Hockey Girls Chronicles Ch. 04

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Daddy Daughter

“I can’t wait for prom night.” Jarelle’s last message to me read. My sexy girlfriend had sent me more than a couple, but it was just the tip of the iceberg for my unclear messages, with the group chat with Emy, Andy and her showing a couple hundreds of unread texts. I didn’t give much thought to the sudden influx of activity as I trudged home begrudgingly after another long shift at work.

“Me too baby, me too.” I muttered under my breath. A manpower crunch at the tech start-up I was interning at, coupled with a steep learning curve translated into longer working hours than I expected and that a good half of my weekends were burnt. Even with my tight schedule, I had initially hoped that my newly found financial independence could buy us some privacy in the form of some sexy uninterrupted dates in a motel or hotel for some action, but Jarelle had followed in Emy’s footsteps in obtaining a minimum-wage retail job at the mall, with staff perks and discounts proving too much to pass on. Being the lowest rank in the retail hierarchy had meant that full weekend shifts were expected of them, squashing and quickly curtailing any date plans.

With Andy opting for his military scholarship and subsequent enlistment, it didn’t make much of a difference to the Emy and him, as they were already on a pseudo long-distance relationship. The silver lining in this situation was that both couples were increasingly pent-up, driving the girls’ fixation on having a complete full-prom experience.

Andy and I were kept intentionally out of the loop but as far as we were concerned, the girls spent the entirety of their off-days planning for prom altogether, be it in terms of outfit shopping, post-prom activities and pre-prom plans. It drove up our suspense and anticipation and it certainly didn’t prevent us from probing about anything and everything – from skimpy dresses, lingerie, swimwear to hotel bookings, post-prom parties.

That could wait though, as it was still a good couple of weeks left before the actual prom night. Thankfully for me, work was proving to be a good distraction. After my shower, I laid on the bed, intending to clear the notifications and unread group chats. I had then realised that the influx of messages was because instead of a room for each couple, the girls had gone on to book a junior suite, mainly to escape parental intervention and questioning but to a certain extent, get value for money. From the girls’ standpoint, it would be convenient and even helpful, using each other’s help with the touch-ups and changing of outfits. It came as no surprise that Andy was definitely disappointed to say the least, with him replying a couple of sad emoji faces and a “WHAT?!” in the midst of them all.

It had then continued with a string of messages, seemingly to justify and entice the guys into accepting our fates.

Jarelle chipped in with, “Yea! It costed a bomb! We might as well enjoy the facilities and the room as well.”

“Swimming pool, sauna and there is even a hot tub! Not to mention the gym, it has a spectacular view!” Emy threw in.

There was an unabashed and explicit follow up by Andy of “What about sexy time?”

“Well you can’t make out all night long can you?” Jarelle joked.

“Or we could just work something out between the four of us!” Emy countered.

Zealous discussions and ironing out almanbahis finer details of the room sharing ensued subsequently, but one thing was for sure. Andy did seem to be increasingly placated, convinced and even to the point of being excited for it. From making discreet sexual innuendos to subtle hints about his preferences, Andy became increasingly brazen to the point that he was making specific requests for prom night itself.

“If we are staying in the room, I am expecting a sexy skimpy lingerie set under the hotel bath robe. That turns me on!” Andy insisted shamelessly. “Emy you’ve to choose a black set! For Jarelle, I guess it’s up to Ralph but I would really prefer it if you girls chose a different color!”

“Also bikinis! If we are going to the pool then I want them. Not the tube types.” Andy followed up. It had almost seemed that he was the subject matter expert for bikinis. “I want the halter string tie types. Those accentuates your curves!”

Perhaps, what was the most telling was the lack of rejection from the girls, with Emy giving an “Alright, alright” in a bid to calm Andy down. I guessed with those reactions, it was fair to say that Andy had finally caught on that sexy revealing prom dresses were probably the most clothed that both our respective dates would be, and following that same tune, the most cloth we would be seeing on each other’s buxom girlfriend. I am sure that Andy wouldn’t pass up on any chance to see more naked skin or cleavage on Jarelle and similarly, Emy being the subject of most of my fantasies, I was definitely going to have a hard time peeling my eyes away from her. I couldn’t help fantasising about prom night and all the what-ifs that could potentially happen and simultaneously, I reached down my shorts to free the monster that was forming, stroking lazily along my full length.

The outfits alone made me unbearably hard. Sexy provocative dresses that accentuated the girls’ curves while not-so-subtly teasing us about what laid in store for us, or the sexy bikinis and lingerie sets that were awaiting to surprise us back in the room. I couldn’t help but catch on to a seemingly innocent, subtle hint from Emy to Andy regarding the hotel facilities and more specifically the gym. I presume a very sexy sports bra that would be revealing so much cleavage that it would be inappropriate for any other purposes, coupled with how proactive Emy was that day in their very public make-out session and how both of them were pent up, it would be highly likely that they continue their exhibitionistic streak in the gym.

That could pave the way for Jarelle and I to use the room first post-prom, with Andy and Emy heading back to change before scuttling to the gym. Once we were alone in the room, our lips would find each other and our hands would definitely roam desperately. The thrill of getting caught and how pent-up we were, could be the catalyst of both of us cumming before our clothes were even fully off. There could be little time nor need for foreplay, as Jarelle, already wet from the excitement, received a hard finger-fucking after I unceremoniously hiked her dress up and pulled her panties to a side, while groping her magnificent melons and exposing them in the process. Simultaneously, she would hurriedly unzip my slacks, fishing my hard pecker greedily before rapidly pumping it. It almanbahis giriş would almost become a race to see who could make who cum first, driving us both over the edge with increasingly faster and faster strokes.

