His Perfect Niece


by BrettJ © 2012

Hunter walked past the room where Barbara was sleeping. The light was pouring in and it was promising to be a beautiful day, yet Barbara was still sound asleep. During the night, she must have kicked off the covers and Hunter now saw that his lovely niece slept without a stitch covering her gorgeous body.

She had arrived late last night, at first full of smiles and hugs. The tears had followed shortly after. Barbie knew that she could talk freely to her uncle about anything because he had always been her best friend and confidante. She was completely honest about the real reason her mother had sent her to live with her uncle.

Hunter Wells knew that he shouldn’t be looking at the naked body of his niece and he still couldn’t stop. The simple fact of the matter was that he was in love with Barbie and he had been for the past several years. 35-year old uncles are not supposed to be in love with their 22-year old nieces. Love them, yes – but nothing more than that.

He and Barbara had always been close and she had been, and was, an affectionate child. Barbie always had smiles with lots of hugs and kisses for everyone. It hadn’t been a problem when she was little, but as Barbie entered her teens, she started becoming cute. By her late teens, cute was still there but now there was a large helping of sexy in the mix. When she would cuddle close, Hunter would have to restrain himself.

Libby Miller never quite understood the relationship between her younger brother and her oldest daughter. Still, she supported it. Hunter was the only one Barbara would listen to. If he gave her advice, Barbara always took it.

“He gets me, mom,” Barbie would say. “He doesn’t treat me like a kid because I’m petite and he doesn’t put down my ideas.” In a like fashion, Barbie supported her musician uncle in several ways. She loved his music, so she helped to get him booked in several places she knew around town. She had helped him find work as a session musician and his reputation was building. The pretty strawberry-blonde had even helped him find DJ work to offset the slow times. Hunter was now earning a very nice living and much of it had come from her abilities. So when Libby asked if Barbie could live with him, he had not objected.

Looking at her now, he wondered if he should have. Good God, she was incredibly lovely. Peaches and cream skin, those blue eyes, that beautiful face and round, perfect breasts that also melded with a lovely body and wonderful derriere. There wasn’t any part of her that wasn’t perfect and when she talked, he listened and hung on every word. He loved the kittenish-yet-husky sound of her voice. When she had arrived last night in a pretty pink blouse and white mini skirt, Hunter was certain his voice had broken like it had when he hit puberty.

When he got Barbara to confess the reason for her move, it all came spilling out. “She doesn’t like any of my friends or my lifestyle,” she said as she wiped away her tears. “Mom’s been a real bitch since she and Daddy started seeing that marriage counselor. I know she isn’t happy in her marriage, but does she have to make my life hell, too?”

Libby had often told her younger brother that Barbie was too much of a “wild child”. Hunter knew that in Libby’s mind, that could only mean one thing – Barbara was sexually active and she disapproved. He tried to reason with his sister. “For God’s sakes, she’s over 18 and lovely,” he told Libby. “Of course she’s going to have sex.” He didn’t think it prudent that he tell his sister he envied each and every one of Barbie’s paramours. He wondered what Barbie was like in bed. Was she a talker? Was she vocal? What was her favorite position? Did she like to dress up or role-play? Barbie consumed him and having her here wasn’t going to make it any better. He headed downstairs and poured some coffee. He didn’t have any commitments until tomorrow, so he would spend the day with Barbie when she woke up and help her acclimate. Moving so far from home, she’d had to give up both of her jobs. That was another thing that bothered Hunter about his sister’s attitude towards her daughter. Barbie was not lazy; she worked two jobs and contributed to her parent’s household. She informed her uncle that she intended to do so living with him as well. Barbie was industrious, working at both a florist’s and a well-established lingerie boutique plus going to night school twice a week.

Hunter heard a commotion and then footsteps on the stairs. He turned around and saw her descending. Barbara was wearing a gauzy blouse and snug black shorts with heels. She didn’t like her height, although Hunter told her she was the perfect height for her body. He had told her she was perfect ever since she could remember. “Oh, that coffee smells like heaven,” she told him as she poured a cup. “I think I could still go back upstairs and sleep for another 10 hours,” Barbie said.

“You were pretty drained when you crashed,” Hunter nodded. “Don’t worry about doing much of anything here denizli escort for the next few days, just settle in.”

