For Passion Conquers All Ch. 01


A mid February breeze swirled around the soccer field as evenings arrival brought with it cooler air and threats of stronger winds. Most of the team had already gone into the locker room to shower and change clothes, but Mike had been ordered by Coach Bracket to run a lap around all four practice fields for using foul language.

Even though they were eighteen year old seniors, and old enough to vote and go to war, the faculty never let a curse word go unpunished. Mike couldn’t believe how much it perturbed the staff when the students cursed, even the most benign words were forbidden. He thought it silly, yet this was a very conservative school and was right along the bible belt.

Mike knew this was once a small town and had only began to explode in population in the last decade. For the first time in a very long time folks actually wanted to move here. With the new population growth it had brought with it not only people from near by towns and cities but also many immigrants from across the far southern border.

Some of the towns folk seemed to be bothered by the immigrants, but Mike could care less about where you came from or how different you looked as long as you acted like a decent human being, well then he was fine with you.

Looking around the area Mike didn’t see Coach anywhere and thought about walking the rest of the way back to the locker room. After giving that thought a brief review he decided against it. Mike preferred to honor his punishment, being the honest young man he was.

Hell, he was tired but they had an important game next week and he figured he needed the extra workout since he hadn’t kept up his physical exercises over the last few months.

Not that Mike wasn’t in good shape, he had a good build to him with toned muscles and very strong legs. He wasn’t too tall or too short and was proportioned well. He kept his dark hair spiked with gel most of the time. Many of the ladies often smiled and whispered about him when he passed by.

A few years ago he was a cross country runner but his close friend John had talked him into joining the soccer program. After his first practice, Mike had fallen in love with the game and never looked back. He had a natural ability on the field and had become one of the teams star strikers.

Finally completing his long jog around the fields he arrived at the entrance to the locker room. Mike paused a moment and put his hands on his knees leaning over for rest and a breather. He was more tired than he realized. Staying up all night playing video games was probably not a productive choice and he swore to himself that tonight he would go to bed at a decent time.

The door to the locker room opened and John came out, he had changed out of his uniform and wore his street clothes. Brown hair just struck out from the sides of his cap, which he wore backwards.

He commented to Mike, “Finished with your penance? When you gonna learn that Couch is cool, but not that cool?” Both chuckled.

“Damn man, I’ll never understand this schools intolerance to powerful language! You headed home or are we going to do something? It’s Friday!”

John thought for a moment then answered, “I think tonight is dead, but tomorrow is that Valentine’s party over at Julie’s house. You going?”

“Not sure, I don’t really know her or her crowd that well. How about you?”

Smiling, John said, “Well, I only know Julie through Sarah, but I like Sarah and some of the team will be there anyhow. Besides, who cares if you know anybody, I’ll be there and lots of hot ladies will be there. You like meeting new people don’t you? New ladies?”

Mike couldn’t keep from smiling back, “You know I do! But is this like a real party or are her parents going to be there? That would kill it for me. No party is a party if parents are there.”

“Hell no! Her parents are out of town. This is the real deal. So what do you say?”

Without having to think about it Mike answered, “I’m in. I’m freezing. I’m gonna go change, maybe hit the shower. You wanna meet me at the cafe in fifteen, twenty minutes?”

“Sure. See you there bro!”

Mike hurried into the locker room, he had started to shiver from the frigid air that was turning his sweat soaked uniform into an ice blanket. Greeting him was that familiar musty and stale odor that locker rooms across the world shared.

That warm air surrounded Mike and the smell, as it always did, was welcomed into his lungs and it sent yalova escort exhilaration through his veins. The invisible, scentless pheromones that lingered in the comforting warmth began tickling the back of his mind.

As he made his way to his locker Mike heard the water was on in the showers. He really needed to take a shower before heading to the cafe, especially after his extra run. But despite his nice physique he was shy about showering with other guys. He had done it a few times but usually decided against it. He wasn’t sure why exactly he felt uncomfortable about it, although in the back of his mind he knew. It was sexual.

Mike wasn’t gay or anything, but he couldn’t help but find himself trying to fight the urge to look at the other guys. He really liked women, yet when he was showering with team mates he couldn’t stop himself from glancing at their cocks. And he liked looking at their cocks.

That alone had made him uncomfortable in the showers, but more than that he couldn’t help think that maybe the other guys were also trying to look at his cock. That made Mike very uncomfortable. He wasn’t too self conscious about his cut cocks size, which was average, but he had seen bigger ones in the shower that made him a little insecure.

And there was that one time. Mike had been showering with three other guys and he couldn’t help but get a full erection. He had turned away from the others and hurriedly washed the soap off his body and headed to his locker as fast as he could. He had seen other guys get hard in the shower too but he was not eager for others to see him that way. Would they think he was gay?

He would like to believe that his fascination with cock was just hormones, curiosity or something, anything else besides what he knew it was. He liked looking at cock. In fact, Mike found he had been fighting the urge to fantasize about touching someones cock for some time.

