Friendship, Wine and Temptation Ch. 02

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Spoiler Alert: If you’re a fan of hard-core graphic porn, this R-rated story may not do the trick! Comments are appreciated.


Karen dozed on the recliner, only to be awakened an hour later as the sunlight poured through the small living room window and seemed to intentionally and cruelly focus on her, as if to say, “WAKE UP!” Squinting and momentarily confused at her surroundings, she saw the empty wine bottle and rubbed her eyes as she realized where she was. She slowly rose and headed once again for the bathroom, following a similar routine as the night before.

As she washed her face, she looked in the mirror, for some reason feeling the type of guilt that usually surfaced after her one-night stands. This time was different, however. Or was it? There was no sex, of course, so why did she feel this way? She chalked it up to the wine and a slight hangover. Leaving the bathroom, she picked up the empty bottle and tossed it in the recycling bin.

Regretting that she had a shift at the diner later today, she briefly considered calling in sick, but thought better of it. She hoped that Jess would be ok on her own for a while, assuming that she wouldn’t be at the diner today. She saw Jess’ phone on the end table and prayed that she wouldn’t reach out to Jason when she woke up.

After tidying up and folding the comforter – which again prompted a strange pseudo-sexual flashback – she spied her gift bag, still positioned next to the door where she left it the night before. Reaching in, she pulled the Yankee Candle gift out and placed it on the coffee table. Strange, she thought – she could have sworn that she dropped her panties into the bag earlier, but now they were nowhere to be found.

Did she simply dream that she placed them there? For a sanity check, she looked down, pulling her leggings away from her body briefly and finding only bare flesh. No panties. Forgetting about it, she quietly tiptoed over to the bedroom door to check in on Jess before leaving. Again, the slow deliberate movements prompted another confusing sexual déjà vu moment that she shook off. Opening the door just a crack, she peeked in to see Jess sound asleep in the darkened bedroom. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, her heart skipped a beat. Bunched up in Jess’s hand, nestled inches from her face on the pillow were Karen’s sky blue panties!

Quickly but quietly withdrawing from the room, Karen’s head spun. Trying desperately to forget what she saw but knowing she couldn’t, she again wrestled with pangs of both guilt, embarrassment and of course an undeniable desire, now knowing that the removal of the panties from the gift bag had to be an intentional act from her now sober friend. Was Jason right all along? Did Jess willingly talk about her sexually? Oh, Ankara bayan escort how she suddenly fought the urge to enter that dark room again and – what? What would she have the nerve to do? Simply slide under the sheets to cuddle, or to go “all in?”

Her mind raced as she stood just outside the bedroom door, and despite her attempts to suppress them, her thoughts turned even more crude. She wondered, would her insatiable alter-ego slide under the comforter from the foot of the bed, slowly working her way up from Jess’ smooth calves to her knees, trailing light kisses along the way? Would she pass the point of no return if she ventured upward to those full but firm inner thighs, slightly parted to allow her further access? Dare she press her hungry lips against the fabric of the sheer panties that she briefly felt just twelve hours before?

Or would she instead remove her own leggings and slowly climb up on the bed as Jess slept beneath her? God, she thought, could she actually get up the nerve to straddle the face of her best friend as she slept? Her breathing was almost uncontrollable now as she fumbled with the doorknob, the familiar wetness forming quickly between her legs. She almost moaned as she allowed herself to think about lowering her drenched pussy and rubbing it directly across Jess’ face. Just as she was about to turn the doorknob, Jess’ phone buzzed. Relieved yet disappointed, Karen reluctantly released the knob and walked a few steps to the phone as it buzzed on the table, seeing “Towne City Diner” on the display. Hearing stirring from the bedroom, Karen panicked and quietly slipped out of the apartment, locking the door behind her.

Traveling the short distance from Jess’ apartment to her small townhouse, Karen glanced into her rearview mirror, still surprised at her reaction to her friend, and realizing how much had changed from the prior day. Prior to her visit with Jess, she had always considered herself to be “straight.” Now, based on her body’s reaction to her best friend, she wasn’t so sure. Remembering the incredible feeling of Jess’ breast cupped in her hand, she unconsciously reached down and rested her left hand against her inner thigh, parting her legs slightly as she drove.

The new sensation of her trimmed mound pressed against her leggings – absent her panties – only served to further fuel her sudden horniness. She rubbed lightly through the leggings as she stopped for a traffic light, turning beat red when she glanced over to see a middle-aged passenger in a pickup truck leering down at her as both waited. Totally embarrassed, she quickly placed both hands on the wheel and sped off as soon as the light changed, hoping he couldn’t see where her hand was resting just seconds before.

