Her Brother Turns 18 Ch. 01


As she lay in her room, one hand in her panties, rubbing her clit softly as she checked out the Tumblr-porn links her boyfriend had shared with her last night, something was stuck in the back of her head. She recalled the last time she was with her boyfriend, she had mentioned an awkward scenario within her family that got him all worked up. She noticed a whole different passion from his side as they went down on each other. As she rubbed herself harder thinking of that passionate embrace, she couldn’t shake off how they got there…

Inspired by true events.

Sarah was a young university grad, recently completed her bachelor’s and now diving and swimming in the great adult pool we call the job market. It had a while she had been applying for jobs and even making it to interviews, but luck didn’t seem to be on her side just yet. She lived with her family – a standard affair in many South Asian culture – with her mom, dad, brother, and sister.

Sarah was the eldest at 23, with her two siblings being born with a gap of five years each after her. Her brother Asim was second in line, just turned 18 and her youngest, annoying sister Amber whose birthday would be very close to Sarah’s, 12 years old.

Asim was still in college, but he got an internship at a major retail store, his shift timings would vary from day to day, so there was no real schedule that he or his family could get used to.

Amber was still in school, though it was summer vacations then, and that’s when the parents had gone back to their hometown along with the youngest family member Amber, leaving Sarah and Asim sole residents at the apparently for a good six weeks.

As Sarah was mostly home alone, izmir escort she would try and meet up with her boyfriend to get some well-deserved action, obviously he was more than willing to comply too. But that would be evenings – after his office hours. She would wake up around 10 am, fix herself some breakfast, do any chores if required, and get to her job search and blogging.

Sarah was used to being home alone especially in mornings, till one morning when she was not. While having the house to herself, it didn’t mean she would parade around naked or in sexy lingerie – not your usual hot porno plot – but she would naturally be a little easier going without having to worry about wearing full trousers or a bra first thing in the morning.

She grabs a bowl of her favorite cereal, and tunes into a mediocre TV show to kill time. She’s wearing her pink running shorts that snug her firm ass, and a normal sleep-in, loose cyan tank top. A little lesser clothes than she would if her family was around, but in no way provocative.

While she’s occupied in shifting attention between TV and breakfast, she realized her brother is home and just came into the open kitchen to get something to eat.

Sarah starts the conversation “Hey, I thought you’d be at work!” Asim jokingly responds “Sorry to burst your bubble.” She gives him an irked look. That’s their usual chemistry, barely ever talking with more than 5 statements.

As Sarah sees him fixing the breakfast, she notices he’s looking in her direction on-and-off too. It would be perfectly normal for him to glance at his sister, except that he wasn’t looking at her face. First, she finds him stealing escort izmir looks at her bare legs. A few seconds he’s gazing at the beginning of her slightly deep necked tank top, that one inch of extra skin visible, which is also where her lovely B cup breasts start.

She doesn’t think of it much though, it’s not like he was visibly drooling at his sister. And a minute later he comes in to sit on the couch opposite to her, just like that, a couple of glancing in her direction, when she involuntarily asks “Are you okay, bro?” to which he simply nods and continues eating her breakfast.

Sarah is done with hers, so she decides to get up, just that she has to bend over slightly to get up, and sitting on the couch has kinda pulled up her shorts higher into her ass. She stands up, starts walking towards the kitchen, fixing her shorts on the way only to realize her ass cheeks would have been partially uncovered for the two odd seconds she took to fix them. She did feel her brother staring at her though, but then again, she didn’t think much of it.

At least that’s what she told herself…

Now that Sarah knew her younger brother is home, she went to her room to put on some more clothes. She closed the door but decided against locking it, not like her brother will barge in without a notice.

As she turned towards her mirror, she noticed her shorts had once again risen up a little. She sat down on the bed as she had sat on the couch earlier to check how much it actually rides up when she sits and gets up. She got up a couple of minutes later and turned towards the mirror only to be shocked. She was pretty happy about her ass, izmir escort bayan and her boyfriend liked it a little too much, but that didn’t mean she was okay with her brother having a good view!

She noticed that at least half of her lower ass cheeks were visible when she got up, which meant her brother had seen as much as well! “Okay I gotta be more careful” she thought, but this caused her to check the fall of her tank top too, the way she had bent while getting up from the couch earlier, exactly when her brother was looking in her direction. And this came as a shocker too! On the angle that she had bent earlier, she had involuntarily displayed half of her perfectly firm breasts to her brother, and probably a hint of her nipples too, if the lighting was as good there as it was in her room!

Sarah was naive to think that maybe Asim didn’t really see much and that she was overthinking the whole thing. But either way, it was already done, so the only thing she could do was to avoid it from happening again.

She took off her tank top and running shorts, checking her out in the mirror. Lying down on the bed for a few minutes, she took her phone and sent a couple of saucy snaps to her boyfriend. As she saw notifications of her boyfriend texting her, she started to do what he asked. She spread her legs and started rubbing her clit slowly, taking a couple of videos to get her boyfriend worked up. They exchanged a couple of more messages and requests, but he was at work so they had to call it off quickly.

She got up from the bed and to put on her black panties and pyjamas. Her black bra came next to go with a dark blue t-shirt. She had to replace the tank top too since it was a deep neck one, and she wasn’t a fan of showing off bra straps.

With the additional clothes, she was feeling a lot less free now, but she wasn’t alone so she had to be careful.

To be continued…

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