Family Friends


Eric pulled his car into the driveway and turned it off. The enormous house looked flawless, brightly colored with a perfectly manicured lawn. Penelope’s mother, Victoria, had always been wealthy, but it seemed that in recent years her business had been doing even better than usual. A driven woman, she had worked her way to the top of her pharmaceutical company through hard work, eventually rising from lowly drug representative to CEO of all their operations. While Eric had been away on his first year in college, she had bought this house in the Hamptons as a summer home. Eric had driven down from MIT to spend the first few weeks of summer with his old friend and her mother.

Penelope had been away at school as well, though much closer at NYU. They had been best friends growing up together on Long Island since they were 5 or 6. College was the first time that either of them had been separated for so long. Eric was wondering if she had changed at all, because he was pretty sure he had. They had both been nerdy kids growing up, playing video games together and always being on the internet. Neither was very socially awkward, but nor were they the most popular kids in their high school. They had their friends and made good grades.

Eric snapped back into the present and grabbed his bags from the back seat of his car. As he was walking toward the door, the sight of Penelope’s mom standing in the doorway holding a glass of iced tea stopped him dead in his tracks for a moment. Her brown hair fell past her shoulders onto her breasts, which stood proudly out in front of her at 38DD (he knew, he had snuck into her bra cabinet before). She wore a strapless red dress that hugged her fit, curvy figure until it ended somewhere mid-thigh. It was a dress that most women her age (38) could not pull off, but Eric knew how many heads Mrs. Baker would turn if she walked down Madison Avenue in wearing that. She smiled widely as he approached, seeming very excited to see him.

“Hello, Eric! How are you doing? How was the drive?”

Eric walked inside as she held the door for him, setting his bags in the foyer. “It was good. About five hours. And I’m doing very well! Glad to be done with exams and out for the summer.” Mrs. Baker moved to hug him, and he realized that he had grown taller than her. He stood now at 6’2″ to her 5’8″, but as her breasts pressed against his abs he tried not to get an erection. He remembered fondly the days when a hug from Mrs. Baker ended with his face buried between her massive breasts. It was a young boy’s dream. He had always had a crush on Mrs. Baker, something Penelope, and sometimes Mrs. Baker herself, had teased him about.

“I’m so glad to hear it! Come with me to the kitchen, I’ll show you around. Want anything to drink?”

Eric walked behind her into the enormous house and sat at the bar, facing her. “Some water would be great. Thank you, Mrs. Baker”

She chuckled. “Don’t make me feel old, Eric. Call me Victoria, or Vicki, whichever you prefer. You’re a man now, you get to be my equal. Speaking of, you sure you just want water? I’ve got scotch, bourbon, vodka, and I know how to make just about any cocktail. Lots of business entertaining.”

Eric had to size this up as a possible trap, but he decided he might as well indulge himself. “Bourbon, then. On the rocks.”

She turned around to pour the drink, grabbing the bottle of maker’s mark. Eric couldn’t help but stare at her luscious ass, given the opportunity. “mmm. I love a bourbon man,” she replied, pouring one for herself and sitting across the bar from him. “To the handsome college man, may he enlighten us all.” He smiled and clinked his glass with hers, taking a sip of the fiery liquid. “Heard you did pretty well your first semester? Coming home with a girlfriend? Or three?”

He laughed politely. He had gotten his fair share of pussy at MIT, but not every girl could handle his particular endowment. “No, not really. The girls up there are lots of fun, but I haven’t found anyone just right.”

“Boy, don’t I know that problem. Men my age have one-track minds that they can’t live up to. You know, Penelope is still single if you’re interested.” She looked to either side of her to make sure Penelope wasn’t there, then held her breasts in her hands and whispered “she’s got her own set of these, now!”

He almost spit out the bourbon he was drinking, but eventually his laughter subsided. “I think I’m alright being friends for the moment.”

She smiled. “Well, if you’re not interested in that, I could use a man around the house. I’m single too,” she said, with a devilish grin on her face.

Penelope was strolling in the room just as Eric was trying to formulate a response. “Done hitting on my Eric yet, Mom? You’re even trying to get him drunk first!” she joked, and Eric smiled to be relieved of having to come up with a witty response to her mother’s question. “Come on,” she beckoned him, “I want to have a welcome-home round with you.”

Eric downed the rest of his glass in one burning gulp. “One for the road, Victoria?”

Victoria giggled. “My My, Eric, let’s not go too fast. I don’t want to have to take advantage of you later.”

