Flyin the Friendly Skies Pt. 02


Note: My deepest apologies to those who enjoyed part 1 and were anxiously wanting to know our main characters next steps. I was much more delayed with part 2 than I expected. Our main characters are Michael and Meilani. Michael is a driven but amicable young man who found himself on a red-eye flight from Chicago to his home in San Diego after a lengthy, unexpected company meeting. Meilani is a 26 year old model who is also flying on the flight and is seated in the same row.


(from part 1)

She took his hands and placed them on her breasts. “Enjoy them. Enjoy me” she said, offering her beautiful body to him. He caressed her breasts, her firm, large nipples. And Michael knew, just as she did. He was hers. As she pulled her leggings down to reveal her 6″ of gurl-cock, she moved forward, bringing it to his lips. She pressed the tip to his mouth. He tried, vainly to resist, to hesitate. She pursued, pressing her clitty further into his mouth.

And then he gave in. He placed one hand on her ass, the other remained on her breast. And Michael discovered the wicked, forbidden pleasure of being with a beautiful transgender girl. All he could think of was giving Meilani the pleasure that she had given him… and more.


Michael was engulfed in primordial delight. The feelings and sensations that swept over him tingled and thrilled every part of him, from physical to spiritual to the utter core of his mind. Months of work had kept him focused on the work; what pleasures he had were directed towards the basics- the depth of flavors in cuisine, or even a fresh cup of coffee. He treated himself to these simple indulgences, basic as they may be. Now, the indulgence before him put his psyche on overload- a veritable seven course meal of every type of erotic pleasure he could imagine.

Michael tried to structure all the thoughts and feelings he was now encountering- the single light in the plane’s restroom bathing the scene before him sterile colors which contradicted the complexities of images, scents, tastes that flooded his brain.

The appetizer was divulged earlier as he had helped Meilani ‘undress’ as the flight started. She offered the first course as a cerebral engagement, spiced up with her exotic appearance and warm nature. Michael couldn’t wait for the main course- the presentation was supposed to be hours, served as breakfast and, later, lunch in his home town of San Diego. But the ‘chef’, this beautiful enchantress, opted to offer an ‘off-menu’ specialty- her entire body. Michael felt that by structuring his grasp of the reality that was now evolving before him, he could maintain some sort of control and logic of this urfa escort chance encounter.

But Meilani had other plans. This wasn’t to be a controlled environment- they both had way too much of that in their respective professional careers. This was- kismet. This was the wonderful surprise one hopes to have when dashing out of a popup storm to find oneself immersed in the confines of a classic bistro, an artist’s gallery, a hidden jazz club. One doesn’t plan such things- that takes away from the pleasures of serendipity. One can only pray that this type of encounter happens at least once in one’s life!

Meilani presented herself in full splendor: Michael was immersed in her exotic perfume, engrossed with the caress of her gorgeous round bottom, the inviting curves of her ample breasts, the taste of the petite beads of perspiration emerging from above her firm belly, the lingering feel of her lipstick that coated his lips. And, the oral pleasures that they both shared as he felt her filling her mouth. There would be no nibbling, no brief taste of any single part. She intended and succeeded in having Michael savor it all, all of her, all in one delicious, savory, succulent and completely ‘filling’ bite.

Michael knew as well that not only was he unable to avoid this temptation, he wanted it. This enchantress had him and he wanted her- again and again, in his bedroom and in his arms. He looked up at her, watching her breasts swelling, lifting, as her breath quickened, the moment of climax quickly approaching. His every effort was to give her as much pleasure as possible and to show Meilani how smitten he was with her. While it was all happening so quickly, he took just a few seconds to truly reflect and grind into his memory, his entire brain, each touch and scent and taste he had with this goddess.

He felt her extend deeper into his mouth- a feeling he was so inexperienced with but, now, wanting to enjoy with her as much as possible… for- ever? Michael felt a rush of warmth erupt over his body- both from Meilani’s climax and his realization that he wanted her as his lover- as his girlfriend. He looked into her eyes and saw that she was looking at him as well, her long nails running through his hair as she came. She tried to muffle her cries of pleasure- o how she wanted to scream in ecstasy. She whimpered, not wanting to draw any undesired attention to their wicked delights.

