E127: A Goodbye To The Past: Part Two


The meeting with Grace going so well, but giving Emma much to think about, did it alter her perception of her father?  She did look through her mother’s diary for entries in May of 1986 and did find one about that day.  Yes, she and Susan had a wonderful time together that day, which Charlotte went into detail describing.And yes, that night Edward did spank Charlotte; she was unsure of why, but he accused her of some misdemeanor.  Charlotte did write about how aroused she was being spanked out of the blue.  How superb the sex was afterwards, Edward banging up in her from behind, even slapping her red ass cheeks a few more times for good measure.  Though his other hand had found her clit and rubbed it almost raw as she climaxed.  Between Susan and Edward that day, she hardly could walk and was so tender the next day, Charlotte reported.Reading this makes Emma think again about Susan, so a few days later, she arranges to visit her at the retirement community where Susan now lives.  When she arrives, Susan welcomes her into her apartment.  It is small but comfortable and stylishly decorated.  She is so pleased to see Emma as it has been a couple of years now since they last visited.  She is amazed at the change in Emma, how different she looks, and her air of confidence now.Emma starts by telling her of her engagement and some about Donald.  She leaves out how they first met, Anadolu yakası escort and details of their ‘courtship,’ though realizing it’s a way to introduce what she wants to talk about, she does say that her relationship with Donald is a bit different, which both love and would not change.Susan is overjoyed for her and so happy about this new Emma she sees before her.  Emma always was a lovely girl but was so hidden in those foolish clothes and oppressed lifestyle.  She has truly blossomed finally, and Susan could not be happier.  Susan congratulates Emma on all the changes which have happened to her.  How she is sure Charlotte would be so joyful about all that has occurred also.Emma then tells Susan about finding her mother’s diary, leaving out about the money and jewelry Edward had bestowed on Charlotte over the years.  But Emma does tentatively tell Susan that she was a large part of the diary, her mother singing Susan’s praises and how she pleasured Charlotte, and the love Charlotte felt for Susan.Another waterworks of tears follows this revelation by Emma.  Susan grabs Emma’s hand, tells her, “Yes, we did love each other so much. What we had was so different and special.  It added a part of our lives we were missing but did not change the main parts.”“My mother wrote about how it began, the night before her wedding, Kurtköy escort bayan you were already married.  I can somewhat understand what came over you both that night, having been drinking and all, but why did it start up again after Charlotte returned from her honeymoon?  All she wrote about with my father, she seemed to like.  A bit deviant in nature, to have been filling for her.  And it seemed you were happily married also,” Emma questions Susan.“Your mother and I had always been friends from elementary school.  We were always together through high school.  As we got older, we would talk a lot about boys, kissing, making out, and more.  We would talk about how far we should go, but that kept getting just a little farther as we got older,” Susan begins her story.”We went our separate ways for college but did keep in touch and did get together on holidays.  I met my husband, Tom, in college, and we were married about a year after we graduated.  Your mother hadn’t found anyone that really felt right to her.  Until we introduced her to Tom’s college buddy, Edward.  He was a couple of years older than Charlotte but he did live in town and was from a very well-known family. “The two hit it off immediately, even though Edward was rather conservative in nature.  It did surprise me how much your mother was willing to change to be acceptable Escort Maltepe to Edward.  That last night before they married was strange, and yes, we were rather drunk enough to let our defenses down.”Both of us knew things were probably going to change between us after she married. Edward had expectations for how she behaved, dressed and presented herself.  I think the thought that we would be separated fueled what happened.”Our first kiss was magical, and once we started, it just proceeded to the next level.  And when the next morning, both of us did not write it off to just being drunk but needed to come together again, we knew there was something more.  Even though we both were so satisfied with Tom and Edward.”When Charlotte returned from the honeymoon, we did stay apart for a while, but then one night, Tom and I, and Charlotte and Edward happened to be at the same restaurant.  As Tom and I were leaving, we stopped at their table to say hello and hear about their honeymoon. Tom and Edward caught up, but Charlotte and I could only stare at each other with longing.”Two days later, she invited me over for lunch on a Wednesday afternoon.  Well, we never got to lunch that day as we fell together, kissing and caressing each other.  We were both in tears when we pulled apart, realizing how much we needed this between us.”She led me upstairs to a spare room, which in time would become, for us, our special place. We were all over each other, helping each other to undress, we needed to feel our skin against each other.  Well, much more than just skin.  We fell on the bed together and soon were scissoring each other, letting our wet and longing cunts rub each other as our passion grew.