Penelope rolled sinop escort her eyes at her mother’s comment, then headed up the stairs. Eric noticed her hips as they swayed from side to side while she ascended the staircase. Dat Ass, he had to keep himself from muttering. He found it hard to resist giving it a good spank as they walked up the stairs. She was wearing short cheeleader shorts which just barely kept her perfect rump covered, and a tight spaghetti strap top which exposed much of her midriff. Her mother was right, he could see; indeed she had fallen into her own set of beautiful tits. D-cup, he guessed, which stood perky on her 5’3″ and slim frame. Hustling behind her, he got to her room and grabbed the xbox controller off of the couch. They had played all sorts of newer games, but the ten-year-old original HALO was their favorite. For one reason or another, it was a classic in their eyes.

“Did you call my mom Victoria?” she asked me, starting up the game.

“What?” Eric replied instantly, just shaking himself from ogling her while she wasn’t looking. “Oh, yeah. She told me to. Said I was a man now and her equal or something.”

“She wants your dick!” she jokingly teased. Just like old times , Eric thought, with some welcome additions . Eric could not get it off his mind that both Penelope and her mom were the hottest beings he’d ever seen.

He started to focus on the game, enjoying blasting each other to shreds on the massive flat screen. They had always been pretty well matched in their video gaming escapades, even if they did have different styles. He was a run and gun master, spraying bullets as long as it got the job done. She was stealthy and clever, taking her time to make that one perfect shot count. After the first two games, the set was tied, one and one.

“Best of three?” Eric asked.

“Sure, but let’s make it interesting,” Penelope replied.

Eric thought for a minute. “Drinking game? We can go get a bottle from your mom.”

Penelope laughed. “Nah, we can all get drunk later. How about… a dare?”

Eric debated it. Truth or dare was one of their favorite games growing up, but it seemed more childish now. Still, he was treasuring the idea of having her run a naked lap around the enormous house. Him getting to watch would just be icing on the cake.

“Deal,” he said. “Prepare to be destroyed.”

“Bring it, scrub!” she replied, sticking her tongue out. The game was set for the first to 25 kills. Eric got off to an early lead and kept being about three kills ahead. It was then that Penelope started to try and mess with his head.

“You know, my mom really was hitting on you.”

She played these sorts of mind-games all the time; Eric wasn’t fooled just yet. “No way, Pen.”

“Seriously,” she said. “She’s been so excited that you were coming down for a few weeks. You think it was an accident that she was wearing that dress? She’s not going anywhere. She just wanted you to see her in it.”

Eric lost focus for a second. The dress was for my benefit? What would that even mean? What could possibly develop? I shook it off; she was catching up now.

“Don’t pretend you haven’t thought about it.”

“I haven’t,” Eric replied, a little too quickly. “Thought about what?”

“Her! Her naked, her massive fucking tits, her magnificent ass, sliding your cock in between those huge boobs and cumming on them.”

She had a headshot on him before she even finished the sentence. Goddamn, she was too good at this.

“She can’t stop thinking about your cock. She wants it.”

It was tied, 24-24. Eric had no idea where her character was.

She leaned over and whispered, “I want it too.”

BANG. Game over. Clever girl, Eric thought. She knew how to make him hard, and that was his end. She was laughing at him, but she could see the defeated look in his eyes. She smiled at him, “ready for my dare?”

Visions of her running naked around the house were gone now. “Fine, do your worst.”

“I dare you to let me suck your cock.”

He just sat staring at her, sitting on the couch. She was already getting into position on her knees in front of him. Was this another trick? She couldn’t be serious, but her hands were reaching up to unbutton his jeans. “Fuck off, you’re not serious. What do you want?”

“A dare’s a dare,” she responded. “I’m going to suck your cock until you cum. I’ve seen the bulge you’ve had in your pants since you were 16, I know you’ve got a massive one. Just let me have my turn.” By this point, she was pulling down his pants to my ankles and rubbing his fully-erect dick through my boxers. “Jesus, it is huge. I can’t believe I waited this long for this.”

Eric laid his head back onto the sofa. Trick or no trick, this felt fantastic, and he had been horny for Penelope since he watched her walk up the stairs. Reaching into my boxers, she pulled out his fully at-attention cock.

“Holy shit! I knew you were big, but jesus, how big is this?”

“9 inches,” Eric replied as she stroked his cock with her right hand and worked his balls with her left. “You still up for it?”

She smirked. “You know how I love a challenge.” With sivas escort that, she engulfed the head of my cock with her mouth, running her tongue quickly across the head. Eric was in exstacy; she was better at this than any girl he had ever known. She worked her head fluidly up and down the shaft, her lips tightly sucking on his cock. She continued to work the lower shaft with her hands while her head bobbed furiously up and down, engulfing more and more of his cock with each pass. She came off it and looked up with him with her perfect, green eyes and asked, “Have you ever been deep-throated before?”

