Going to a Wedding


My wife and I recently were invited to a friend’s wedding and reception. I knew that this would be the perfect dress up occasion for both of us and the excitement built inside of me thinking of the possibilities!

As she prepares herself in front of the mirror, I ask the timid question if she minds if I wear a pair of hose under my suit. She responds, “Of course not, it could be a lot of fun!” She is already wearing her tiger print dress with her $50 Austrian made seamless sheer nude hose that I ordered for her a few weeks ago.

They are very silky, soft and have a bit of shine that looks so sexy. It is quite the view to see her ass and pussy so exposed under silken material with no seam lines to distract the eye. I slip into a pair of regular brand nude control top and enjoy pulling my suit pants on over them.

My wife mentions that I am not wearing underwear; I tell her that if she can go without, so can I. She agrees that it will be more fun for both of us.

We arrive at the church and are seated on the right side toward the front, just behind the marked off family pews. Both sides of the aisles have women dressed for the afternoon occasion, quite a few hems at or above the knee and a couple of mini skirts and dresses! Some have decided the polished look of hose compliments their outfits just as my wife does.

The music begins and the groom walks out with his groomsman looking a little nervous. The bride comes down the aisle beaming and a wonderful service proceeds. Afterwards, we greet the new couple on the front porch of the church by blowing bubbles. We all line the walk as the newlyweds walk through the bubbles.

My wife and I notice a younger woman wearing a pair of beautiful purple satin spike pumps with a pretty bow on the tip. We then make our way to the hotel banquet room and find a table with another couple we know. We are joined by friends of the bride and chat while waiting for the new couple to arrive.

I pet my wife’s legs as the evening passes by and feel her hand caress my leg, loving the secret we alone share amongst this populated room. I wonder what our friends would think if they knew. Having a secret with my wife like this is so exhilarating.

I note that several ladies wearing hose are walking around the room and enjoy the feeling knowing that I am enjoying what each of them are feeling.

One of these finely dressed ladies is the younger woman we spotted earlier in the purple satin pumps. She is sitting across the small dance floor facing us and gets up to cross the floor where she speaks with some of the wedding party.

She is quite tall and her pumps accentuate her height. She is wearing a tweed gray skirt and nude hose. My wife asks me if I like her shoes to which I respond, “very much, you too, huh?” She says “yes, a lot.”

After dinner, the DJ invites all of us to make a train of men on one side of the room and women the other. As we join the group, I follow my wife to her side since she has told me that she is going to mention to the young woman how much she likes her shoes. I think that this conversation will be quite risqué for me so I follow my wife to that side of the room because I so want to hear that moment!

The woman is one of the last in the line and my wife steps in right behind her and tells her how much she adores her footwear. She thanks her and tells my wife that she had just picked them up this afternoon at a national chain store with an outlet here in town.

She states that she obviously did not know the colors mersin escort of the wedding beforehand and is pleased that the purple color fits perfectly with the wedding theme colors.

I am now quite excited and quickly head over to the men’s side to begin the wedding parade out and about on the 2nd floor indoor balcony adjoining the banquet room. We all weave and dance in and out of the room side by side moving to the beat of the music. We make hand bridges for everyone to pass under and participate in all of the regular festivities that accompany a wedding reception.

The dancing, conversations and friendship make the evening very enjoyable, not to mention building the anticipation of later sexually charged fun! Of course, sightings of hosed legs and sexy heels make it that much more exciting.

Watching my wife’s sexy shined legs are just the icing on the cake, knowing that I will have much more to see later than the dress hem allows me to view right now!

Once everyone takes a quick break, the DJ starts playing hits that keep all of us on the floor moving and grooving. An attractive couple from the table next to us spends a lot of time on the floor dancing just like us.

Her navy suit with matching hose and 3 inch pumps is just one of the sights we enjoy, I idly wonder if that tight skirt is rubbing just on hose or panties too.

We return to the table for quick refreshment and my wife points out a woman sitting at a table across from us that has a very short, tight black skirt on. It has two side slits which align perfectly with the top of her thighs revealing very sexy legs. Her black pumps have a bow on the back of the ankle and look very pretty.

My wife knows that I am a little wet and turned on as much as she must be; she is enjoying teasing me knowing that I cannot do anything about it right now. She rubs the inside of my thigh, softly moaning in my ear and asking if I like wearing my hose in public. I tell her that I do as much as she does and enjoy the very feminine, sensual feeling that accompanies wearing pantyhose.

After a few hours more of dancing, flirting, petting, viewing and enjoying ourselves, we give the bride and groom another hearty congratulation and make our way to the parking lot. As we approach the elevator, I tell my wife too bad that we did not take a room in the hotel tonight because we always enjoy our hotel sex!! She agrees and says that we could have invited the young lady with the purple satin pumps to join us!

On the way home, she sits next to me and has me unzipped in no time. I really have to concentrate on the drive since her soft raking of nails on my silk encased penis is creating a lot of distraction. She then begins to alternate between trying to penetrate my anus with her finger and putting her fingertip to the tip of my hardness to collect my pre ejaculate.

She then puts that finger to my mouth and pulls herself closer so that she can insert her tongue into the mix so that we both enjoy the taste of me at the same time. She knows that this is one of my favorite fetishes, pretending to share a cock with her and it always makes me produce more semen.

We get home and she heads to the bedroom, telling me to give her a few moments. As I light a couple of candles to take into our love nest, she calls me in. Laid out on the bed is my favorite dress with my blue pumps on the floor. She has changed into a pink, see through baby doll nightgown. She still has the silky hose and her fuck me kocaeli escort pumps on and asks if I will wear my dress for her.

She teasingly helps me out of my suit making sure that extra time is spent unbuckling and lowering my trousers. The wet spot in my hose grows as she gives a tongue bath to my silk imprisoned hardened penis; this only creates more excretion from me.