He had noticed that when he watched porn he was as turned on by the man’s cock as much as by the hot porn star. Lately he had even started watching tranny porn. And he liked it. He tried to push the disturbing thoughts aside as he passed by the showers.

Mike had decided he wasn’t even going to look in the shower as he passed it, but he couldn’t help himself. The urge, the hope that he might get to glimpse a cock was too strong. In the shower was only one person, in fact he noticed that no one else was in the locker room at all. It was just him and the person in the shower. The person had his back to Mike but he knew immediately that it was Eli, the new guy on the team this year.

Mike hadn’t spoken much to Eli, he seemed to be very shy, but that may have been because he was from Mexico and while he spoke perfect English, this was a predominately white school. Maybe that made him feel like an outsider, but he seemed like a nice guy.

Also, Mike remembered that last week he had over heard some of his team mates joking about how feminine Eli looked with his thin figure and long dark hair and commenting that he should be on the girls team instead. He had noticed that Eli heard them and seemed hurt by their laughter.

For the first time, as Mike stood staring at Eli’s perfectly round slender yet plump ass, he realized that Eli did in fact have a feminine physique. Mike had found himself looking at Eli before, out on the fields, and thinking he was kind of girly.

Mike felt his cock begin to respond to the sweet image before him and he found himself unable to turn away. Eli had just finished rubbing shampoo in his long beautiful hair when he slowly turned around so he could wash the shampoo out.

Mike’s heart skipped a beat when Eli’s eyes locked with his own. Mike was frozen from embarrassment. Even so he couldn’t help but notice Eli’s half erect uncut cock. Eli betrayed a small smile and his uncut cock began to grow, rising from the dark patch of pubes that glistened with moisture. Then he placed his head under the shower head and began rinsing the shampoo out. Mike finally got control of his body and mind and quickly darted away toward his locker.

When Mike got to his locker he could barely open it with his shaking hands. He pulled out his clothes and sat them beside him on the bench. He was burning up now and tore off his jersey and shoved it into his locker.

His mind was racing with thoughts. What had just happened? Why did Eli smile like that? Mike found edirne escort he couldn’t get the image of Eli’s fine body, and that beautiful smile out of his head. Beautiful smile? Yes, Mike had felt a shiver when he saw that smile.

It was after the smile that he had truly realized that Eli’s naked slender body was not like his own, Eli had curves in places most men didn’t, but women did. And the cock didn’t detract from that fact, it had only made Mike enjoy the view much more.

And that smile, he looked so much like a women standing there in that shower, his long wet hair and fine sharp features had sent trembles through Mike’s body. Eli’s smile seemingly had infected Mike with pure animal lust. He tried to decide what to do, would he get in the shower or just change and leave?

Mike left his clothes on the bench and headed for the restroom which was on the other side of the room. Past the shower. He would have to walk past the shower again. Did he really need to piss or did he just need an excuse for one last peek? He didn’t care, he really did need to use the restroom now probably from the nerves.

Taking a deep breath, Mike headed for the restroom. He had decided he would not stop and stare again but would just try to peek out of his peripheral vision. Yet as he began passing the shower he felt his stride slow. He couldn’t believe what he was doing. He kept telling himself he wasn’t gay and that this was just to satisfy a hormone driven young man’s curiosity.

He began passing by the shower and with a quick glance he saw that Eli was again standing with his back to him. Mike felt his feet refuse to move. He stood there again staring at Eli’s amazing shining ass. Mike couldn’t believe that he was looking at a guy, how could a man have such a wonderful ass and perfect legs. Mike shook his head and headed to the restroom again.

He went in and pulled out his fully erect cock. It was difficult to piss in the urinal with his dick aiming to the heavens. He finished pissing and with Eli still in his head he began stroking his hard cock. He was so turned on right now and with every stroke he swore it had never felt so good before. Mike hadn’t planned on doing this right now but found he wasn’t able to stop.

The nude picture of Eli in his mind was now talking to him, telling him how much he needed Mike’s cum. Mike was imagining Eli was on his knees sucking his cock, taking it deep into his mouth.

Then Eli’s image stood up and turned around, and bending over showing that nice perfect ass, he begged Mike to fuck him, to fuck him hard. Mike imagined his cock sliding deep into Eli’s ass, pounding it harder and harder as Eli begged him for more. Just as Mike was about to climax he heard the shower shut off.

“Oh shit,” he said to himself as he clumsily tucked his cock back into his shorts.

Mike was getting more nervous with every second that passed. How could he face Eli after being caught staring? What would he say? He decided he would wait in the restroom until he heard Eli leave. The locker room was quit, all Mike could hear was the pounding of his own heart beat.

Several moments went by and he never heard any sounds from the locker room. He couldn’t figure out what Eli must be doing. Then Mike’s heart dropped as Eli came walking into the restroom, only a towel wrapped around his waist.

