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It was a hot day in July, the fourth of July, and Elsie sat on the steps of the court house eating an ice cream cone. Mom had told her to stay right there and she’d be back in a few minutes. Elsie was wearing her favorite straw hat which showed off her blond hair and with her blue eyes she epitomized her Nordic heritage. There was a crowd down in front of her and lots of other people sitting near her on the steps.

She was wearing a flowered pink cotton dress, and it felt so much cooler than jeans, or even shorts, that many other girls her age preferred. She sat there patiently licking her ice cream cone – strawberry, her favorite, while she waited for the parade.

Where was Mom? She wondered. She was so tired of being treated like a prisoner, “for your own good.” Mom said. She never went anywhere without Mom or another adult, and knew only the kids who were home-schooled with her: five other girls and a couple of younger boys.

She was eighteen now, no longer a child, so why did Mom treat her like one? Here she was, stuck with seven kids, all younger than herself, never meeting any kids her age. Even the other girls at school, the oldest, Vanessa was two years younger than her.

She realized that Mom had had problems with men, probably starting when she was about Elsie’s age, but she wouldn’t make the mistakes Mom had made, she saw what could happen if she did.

There was church, of course, and she smiled at boys there, but never met any. Boys fascinated her, but the two in her school were little idiots, not big and handsome like some others she saw.

She loved the farm, and knew all the animals by name. She rode horseback nearly every day, but she hated to admit she loved the pigs the best. They were filthy, but seemed so intelligent, grunting to her when she brought them special treats.

At last the parade was coming and people pushed down to the front to get a better view. She’d almost finished her cone and it was getting sticky, when she glanced down at the crowd and noticed a tall man of about forty looking up at her. He smiled at her and she smiled back. How wicked she thought, mother would have been shocked. Then his eyes glanced down. She realized he was looking up her dress.

She didn’t know what to do at first, but didn’t move her legs. His glance excited her, and her heart started to beat faster. He was still looking at her crotch, then his eyes came up and met hers again and he smiled again. Without realizing kocaeli escort it she smiled back, then she remembered wasn’t wearing any panties. Sometimes in warm weather like this she didn’t wear any because it felt so much cooler going without. Of course, Mom never knew about that or she’d have been shocked and punished her, maybe even locking her in the closet.

Her heart was pounding at the wickedness of what she was doing, but didn’t close her legs, maybe even opened them a bit wider. She wanted the man to come up and sit beside her, to touch her, to……She didn’t dare think about what else she wanted. She was feeling dizzy and closed her eyes.

When she looked back he’d gone, disappearing into the crowd, and she realized there was a nasty young man about her age, looking up at her with a big grin on his face. She snapped her legs together and turned away, realizing as she did that the ice-cream had dripped on to her dress.

Elsie thought about sex a lot, sex with a man like that, tall, strong, good-looking. She knew all about sex from watching the animals on the farm, and watching horses mating particularly excited her.

She wondered if a man’s penis looked anything like a horse’s, but realized that it couldn’t possibly be that big. When she masturbated as she lay in bed at night, she’d put her finger into her vagina, and it was quite tight and even though she realized a man’s penis would be bigger than her finger, it couldn’t be much bigger.

When the parade had gone by Mom came back and they went down to the park for the church picnic. There was lots of food, and after the food the older people sat around drinking beer and talking, joking and laughing.

When no-one was looking she took half a glass of beer, and snuck off to drink it. But now the other kids were starting to play games, and the boys were going to play baseball. Elsie wanted to play baseball, but Mom immediately put a stop to that, so she had to play with the girls and the younger kids. Luckily Mom thought she was drinking iced tea.

The beer made her silly and giggly, but it made the games tolerable, besides it was getting late and the light started to fade, it would soon be time for fireworks. Elsie wandered over to the toilets, the beer made her have to pee. When she came out and was walking back, she saw a fellow peeing behind a tree, and stood watching him. My, she thought, that was a bigger penis than she thought a boy would have.

He saw her watching him, kocaeli escort bayan and chased after and caught her, holding her close to him.

“You was looking at my dick, wasn’t you?” He laughed, as he pulled her buttocks toward him. Then he kissed her. That was so nice. She wanted more, and their lips met again as his hand came up to her small breast.

