Forbidden Lovers A Holiday Retreat


“This story is fictional and a continuation of my Forbidden Lovers series”

So the holidays arrived and the ground outside was covered with white flakes of snow. It would be the first white Christmas in years. The tree was trimmed and the stockings hung with care. The usual crowd had gathered on Christmas Eve, as was the tradition. Ever since he could remember Christopher’s parents had hosted this party. All of the neighbors and close family friends would gather together at his house, talking and eating and enjoying the night. It was a nice time for catching up and seeing some of the people that you never see as often as you would like. But this year he could just not get into the holiday spirit as much as he would have liked. The evening passed and people went home for the night and Christopher crawled into his bed underneath the warm covers. He tried to sleep, but he only tossed and turned. His mind was not on the holidays so much but elsewhere.

He wondered what MaryBeth was doing these cold days and if she was thinking of him the way he was of her. He missed her and wanted to be with her more than anything. He half expected to wake up and find her under the Christmas tree maybe naked wearing nothing but a bow. Or dressed in a slinky Santa like suit with her beautiful legs showing. It was a crazy idea of course, but it made him smile and he only wished the answer for them would be that easy.

However, he knew that was not so and even if she came to him and professed her love there would be obstacles to overcome. He was willing to deal with them, but he hoped he could convince her that she needed to feel the same way. The sun rose the next morning and he awoke to a new day. The holiday passed and family came and went. The ball dropped and the New Year was rung in.

The New England air was cold and the ground covered in a blanket of snow. Christopher was happy that he and some friends had decided to head for warmer weather. He was on his way to Hawaii, which was somewhere he had always wanted to go. Kind of last minute some of his friends had just convinced him that they would all go because when else would they have this chance? It was a group of the four people from his home that he was closest with. The day after New Years they headed for the airport and away from the cold.

Back closer to school MaryBeth was also packing her bags somewhat unwillingly. Her husband suspecting that something was wrong looked for a quick solution. Alejandro was not the type to talk things out and listen to her. He had stopped all that a few years back. He figured that a vacation on a tropical island would be enough for them to fix everything. Basically he thought the beach and the ocean and the mentality of it all would make her horny, then they would have some hot sex the way they used to and things would be back to normal.

MaryBeth knew otherwise and she knew that a vacation would not magically make everything better. The passion had died and gone out of her marriage and it wasn’t coming back. Her husband did not respect her and she believed he was just scared of responsibility. Or lazy and not wanting to do any of the household things like laundry. She wondered where the man she knew and had loved had gone and when exactly had the lump coach potato emerged. Plus now she had Christopher and the love she knew they shared. She did not feel she needed to be dependent on Alejandro anymore. But the bags were packed she would do this one last thing to try and show him that they needed to end this charade.

As she was packing she began to think about how the two of them had met and how it had been those days. She had been in Peru doing research for her thesis on the cultural habits of the indigenous people that had lived in Machu Pichu. One night she had gone into a local bar/restaurant to have dinner and a few drinks. She hated the tourist places because that was not her style. She liked to mingle with the locals. She had the grasp of the language and she sometimes struck up conversations that were useful to her research.

She had been slowly sipping some wine when she noticed a man enter the room. He was tall and handsome. Slightly dark skinned, but not too dark. A nice milk like shade of brown that was very fair. He was very handsome and sexy, more modern and less like the old more rugged people of the mountains. He walked over to the bar and ordered a shot. He took it back and said something to the bartender. Salsa music began to fill the air. The man walked across the room he took a small glance as he passed MaryBeth at her table. The gaze was intense. She had to turn her head as not to show the smirk on her face.

At the very next table while still looking at MaryBeth he took the hand of some young woman. No words were spoken. He pulled her against him and they began to move to the music. Their bodies just seemed like they knew what to do. As if it was an automatic reflex like quickly pulling your hand away from something hot. MaryBeth watched in amazement as he guided this woman through what to her seemed like complicated movements. She liked to dance but had not so much experience in dancing of this style. Just Escort Bayan Antep a few classes on and off when she had the time.

