Finally Ch. 02

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“So…” Rico tugged Sherry off her chair, coaxing her into his lap, with a pat of his hand. And once he had her in his arms, he ran a fingertip around her pretty mouth, and said, “… now that we’ve had something to eat…”

Wrapping her arms around his neck and tugging his head down for a soft little kiss, grinning slyly, she whispered over his mouth, “How about we get naked again.”

His lips curled up in a smile, he could definitely get on board with that.

Round three and he was already so stoked to get inside her again, he could hardly breathe. God she was just so sweet, not to mention funny and sexy as hell and now all his — at least for the night. Brushing the tip of her nose with his, his voice dark with arousal, he murmured, “So, you want to stay out here, or take this inside?”

Although it was still a warm night, she shook her head, deciding if she would only have one night with him, she wanted to see him naked in her bed. Already imagining how sexy he’d look with his dark hair, five-o’clock shadow and all those bronzed muscles contrasting against her white sheets, with that big cock of his standing proudly erect, just waiting for her to have a taste.

Sliding off his lap, her chest already beginning to heave just from the thought of getting it on with him again, she took him by the hand and said, “Let’s go inside.”

Damn, he’d happily follow her to Siberia right now if he knew he’d wind up buried between her legs. He’d never gone at it this long and hard in his life, and already he knew all he wanted was more. Like everything last thing she had to give him.

Upstairs, nodding his head appreciatively as they walked inside, he decided that her bedroom was amazing. He’d never seen anything like it. All done in shades of white with just a few tasteful hints of color, it looked like something out of a design magazine. She really was a classy lady, although she wasn’t afraid of getting down and dirty — lucky for him.

Turning to face him, Sherry smiled into his eyes, then taking hold of the hem of his T-shirt she lifted it up over his head, releasing a satisfied moan as her eyes settled on the beauty of his firm, young body, murmuring, “Hmmm, you’re gorgeous. You look like an Adonis you have such a killer body.”

He smiled, his skin tingling, as she began to run her hands over his chest, making him inhale a sharp breath when she brushed her fingertips low over his abs. Watching her explore his body, he said, “You never hold back what you’re feeling do you?”

Shaking her head, as she reached for his fly, she said, “No. And why would I, when I’m speaking the truth. I think you have to be the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. And no one has ever made me feel the things that you do. Now I want you naked, so I can taste every inch of you.”

Rico blinked. Damn. She really didn’t hold back. And if she wanted that pretty mouth of hers on him, then there was no way he was going to deny her.

After impatiently tugging down his jeans and boxers, once she had them off, Sherry smiled at the sight of his long hard cock standing straight up in the air. Eager for a taste, smiling into his heavy-lidded gaze, she wrapped her hand around him and began to stroke him in her palm, murmuring, “Ooh, I just love the feel of you, so big and long and smooth.”

Shaking his head, he still couldn’t believe the things that came out of her mouth. But now he could hardly wait to slip something into that naughty mouth of hers, something that was going to come any second if she kept up the dirty talk.

And the moment she’d pulled off the little pink cotton dress, white lace bikini panties and bra she was wearing, his eyes fell to half-mast and his cock grew even thicker. Fuck, he’d been with good looking women before, but she had to be the sexiest thing he’d ever laid eyes on. Every last inch of her was toned and tanned, and her breasts were just so full and high, with those mouth-watering rosy pink nipples, with a narrow little waist, and the perfect lush round ass, gorgeous tight little pussy, with just a tiny tuft of blonde hair, and legs that seemed to go on forever. And her face… god, she was so much more than pretty. And he could barely wrap his mind around the fact that she’d been without a man in her life for eight long years, and had ended her sexual drought with him, of all people, letting him fuck her hard and dirty right on her kitchen counter. If he lived to be a million, he knew he’d never forget what it felt like to take her like that from behind, with her squealing and squeezing his cock till he’d filled her pussy to overflowing, until it literally splashed on the floor. Fuck, he wondered how he wasn’t coming on the spot right now. She was just so beautiful and so incredibly hot, that he just hoped he’d make it through what she had in mind, without embarrassing himself and losing it before she even got him in her mouth.