“Stop that!” Mom appeared from nowhere. “You filthy boy, leave Elsie alone!” The boy let go of her.

“I warn’t doin’ nothin'” He called over his shoulder as he sauntered away.

“I know his father, I’ll tell him to keep his boy away from you, Elsie. You have to be careful around men or boys. I’ve told you a hundred times.”

Elsie’s mother was in her mid forties, and still a nice looking woman, but a couple of unfortunate incidents with men had left her a single mother in her early twenties, and bitter toward all males.

They walked back to the courthouse to watch the fireworks. Elsie found a bench in the back of the crowd by the courthouse steps, and sat there with her hat beside her. She hoped the boy, she didn’t know his name, would find her.

The fireworks started and she watched the beautiful arcs and circles and explosions they made in the sky. Then she felt someone standing behind her, and felt his hand on her shoulder.

A voice said. “I was looking up your dress when you sat eating an ice-cream cone.” She didn’t say anything, it was him, the tall man, and her heart started to race.

The she felt pressure on her shoulder, on her neck. She reached up to touch his hand and felt something else, a large fleshy thing, covered in wrinkled skin, and felt the smooth head of his penis. She paused, then gently rubbed it, as his hand came up to meet hers. He was standing behind her and his penis was at her shoulder level.

Mom glanced back at her and noticed the nice man standing behind her in the dim light, lit by flashes of the fireworks. That would keep that boy away, she thought.

Elsie felt the hardness of his penis under the loose skin, and her fingers felt the smoothness of the head. There was something oozing from it, “had he ejaculated?” She wondered. Then she felt him start to rock back and forth, she turned her head, and his penis touched her lips.

“Hold it with your hand.” Elsie heard the man say softly, and she pulled it down into the socket where her neck and shoulder met, her head still turned so that it brushed her lips with each stroke. She izmit escort was dizzy, her heart pounded and she felt as if she would faint. The excitement was overwhelming.

And the fireworks continued. Mom glanced back a couple of times, and saw the nice man, who she didn’t know, still standing behind Elsie. The flash, bang, sparkle and glitter went on, until there was a roar and the sky lit up in a huge climax. At that moment the tall man gave a groan, grabbed Elsie’s shoulders in both his hands and gave several huge lunges, showering her neck, cheek, shoulder with his sperm. It doused her hair and some even spattering her lips.

For a moment he hung on to her, the last drops dripping down the front of her dress, then he pulled back and was gone.

Mom walked back to her as the crowd dispersed. “Wasn’t that fun?” she said, her eyes sparkling. Elsie couldn’t comment on the irony of her remark, she sat there with stuff dripping down her dress and matting her hair as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

“What’s the matter dear?” Mom asked as she got closer and saw the mess on her dress.

“Someone spilled something all over me, Mom.” Elsie answered. She stood up, and picked up her hat and saw that it, too, was splattered.

Her mother touched it, then sniffed her fingers.

“Who was that man?” She asked Elsie quietly, through gritted teeth.

“I don’t know Mom, he was just standing behind me.”

Her mother walked her back to the car and they drove home in silence. Once home she made Elsie take off her clothes and shower. She grimly took the dress, looked at it in her hand for a moment, then stuffed it into the fireplace. She’d burn it as soon as Elsie was in bed. She didn’t know what to say to Elsie, and in the end thought it best to say nothing, but decided to keep an even tighter rein on her.

Elsie went to bed and lay for a few minutes thinking of what had happened, then, pulling up her night gown slipped her fingers into the groove between her legs. She lay on her back, and opening her legs started to rub herself. She remembered the size of the penis that had just ejaculated all over her, and inserted first one finger then two, rubbing vigorously.

She tried to get three fingers into her vagina, but it hurt, so she decided to leave that ’til another day, as she continued to masturbate hard and fast. Soon she had to stuff her handkerchief into her mouth, because her involuntary groans were too loud. She continued until she was overcome by a huge orgasm, her back arching spasmodically and her screams almost audible in spite of the handkerchief.

Elsie rolled over and curled up on her side. Pleased and spent, she slept soundly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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