Girl’s Night Out

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A good guy friend of mine had introduced me to a lovely female friend. She had joined us for a threesome actually. However, after a few encounters, she and I came to the conclusion that we could have much more fun venturing out on our own. It wasn’t that I was in any way committed to my male friend, but it had become so regular with him that it had been some time since I actually had gone out on the prowl.

It was 10:30 on a Saturday night when we made our entrance to the first bar. We were early. There were only about a dozen people in the place. We decided to stay and have one drink before moving on to some place more populated. We sat at the bar sipping our drinks and chatting. She was looking hot that night and I was feeling pretty sexy myself.

I was admiring her cleavage when from the corner of my eye, I noticed a young man looking our way from across the bar. As I looked up, he moved his glance away. But I knew he was still watching. “Kiss me,” I said as I leaned in to my friend and took her lips softly into mine.

“What was that for?” she asked. And so I told her about our audience. Looking again in his direction, this time he smiled at me. It worked!

He was by himself, so I motioned for him to come over. He smiled and nodded but seemed hesitant as he did not rise from his seat. I called the bartender over to me and told her that I’d like to buy gaziemir escort that guy a drink. She went over to him and spoke a few words. Within seconds he had stood and was on his way over to our side of the bar.

We had our introductions and I asked him if he was going to let me buy him a drink. He insisted on the opposite, purchasing drinks for himself, me and my friend. We sat and chatted. He had come to the bar alone that night after being blown off by a buddy. What made the story even worse was that he had wanted to go out drinking because he had just ended a four-year relationship with a girlfriend that he had found cheating. Now I don’t know if that story was true or if it was a giant line of bullshit. But he told it with such conviction. Even if it was fictitious, it had been clever and believable. And so I was sold. My friend and I took pity in his story and told him he should hang with us.

He was honestly a good looking guy…more cute than hot though. He was younger than us definitely. In fact, he was probably just old enough to be in that bar. I was midst conversation with him when my friend, taking me by the hand, announced a trip to the ladies room. I knew that she had a plan to share with me. I couldn’t wait to hear!

After some discussion we returned to our new friend who was waiting for us at the bar. He swiveled karabağlar escort in his stool to face us as we approached. I stepped to his right and she to his left. Then we both leaned in to him and simultaneously whispered into his opposing ears, “We wanna fuck you.” Then we each kissed him on the corresponding cheek.

As we stepped back he looked at us…shocked. He looked as if he didn’t know how to respond as he glanced back and forth between us with a silly grin. She took him by the left hand and I took his right. We lightly pulled him from his seat and lead him out the door.

We got to the car and my friend decided to drive. I took our new friend into the backseat and straddling his lap I began kissing him passionately…first his lips but then his ears and neck as well. His hands traveled up my back. We didn’t have far to go. She lived just a few streets over from the bar. Within minutes, we had pulled into the driveway.

She opened the back door and pulled him from me. Upon retrieving him from the car she pushed him against the vehicle, kissing him. Once I left the car, she and I both again took him by the hands and let him into the house.

We were wasting no time with our new toy.

Pushing him down to sit on the couch, she went for his belt and I his zipper. He was already hard as we pulled his cock from kemalpaşa escort his jeans. She licked him up as I liked him down. We took turns sucking his cock and his balls. He leaned back and moaned. I felt him grasp my hair and I stopped to look up at him and I said, “Don’t you dare cum yet.”

Between gasps of breath he replied, “Then you better stop for a minute.”

She looked at me with that sweet smile. We began to kiss. Knelt between his spread legs we began undressing each other while slowly caressing skin as it was revealed. Totally nude, our breasts pressed together, she and I again kissed…this time in such a way that he could watch as our tongues met. He moaned lightly and began stroking his cock. That was our cue. We stood and again took his hands into ours. And we lead him to the bedroom.

We laid him down on the bed knowing exactly what we intended to do with him. I straddled him at the waist and pushed my throbbing, wet pussy down onto his cock. As I did, she straddled his face, placing his hands on her ass. He did not hesitate to devour her pussy. She was facing me. I watched her as she ground her hips and I pounded his cock. Her eyes met mine and we both smiled as we leaned in towards each other to kiss.

There we were, both on top of him using him as we liked. Kissing her, our tongues entwined, I continued to slide my pussy up and down his hard cock while he ate her like it was his job. We continued like this until he came. It was so hot! I wished we could have gotten a video or some pictures of it all. Alas, we had not incorporated that into the plan. I guess there was always next time…and there would definitely be a next time!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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