She slips the dress on over my head and smoothes it out over my body and then kneels down to put my pumps on. Her tender, loving touch excites me as her hands pass from my feet all the way up to my inner thighs. She raises herself to my mouth and gives me a long, deep kiss while diving her tongue deep into my mouth which I eagerly begin to suck on!

This drives her to start kneading my nipple with one hand as the other seeks between my legs under my knee length dress. She knows I like to be treated this way, with uninhibited lust, desire and passion! I instantly enjoy being felt up at two of the most erogenous zones of the human body. Knowing that every woman has enjoyed having hands on her breasts and between her legs at the same time is very satisfying!

I slide a hand down to begin exploring the thin silk fabric that is now wet between her legs. She gently pumps her hips to my motions as I move my mouth down to take a nipple wrapped in baby doll material returning the favor that she has been performing on me.

We collapse onto the bed in each other’s arms while our tongues probe our mouths and our hands wander lustfully seeking the most pleasured areas. She slides down my body making sure her lips attach to a nipple that she has exposed beneath my dress. She looks me in the eye as I release a deep groaning sigh knowing what will happen next.

As she moves further down my body, her hands gather the hem of my dress and softly drag it up exposing my silken thighs. Her mouth and hands meet at my purple engorged cock and begin to explore my silk covered prison.

Her nails gently rake my shaft all the way down across my testicles and trace the line sewn into the hose that runs up the crack of my ass. Her tongue licks and darts around my penis as her nails return to my scrotum which is now easily accessible since I have completely spread my legs longing for her soft penetration of my anus.

Her finger begins to slowly pump the hole between my legs with the hose impeding her progress. Her fingernail can just barely reach my G spot but the sensation is very exciting and I desire more. I beg her to lower my hose enough to accept her probing finger and I am rewarded with a slow insertion into my anus as she takes the entire length of my hard on into her mouth!

What incredible ecstasy and satisfaction!! My moans and gasps of pleasure obviously let her know that I have finally reached the pinnacle of my fantasy, penetration and being penetrated simultaneously.

I beg her to enter me a little deeper and can feel the first knuckle pass through me as her excellent face fucking skills are devouring my cock. She feels the muscles in my anus tighten and realize that she has reached the point of pleasure/pain and backs off slightly. Her anal thrusts settle down to a very pleasant rhythm and perfectly matches the deep throat lip seal she is performing on my leaking appendage.

I reach down and grab the back of her head to slow her down and quickly force her body into a 69 position above me. She continues her wonderfully performed blowjob and finger penetration on me without samsun escort skipping a beat.

I am rewarded with her beautiful ass at my eye level and her juice filled hose at my tongue. I eagerly suck the creamy liquid thru the crotch of her hose and run my hands across her smooth butt, down her crack and allow my fingers to caress the outer portion of her pussy. My tongue makes strong darting motions as deep as her hose will allow. The incredible sight of her through seamless sheerness is stunning as she buries her crotch into my face.

I feel my cock slide out of her mouth and she quickly tells me that she needs me to remove her sexy hose and feel my tongue inside her. In record time, we have removed all of our clothes and her dripping cunt is once again receiving attention from my tongue! I adjust enough to allow 2 fingers to penetrate her as I lick her clit listening to her muted moans with my cock in her mouth.

I use one finger from my other hand to caress the outer surface of her anus knowing that she has her own fantasy of pleasing two men at once. I gently enter her anus and feel her buck as my two finger pussy banging continues. Her rocking motions are almost too much for me to maintain the clit licking as she bucks and moves.

My cock has thoroughly enjoyed its tongue bath and I feel more of my seed building and beginning to seep into her mouth as her finger finds its way a bit deeper inside my own anus. I slide myself out of her mouth allowing a quick lip smacking cleaning from her and then adjust so that I can concentrate on the dual penetration of her.

She lies back to accept her pleasing fate and I begin to double finger bang her pussy with quick, deep motions. This and the one finger moving gently within her anus causes her to arch her back and left her ass from the bed. I can her breathing accelerate, her moans getting closer together and she matches my penetrations by lifting herself up and down repeatedly.

I feel a tightening around my deeply buried fingers and the loud moan from her lips confirms her impending climax! I double the speed of my motion burying myself to the knuckles and try to push a little deeper into her anus. I know she is thinking of her fantasy and I feel her sweet, creamy liquids slide past my fingers, pour out over my hand and her legs, while she continues her loud moans and groans.

I keep banging on both of her holes as her whole body shudders and she reaches down to slow down my fast rhythm inside of her. I pull my finger from her anus and feel a few more drops of her cum pump past her pussy lips onto the back of my hand. She immediately reverses herself and brings her face to mine for a very tongue probing, deep wet kiss.

She rolls me over and mounts me quickly, deeply and completely. She sets a ferocious pace and makes sure that each stroke is from the head of my cock to the base of my balls! I thrust up with each of her down strokes and enjoy her hair brushing across my face. Her earrings move back and forth to our pace and I tell her that this is becoming too much for me and ask her to slow down and let me enjoy fucking her for a little while.

She slows her pace but tightens her muscles which still give me the same sensation as she strokes my manhood from within her. We enjoy the pleasure of each other and begin talk of our evening at the wedding.

We talk of the ladies we saw in dress, of pumps and pantyhose and before I can stop it, I am erupting from deep down inside of me. I pump her cunt deeply and can feel my seed gushing from her pussy with each final thrust.

I hear her softly sigh, a contented sigh which tells me that she has been satisfied and how she has satisfied her crossdressing man.

We fall asleep in each other’s arms knowing that this continuing secret is a wonderful piece of trust to our incredible relationship!