Tipping her head, she smiled at him. “Though I’m tempted to just drop to my knees avrupa yakası escort right here, I think I want you in my bed.”

Happy to do whatever she wanted at this point, he made her laugh and squeal, when he just nodded his head and picked her up, and tossed her over his shoulder, like she weighed nothing, telling her, “You’re wish is my command, gorgeous,” even giving her backside a playful little smack, just to hear a little more of that delightful little squeal. And then when he placed her gently on the bed and looked down at her, all sense of fun was gone, when he said, “You know I can hardly believe I’m here with you like this, it feels almost surreal, like I’m living a dream.”

“You and me both,” she said, stretching her arms out for him to join her on the bed. Wow, seeing him naked like this in her room, really was like a dream come true, and even hotter than anything she could have written.

Deciding they were in no big hurry, once Rico slid down onto comfort of the soft, cool white cotton sheets, he wrapped her in his arms and really laid one on her, kissing her till they were both moaning, their chests heaving hard and his swollen cock slicking up her belly. And he could tell she was aroused just from the intoxicating scent of her. Slipping his hand between her thighs, he wasn’t surprised to discover that her pussy was drenched.

Before he got her too hot and bothered, starting to work his fingers over her slit, pulling back, Sherry whispered, “And now it’s my turn to taste you.”

Watching her make her way down to his body toward his throbbing erection, kissing and licking every inch of him she passed, was like slow-motion torture. And the moment she wrapped her hand around him and touched the tip of her tongue to his pulsing head, softly moaning her pleasure, Rico felt sure he wouldn’t last another minute. Jesus, seeing her like this, with her sandy brown hair fanned over his thighs was hotter than anything he ever could have imagined, even in his wildest fantasies. The most gorgeous woman he’d ever laid eyes on, desperate to wrap her lips around his cock. It just didn’t get any better than this.

And when she let her hot little tongue glide over him from balls to tip, his eyes just rolled back in his head, sure that he’d never felt anything as insanely good as that. And if that wasn’t enough, the moment she stretched her lips around him and began to suck him back, her tongue working the sensitive spot under the crown, he actually felt his body begin to quiver all the way to his toes. Damn, gently brushing aside her hair, looking down and seeing her with her eyes closed, savoring the taste of him was just too hot for words. Now, his balls were really beginning to hum, anxious to give up their load.

When she let go of him with a pop, and murmured as she kept licking at him, “Mmmm, you just taste so divine, so much better than I even imagined. And I just hope I’m doing this right, since I’ve really never done it before.” His brow shot up, wondering if he’d heard her right.

“Wait. You mean not even with your husband?”

She shook her head, still hungrily lapping at his cock like it was the best thing she’d ever tasted. “No, he thought oral sex was kind of gross and would never let me try something like this with him.”

Holy shit, he didn’t think there was a man alive who would turn her down if she offered to suck him off. Now he wondered how happy her marriage had been, if the guy refused to even have a taste of her pussy, or at least give her the pleasure of tasting him. Man, no damn wonder she was so eager to go down on him, if his was the first cock she’d ever had in her mouth.

And crazy as it seemed, he felt kind of honored that she’d picked him to help her get past the eight year sexual rut she’d been in. Damn, and now he knew he had a decision to make, as she really began to suck him back hard enough that his damn eyeballs felt like they were beginning to sweat. Did he pull out when the time came, or give her the option of letting him shoot his load into her mouth?

But when she began to suck him back like her life depended on it, he knew he had to warn her, clenching the sheets in one fist and her hair in the other, slamming his eyes shut, he told her, “Sherry, you keep that up and I’m going to come right in your mouth.”

Fisting her hair even harder, crazy hard tingles running straight up his spine, Rico groaned deep as he felt her sucking hard enough that when he finally gave up, let go and lost it, he knew he’d shoot straight down her throat. But despite his warning, she still just kept right on sucking him back, till he could feel himself almost hitting the back of her throat, as she rolled his balls in her fingers, even as he threw back his head with a growl, finally letting go and shooting every last thing he had straight into her mouth.

