Full to the Brim


Lying here in the sun my mind wandering, travelling, flying back to Maidstone…..I tighten the Velcro straps on your wrists and ankles and you are spread out, wide open, thighs as wide as possible, your pussy still glistening with the cum I’ve just filled you with. I scoop two fingers into your pussy and bring out a load of warm cum. I take my fingers to my mouth and take it all in – I move up to your face and kiss you deeply, pushing my tongue into your mouth, feeding you with my thick warm seed.

Are you ready, I ask – yes you reply – do everything.

I move to the side of the bed and take your fingers into my mouth, sucking each finger separately, biting them gently, then biting the soft fleshy part of your palm harder till you moan. I move up to your wrist and your forearm, licking you, nibbling you. My tongue licks you right up your arm, flicking into your underarm, moving up to your face

I kiss your cheek, your eyelids, brushing your lips gently with mine. I pull your hair to one side firmly, exposing your neck and throat……the torturing you with pleasure is about to start.

I kiss your ear, breathing hotly into it, not touching it, then licking the outer part of the ear, moving down to your neck. I kiss in light, fluttery kisses, my tongue flicking your skin, my teeth grazing you, my breath hot and slow – you moan loudly and I pull your hair more tightly to the other side away from me – you can’t move and I nip, kiss, bite, caress your neck till you cry out….I move on, move down, taking no heed of your gasping breaths as I take your nipple into my mouth. I suck as much of your breast as I can into my mouth, pulling hard with my whole Demetevler Escort mouth, and my tongue flicking and sucking hard on your engorged plump nipple – god I love this, and pull really hard, nipping, biting, sucking really hard – you gasp again as I squeeze your other nipple between finger and thumb.

I release your hard wet nipple and continue down your exquisite, plump, perfectly rounded body. I kiss and nip and lick all the way down your right side – I move in towards your glistening pussy and kiss very near it – I blow gently on it and flick my tongue just once over your shiny pink clitoris – you jump and moan loudly. I continue down your leg kissing you lightly, nibbling your skin, licking you till I get to your foot – I squeeze and caress it firmly and bite your toes grazing my teeth over the soft pad of your big toe – you writhe but I have you held firmly – I release your foot and continue northward back towards your awaiting pussy.

I kiss you very deeply there and start to tongue-fuck you – I hold you under your plump full bottom and start to eat you like a lush juicy fruit. I push my tongue deeply into your pussy, as deep as my very long tongue will go – as I do this I also slide up to your clit and flick over that too – soon I am licking from the depths of your beautiful pussy right up to your clit with each stroke – you are moaning very loudly now.

I pause briefly and you are not sure what I’m doing as you have your eyes closed – you hear the buzz just as I push the large green ribbed vibe fully into you on slow pulsating throb – you moan loudly as I fuck you slowly with it – Otele gelen escort I hold it in place and start to rub all around your arsehole with a lubed finger. You gasp as you know what’s coming – or at least you think you do.

I ease my fingertip in slowly, gently, just up to the first knuckle joint – I circle round and round easing in further, still gentle and slow. You hear a different buzz and feel me open up your arse gently with the butt plug. You gasp – although I’m doing it very slowly and carefully you are starting to feel filled up – I ease it fully in and gently push both in at the same speed and rhythm – your moaning is continuous but just about under control. Your eyes are still closed so you don’t see me lubing up the other big vibrator – I turn in on low as I ease it into your already stretched cunt alongside the large green one. You gasp loudly as I push that one in fully too – two vibes deep in your luscious pussy and one plug deep in your lovely fat bottom. I manipulate all three at the same slow rhythm and you see my head dip to your pussy and I start to lick again – I take as much in my mouth as possible – all your pussy lips and with al that femininity in my mouth I push my tongue between them and lick and pull slowly.

Your pussy is on fire and very wet and juicy – and very full. I ease one vibrator out, then the second, pour some lube onto my hand and push straight into you – you let out a huge cry as I fill your body….you pull against the restraints but they hold you tight this time – I start to fist you very deeply indeed, corkscrewing my hand relentlessly as I fist-fuck Balgat Escort you – you are moaning very loudly indeed and as I dip my head to your pussy and start to lick I know it will not take long.

I put my hand underneath your luscious plump bottom and pull you towards my thrusting hand again- I fist you as hard as I can, licking your clit relentlessly – your climax is massive, takes your whole beautiful body and gives you an overwhelming orgasm – you strain against the straps but they hold you fast this time – your cry is deafening and I stop licking, and pull my hand out gently but swiftly – as you are gasping in your orgasmic throes I undo the straps, very gently remove the plug and pull your body to the edge of the bed – you are still gasping and don’t know which way is up even.

I am so aroused by your monumental orgasm I am rock hard – I spread your thighs and push my hand into you again – you moan very loudly but don’t stop me – I am standing at the foot of the bed and as I gently hold my hand still inside your body I guide my rock-hard, lube-covered cock to your arsehole and nudge the head in – fuck me, you moan, fuck my arse as hard as you can.

I drive into your luscious fat arse in one slow hard thrust, my hand still inside your pussy – you moan loudly – fuck me, fill me with your cum. I balance myself with my free hand, move my hand slowly in your cunt and start to fuck your arse very hard; you moan continually as I thrust very deep, my balls slamming against you – I can feel my cock inside your arse with the hand that is inside your pussy – your face is a picture of beauty and ecstasy and as I get near I speed up – I feel it build and you feel me shudder and empty my balls deep into your arse.

There is so much I feel it start to ooze out quickly – I withdraw both my hand from your cunt and my cock from your arse – I dip my head to your arsehole and scoop out a big mouthful that I take up to your mouth and share with you in the deepest kiss – your face a picture of beauty and satiated desire.