“I’ve got to find a job, Uncle H,” Barbie said. “I have to pay my share of the bills. But you’re right, between the fight I had with mom before I left and spilling my guts to you last night, I’m drained.”

“Fight? You didn’t mention a fight with Libby, what happened?”

“Oh, she got on my case just before I got in the car about pulling my weight here, doing my share of the work, helping out, not intruding in your life, just more of her shit on the pile,” Barbara said as she sipped her coffee. “I don’t intend to be any burden, Uncle H. If I’m being a problem, you’ll tell me. I’ll even clear out when you bring Karla home,” she smiled.

“You’re way behind the times kiddo, we broke up six months ago,” Hunter spoke of his last girlfriend. “You couldn’t ever be a burden, you’re my best friend – remember? This is your home now too, you treat it as such. If there’s anyone you’re seeing, feel free to …”

Barbie shook her head. “No one serious, there were a few people I hung out with when I lived with the folks,” she told him. “I can’t believe your rotten luck with women. You’re tall and dark and you sing like a dream and you’re funny, plus you cook and make a mean cup of coffee. What girl wouldn’t want that?”

“Well, if your mom’s opinion is to be believed, we must have that in common,” Hunter laughed. “If you don’t have a steady boyfriend, all the men where you lived must be blind.” He didn’t want to voice the thought in his head – the woman he wanted most in the world was now sharing his home. Seeing her earlier on had only cinched that opinion in his mind. It would be wonderful having her here every day. It would also be slow, agonizing torture every time she brought home a potential suitor.

He spent the next few days with his lovely niece, enjoying the sunshiny pleasantness of her company. Hunter had been without female company for far too long and quite enjoyed having a girl around the house. It didn’t hurt that Barbie very much enjoyed being a girl and dressed the part. She was always feminine and lovely, not once in the first week did she wear anything that made her look scruffy. Even when she was running to the store to get groceries, she dolled herself up. Hunter thought about telling her how much he appreciated her looking so nice all the time and then he thought better of it. She might not understand his intentions. To be honest, neither did Hunter himself.

Hunter knew only one thing – he was gaga about his lovely niece. She was so pretty and feminine and so attentive. Barbie’s smile could brighten his day. He found himself thinking about her during the day and even composing little ditties about her. It didn’t help matters much that he knew what she looked like naked. It was not just that one time either, Barbara slept with her door open and usually managed to have most of the covers off by the time morning came. He tried to resist the urge to peek at her, but it was futile. He was just glad that Barbie wasn’t an early riser. He would look at her for a minute and then smile his wistful smile before going downstairs to make the coffee. Usually he would be on his second cup before the bleary-eyed beauty would make her way down to join him. Most often, she wore only a robe and it wasn’t tied too tight. He almost wanted to curse because the object of his desire was ever-so close and he couldn’t do a thing about it.

After about two weeks, Barbie had managed to find a part-time job at another lingerie boutique, much like the one she had worked at when living with her family. She liked the staff and the store and Hunter was happy for her. He joked that she’d get lots of free samples and she gave him a curious look at that. Barbie told him she intended to find a full-time job and her uncle told her that it wasn’t necessary; she was doing more than enough to help by organizing his files and booking him some gigs. She smiled and hugged him as she went off to work. When she came home one night, she was all smiles and sunshine. “I have a date tomorrow,” she told Hunter.

Hunter could see that Barbie was elated, but he was crestfallen. He tried not to let it show, he had known this would happen eventually. “Is he attractive?” He smiled at Barbie.

“She’s gorgeous, yes,” Barbie grinned.

“She? You’re dating girls?”

“Always have, girls and guys. One of the things mom and I used to argue about, she didn’t approve. Anyway, this girl – here name is Imogene, she’s French – she’s a client of the store and she asked me out. We’re going out Friday after work, so don’t wait up,” Barbie said as she started helping him prepare dinner. Hunter watched her with pangs of regret. He knew all too well that he should get his own social life again, but how was anyone going to compare to her? They would all fall short because she was absolutely perfect.

Hunter’s mood was a little diyarbakır escort low Friday night. He felt almost as if he was sulking like a child whose favorite toy has been taken away. He was in no mood to cook, so he ordered a pizza and watched television. Anything to keep his mind away from the thought of his beautiful roommate and her date.