Eric laughed. “Nobody’s ever been brave enough to try.”

With a twinkle in her eye, she went right down and slowly crept until she was swallowing 7 inches of Eric’s fat cock down her throat. Eric could barely resist blowing his load right then and there, but he knew he was close.

“I’m gonna cum,” he whispered, pulling her head off of his cock.

“No shit, sherlock,” she replied. “Let me at it, I wanna swallow it.”

Penelope slipped her mouth around the head and furiously jacked off the shaft of his cock with her hands. Eric felt the orgasm building deep within him, then erupt powerfully from the tip of his dick, sending huge spurts of goo right to the back of her throat. He sat there cumming for a solid thirty seconds while Penelope moaned in satisfaction.

“Mmm,” she said, after swallowing his load, “you’ve got tasty cum.”

“Glad you approve,” he said, reaching for his pants to pull them back on.

“You don’t think you’re done yet, do you?” Penelope asked. “Come on in, mom!”

Eric heard the door open and instinctually grabbed the nearest object to cover himself. Penelope just laughed at him. “Don’t get modest now, big boy. That cock needs to be shown off to the world.”

“Oh good, he’s as big as we thought?” Eric heard Victoria ask, though he was still staring incredulously at Penelope.

“Bigger,” Penelope replied, getting up to join her mother as she walked in the door. Eric looked to see that Victoria was no longer wearing the tight, figure-hugging red dress that she wore when he walked in. Instead, she was wearing the exact same shade of red in lingerie, her massive breasts held perfectly forward. Near instantly his cock was hard again, looking at the perfect display of womanhood that was penelope’s mother. His eyes travelled down her tan body to the red lace thong she wore, covering her clearly shaven pussy.

“Like what you see?” she asked, spinning around to give Eric a view of her sculpted ass. “Now my daughter just seems so over dressed. Come here, Penelope, let me help you out with that.” Then they did something that Eric could not have anticipated. They kissed, frenching each other hard while Penelope reached down to grab a handful of her mother’s ass and spank it. Victoria began to slide off her daughter’s tight shirt, revealing she had worn no bra, and started to suck on her D-cup tits, biting them gently and causing Penelope to throw her head back and moan with pleasure.

Watching their incestuous lust made Eric unbelievably horny, and he quickly found his cock hard once again. Almost without thinking he began to rub his stiff prick through his boxers, watching with immense pleasure as Penelope reached into her mother’s underwear to rub her wet and waiting hole.

“Mmm, you’re definitely ready for him, mom. Looks like he’s ready for you, too,” Penelope said, looking over at the massive cock which she had just sucked off. “That was a quick turnaround time.”

“He already came once and he’s ready again?” Victoria asked, incredulously. “And with a cock like that? This is why I love fucking young men. They’re insatiable and they know how to fuck. He already came for you, so I don’t feel bad calling dibs on being the first one to fuck him. God, I’ve waited for this for so long,” she said, going over to straddle Eric and take his t-shirt off of him. “Such a hot body, too. You’ve been working out, haven’t you?”

Eric couldn’t help but smile. He had been working out some at college, and while he was no bodybuilder, he found he could now lift well over his weight and run for miles without getting tired. If I knew it was going to pay off like this, I would have started working out a long time ago. “Why don’t you hold on and I’ll show you?” he replied, slipping his boxers off completely to let her admire his completely nude body, especially his very impressive piece of manhood.

“Oh my god,” Victoria replied, “I’m dripping just looking at you! I can’t wait any longer.” She straddled him and eased his cock inside her entrance, inch by inch. “Holy shit, you’re big. Oh my god this feels so good. Mmmmm, fuck. Yes. Holy shit there’s still more to go?” She could barely contain her pleasure.

Eric could’t believe how tight she felt on his cock, but he couldn’t help himself and thrust his cock entirely inside her, sliding it all in at once. At first she gasped, but then she just let out a long moan of pleasure before starting to grind back and forth on it.

“Fuck, mom, how’s it feel to have nine inches of young cock inside you? Don’t hog him, I want a turn before too long.”

“It tekirdağ escort feels amazing, Pen. I’ve never been fucked so deep in my entire life. Holy shit!” Victoria replied, as I suprised her by grabbing her hips and plunging myself as deeply inside her as I could, bouncing her trim body up and down on my cock while I watched her enormous tits bounce up and down with the movement. Penelope must have noticed as well, as she came over and began to suck and bite on her mother’s large nipple while simulateneously rubbing her mom’s clit.