Feeling elated after an experience like that — once she finally let go of him, and istanbul escort wiped at her lips with the back of her hand, looking pretty damn proud of herself — he tugged at her, till he had her body spread over his chest, and brushing back the hair from her eyes, he told her, “Wow. That was… indescribable.”

Her grin was adorable, as she said, “Not bad for a beginner, huh?”

“Not bad at all,” he agreed, chuckling. Damn, she was sweet. Then hugging her to his chest, he pressed a kiss to the top of her head, wondering how he’d gotten so lucky to have found her.

After a long spell of just holding each other, and quietly talking, gently brushing his hand across her, cheek, Rico decided that he liked her, actually really liked her. Although definitely smarter than another woman he’d ever dated, she was cool about it, like it was no big deal that she wrote books for a living, that a whole lot of people actually paid to read. Now he knew he couldn’t just walk out the door in the morning, like nothing had happened. Because something had shifted since they met and went at it in the kitchen. Now he wanted way more than just sex from her. But he wondered what she’d think of having a guy like him in her life…

When he awoke in the morning with her sweet little ass tucked up nice and warm against his package, he wrapped his arms around her tight and pressed a kiss to the back of her head, and when she groaned and turned to look at him like he’d lost his mind for waking her up so early, he just smiled and told her, “I should probably get going.”

The moment he mentioned leaving, hating that he had to go, Sherry turned in his arms till she was facing him, and gestured at the window. “But it’s still early, the sun’s barely up.”

Heaving a sigh, cupping her face in his hand, his eyes on hers as he ran his thumb along her bottom lip, he said, “I know. But if anyone shows up to start work, and finds my truck in your driveway, never mind me in your bed, it could be embarrassing for you, and I wouldn’t want that.”

Nodding her head, although she knew he was right, she still hated the idea of him having to sneak out while it was still dark, like they’d been doing something wrong. Finally she looked at him, grinned, and asked, “You want to get a shower before you go?”

His lips curled up. “With you?”

She nodded, smiling back into his eyes as she ran her hand over his stubbled jaw. “That’s something else I’ve never done — shower with a man.” Ooh, and there were just so many things she wanted to do with him.

Before he could even think, he blurted out, “What was your husband some kind of monk or something?”

Chuckling, at the idea, she said, “No. But he was a fair bit older than I was and a little set in his ways and not exactly what you’d call the adventurous type,” which, in hindsight, was a pretty big understatement. Although she’d loved her husband, and was devastated when he died so suddenly, she was beginning to realize, since this young stud came into her life, what she’d been missing out on in all those years she’d spent married to a man like Brian.

Nodding his head, as he ran his hands low over her back until he was savoring the feel of cupping her lush backside, and drawing her close to him again, he muttered, “I just can’t imagine being married to a woman as beautiful and as hot as you are, and not experiencing every last thing I could.” God, he if was married to her, he already knew, their sex life would be epic, like off the charts.

Although flattered, she just patted his cheek, and after pressing a kiss to his lips, she said, “Well, just in case, we should probably get going, I’d hate for you to feel on the spot if any of your co-workers showed up and found you with me.”

He would, too. Sure that he’d never hear the end of it if he were to be found wandering downstairs from her bedroom when the rest of the guys walked in, since he knew she had given the crew a key to her house so they could work on their own if they had to, if she was ever away.

Sherry took him by the hand and led him into her big luxurious white tiled bathroom, and once she dug into one of the drawers in the vanity and found him an unopened toothbrush, she awkwardly bit into her lip, as she set in the counter and told him, “This can be your toothbrush for whenever you stay over.” Providing of course he actually planned to stay over again, and this wasn’t just a one-time thing.

She was glad when he just smiled, picked it up and reached for the toothpaste, and said, “Thanks.” And he was happy to hear that she intended for him to come back.

And once they got in the big two-person glassed-in shower, and she lathered up her hands and ran them over his body from his face, over his chest, down over his abs, finally soaping up his surprisingly erect cock and already aching balls, Rico pulled her against him, and kissed her till she had her leg wrapped around his thigh and he had his fingers deep in her mecidiyeköy escort pussy. “Mmm,” she moaned, stroking him in her hand as he worked his fingers in and out of her. “I think I like showering with a man, way more than showering by myself, because it’s sure never felt this good before.”