About 10 PM, Barbie stormed in, slamming the door behind her. Something had gone terribly wrong, Hunter knew. After all, she had alluded to the fact she might not be home until late and it was only 10 PM. He wasn’t sure if he should ask, but he also didn’t want to leave the question hanging there. “So Barbara, how did the date go?”

Barbara walked around the couch, her high heels clicking on the hardwood floors. She sat across from Hunter and crossed her pretty legs. Her tiny pink mini rode up. She looked lovely in that and a sexy, sequined black top with her favorite white stiletto high heels. She was also perfectly made up. It appeared that she had really wanted the date to go well. “It went fine – at first!” Barbie told him with a testy sound in her voice. It was apparent to him that she needed to get it out. “Imogene showed up at the restaurant and she was delicious, all leggy and sensual. We’re having a really good meal and hitting it off, I’m finding myself really attracted to her,” she told Hunter.

Why he wasn’t as jealous hearing this Hunter didn’t know, unless it was the fact that Barbie’s date was a young woman and not another man. “Go on, so what happened that’s brought you home so early?”

Barbie looked up at him. “Her boyfriend showed up!”

“Oh, boy.”

“Exactly. It turns out they’ve been looking for another girl to swing with. I wouldn’t have minded discussing it, but I sure as hell don’t like being blindsided like that,” Barbie fumed. “I wasn’t attracted to him at all and it made it awkward. I made the excuse that I was feeling unwell and high-tailed it home. Damn, I was looking forward to a really hot night!”

Hunter sighed and made room for his niece to come and join him on the couch. He put his arm around her and gave her a squeeze. “Sorry beautiful – and you really do look beautiful – that’s a pain,” he told he in a reassuring tone. “I know what it’s like to be expecting a hot evening and have it fall through.”

“Not lately you don’t,” Barbie suddenly said back to him. “When was the last time you got out of this place and had a date or even got laid? Ages! You’re a good looking guy, Uncle H – you should date more! Hey, want me to set you up with Imogene? She told me she likes older guys. She’s a gorgeous, slender, tanned brunette, you’d really dig her,” Barbie smiled.

“No, no thanks,” he waved her off. “I’m fine with things the way they are now, you keep me company and I’ve got projects keeping me busy.”

“You need to get ‘busy’ in other ways, Hunter,” Barbie said firmly. “You’re a sexy man with lots of talent and I know a lot of girls who would jump into bed with you in a minute if you just nodded in their direction. I’m always telling my friends about my handsome uncle, heck, I even had Imogene interested in meeting you,” she said. “She was really enthusiastic about it, that’s why I offered to set you two up.” She looked up at him and sighed. “I’m actually kind of glad you turned down my offer. I think I would have been jealous if you’d started going out with her.”

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll see her again, if she was that into you and …”

“Boy Hunter, you’re thick sometimes. Not of you going out with her. Of her going out with you. Are you that obtuse that you don’t know how crazy I am about you?” She grumped.

Hunter was sure that he was hallucinating or hearing things. He couldn’t have heard her right. He had to know and he had to take a small risk. “Have you – have you been leaving your bedroom door open on purpose?” He asked her.

“FINALLY the man speaks up!” Barbara laughed. “Yes – I noticed you one morning when I was half-awake and I was hoping you’d come in and just take what you wanted – what I wanted you to have. When you didn’t, I did everything I could to gain your attention. I wear all these pretty clothes for you, you know. Over the past 4 years, whenever you would come to visit us back home, I’d make sure to put on something really sexy for you. I think you’re the perfect man and uncle or not, I’d love to have you as my lover and my boyfriend!” She nuzzled into his chest and looked up at him with that perfect face and those perfect eyes. Hunter did the only sensible thing that he could do. He kissed her. He took her face in his hands and he kissed her with years of accumulated passion. She melted into him and managed to move herself until she was straddling his lap.

“Does this mean yes?” She giggled. Hunter almost felt as if he was going to burst into tears. In one instant, things had changed. His life was finally exactly where he wanted it to be – or on the way there, at least.

“We’re antalya escort going to have to be careful,” he told her as she fumbled with his shirt collar and started undoing the buttons. “If my sister ever found out …”

Her tiny hands were flying over his now-naked chest. “Sometimes I think she knows how I feel and just doesn’t care,” Barbie told him. “Just so long as I’m out of her way. Maybe it’s fate, I don’t know. Wow Uncle H, you’ve got lots of muscles,” the sweet redhead told him.