The man noticed that the foreign woman was still watching him, as he was she. She was quite attractive he thought. Was she from the United States? He could not be sure because she had such a look that she could be European. And what was she doing in this bar he thought? All alone away from the places he would have expected. Had she gotten lost and just wandered in? Did she even speak Spanish? He knew he had to talk to her.

After the song ended he tossed the young woman aside and walked over to MaryBeth. He offered his hand trying to be a perfect gentleman. “Quierias bailar?” (Would you like to dance?) He asked. She had been a little embarrassed at how she had been staring that she hadn’t known what to say. “Bueno no hablas Espanol.” (Well you don’t speak Spanish) he said as he began to turn away. It was then that she felt the need to prove to him that she was not just a wide-eyed tourist. “Yo hablo perfectamente gracias, nada mas no se bailar tanto como tu.” (I speak perfectly well thank you. I just don’t know how to dance like you do.) She said. Hearing her speak so well he turned back and said “Te ensenare.” (I will teach you.)

With that he offered his hand again. She accepted and they began to move to the music. Well she remembered thinking it wasn’t quite mutual movement. It was more he was moving her body and passing her through all the movements. Of course she had to follow him but it was he who moved her more than her moving herself. It was in a way intoxicating the fast movements and the look in his eyes. The way his hands touched her and he pulled her close.

He was in no way groping her but there was a sexual aura all the same. After a few dances she made it obvious that she really needed to be going. He had a certain look in his eyes as he asked if she would come back the next night. She said she would think about it. But in truth it was easy for her. She came the next night and again after. His name was Alejandro and he lived in the area and worked on his family farm. However, he claimed to have bigger ambitions. He just didn’t have the money to make a move to anywhere else.

By the third night he made the move to kiss her and she let it happen. It was very much an experienced kiss and this she knew. They went for a walk in the warm streets with the stars out. He kissed her again and his hands ran over her body gently touching certain places. He had a touch that just made her think “Latin Lover!” As if he knew just how to please a woman.

Which maybe he did. But for Alejandro he saw what most people of his kind would have. The appeal of a foreign woman and everything that was different from what he was used to. And that is what truly appealed him. It was like a conquest to say he slept with an American woman. That night MaryBeth was sort of intoxicated in several senses. The alcohol, the dancing, the moon and stars, Alejandro’s eyes and his kisses. His strong, but seemingly sensitive hands. So she invited him to her hotel because that is what she thought she wanted.

And they made love or had sex really is what it was. It was so raw and so intense unlike anybody she had ever been with. The way he touched her so firm and so strong. But it wasn’t like he hurt her or forced himself on her. He was just such an intense lover with his movements and his power. She felt herself almost being violated, however she loved the feeling. She was so caught up in the whole sensations and intensity of the act. The way she felt as if she was constantly building up and having an orgasm the entire time.

After that night they kept on meeting and the intensity of it all continued for a few weeks. She was totally overwhelmed by him and the sex. Alejandro also had his feelings. He was in control he thought, and whenever he wanted having sex with this American woman, and making all his friends jealous.

It wasn’t until two weeks later when she was to return to the United States that things changed for him. She explained she needed to go home and hand in her thesis and get her degree. That she thought she loved him and she didn’t want to leave. Alejandro didn’t have to think hard to see a way out of this problem and the misery that he considered his life to be. So he said take me with you and marry me please. And then he kissed her in a way that she just had to say yes. And with that they were off to the USA. It was all down hill from there.

Once they got married he changed. All her family had been quite surprised when she just brought him home like that. This man from the mountains in the third world. Alejandro seemed to just take to his new life. MaryBeth was hired to teach and he liked the prestige her job allowed them as well as the money and the freedom of the USA.

He found odd jobs to do, but his work ethic started to slack. And MaryBeth soon saw his ambitions if there were any were limited and lacking. He became lazy and sometimes harsh when she would question him about that fact. And whenever he was at the college she would notice him glancing at all the young girls. It was all too obvious and she hated that. And their time in bed also had changed. She felt as if he was more doing it to release his stress. Or perhaps it was also that the intoxication of it all began to wear off. She wanted tender lovemaking but that was not how he was. And she had managed to get pregnant and that was even worse. He never really wanted a child and the distance between them grew and the fighting started. They had never been able to resolve those conflicts.