Alternatively, both couples could head down to the hot tub together, with both Andy and I eager to see both the girls in their bikini sets. Their skimpy swimwear would have already brought our stiff rods to attention, with the guys hugging the girls from behind, planting slow tender kisses and coping a feel of their boobs whenever the chance arose. What occured beneath the water surface could prove to be a whole different story as we grinned our hard-ons on their asses, teasing them with sporadic strokes along their womanly parts, driving them with lust. The thrill of making out in public and in such close proximity could intensify their eventual orgasms, especially as the girls tried to hold back on the moaning. The conversations would die down eventually and making out would reign supremacy as moans of pleasure joining the bubbling noises eventually.

Andy could be just slightly overzealous to take Emy’s virginity and the empty room could prove to be a huge temptation for him to be able to fuck her brains out in full privacy, leaving Jarelle and I alone in the hot tub. I would sit Jarelle on the top of the hot tub, while teasing her slowly and untying her bikini bottom before diving in and eating her out. Tracing the alphabets eagerly on her already hypersensitive clit could then drive home a blissful orgasm. We could switch places and Jarelle would then reciprocate by giving me a mind-blowing blowjob. That could prove to be insufficient still, with me needing to satisfy my urge of taking her right there and then. Getting out of the hot tub totally, I would then bend Jarelle the edge of the tub, before plunging my hard cock into her tight yet willing snatch. After being teased for so long, I doubted I would have lasted more than a few thrusts, before I needed to pull out and unload all over her pretty face and gorgeous melons.

We would then make our way back to the room after cleaning up, but there was a high possibility that we could walk in on Andy and Emy making out or mid-sex, with us getting more than an eyeful of exposed boobflesh, dick or pussy. A streak of cum missed out in the clean-up, messy yet sexy hair or the well utilised bed could crank up the sexual tension between both couples. At some point of time, two pairs of well-fucked yet sheepish face would undoubtedly face one another in the room, alongside the inevitability that both couples would be trying to speculate and guess what had occured between the other couple. The hottest possibility was that both couples simply going at it with a clear disregard of the lack of privacy.

An eventuality was that both couples would be retiring for the night in the room, with the girls donning the specific outfit that Andy had requested for – alluring lingerie underneath the hotel bath robes. Dimmed lights could set the ambience and the bare minimum would be that both couples would be engaged in some form of groping. My earlier orgasm would have taken the edge off things and allow me to take my time to pleasure Jarelle even further.

When we were all ready to retire for the night, the girls could go get changed into the outfit almanbahis yeni giriş that Andy had specifically requested for – alluring lingerie underneath the hotel bath robes. Lights could be dimmed and the bare minimum would be that both couples would engage in some form of cuddling, groping or stroking. My earlier orgasms would have taken the edge off things and allow me to take my time to pleasure Jarelle even further. Slow long tongue-intertwining kisses as I squeezed her boobs and she reciprocated by stroking my cock could be followed by me fingering her to multiple orgasms by alternating the speed of my assaults. Eventually, I would slide her panties down and opening her bath robe as she got on top of me and bounced on my cock while I motorboated her sensitive orbs and nipples into oblivion. Any sound could offer us an insight to what the other couple was up to, turning everyone on even more in the process. Any bed creaking or moans from either pair could spark off a chain reaction of orgasms. I could also turn Jarelle around and plunge my cock into her mercilessly and forcefully in missionary, while muffling her to prevent her from moaning out loud at the sudden change in dynamics. It could prove to be counter-intuitive, turning her on even more and driving her to a final euphoric high.

To return the favour as she recovered from her climax, she could drag her boobs southwards, before giving me a gentle yet rhythmic titfuck, with the blanket protecting her modesty while her actions and movements giving her away. Andy, seeing this, could be driven to a lustful orgasm, giving a quick few final thrusts, before Emy scuttled down to swallow his pecker, allowing him to shoot his load into her willing hot mouth. As Emy came up to lie beside Andy shortly afterwards, an exposed boob caused by Andy’s relentless groping, coupled with Jarelle’s fucking my cock with her melons could push me into erupting all over my girlfriend’s lovely rack.

All these though, were just my imagination and I couldn’t wait but to live them out in the reality that awaited us. Jarelle, noticing my absence, did send more than a few private messages to me, checking if I was okay with the arrangement. Subsequently, there were reassuring messages that all but confirmed that I would be definitely satisfied on prom night. “Press on for work baby. Just to give you extra motivation to know what is waiting for you in store at prom (kissy emoji)” It was two photos, both of Jarelle in a black flowy dress. The first once showed her in upright position, from top-down, and her orbs were able to stand firm independently without any propping-up. It was evident that she was not wearing a bra and her boobs showed that they didn’t need any additional support.

When I opened the image, I started stroking even faster and harder. Jarelle’s outfit had encased her melons perfectly, accentuating their perfect roundness, drawing the attention to the twins. The angle of the photo was almost like she was stroking my cock and I couldn’t help but think of the contrast of my white-hot cum on her boobs.

“I am considering this, what do you think? I think there is too much cloth.” Jarelle teased before following up with another image. Though it was the same outfit, Jarelle was bending over ever so slightly, and the loose fabric sagged forward with her melons practically spilling out. I was no longer ogling at my sexy buxom girlfriend but sizing her up to fuck. With my cum churning in my swollen, pent-up testicles, it pushed me over the edge as I came ever so hard. Needless to say, it wasn’t the only time I had jerked off to that very same photo.

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