Dorm Room Strip Poker


Cam had been waiting for this night for over a week now. It had taken him a little over a month of coaxing to convince Lanna and Kara to come over and play some strip poker. Lanna and Kara lived across the hall from Cam and his roommate Cory in the college dorm. The girls had finally agreed after Cam had suggested that they play during spring break when most of the students would be back home or off on vacation.

After the girls had agreed to play Cam had given them a task. They were each to write down three sexually suggestive activities. These activities would go into a bowl in the middle of the table, that way if you lost the hand and didn’t have any clothes left you would have to draw from the bowl. Cam had set up the card table in the middle of his dorm room and was finishing getting dressed when he heard a knock at the door. Cary stuck his head into the room.

“You want me to get that?” said Cory.

“Sure, thanks Core.” replied Cam.

Cam took a last look in the mirror. He was a skinny guy, fairly good-looking and very charismatic. He was dressed casual in Jeans and a tight black shirt. After fussing a bit with his hair he turned and walked out into the main room. There he saw that Cory was getting drinks for everyone. Cory was a well-built man with sort blonde hair. The girls were sitting on the coach. Lanna was a petite blonde with shoulder length hair and a tight little body. She was dressed in a short black skirt and a tight long-sleeved red shirt. Kara was a brunette of average height. Her hair was long and very curly. Kara was bigger then Lanna but still thin, she did however have much larger breasts then Lanna. She was dressed tight black jeans and a tight white tank top, under the tank top you could see a bright yellow bra.

After a couple of drinks the four sat at their seats at the table.

“How about we just play some regular poker? I don’t know about this.” Said Lanna.

“Oh come on Lanna, we already agreed on this and we all went to a lot of trouble to make this happen, so how about it?” replied Cam.

“I know, I know, this is just very new to me, but a deal is a deal.” Lanna said.

On the first hand of the game Cary came up short with a pair of two’s. After a little bit gaziantep escort of grumbling Cory peeled off his socks. The next hand had Cam lose with a busted straight. Cam removed his socks.

“This was a very good idea, you guys may lose every hand at this rate.” Gloated Kara.

“Don’t get to comfortable, you have to lose sometime ladies.” Said Cory.

After a few more hands the guy were still the worst for wear. Cam was sitting in his boxers, while Cory was down to his pants and boxers. Then the luck turned. Lanna lost the next hand. She blushed, stood up and slid her shirt over her head. She was wearing a white lacey bra that seemed to new due to the brightness of the white lace. Kara lost the next one and both guys immediately perked up. Secretly they had been chomping at the bit to see Kara lose her shirt. Kara was less shy then Lanna had been. Kara made a bit of a show of it and she did a little tease while shedding her tank top. The yellow bra underneath seemed ready to break loose at any moment due to the milky mounds of flesh overloading the cups. Cam twitched in his seat and the girls snickered as they noticed that there was now a much larger lump in Cam’s boxers. Now that things were heating up the action slowed down a bit. Cory who dropped his pants revealing an equally uncomfortable lump in his shorts lost the next hand. The next hand saw Kara lose, again she put on a bit of a show slowly sliding off her jeans to reveal a matching yellow thong and a magnificent ass.

If the guys were aroused before, now they could barley contain themselves. Cam lost the next hand and very reluctantly slid off his boxer shorts revealing his raging 7 inch erection. Lanna blushed but couldn’t take her eyes off it, and Kara licked her lips playfully. Lanna lost the next hand unzipped her skirt. She slid her skirt off to reveal white cotton panties over what appeared to be a very tight ass.

The next hand was lost by Lanna again, almost overcome with embarrassment she slid her white cotton panties off and sat back down quickly crossing her legs and concealing her unshaven pussy. Kara dropped the next two hands and was not at all shy about shedding her bra and thong, although konya escort she to sat down and crossed her legs as well.

Kara lost the next hand and was forced to pull an action from the bowl in the middle of the table. She reached into the bowl and read out the action.

