Her First Happy Ending

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Jessi’s fingers were white-knuckles curled tight around the steering wheel as she pulled into the driveway of the massage parlor. Her best friend, Andrea, had raved about this place and even gave Jessi a coupon for a free massage. Not one to deny a free hour of relaxation, Jessi took the offer up immediately. Secretly, she hoped her taking up the free massage offer would make Andrea shut up about it.

As she locked her car and walked into the tinted-windowed massage spa, she smiled and thought, “Maybe I’ll even get a cute hunk massaging me.” The thought brought a smile to her lips even as she was walking into the parlor.

Looking around, it was lit well, looked clean, and smelled of coconut oil. It looked to be a reputable spa. She was greeted by an older, plump Asian women with a sweet smile.

“You here for massage?” The tiny woman inquired in broken English.

“Uh, yeah, I have a free massage coupon?” Jessi replied, fumbling around in her purse for the coupon.

The woman looked her up and down. “You must have money for tip? You need tip, or massage will be no good.”

“Oh, yeah! I brought money for the tip. If you don’t mind me asking, how much do you think is appropriate?”

A younger, slightly taller woman passed by and the older woman half-said, half-barked at her in what sounded like Tagalog. As she started down the hallway, leading Jessi behind her, the older woman stated simply, “Depend on what kind of massage.” Before Jessi could ask what that meant, she was pushed into a smaller room with the door shut behind her.

The room contained a comfortable-looking massage table, a counter with a sink and container full of coconut oil, and an antique-looking Japanese style screen. Judging by the hangers on the screen and the relative privacy, she assumed this was the part where she would have to get naked. Her anxiety from earlier in the day returned to her. “What if my masseuse is some hot stud? And he’s gonna see me NAKED?”

Jessi pulled her clothes off with urgency. She had worn only a light sweater and a pair of comfortable shorts. She had gone sans bra and panties as she assumed she would just be taking them off anyways. Completely nude, Jessi examined herself in the mirror. She had small, not even A-cup breasts and a petite waist. Her tiny chest had always been a source bursa escort of embarrassment for her, especially through high school as her best friend Andrea’s chest had swelled to a DD-cup. Jessi covered her perky pink nipples with her hands just to keep them warm. She had shaven her pussy that morning, just in case. She really wasn’t expecting anything to happen, but she thought better safe than sorry anyways.

Wrapping herself in a thin white towel that just barely covered her up, Jessi laid face-down on the massage table and waited anxiously for her masseuse to her arrive. Her jaw nearly dropped as the door opened and her masseuse walked in. It was the girl who had walked by earlier! She was tall, almost as tall as Jessi; and had beautiful, dark eyes and hazelnut tan skin.

“Hi! I’m Sunny. I’m so sorry to put you through this, but can we move rooms? This room actually is reserved for a client, Mama-san accidentally mistook you for her.”

Jessi gulped as Sunny walked into the room and got comfortable, washing her hands and putting her hair up into a bun. “Does she expect me to change back into my clothes while she’s here? Or does she just want me to hobble over into our new room in a towel?” Jessi thought to herself. Sunny didn’t look to be leaving.

The beautiful masseuse must’ve read Jessi’s mind, as she laughed and said, “It’s okay if you change back into your clothes. We’re just heading to the room next door.”

Jessi nodded and slipped into her regular clothes. She regretted her decision to go without underwear as she slipped her loose-fitting shorts on. She glanced over at Sunny, who was absentmindedly playing with her phone. Sunny was wearing a silky purple robe that only extended about halfway down her thigh. Jessi nearly turned red as she wondered if Sunny wore any underwear that day.

After moving rooms, undressing, and laying on the table, and covering her sensitive areas with the towel, Jessi was finally ready for her massage. Sunny rubbed some oil into the palm of her hand and began massaging Jessi’s back. Having Sunny massage her was like a breath of fresh air for her body, she felt like new. Sunny massaged her entire back side, from her neck to the tips of her toes. Jessi almost forgot that she was naked under that tiny towel.

After she had finished massaging escort bayan Jessi’s back side, Sunny instructed her to flip.

“Oh… Do you have another towel? For, you know… My chest?”

Sunny laughed. “Sorry, I think they’re all being used. Would it make you more comfortable if I was naked too?” she asked as she untied the tie on her silk robe and dropped it to her ankles.