Finally, she reached the parking Escort bayan Ankara lot, pulled into her parking space and entered her small townhouse. Although tempted to take a short nap, she knew that would be a mistake with only 2 hours before her shift, so she reluctantly removed her pullover and T-shirt before peeling off her leggings and jumping into the shower. As the hot water poured down over her, once again she thought back to her best friend and the sexual chemistry that she was sure they both felt. She ran her hands through her hair as she shampooed, and without looking, her hand reached for the familiar detachable wand, knowing – thanks to Jess and her recent memory – that it was going to be a very long and gratifying shower.

Back at the apartment, Jess awoke with a throbbing head. Opening her eyes, she realized that she was still holding onto the panties that she pulled from the gift bag during a weaker spontaneous moment as Karen slept. Momentarily forgetting about Jason, she hesitated before slowly bringing them to her face and breathing in the scent of her best friend. The act brought back memories of a kinkier time with Jason, when he pressed her own balled up panties into her mouth as he took her from behind.

At first she was repulsed, but when she realized how much that act turned him on, she eventually became the one to voluntarily taste her own panties, and even shared them with him one time when he was penetrating her missionary style.

When he whispered, “Are those YOUR panties, or…hers'” she was momentarily confused.

Slowing the movements of her hips, with panties still in hand, she asked, “Whose?”

Hesitating, Jason reached to rub them against her cheek, before leaning in to whisper in her ear, “Maybe they’re Karen’s.”

Jess didn’t know what shocked her more – the fact that he was fantasizing about her best friend, or the reaction that she felt between her legs as she heard herself saying, “God yes… They’re Karen’s wet panties!”

What followed was the most incredible climax ever as they shared the panties between kisses. Afterward, embarrassed, she made him promise to never say anything, or do anything like that again. Deep down though the guilt consumed her as she realized that the simple fantasy sparked a desire like no other. Although over the next several months the memory dulled, and when Jason tried once again to bring it up during intimate moments, she stopped him, fearing that it would trigger yet another intense orgasmic reaction coupled with the guilt of desiring her best friend.

Now in her apartment, she wondered how she would be able to sneak the panties back into the gift bag. When she heard the door close, she panicked as she realized that her opportunity had passed. How would she explain Bayan escort Ankara to her best friend that her panties disappeared from the bag? In the darkness, she looked at the balled up panties in her hand, and despite her self-revulsion, she watched as her hand slowly brought the treasured fabric to her waiting mouth.

Her mind raced as she imagined her friend’s warmth, and despite the guilt, her free hand found its way under the covers to her own sheer panties, sliding under them as she inhaled Karen’s scent. Neither friend realized that they each reached their peaks at nearly the same time as they both fantasized, one in the shower with the aid of a wand, and one in the comfort of her bed as she tasted her best friend’s panties. Jess drifted off to sleep, while Karen reluctantly exited the shower across town, preparing for her shift. Each of them actually felt guilty about feeling less repulsion for their desire this time around, if that was possible.

As Karen prepared for work, she secretly hoped that Jess wouldn’t make it in for her shift. How would she react? Would Jess feel the same about her? Until now, Karen never had self-doubts about her sexuality, and she always valued friendship over physical intimacy, as true friendships are so much more difficult to find and establish than sex partners. She was determined more than ever to put the silly thoughts about her friend behind her, and she instead focused on finding a healthier relationship. She decided that she would finally take the plunge and join a dating site, maybe even as soon as tonight after her shift.

Karen waited until her break to text her friend, making sure she was ok. She seemed to be in better spirits, and Karen felt relieved that she wouldn’t need to be concerned about Jess or her depression. Perhaps it was a subconscious attempt to reinforce her heterosexuality, but Karen dialed up her friendliness at the diner, engaging in flirtations throughout the night, and even discreetly handing her phone number to a much younger man who was ogling her from the counter – a first for her.

As she drove to her modest townhouse after her shift, she convinced herself that she would sign up for a site. Entering her unit, she pulled off her polyester uniform and pantyhose before sliding her comfy sweats on and sitting down with her laptop. Googling dating sites, she checked prices and ratings, and decided that she would settle on either POF or Before clicking the link for them, she impulsively googled “lesbian dating sites,” shocking herself as she watched her fingers typing, almost as if they had a mind of their own. Just as she was about to exit, she heard the familiar ring of a text. Looking down, she read it – “I miss you.” Her heart fluttered as she realized that it was from Jess. Looking down at her laptop, her mouse hovered over “lesbian dating sites” before sliding over to click on Karen waited until her breathing slowed before responding to the text.

“I miss you too Jess.”

(to be continued)

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