Dry Spells and Opportunity

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I had been seeing a girl from the next town over from where I was living at the time. Well seeing isn’t really the right term. I had been occasionally getting together with Amber. We had met at a spoken word event that I had organized, and she introduced herself, told me that she was into writers, and we started hanging out every now and then.

It wasn’t a relationship of any description, just a couple of people getting together every now and then to pass the time so to speak. Mostly we smoked weed and had sex, but there was no real connection, especially from my side. She was in a lot of ways a fun distraction, and that suited her as well as it suited me.

Given that I was 41, and was twice divorced, I didn’t have any desire to jump into a relationship. I was enjoying the freedom that comes with single-hood, and in those moments of loneliness, or more often, “horniness,” companionship was never hard to find.

One evening in November, I had Amber and a few of her friends over for a get together. The night was filled with beverages, bong hits, and general conversation. After an hour of playing Trivial Pursuit though, I was convinced that she and her friends weren’t exactly the people I wanted to spend a lot of time with.

The evening wore on and people slowly started to leave. Amber had to teach a yoga class the following morning, so she headed home as well. Patrick who, at 26, was likely the youngest of Amber’s friends — the rest were in their early 30’s — stuck around for an extra drink and some more hits from the bong.

It was obvious from when everyone had arrived, that Patrick was gay. He wasn’t flamboyantly gay, his speech and appearance were decidedly masculine, but he had a softness about him, and a general demeanor that made it clear that he preferred man-love. He was also the smartest of the bunch.

With the two of us left alone, we took our drinks to my living room. He sat on the couch, me in my chair. Ani DiFranco was playing in the background.

Earlier in the evening, Patrick had been telling Amber about his “dry-spell.” He had been in a relationship that had ended about a year prior, and he hadn’t found anyone since. As we sat in the living room he was talking a little more about it. He said that he preferred older men, but most of the older men he encountered in his relatively small town were strictly tops – they liked to do the fucking, but did not want to be fucked in return.

Patrick told me that he enjoyed being fucked, but he also liked the feeling of being inside another man. We poured another drink, and continued talking, and he said that he was looking forward to being older so that he could be the one to be pleasured by a younger man, and he could also bursa escort be the one to do the fucking for a change.

As he talked, my cock was hardening in my pants. While I lived the life of a straight man, I had on occasion been known to enjoy some man love. My first experience with a man was when I was 16. He was in his 30s. Since then I had been with a man a half dozen times, and I had thoroughly enjoyed each and every experience.

Listening to this young man, with his handsome face, wonderful head of hair, and his strong looking arms, I was desperately craving that feeling of a nice hard cock in my mouth, in my ass. It had been nearly seven years since I had last enjoyed the sensation of a hard cock pressing inside me, and I was getting the distinct impression that an opportunity was right before me.

I put my drink down on the middle shelf of my bookcase, and stood up and said “Come with me.” He got up from his spot on the couch and followed me to my bedroom.

“What?” he said as we entered by bedroom.

I told him to get undressed to his boxers and asked him to sit on my bed.

“Tonight you’re 41, and I’m 26,” I said to him. He took off his shirt and his pants, and he sat on the edge of the bed wearing only a pair of Joe Boxers. His skin still retained the hint of a summer tan, and as I looked at his strong, lean body I hardened further.

I knelt down in front of him and ran my hands up the insides of his legs. Softly I kissed his inner thighs as my right hand came to rest on his crotch. I gently fondled his cock, feeling it grow and harden. There is something so intoxicating about feeling a hard cock in my hand, and the sensation of feeling it grow and harden in my hand was amazing. Through the fabric of his boxers I kissed his balls as I stroked his cock. Moving my mouth up, I gently nibbled on his hard shaft causing him to softly moan and shift a little.

Once he was very hard I pulled down his boxers and with a loose, soft grip I began slowly stroking his shaft. His cock was nice. Slightly larger than my own, he was circumcised, and had a beautifully sexy cock head. After stroking him for a while, I leaned in and took the head of his cock into my mouth. I continued to stroke him as I swirled my tongue around his cock head. Patrick moaned, and placed one of his hands on the back of my head.

It may have been seven years since I had enjoyed a cock in my mouth, but I hadn’t forgotten how to bring pleasure to a man. His cock head filled my mouth nicely, and I could taste the first hints of pre-cum as my tongue danced across the slit of his cock head.