Jessi’s jaw dropped. Sunny was completely naked in all of her glory. She had full, round, natural breasts and a cute shaved landing strip on her vulva. Jessi had never really seen a woman her age naked before, much less a beautiful woman like Sunny.

Sunny smiled and rubbed some oil into her palm. “Now, I want you to flip.”

Jessi flipped and exposed her small breasts to the cold air, instantly hardening her nipples. She blushed as Sunny remarked, “Cute.”

Sunny massaged Jessi’s neck, waist, and all down her legs. Jessi, the virginal blonde was startled when Sunny slowly moved her way up to Jessi’s breasts. She sat up and asked, “Oh, um, do you… Usually massage there?”

Sunny laughed. “Believe it or not there is actually a lot of tension in that area. Breast massages are heavenly.” Reassured, Jessi laid back down.

Sunny massaged Jessi’s breasts deeply, massaging her muscles and tissue in her chest and freeing her of all tension. Sunny startled Jessi as she poured oil directly on her nipples, hardening them even more. She slowly took two thumbs and rubbed the oil into each nipple.

Jessi was a virgin, but that didn’t mean she had never played with herself before. And she knew for a fact her nipples were extremely sensitive. Sunny’s gentle touches to her rock-hard pink nipples made Jessi bite her lip to keep from moaning. Jessi couldn’t keep it in any longer, and asked, “Does Andrea have this done to her?”

Sunny smiled, but didn’t stop caressing Jessi’s nipples. “Oh, yes. In fact, Andrea’s one of my favorite clients. She talks about you a lot, you know,” Sunny said as she went to the counter to rinse her hands.

“Really! What does she say?”

Sunny returned to Jessi and agonizingly slowly peeled off the towel covering Jessi’s wet, pulsating pussy. She winked and replied, “Don’t worry. I promise you its all good.”

Jessi was nervous. “I… I’m not really used to being bursa escort so exposed.”

A smile. “Virgin?”

She blushed. “And?”

Sunny smiled and went back to caressing Jessi’s perky little nipples. “Well, now I know exactly what Andrea sent you here for.”

The blood drained from Jessi’s face. “So this is one of those massage parlors?”

Sunny simply smiled and closed her eyes as her hands traveled from Jessi’s nipples down her stomach. Almost instinctively, the innocent virgin opened her legs to Sunny’s touch. Sunny’s hands slowly moved down her waist, caressing her hips and inner thighs.

Jessi gasped as Sunny’s palm rubbed her pussy. It was the first time anyone had touched her like that. She leaned her head back and sighed deeply. Sunny massaged her vulva and labia, sending tingles up Jessi’s legs and spine.

With one finger, Sunny teased Jessi’s soaking wet entrance. Jessi moaned as Sunny plunged just one finger in her virgin pussy. “God, you’re so tight!” Sunny exclaimed. Jessi laughed.

Sunny lowered herself, sticking her ass in the air as she bent over and started kissing Jessi’s inner thighs. Her tongue circled Jessi’s vulva and with one loooong stroke, Sunny licked up Jessi’s wetness from her entrance all the way to her clit. Jessi shuddered with pleasure and anticipation as Sunny’s tongue just barely passed over her sensitive clit. Jessi moaned louder and louder as Sunny started to gently flick her tongue over her clit. Soon enough, the beautiful masseuse was full-on licking and sucking on Jessi’s clit. Jessi moaned more and more, louder and louder as Sunny brought her closer and closer to her first lesbian orgasm.

As Sunny licked Jessi’s clit, she slowly started to rub Jessi’s hole. She then plunged two fingers into Jessi’s pussy, eliciting a euphoric scream from the blonde girl and bringing her only seconds away from orgasm. Jessi leaned her head back and moaned, “Oh, Sunny, don’t stop!”

With Sunny sucking hard on her clit and fingering her tight little pussy, Jessi came hard, soaking Sunny’s fingers with her orgasmic juice. Sunny gladly licked it up and then leaned towards Jessi for a French kiss. Then, she went to wash her hands, leaving Jessi breathing hard on the table.

As they both cleaned up, Jessi reached for her purse to tip Sunny. The lovely massage therapist just laughed and remarked, “No tip this time.”

Jessi was perplexed. “Are you sure?”

Sunny winked. “Oh yes. I like you, little blonde virgin. Come back again… And bring your friend. I’ll show you two a real happy ending.”

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