Family Love


I love my daughter, Clair with all my heart. Ever since her mother passed, we have leaned on each other for comfort as we couldn’t really look to our other family members for support. My daughter was really stricken hard since her mother couldn’t see her graduate from high school and go on to college. She was going to go out-of-state to school, but decided to stay local for my sake, despite my protests.

After her freshman year, she got a part-time job about a half-a-mile from the house and wanted to spend more time with her old man. “I don’t care if you work 12 hour days. It is only for three days a week. We can still spend a lot of time together”, she protested when I told her that it would be best for her to enter into a summer internship that pertained to her major. I guess that I always had a soft spot for my little girl.

After a week at home, I came home from shopping to find her sunbathing by the pool. I couldn’t believe how beautiful her caramel-complexion looked glistening in the afternoon sun. Her large C-sized ısparta escort breasts were perfectly round with the nipples just topping each mound. “Want to help me put these away?”

“Sure.” She came through the glass door wearing a sexy one piece suit by Christian Dior. So much like her mother. Lovely round ass. Shapely frame. Just looking at her got me as hard as calculus. I think I’ll visit a friend of mine tonight.

“So what are you thinking so hard about”, she shook me out of my daydream. I looked up to find her smiling warmly at my affliction. Blushing, I turned and walked upstairs followed by laughter. As I was changing clothes in my room, Clair came in and asked what the problem was. “Well, for one thing, you didn’t knock first and as for the second, I was thinking about something I saw earlier.” God, was she sexy!! “Dad, if you saw a woman that you want to approach, please, I don’t want you to stop on my account.”

“Believe me, I don’t think about you when I talk to women.” Suddenly, kars escort it feels as if someone is pulling my dick from my body. “Well, it seems as if you are thinking about me now.”

“That’s only the suit talking.”

“Well, would you feel the same if I didn’t have it on.”

“Oh, you got jokes.”

“Dad, do you still get some?”

“More than you, I hope.”

“I was just asking since you are alone most of the time. I don’t want to be the one blocking you” she said as she moved in closer. She placed her hands on my hips maneuvering my boxers to get my dick out of the opening. She placed her fingers around the shaft and started stroking. “Don’t start something you can’t finish.”

“We can both finish it.” She placed her soft lips on mine and we tongued for what seemed like hours. “I have wanted you for so long, Dad. Why do you think that I wanted to stay at home for the summer.” I peeled her out of the bathing suit and slowly kissed her black nipples total arousal. She pushed me onto the bed and kastamonu escort straddled my hips as she kissed my chest working her way down to my hard penis. Ever so gently, she kissed my head and sucked my shaft like a straw in a White Castle shake. “Ohh baby!! Where did you learn that!?!”

“Just something I picked up at school. You like?”

“I love.”

I pulled her up before I shot my first load down her throat and placed her pussy lips directly over my aching head. She rolled over and spread her legs wide. I rolled over on top of her and teased those lips with the head of my mighty rod. “Why are you doing this to me?” she moaned. Her hips started pushing upward to engulf my cock but it was so exciting to watch her squirm with anticipation. “Please daddy. If you love me, you wouldn’t tease me like this.” Finally, I couldn’t hold back any more and plunged head first into her. She screamed from her orgasm and was going to get more as I pounded into her. “I can’t believe how tight you are.” The more I pounded, the wetter she got. I couldn’t believe that she could get as sloppy wet as she was now. I started feeling like a teenager again. I could go all night with a marathon fuck session. We both must have cum a hundred times before we both just dropped off in a deep coma-like sleep.