And now there was this trip. And what good would it do? She had serious doubts. She thought it was a waste of money considering she probably wouldn’t even enjoy herself under the circumstances. And in Hawaii of all the places she hated to think of such a romantic setting lost. However, they dropped off Erin, their little girl, at grandma’s house and headed off to the airport. It was time to grin and bear it she thought. Go through the motions and then break it to him afterwards.

As MaryBeth’s plane took off Christopher had already touched down and him and his friends were settling into their hotel rooms. The resort was amazing to them and they were living it up in style. Each of them had worked a lot over the summer and as students were able to get cheap rates. Christopher wanted this trip to be as wonderful as he always imagined this island would be. He only wished that MaryBeth could have been there by his side to walk along the beach and look over the expansive ocean. He knew that if he did not stop those thoughts it would ruin the time he had here. But thinking of her had become something he just did without really noticing it or being able to control. He would just try and have a good time he decided and that was that. She may not have been there with him, but that didn’t mean she had to ruin his vacation.

After the bags were unpacked Christopher and his friends spent the day relaxing on the beach and swimming. Later that night MaryBeth and her husband unknowingly arrived at the same resort and checked into their room. MaryBeth extremely tired decided she was going to shower and get in bed. Her husband threw his bags on the floor and headed off to the bar for a nightcap.

MaryBeth slowly stripped her clothes off as the water heated up and the steam filled the shower coating the door. She stepped in and the hot water felt refreshing against her stiff body. She needed to loosen up from that long plane ride. She lathered up the hotel bath sponge with the body wash they provided. She slowly rubbed it all over body covering herself with the smooth white substance. Then she dropped the sponge and slowly began to run her hands over her body. She closed her eyes and began to massage her breasts running her fingers around her sensitive nipples.

She imagined that Christopher was there with her touching her and kissing her in the way that only he knew how. Then she ran her hands lower and pushed a finger inside of her wetness. She began to play with herself there at first slowly but then faster moaning to herself. She began to move her hips back and forth imagining that she was riding her lover. She gasped for breath and she climaxed and she collapsed against the wall. Then she washed her hair and climbed into bed. She usually wore a nightgown of some sort, but it felt so nice to be naked and she drifted off to sleep without a second thought imagining Christopher’s arms around her.

It was about 1:00 am and at the bar MaryBeth’s husband was being cut off from drinking. He had already had one too many and the bartender told him enough was enough. In his stupor he looked around and noticed a sexy young local woman with dark skin. He walked over and sat next to her. He tried to start up a conversation but she ignored him. Mumbling and babbling he tried to pick her up, but she got up to walk away. He stood up and grabbed her ass squeezing it in his hands. She slapped him across the face so hard that it stung and left a red mark. But, he hardly cared because he was so horny he did not know what to do with himself. Him and his wife had not really been communicating lately and he could not get her to give him any either.

It was about 2:00 am when he finally stumbled back to his hotel room. He saw his wife sleeping and knew it would be wrong to wake her. With the tight young girl still on his mind he walked into the bathroom. He masturbated pretending that he was ravishing this girl who in his thoughts wanted him more than anything.

Then he collapsed onto the bed and passed out not to wake until morning. When the sun rose Christopher and his friends were up and ready for a day of exercise and excitement hiking around a volcano that lie on the outer edges of the island. Christopher was excited about this because seeing volcanoes was something he had grown to love while he was in Central America. They hiked as far up as they could go and ate lunch and enjoyed the forest and the wildlife.

Meanwhile back at the resort MaryBeth woke very refreshed next to her hung over husband. She could still smell the horrid stench of alcohol on his breath. But soon enough he awoke determined to spend the day with his wife hoping that quality time would fix things between them. He walked out onto the deck outside their room where MaryBeth was sitting on a lounge chair reading a book. She was wearing a short skirt and a tight tank top blouse taking in the sun’s rays. Most men would have noticed how amazing and sensual she looked there with her well-shaped legs glistening in the sun. However, he was so sexually frustrated that all he could think of was how he wanted to take control of her right there on the deck.