“Right there, Eric. Yes. Oh my god, nothing has ever felt this good. Yes, Yes YES, OH FUCK YES YES I’M COMINGGGGGGG!” she shouted while Eric furiously pounded her from underneath, holding her hips aloft with his strong torso so he could fuck her harder and deeper. Penlope stopped sucking her mother’s tit but kept rapidly stroking her mother’s clit to the point that her mother was screaming wildly in absolute exstacy. Victoria reached around Eric’s head with her hands, pulling his face into her breasts while she came, gushing her warm fluids all over his teenage cock.

“Having fun, mom?” Penelope asked, though her mother was still shaking from her powerful orgasm. “Settle down and let me at that thing. I’ll take care of you, don’t worry.”

Eric wondered what she meant by that. Take care of you? But he was in hardly any state to ask questions when Victoria dismounted him and Penelope appeared, using her nimble tongue to suck her mother’s sweet juices off of Eric’s enormous teenage cock. “You up to take me from behind, cowboy?”

Eric could only muster a nod, and she got on all fours along the couch, arching her back and begging him to enter her. Eric’s cock was harder than ever as he slid his already lubricated cock into her soaking wet pussy. “Fuck me, that’s deep,” she exlaimed. “This is the best cock I’ve ever had in my life. Why would anyone want anything different?”

Victoria laughed at her remark. “Trust me, dear, women spend their whole lives looking for that cock, and right now it belongs to just the two of us.” Victoria got on the far end of the couch by Penelope’s head and spread her legs to show her dripping twat. As soon as Penelope got used to the incredible girth of the man-meat that was currently fucking her teenage pussy, she leaned her head down and began to eat out her own mother’s pussy.

“Oh, fuck that’s good, yeah, eat my cunt you little slut. Eat it like the whore you are,” Victoria yelled at her daughter. Her daughter only smiled back up at her and did as she commanded.

Eric was completely taken aback, but he couldn’t deny that this was the hottest thing he had ever seen, and almost automatically he began grabbing Penelope’s hips and fucking her tight pussy with his massive cock. Did Penelope and her mother do this all the time? Was Penelope into the demeaning thing? She certainly seemed to be; whether from the name calling or the intense fucking Eric was giving her, she was moaning so much that she seemed to have a hard time concentrating on her pussy-licking.

“Go on, call her names,” Victoria said, as if she was reading Eric’s mind. “We’re both into it when we’re in the submissive position. Besides, you’re our master right now.” Victoria smiled widely, grabbing her daughter’s head and forcing her to eat her mother’s pussy.

Though he was still a little unsure, Eric decided that he should at least attempt to take control of the situation. After all, they were the ones fascinated with his spectacular cock, and it should be fitting that he should get to give them that cock exactly how they both wanted it. Almost like a drug, he gave into the fantasy unfolding for him. “You like taking this cock, don’t you? You wanted this cock for so long, and you love feeling it inside you right now.”

“Yes, master, I love your cock,” Penelope replied, pulling her face up from her mother’s cunt to speak. “Please keep fucking me master, I need your cock inside me.”

“Spank her ass,” Victoria exclaimed. “She’s a bad slut to be fucking such a big cock, and she deserves to be punished for it. Eric could only comply, slapping her ass while he fucked her. Victoria let out a yelp the first time, but afterwards could only moan in satisfaction.

Eric, now more confident, let into the fantasy again. “This fat cock was exactly what you needed, you whore. You needed a good hard cum, and I’m going to give it to you.”

Penelope must have decided to turn the tables, as she took her head up from her mother’s pussy and pulled off of Eric’s cock. She flipped herself over and displayed her wet glistening fuck-hole for Eric’s viewing. “Less talk, more fucking, you cock-slave. Shut your fucking mouth and fuck me with that glorious cock.” Penelope looked up at him with a clever smile, as if to say Go with it if you’re still into it. Eric did as he was told, and soon felt Victoria’s hands around him from behind, guiding his cock into her daughter’s tight pussy. Eric began rythmically pounding her pussy again, causing her to moan and scream. Her pussy gripped his cock tightly, and he could almost feel her swelling and tightening as if coming to another orgasm. He picked up the pace, fucking her pussy deep while he felt his own orgasm building as well. “I’m coming!” Penelope shouted, though it wasn’t hard to tell; she was most definitely a squirter. Hot pussy-cum sprayed all over Eric’s huge cock while he continued to fuck Penelope.