Slowly I took more and more of him into my mouth. Stroking his gorgeous shaft with my right hand, and with my bursa escort bayan left playing with his balls, I could tell that this young gay man was loving the sensation of an older man pleasuring him. He began gently pushing down on my head as I took him further into my mouth. He placed his second hand on my head and then began gently thrusting his hips as I continued sucking his hard cock. Patrick’s moans became louder and more frequent with each stroke of my hand, and each slurp of my mouth.

His cock stiffened even further, and his balls tensed and I thought he was going to cum, so I slowed down. I slid his cock from my mouth and was licking down the shaft when he suddenly started to come. I worked my mouth back to the head of his cock as he continued to shoot stream after stream of warm, white cum. While the first stream had landed on the side of my face, the rest found their way into my mouth, and I happily licked and sucked every bit of it.

He fell back onto my bed, and I got up from kneeling in front of him and joined him on the bed.

Patrick started feeling my cock through my pants, and before I knew it, my pants were on the floor beside his, and he was stroking me and taking me into his mouth.

Very slowly he swirled his tongue around my cock head.

“I hope I can do this as well as you did. That was the best blow job I’ve ever had,” he said to me before taking my cock fully into his mouth.

For about 20 minutes he sucked and stroked me. As he did so he occasionally pressed a finger or thumb against my anus. Not enough to slide inside, but enough that I could feel the glorious pressure. I couldn’t hold off any longer and I told him I was about to cum. As soon as I said that, he took me deep into his mouth, and my cock exploded. He stroked me as I continued to cum in his throat.

When my cock had stopped pulsating, he pulled it out of his mouth and moved back up the bed. He was beside me and I could feel that he was hard again, as his cock was pressing into my leg.

“So does this mean that I get to fuck you now?” He asked as he pressed his cock harder into my leg.

“Mmm hmm,” I responded as I reached into the wooden box on my bedside table for a condom. Patrick rolled the condom onto his cock, and I fumbled around on the floor beside my bed for a bottle of lube.

I handed him the bottle and he opened it and put some on his fingers. He then started rubbing the lube around my ass hole. He added a little more lube and then began pressing a finger into me. I moaned as his middle finger slid inside me.

In a rocking motion he slid his finger in and out of me for a minute or two and then he added his index finger making my ass feel very full. The sensation escort bursa was incredible. Patrick would slide his fingers in and out at a slow, regulated pace, and every now and then he would spread his fingers apart, stretching my tight, and underused ass. I was unable to repress moans of delight as he tenderly worked his fingers in my ass.

After pulling his fingers out of me, Patrick again opened the bottle of lube and spread a healthy amount on his cock. He then had me stand at the end of my bed, and I bent over, and he began pressing the head of his very hard cock against my ass.

I thoroughly enjoyed the pressure, mixed with a bit of pain as the head of his cock pressed inside me. I waited in anticipation of that wonderful moment when the cock head finds its way inside, the moment when I have always let out an uncontrollable moan.

When the head of his cock finally pressed through my anal opening, he held it there for what seemed an eternity. I was glad that he did because it had been a long time since I had had a cock in my ass, and it gave me time to get used to the feeling again.

Then he slowly pushed further and further into me. I moaned loudly as he pushed the full length of his cock into my ass. When he was pressed as far in as he could he held my hips with his strong hands and stayed in that spot for a few seconds. I could feel his balls resting against mine, and I couldn’t wait to feel those balls slapping against my own as he fucked me. He then slowly and gently began rocking his hips back and forth sliding his cock in and out.

The pain – that glorious kind of pain – went away after a minute or two, and Patrick slowly increased the pace. After a couple minutes he slowed down again and would pull his cock almost out and hold it there until I pressed back against him driving him fully inside me again. Patrick did this several times, and each time he pulled as far out as he could while leaving just the head of his cock inside me, I happily pressed backward until I could feel his balls against mine again.

Suddenly Patrick’s grip on my hips hardened and he began thrusting more quickly and I could feel his cock stiffen just as it began pulsating, and I knew he was filling that condom with his hot, sticky fluid. He held my hips tightly and pushed his cock all the way inside me and I could feel each pulse as he came inside me.

He slowly pulled his softening cock out of me, removed the condom, and fell back on my bed and said “It has been way too long, I so needed that.”

I told him that it had been even longer for me, and I could not have agreed with him more. Having his beautiful, hard cock inside me was exactly what I had needed.

We got up from the bed and made our way back to my living room where I poured more drinks, filled the bowl of the bong, and we listened to music while we enjoyed the high.

He left about an hour later, but not before asking me to give him another blow job.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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