He sat down next to her and began to run his hands up her legs and her skirt. She pushed him away and stood up to walk back inside he took her hand and said we will go eat breakfast now and start our day. The restaurant was a nice open-air hut with a buffet of eggs and waffles and fruit and anything you could want.

During the meal MaryBeth sat bored stiff as her husband recounted how they were going to spend the day playing golf and having lunch and then maybe another 18 holes. “Golf is what he planned for a romantic get away?” She thought. He had no class and no idea what she needed it was quite pathetic. But, this week had been his idea and she had promised herself to try and enjoy this island as much as possible. So they headed off to the course to play but it was more of a nice ride in the cart. MaryBeth’s husband tried to show her the proper swing but he himself was so far over par. However, he was too selfish to notice and felt he was playing like a pro.

It was early evening when Christopher and his friends returned to the resort for dinner. They enjoyed a nice meal and then decided to hang out at the beach. They talked and watched the sunset and listened to the waves crashing against the shore. At this same time MaryBeth and her husband were finishing up their dinner. MaryBeth just wanted to escape this awful situation in which her husband was knocking back his beers like they were glasses of water and babbling nonsense. Once she became disgusted by the fact that he was completely drunk she got up and tried to leave. He latched onto her asking her to go back to the room with him.

She figured she would take him back and then take a walk on the beach. When they got to the room she tried to lay him down on the bed. He grabbed her and kissed her and pushed her down onto the bed. She tried to get him off but he held her still. “Come on baby,” he said. “You used to like it this way, nice and rough.” She tried once again to fight him, but he was too strong and too big.

She then lay motionless as he pulled apart the buttons on her shirt, yanked her skirt down and ripped off her panties. He undid his pants and as she heard his zipper she closed her eyes because she did not want to see the look in his eyes. He shoved himself into her and began to thrust as hard as he could. He grabbed onto her breasts squeezing them painfully while he ripped into her. She could feel the pain fill her body as he pounded into her and she felt as if she was going to suffocate. Then he began to moan loudly. “Oh man isn’t it so good baby?” He whispered into her ear as he continued to force himself on her. Then he swelled up and she felt him release his fluids inside of her. Feeling his limp cock slide out of her MaryBeth pushed him aside and he just lay there with a sick grin on his face.

MaryBeth grabbed up her clothes on the floor and ran outside to the deck with tears streaming down her face. As she dressed she could not believe what her husband had just done. She knew how he was and how his reasoning worked. Tomorrow he would tell her that as his wife it was one of her duties to give herself to him whenever he wanted. He had the macho man mentality that women were meant to be submissive no matter what.

Christopher’s friends all wanted to go to the resort club and dance, but he was not in the mood for that so he decided to stay on the beach alone. He needed sometime to himself and he loved to just look at the stars. He walked along the water’s edge looking up at the stars and the moon shining bright. MaryBeth came running onto the beach escaping the terror of her room where her husband lay most likely with that grin, still plastered on his face. She collapsed in the sand and began to sob. She curled up holding herself and shaking with fear.

At this moment Christopher heard what sounded like whimpering and noticed the figure of a woman huddled in the sand. He slowly approached to offer his help when he realized that it was MaryBeth. Even though her face was buried in her chest he knew it was she. He recognized her hair and her legs and her beautiful hands that were clenched around her knees. “What did he do to her this time,” he wondered. “What was she doing here?” The chances of them being at the same resort at the same time were slim to none, but that was not on Christopher’s mind at the time. He knelt down beside his love who was obviously scared and wrapped his arms around her. MaryBeth jumped, but he held onto her. “It’s ok,” he said. “I am here now.” She turned around at the sound of that voice she knew all to well. He was here she could not believe her eyes, but she needed him so much and he was here. She buried her face into his chest and held onto him as if her life depended on it. He held her gently and let her cry.