As he began to feel his balls tighten with the need to come, just from the feel of her, he couldn’t have agreed more. Although he knew he should be going, he couldn’t resist just one more time with her. So, turning her to face the wall, he gently pushed down on her back till he could see her glistening pussy beckoning him to push inside, and then fisting his cock in his hand he pushed into her until they were both groaning. Jesus, throwing back his head, what a way to start the day, buried in her balls deep. With the warm water pelting down on them, he began to thrust, smiling at the way she slapped her ass back to take him as deep as he could go. And damn, watching his cock disappear into the depths of her pussy with every thrust of his hips had to be the hottest thing he’d ever seen. But then everything about her was just so hot, he could still barely wrap his mind around the fact that he was actually here with her like this.

Sherry was practically clawing at the tiles, sure that she’d never experienced anything as erotic as being fucked in the shower. And when Rico reached around and began to finger her clit, she felt her heart begin to race, her nipples tighten, and each breath coming shorter and faster as another jaw-dropping climax began to work its way through her veins, making a beeline straight down her spine to her quivering pussy. Finally seeing stars, her body was tingling so hard, the moment he pushed into her and froze, dropping his head and groaning against her back, she felt herself nearly collapse from the power of the jaw-dropping orgasm that swept through her, as she felt the delectable sensation of him pulsing inside her and filling her up to overflowing all over again. Finally, when she could breathe enough to form words, she said, “God, Rico… that was just so… wow.”

Rico chuckled, his dick still pulsing hard deep inside her, he tugged her up and hugged her to his chest, reluctant to pull his cock out of its hiding place, since it just felt so crazy good to be entwined with her like this. Pressing his lips to her neck, he said, “Tell me about it, kinda hard to put in words, huh?”

When all she did was nod, her body still softly heaving, dropping grateful little kisses across her slender shoulders, as he cupped her breasts in his hands, toying with her nipples, he said, “I want to take you out tonight, someplace nice for dinner.”

When she turned her head, looking confused, and said, “You do?”

He smiled and said, “Yeah. Once I’ve finish working in your kitchen, I’ll go home and change. And then I’ll come back and pick you up around seven. What do you say?”

Sherry couldn’t believe that he was actually asking her out. Like on a real live date. She kind of thought once they’d had their fun that he might make himself scarce. But apparently, they weren’t quite done yet. And as he kept dropping little kisses on her back, with his cock still pulsing inside her, she knew she’d never been happier, or lordy, more satisfied with a man, since her pussy was still quivering pretty damn hard.

Later, they exchanged teasing grins as they hurried to dress. And once Rico was at her front door with her in her in his arms, ready to head out before the rest of the crew showed up, he tipped up her face, planning to give her a kiss quick goodbye, but then the moment he tasted her lips again, he groaned, and couldn’t stop himself from lingering over her mouth, hating that he had to leave her.

And as Sherry kissed him back, wrapping her arms around his neck and pressing her breasts to the hard wall of his chest, a nagging voiced in her head was whispering, ‘Tell him the truth. Tell him how old you are. You owe it to him to be honest.’ But another louder voice was telling her, ‘Not just yet. Not when you can enjoy this with him for a just a little while longer.’

Before she could even form the words she knew she had to say, Rico pulled back, smiling into her eyes, softly whispering over lips, “I’ll see you a little later, okay?”

Sherry just nodded, awkwardly biting into her lip, hoping she didn’t look as guilty as she felt. She promised herself she would tell him, though… just not quite yet.

And once she heard him get in his truck and drive away, suddenly totally inspired, she ran back upstairs to her office to start working on the book she’d been stuck on, sure that she had enough material now for two books, maybe even three, after what they’d done together.

When Rico walked back into her house an hour later, Sherry was nowhere to be seen, imagining she was keeping out of the way of the work being done on her kitchen. He said hello to the rest of the crew and put down his tool box, glancing around the well-appointed room until his gaze settled on the granite counter where it had all started. And his pulse quickened just thinking about how insanely hot it had been with her sweet body spread over the counter as he filled her with everything he had. Fuck, part of him still couldn’t believe it had actually happened.

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