Eli’s tanned chest sparkled and his damp, dark, long hair hung loose and teased the sides of his face and brushed against the tops of his shoulders. Long brown nipples stood erect and a slight bulge pushed at the towel from underneath. He too had a nervous look on his face.

His eyes seemed to focus on Mikes bare toned muscular chest for an instant as his small shy accented voice broke the silence.

“So, here you are. I was wondering where you went.”

Mike noticed how feminine Eli’s voice seemed and then stuttered a reply, “Uh, oh, yeah, well I had to piss really bad.”

His own voice sounded foolish in his ears, but he didn’t know what to say. Also, he was still standing at the urinal. Not knowing what to do and unable to continue to look at Eli he spun around and pulled out his dick and tried really hard to piss again.

Nothing would come out of his now half hard cock. He felt like a fool standing there. Just when he decided he would just put it away and leave, Eli stepped up to the urinal next to him.

The restrooms used to have barriers erzurum escort separating the urinals but due to the fact that some immature students couldn’t keep themselves from vandalizing them, they had been removed and not replaced. Eli stood next to Mike and there was nothing between them but the heavy nervous sexual tension.

There Mike stood, cock in hand, next to a gorgeous guy and he was at a loss at what to do and he still couldn’t force a drop of piss out. Eli lifted his towel up and seemed to have trouble getting something out too.

Mike was trying real hard to keep his face forward, but his eyes were trying to get a look at that nice uncut cock. Mike didn’t know why, but he had to see that cock up close. He turned his head slightly to the right and pretended he needed to clear his throat.

Eli responded, “You pee shy too?”

Mike was surprised by the question, “Uh, yeah. I guess that’s its.”

He had been able to see Eli’s cock but for only a second. It was still half erect and looked wonderful to Mike. His own cock became fully erect again and he knew Eli would see it but he couldn’t stop it from happening no matter how hard he tried.

Just as he decided he would just say bye and head for his locker, Eli gasped and his towel fell from his waist and to the floor. Mike instantly without thought looked over and Eli was turned facing him, his uncut cock was fully erect and the head was exposed.

Mike noticed the aesthetically pleasing shape of Eli’s cock and he felt again that shiver of desire go through him, from his head to his toes. Then he looked away again apologizing, “Sorry, you startled me. I didn’t mean to look. I’m not some gay pervert. Er, sorry.”

Eli giggled, “That’s ok. You already saw me in the shower, its no big deal. Its just a penis. We both have one.” he laughed.

Mike laughed too, nervously. He noticed out of the corner of his eye that Eli turned away from him and slowly bent over to get his towel. Mike turned to watch.

There was something about the way Eli was doing this, bending over really slowly and keeping his legs, which were about shoulder length apart, as straight as he could.

Did he want Mike to see this? His heart shaped ass was cocked out and his cheeks were slightly spreading from the position allowing Mike a glimpse of his only slightly hairy asshole.

Mike’s eyes moved down a bit taking in the great view, he saw Eli’s balls were nice and full, swollen even. Perhaps Eli was ready to blow a load just as Mike was.

Damn, Mike was almost drooling from this wonderful sight. Then it happened again. While still bent over, Eli looked back and right into Mikes eyes. Mike could only imagine the look on his own face, he felt as if he must have turned white as a ghost or red as a blazing hot flame.

He looked away, then put his cock back into his shorts and started for the door saying, “Damn, I’m running late! I’ll see you at next practice.”

“Wait!” Eli called out, Mike stopped but didn’t turn around as Eli continued, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I thought maybe you were interested. Never mind. Look, I don’t really have any friends here. You won’t tell any of the guys about this?”

Mike turned around and seeing Eli had replaced the towel around his waist, he answered with a clear head, “Shit man, don’t worry about it. I apologize for my behavior. Hell, I was just curious I guess.”

Eli smiled, “Thanks,” His voice seemed to get more melancholy as he continued, “I am gay Mike. In places like this it can make for very lonely times. If you are okay with having a gay friend, would you be my friend?”

Mike’s heart dropped. He didn’t have any gay friends, or any he knew of, but Mike personally had nothing against gay people. He answered, “Sure, we can be friends.”

“Thank you Mike,” Eli walked toward Mike, who was unsure why. He saw that Eli had a strange gait, almost a seductive saunter. Eli stopped short of Mike and reached out his small hand which Mike took in his own.

As their skin touched, Mike felt electric excitement flow through him. Eli continued, “To new friendship. Maybe you could walk with me to the bus stop?”


They both headed to the locker room without another word, both going to their lockers to change. Mike’s head was spinning with all that had transpired. What the hell was happening to him? He felt strange, like when he met a new girl he liked. And was in love with.

That thought made him puzzle over himself. Love? No, he was just having a new experience and he didn’t know exactly how he was supposed to feel. He could only smile to himself and giggle over the whole thing. At worst he made a fool out of himself, at best he’d made a new friend. A very interesting friend.