Dreams come true

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Hello, my name is Anthony and this is the story of how a tragic accident became my very own miracle.

You see, I am a devotee and wannabe of paralysis. I have no idea how it started or why, just that I am incredibly attracted to paralyzed people and that I would love to be paralyzed.

Anyway, I was born to a couple of very loving, wise and open minded parents with one older brother. I spent the best part of my adolescence figuring out what exactly I liked about paralysis, it’s causes and everything related to it. In college I was originally going to be a physical therapist, but realized that it would be pretty much impossible for me to remain professional and keep my attraction a secret, so instead I became a stock exchanger and ended up making quite a bit of money in a relatively short amount of time.

In my early to mid twenties, I started to actively search for a paralyzed partner. It didn’t matter to me if it was a guy or a girl, I just wanted to be able to experience first hand an intimate relationship with someone paralyzed. At the beginning I didn’t have any luck, because as soon as I was honest about my desires, they would get angry, disgusted or offended.

It wasn’t until I met James, that I was finally able to find an open minded and easy going paralyzed partner and with him, finally be able to realize my most intimate desires. James is a paraplegic, completely paralyzed from the mid-chest down, at the T-5 vertebrae. I found him hot, cute and a bit mysterious at first, fell head over heels as I got to know him, and my love was completely cemented when I was able to run my hands though his body for the first time. He has no spasticity at all, which is why his legs have become so thin over the years of paralysis, as well as losing much of his muscle tone from his level of injury and down. He has a little bit of a gut, as he doesn’t have control of his abs anymore and I absolutely love the way his legs flop every time he moves, completely limp and soft. Most importantly, I love the softness and puffiness of his feet. They drive me absolutely crazy.

We had been together for almost a year and a half and were working on building a home completely custom made and 100% adaptable and suitable for a wheelchair user. I had plans to start experimenting with pretending and so on…. When the accident happened.

I had to go to a town on the outskirts of the city we lived in and was trying to hurry up in order to make it back home soon, when out of nowhere, in the middle of the highway, a car moved right next to mine, pushing it sideways and making me lose control of it. Everything happened so fast, one second I was driving at 80 miles per hour on a straight line, getting closer to home by the min, and the next I was basically pushed out of the road and then my car was rolling…. and that was it, I lost consciousness at the point, the rest I know because of what others told me.

James and my father were told that the car had to be cut out in order to take me out of the wreckage, that my heart stopped beating a couple times while they were airlifting me to the hospital… that several of my bones were broken as well as my neck and that my spinal cord was partly severed at the C4 – C5 level and swollen… and that I was on a ventilator because I couldn’t even breathe on my own, effectively making me a high level quadriplegic.

Waking up from the medicine and sedatives the doctors had me on was slow, it took me almost two weeks after the accident to be fully conscious and aware enough to understand what they were telling me. First there was shock and fear, then, as I processed what I was told, I could feel an increasing wave of excitement all over. Could it be??? Granted, I wasn’t too happy about the ventilator in my throat, the risk of dying at any second because of it was a big issue, but the istanbul travesti doctor assured me that I would most likely be able to get rid of it in the following weeks now that I was awake. It was the fact that I was paralyzed, unable to feel or move anything below my shoulders that had me feeling excited.

I tried my best to keep my emotions to myself and to the doctors and my family, it looked like I simply accepted my new reality. They prized me for my strength and maturity, saying that it would help me go through my rehabilitation faster. To James, though, he knew how deep and strong my desires were, and he understood immediately what I was thinking. He easily promised to help me with everything, as he had already been through it all when he had been paralyzed.

I knew I loved him already, but after that, it was like my feelings for him multiplied by tenfold and I couldn’t be more grateful.

He easily took over pretty much everything that had to do with my care and rehabilitation, as well as helping my parents through their grief process. Because to them, their younger son going from a healthy, independent and successful adult to basically an infant that needed help with absolutely everything was a big blow. My mother found it especially hard to come to terms with it, always crying when near me and not knowing what to do to help. Having James there taking charge of everything and knowing what to do took a big weight out of my parents and brother’s shoulders.