“Give anyone head.” Kara read.

“Can it be Lanna?” joked Kara.

“No way!” said Lanna.

“I was just kidding” claimed Kara.

She and walked slowly over to Cory. She reached down and slid off his boxer shorts. She gave a small gasp as she revealed Cory’s 9 inch cock. Slowly she grasped his cock and lightly slips her hand up and down the shaft. Then she cupped Cory’s balls with her hands and slid the dick into her mouth. Kara had apparently had a lot of practice at giving blowjobs as she went at it like a pro. She slid the whole thing in to her mouth and in her throat until his balls were resting on her chin. Then she slid it almost all the way out, then back down. After about ten minutes off this and with Cam and Lanna watching with rapped attention, Cory’s breathing began to get quicker. He started to pull his dick out of Kara’s mouth, but she grabbed him by the ass and thrust him back into her mouth as he began to shoot blast after blast of warm cum down her throat then licked his cock clean.

“Kara, you are such a slut.” Laughed Lanna.

After Cory and Kara had recovered the four sat back down at the table to continue the game. Cam lost the next hand and drew a card from the bowl, it read:

“play with yourself in front of everyone.”.

Cam pulled his chair back and closed his eyes. He began to stroke his cock. Cory had gone to bathroom to clean up a bit not interested in this part of the game. The two girls didn’t take their eyes off of him. Kara even started to rub her own pussy. Cam keep visualizing Kara on her knees swallowing a load of cum. Soon her started to moan and then shot his load all over his stomach and hand. He took a couple minutes to clean up and then all four returned to the game.

Kara lost the next hand and dipped her hand back into the bowl, this time for the first time all night she did blush a bit. Then she read:

“fuck yourself with kayseri escort an object of the guys choosing.”.

After a little bit of debate the guys decided that the beer bottle right in front of her would do fine. The guys coaxed her to get up on the table and lay on her back so they could get a better look. Kara picked up the bottle and seductively gave the bottle a little mock blowjob while rubbing her pussy. Then she moved the bottle to the wet pussy, she worked it in and out of her pussy, she started to moan very softly, then it got louder and louder until she was screaming while ramming the bottle all the way into her pussy. Soon she climaxed and her arms and the bottle fell to her side. The guys helped her back off the table and into her chair, she was grinning ear to ear while she tried to catch her breath.

Lanna came up short on the next hand and reached into the bowl. Her face went blood red and she couldn’t even read it, she passed it to Kara who laughed. It read: “take on both members of the opposite sex.”. Lanna tried to say it was late but the guys helped her over to Cam’s bed. Cory moved up the Lanna’s head and kissed her in the mouth then slipped his dick into her mouth. Cam moved slowly between Lanna’s legs and began to rub his dick up and down the slit of Lanna’s pussy. Lanna began to sight, taking the hint Cam slip all the way into her pussy and began to rhythmically pump in and out. The muffled moans of Lanna with Cory’s dick in her mouth really got Kara hot she sat on the corner of the bed and began to finger her pussy slowly.

Cory began to moan indicating his second orgasm of the night, however this time when Cory pulled out Lanna did not stop him. He shot his cum all over her breasts. He then moved out of the way and took a seat in the corner of the room.

To everyone’s surprise Kara moved up on the bed and straddled Lanna’s face, she lowered her pussy to Lanna’s mouth and even more surprising Lanna began to kiss and lick her pussy. Can was trying his best to not cum, but watching Lanna eat her best friends pussy was a lot to handle. Cam was happy to hear that Kara was beginning to orgasm. After Kara had stopped screaming from her orgasm Cam began to scream as he came deep into Lanna’s pussy. The three of them fell into heap on the bed in exhaustion.

After awhile the four got dressed and agreed that although they had a really good time this was not something that they wanted to make a habit of. However every once and a while the guys would hear the two girls moaning together in there dorm room across the hall.