“I try to stay in shape and I am pretty sure you’re going to give me a workout,” he chuckled. Her breasts were so perfect under the spangly top. He dared to do what he long yearned to do and felt their weight in his hands. “You don’t have to call me Uncle H anymore, obviously.”

“That’s part of the fun, it’s all so naughty,” she sighed as his lips now nuzzled her neck. “I can’t believe we’re finally going to do this. I’ve been waiting for so long,” Barbie told him.

“You know I’m never going to want to let you go,” Hunter told her as she moved against him. “You’re going to be stuck with me for as long as you can stand me.”

Barbie stood up and smiled up at him. “That’s going to be a long, long time Hunter – like forever. I think we should go upstairs and get into your nice, big bed. I guess I’m going to get that really hot night after all.”

“I can guarantee that,” Hunter bragged. He intended to make sure of that. He also intended to demonstrate his love for her. All her years of support had meant so much to him. It was time to show this beautiful creature with the saucy little body just how much he adored and desired her. Barbara wasn’t making it difficult at all. In her cute pink mini, sexy top and heels, she looked amazing. From the front, Barbie was a vision and from the back, with her pert little bottom and great legs, she was so damned sexy. Hunter realized that he could see the entirety of her beauty every day of his life from now on. She had told him as much.

He was a bit behind her and when he reached his bedroom, Hunter saw that she had already gotten out of the clothes. She had drawn a sheet over her body and only her legs were visible. “Are you forgetting I’ve already seen you?” He chuckled at her feigned modesty.

“No, I just thought the big reveal might be more fun,” Barbie giggled as she dropped the sheet to display herself fully. All that she wore were lacy white panties, the heels and an ankle bracelet he had given her for her last birthday. She stretched out on her back. Her tits were so round and full for a girl of her size. “Was I right?” She asked.

“Oh yeah,” he gasped as he got in beside her. She sat up and kissed him, her arms going around his back and holding him tight. This kiss was long and lingering; he felt all his control going out of the window. He had been controlling himself for the entirety of her stay and now there was no longer any need for that. Hunter put as much passion as he could find into kissing her back. She knew what she was doing, Barbie did. They rolled around on the bed like two kids, her doing her level best to remove the remainder of his clothes. She didn’t worry about tearing anything or being neat, they both had waited too long to care.

“I’m nervous,” Hunter told her as they broke their embrace. “I’m actually nervous, I haven’t been nervous in years.”

“Me too,” Barbie smiled. “I’m not sure who should do what to who or who should start.”

“Allow me,” Hunter smiled and pushed his younger lover down on her back. She lifted her hips to allow him to remove her panties. Her red patch was on view to him and he stroked it before lowering his head to her mound. Hunter began to eat her the way he had wanted to these past weeks. He used his tongue and hands forcefully, but not hard, intent of providing her the most satisfaction and showing her the range of his desire.

Barbie was gasping for breath as her new lover tongued her pussy wildly. She had been certain he would be a good lover and that their connection in bed would be strong and she had been right. From their very first kiss, she had felt herself wakening in a way she had never known before. Hunter’s mouth was getting her off and as much as she didn’t want him to stop, if he didn’t, they’d never move forward.

“Darling, God, enough,” she gasped. “You’ve already made me cum, Uncle darling. I want to do the same for you. You once dated a friend of mine – no, don’t try to figure out who it was – and she told me you’re packing. I finally get to find out for myself and I’m going to blow you and let you cum in my mouth. All of me is yours, Uncle Hunter. I’m your girl for as long as you want me!”

“Like perhaps, forever?” Hunter echoed her earlier words. She nodded and slid down to his cock. It was already twitching in anticipation and Barbie was thrilled at the thick, hot taste of it in her mouth. She licked and lavished his cock with attention and bobbed her head up and down, sucking and slurping. Hunter’s control was remarkable to the pretty redhead; most guys would have cum by now. She sensed that Hunter was intent on proving to her that he was worthy of her devotion and of her desire. She hadn’t doubted that, not for an instant. They had always shored each other up and offered each other their full support. That was just the way things were for them.