice really quickly,” she grinned.

“Yes,” I agreed, “but only inside your mum’s hot pussy.”

“Is it really hot?” asked Janie, innocently.

“Your mum is a very horny lady, at least every time she gets to my surgery,” I explained.

“She always comes home looking radiant and saying ‘that doctor makes me feel so good!'” Janie said, smiling. “Perhaps if you satisfy my ache, I’ll feel that good.”

At just that moment, Sarah decided to come back into her daughter’s bedroom. Janie just dived back into bed as she heard the door opening and I was left trying to hide my throbbing erection. I think I just about managed it.

Sarah just said, “Shall I take the coffee away now?”

We both nodded as she cleared them away.

“Are you just about finished, doc?” Sarah asked with a soft smile.

“I think I need another 10 minutes or so to examine Janie properly, if that’s alright.”

“No problems,” said Sarah as she went out again. “Just call me when you’re through.”

As she closed the door, Janie collapsed in giggles, but soon came out of it when she saw me standing with my huge cock sticking out towards her.

“Are you going to put that inside me?” she giggled, “oooooo, I think I might like it, but it’s sooooo big.”

“I’ll be gentle,” I assured her as I indicated that she should lie back with her butt on the edge of the bed.

I moved between her gorgeously long legs and held them apart, looking straight at her horny pussy. I lifted her legs over my shoulders and slowly moved the head of my cock towards her soaking wet pussy. She reached forward and grabbed it, pushing it against her opening.

“Ooooo, you know, you’ll be the first,” she grinned. “But I’m not technically a virgin. Horse-riding took care of that one day!”

Now my throbbing cock was just pushing gently against her pussy, slowly opening up those deliciously pink lips. She moaned with her excitement and tried to move further towards me as my cock slid inside her. There was, as she’d said, no barrier, but her pussy was so tight around my cock. It felt wonderful but was taking me very quickly towards orgasm. I wasn’t going to be able to last, I could feel that and I warned her. As soon as I was fully embedded inside her delightful pussy my cock just erupted, spraying her insides with loads of hot cum. She came deliciously a moment later, her spasming pussy muscles milking all the cream from my throbbing shaft.

“Wow, wow, wow!” she cried, “that was amazing. And you know the ache’s already gone!”

“Awwww,” I moaned, “Now my treatment has been successful, I’ll have to go then?”

“N-N-N-Noooo!” she moaned, clinging on to me with her legs now around my back.

At that I could feel my cock starting already to erect again and she could feel it too.

“Oooooo, he doesn’t want to go,” she giggled.

“No, he doesn’t,” I agreed, “in fact, he wants to sample your lovely pussy for a lot longer yet.”

As my cock came to full erection again I began to move it now inside her tight çanakkale escort pussy. This 18-year old was learning real fast how to handle a good cock and now she was squeezing me hard as I pushed in each time. The second time for me is always the best – it takes longer and I get more enjoyment, my orgasm is stunningly exciting and I usually get time to give my partner at least one orgasm before I cum myself. And Janie was no exception.

She’d cum twice now already but I as really started to thrust inside her with my thoroughly hard shaft again, she started to orgasm in a series of quick wild explosions. This was when I felt in my element – giving a woman what she wants and enjoying myself immensely. I rode Janie through a series of what must have been 20 or more orgasms before she cried for me to stop.

“Enough!” she cried, “I’ve come more times already that ever before.”

“But what about me?” I asked jokingly, still hard and throbbing inside her.

“Perhaps I can help you,” came a voice from behind us.

There was Sarah, now completely naked and looking fantastic.

“I’ve been listening and for the last few moments watching you two and I’m now very horny. Janie won’t mind if you enjoy me too, will you dear?”

It was not really a question, more a command as Sarah came up beside us and bent over, offering me her delicious butt.

“Please slide that delicious cock inside me,” she urged, “now it’s my turn to cum.”

I had no choice really but quite sadly I slipped my cock out of Janie’s tight pussy and moved to slide it right inside that of her mum. Sarah groaned with pleasure as she felt me go really deep.

“He’s huge, isn’t he, Janie?”

“He’s my first, Mum,” Janie grinned.

“I can assure you you’ll not find a bigger white one anywhere – and I know. Only black ones are bigger!” Janie laughed and then watched as I began sliding my hard shaft in and out of her mother’s pussy. I smiled at Janie as her hands slowly wandered down to her own pussy and she began to masturbate again.

“Oh man, oh man, oh man,” cooed Sarah each time I thrust hard against her. She was pushing back against me hungrily trying to get me inside her even deeper each time.

This was much better than our quickies at the surgery, even more so because her lovely daughter was now deliciously playing with herself beside us. I now grabbed hold of Sarah’s hips and began to thrust hard inside her. She went wild at this and orgasmed almost instantly, her pussy going into wonderful spasms on my hard shaft. I held my cock tight inside Sarah as she enjoyed this huge orgasm and grinned at Janie as I could see that she was also about to cum. I started to thrust into Sarah again as we both watched Janie orgasm in front of us. After a few moments of my hard thrusting Sarah erupted again.

“My turn, Mum,” called Janie, pulling herself to the edge of the bed again.

Sarah didn’t want to give me up but she reluctantly agreed as she felt me pull my hard cock out of her dripping pussy and then watched me slide it fast and deep right into her young daughter. Janie squealed with delight as her tight pussy gripped onto my hardness, shaking with pleasure as she came again. Now I could at last feel my own orgasm starting to build.

“I’m almost there!” I called to Janie as I lifted her legs even higher and drove into her as deep as I could.

“Uh, uh, uh!” was all Janie could reply as she savoured the pleasure of my hard thrusts.

My cock swelled and started to throb and then I went almost blank as a huge orgasm shot through me. I didn’t feel my cum shooting out, but I heard Janie squealing as she felt each pulse. She came too, wriggling and crying out her pleasure and then as we calmed down just a little, we heard Sarah cumming hard beside us. She’d obviously been masturbating wildly as she watched me thrusting into her delicious daughter. I slowly pulled my cock out from Janie’s silky pussy and Sarah watched with me as our combined juices began to ooze from her open hole.

“Oh damn!” I cried, looking at my watch. “I’ve got patients to see back at the surgery. Thanks ladies!”

They had time to smile as they cuddled together and I left them there.