But you would ask, how on earth would he be able to do any of your care if he is also in a wheelchair?? Well, obviously in the hospital we pretty much had an army of nurses at our disposal, and the same would be at the rehab center. James was also already setting up to hire a couple of nurses to help while at home, and he could also do some of it thanks to the standing wheelchair he had been using for a while now.

The first time he did something related to my care was changing my Ted socks, my catheter and pee bag. I still can’t not describe the feeling I got from watching him “standing” in his wheelchair and manipulating my limp legs and dick with such love and care, with me not being able to feel anything at all… he even went the extra mile kissing my feet and legs as he picked them up…

I still remember what he said to me as he was doing this:

“Now I know what you felt when you did this for me.”

He said this while kissing my right foot and then look at my face and said:

“I love you so much. We’ll be just fine. I promise”

I wanted desperately to tell him how much I loved him too, but because of the vent I wasn’t able to. Instead, I settled for a quick succession of blinks and some tears of happiness.

Part 2

As the weeks flew by, I was able to get rid of the vent and finally breathe on my own again. After that, I was moved to a rehabilitation facility that was actúa pretty close to the place where our house was being built. Now that I was going to be in a wheelchair permanently as well as needing much more care and supplies, James and I made a few changes to the layout and set up of the house before the construction was done.

Our bedroom would have to be much bigger than before, and instead of the stairs lift that we had planned on installing, we decided on an elevator big enough to move furniture inside the house. It was a bit expensive but worth it. A big custom-made hospital bed that will allow us to sleep together while also preventing issues like pressure sores and positioning. A transfer lift that had rails on the ceiling connected pretty much all of the second floor, making it much easier to move me from the bed to the bathroom and even another bedroom if needed without using the wheelchair at all.

He also set up a voice-controlled environment system throughout the house istanbul travestileri so that I could be as independent as possible. Things such as changing or turning on and off the tv, the music, the lights, the heat and the A.C, opening and closing doors, answering and making calls, and working on the computer were possible to me thanks to that.

He did all that and more as I was at the rehabilitation hospital learning to be as productive and independent as possible with my new frail and paralyzed body. I loved every second of it. I was able to regain movement on my left upper and lower arm, and some movement on my right arm as well as spotty feeling throughout my body. The movement that I regained allowed me to drive my wheelchair using a joystick, but James and I knew that I would rather use head or cheek controls. That’s why after I got my custom-made wheelchair at rehab, James made an order for a second wheelchair with supersensible head controls that I would be able to use with the most minimum head movement.

It was the day I was finally released from rehab and entering our brand new home that the fun started. James talked me through the environmental voice control and introduced me to the live-in aid, Maria, that would help me with things that James wasn’t able to as well as keeping the house clean. There would also be a part-time aid that would come in during weekends and days Maria asked off for whatever reason. He then show me how to work the elevator and gave me a full tour of the house, even though I was up to date with all the changes and additions, seeing them in real life instead of paper was very satisfying.

Next to the main bedroom was the main bathroom, which was almost half the size of the bedroom. We had an accessible shower with everything necessary for both our routines and needs, as well as a beautiful deep massage tub that would easily fit us both with handles for support. I couldn’t wait to try it out. There were 3 additional bedrooms, the one on the other side of the house, farthest from our bedroom, was for Maria, since it had its own bathroom and it gave us privacy when needed. The other two bedrooms were in between as well as another bathroom. As of now, one of the bedrooms was set up as an office for James to work, since I was most likely to work on my computer while in bed, but we were thinking of setting up a proper workstation for me next to James’s.

The first floor was very open and spacious. A guest room was set up there just in case. The kitchen, living room, and dining room were all connected and a beautiful balcony overlooking the open yard behind the house. The basement was also beautifully organized and open, also accessible through the elevator. I was absolutely in love with our house and grateful to have James in my life.