Finally done, Michael savored the taste of her. He knew others would suddenly feel shock and fear and remorse and denial. He laughed to himself; not me. He knew what he was doing, who he was with and how he felt so alive, so taken with balıkesir escort her. He wanted to get to know everything about her and for the day to continue with her in his company. He ran his hand over her gorgeous, round, full bottom, down her taught thighs, and then up, a soft touch of each nipple. He looked into her eyes as she met his gaze- a slight bit of apprehension in her eyes, until she saw him smile as he licked his lips. He slowly stood up and fully embraced her, drawing her to him. And then they kissed, softly and then deeply for what seemed like hours.

A sudden bump of the plane brought them ‘back to earth’ and they realized they had to sneak out of the bathroom as quietly as possible. She adjusted her attire, fixing her bra and then panty and tight slacks. Michael was sure he was just trying to help but Meilani giggled as she gently pushed his hands back. “Honey, I think you’re trying to undress me again!” she said.

Michael couldn’t argue with her- he wanted to! “Meilani, do you want to exit here first or after me?”

She wrapped her arms around him and placed a soft kiss on his neck. “I guess I’ll step out first, that is, if you want to admire my backside.” She smiled seductively at him; she knew what he was thinking as she brushed her soft hand over his crotch.

With the plane’s cabin lights dimmed and the fact it was near 3am, this young couple knew the chance of being discovered by the flight attendants or the passengers was very remote. Meilani walked slowly up the aisle, and after a few steps, she felt the now very familiar hands of her travel mate. She swayed perhaps a bit more than necessary, she knew- the plane WAS traversing a bit of turbulence and she might have been adding a little bit of feminine movement to further tempt him. She turned her head slightly and gave Michael a seductive look as she blew him a kiss. As they reached their seat row, she moved slightly forward of the row which gave Michael the chance to rub up against her, and he took full advantage of their close proximity to let her know, again, how much he desired her. As he moved into the row, she ran her hand over his crotch and then over his ass. He loved it.

Neither of them had any interest in hiding their affection; they moved their jackets to create a makeshift blanket as they embraced and rested for the rest of the flight. Michael rested his hand on her upper thigh, his head nuzzled on her breasts. Her long hair flowed over his face and he loved how her scent was encapsulating him. They kissed and cuddled; any who saw them would think they were longtime lovers.

As the flight ended, they trabzon escort collected their baggage and walked out together, as best as possible, arm in arm. As they waited at baggage claim, a bit of calm and quiet befell them. Both were tired, both were dealing with time zone changes, and both- both were beginning to realize how wild and unexpected their time together had become. With their luggage now in hand, Michael looked at her. “Well- do you have a hotel reservation?” He then feared that this question suggested he didn’t want her to be with him. He followed up quickly so that he didn’t send the wrong signal or ruin this emerging relationship. “What I mean is, I hope you don’t have a place to go to.” Damn, Michael thought. Am I really this inept at communicating?

“OK. I’m exhausted. Meilani, darling- would you come back to my place? Even if you have a hotel reservation? I don’t want you away from me.” He thought he finally got his words out correctly.

Meilani looked at him and smiled and then blushed. Yes, she had a hotel reservation courtesy of her travel agent’s planning. She enjoyed seeing Michael so concerned, his effort and frustration with possibly saying the wrong thing. In her 26 years, she, like many, had known way too many people who would just speak without consideration of others and even after they realized their hurtful words, would make no effort to rectify.

She saw that he really cared and that, she thought, she hoped, he really … loved her? She wondered if she was being naïve. She had literally traveled the world and had met others who might have been possible lovers or boyfriends. Michael seemed different; Michael.. was different. She sensed it- her female intuition was telling her so. There was only one way to find out.

“Darling, do you really think I can fit on your scooter?” she asked. She giggled softly, toying with him. “I would love to freshen up and shower. Wouldn’t you?”

“I just might have something a little more accommodating than a motor bike, love” he said as he guided her to the parking lot where he had parked his car. “And, that sounds perfect but you know, there is a water shortage in southern California. It’s mandatory that we will have to shower together. I hope that’s OK with you” he smirked, his hand caressing her round ass.

“Well,” she said. “I guess it’s alright, seeing how I care about the environment and all.” She pulled his hand around her waist. She couldn’t deny how she felt. She wanted to spend the day and the week with him. More, she wanted to spend the night and every night with him.

He signaled to her that they had reached his car, a bright red Fiat Abarth convertible. He assured her that in spite of size, he would be able to be able to satisfy her. She laughed loudly. “Michael, I already KNOW that you are more than able to satisfy me, darling. I can’t wait to have you driving me for a long, long time.” Now it was his turn to blush as he heard her less than subtle hint.

(to be continued)