As the day ended I was exhausted but also excited. As Maria expertly transferred me to bed and was beginning to undress me, James told her that he could take care of everything else. After he dismissed her for the night, he look at me and asked:

“Well, love, what do you feel up to right now?”

I thought for a second before replying:

“I want us to explore each other, I want to see how my body reacts to you, I want to see what I can do to please you, I want to make you cum and see you do the same to me. I want you to take me and do all you want to do with me, and I want to do the same.”

I said with conviction. The last 5 months of celibacy weighed heavily on my heart. I wanted to taste his seed again, kiss him with all my might, and show him how much I love him.

He smiled and took my limp hand and moved it to his face to kiss it. The therapists had done a beautiful job and had managed to keep my fingers loose and presentable, unlike with many with my level of injury that ends up with closed fists instead travesti istanbul of hands. I was really grateful for that.

“Let me get you ready then.”

I still had the lift harness under me, so he used it to lift me a bit to pull my sweatpants off my butt and pull my shirt up as much as he could before setting me down again. Sweatpants had been my favorite thing to wear before the accident, and now they were pretty much all I would wear. Button-up shirts and zip-up sweatshirts were also a favorite because of how easy it was for the aides and James to put them on and take them off.

After he took care of my shirt and covered me with a blanket to keep me warm, he proceeded to remove my pants, socks, leg bag, and Ted stockings. It was a bit slow because he was doing it all from his wheelchair, but since it was the first day at home, he wanted to be the one doing it all for me. He also didn’t waste any opportunity he had to kiss every inch of my body he had access to, as well as doing some range of motion exercises to help with the blood flow.

Finally, he had me only in the diaper that I wore to take care of accidents and leaks. Maria had taken care of the soiled one I had before transferring me to bed, as that is one of the few things James is unable to help me with since it requires moving me side to side and that is difficult for him. James opened up my legs, put pillows under my knees and my feet, and covered me fully with the blanket.

“All done for now. Are you ready for a show?” He said suggestively.

I couldn’t help but giggle a bit. “A show??? Yes! Always.”

I said with a big smile.

His bright smile blinded me. “Ok. One sec.”

He lowered his wheelchair to a sitting position and moved backward so that I could have a full view of what he was doing. He then started taking off his shoes and socks. I whined at the sight, missing sucking and kissing those toes so much. He then used the top part of the foyer lift sling to lift himself off his chair as much as possible without falling and opening up his pants. I couldn’t believe my eyes. He was half standing, half sitting over his wheelchair, his legs dangling and flopping as he moved side to side to let his pants drop to his feet. His soft, thin and absolutely delicious legs were dangling limply in front of me and all I could do was stare at them…

He then opened up the diaper he was wearing and using his left hand to keep it in place, he took his right leg with his right hand and lifted it up and sideways to get rid of the diaper. As he did that, I could see his limp dick just hanging there, looking so soft and sweet. His floppy foot was just as mesmerizing.

He looked back up at me and asked:

“Liked what you see??? I mastered this just for you.”

I looked him in the eye and lovingly replied:

“Oh love, you have no idea. Thank you so much. You don’t know how much I wish I could kiss you all over right now…”

He grinned at this.

“Don’t worry hon, you’ll be able to do that, I just need you to be patient.”

Now I was intrigued. What exactly did he have in mind? I was already impressed with what he had done so far, what else could he surprise me with??

Meantime, James was back to sitting on his chair, he had already taken care of the pants at his feet and had moved the sling to the side while he took off the rest of his clothes. Once he was fully naked he used the sling to lift himself, this time fully, out of his wheelchair and used the remote to move right on top of me. With him hovering in that position on top and in front of me, I had a full close-up of his beautiful dick, legs, and even his soft butt. I could feel myself salivating and my heart beating like crazy.

But then, once again, he surprised me. Instead of moving closer to my face so I could take him in my mouth, he moved farther down, towards my feet. I was confused. As he moved, he took hold of my blanket and pulled it off my body. Once he was over the space in between my open legs, he lowered himself there, getting rid of the sling but keeping it close.

For later, I guess.

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