Home For the Holidays


I fucked my brother last night, Livy thought, a shiver running down her spine as she lay in bed. The morning sun slanted through the blinds and cast a striped pattern over the rumpled blankets, and the spot Adam so recently lay in was vacant.

Outside it was a crisp December day, and the house was silent, the rest of the family having gone out to brunch. Livy had begged off, faked sick, wanted time to think over the events of the previous night. Fucked my brother… and her hand slipped beneath the sheets, running over her pointed nipples, down the goose bumped flesh of her stomach, and into the wet spot between her thighs. It’s wrong to fuck your brother, she thought as her finger tips played over her clitoris the way his did last night. But it felt so good.

He was home from college, a new person compared with the nervous high school graduate that left her in the Fall. Now he walked with an air of confidence, bolstered by his new popularity with the ladies at school, sporting mature, intelligent glasses and letting his curly hair grow long and wild. Mother hated it, of course, putting ‘hair cut’ on his list of vacation chores, but Livy liked the change.

She herself hadn’t changed much in the four months he was gone. She moved into his room, repainted the walls, then it was life as usual, her own life as a community college student trickling by.

Then came the holidays, Adam returned, and Grandma and Grandpa came up from Florida to spend the week. They got Livy’s-old-room-turned-guest-bedroom, and Mother set up a futon at the foot of Livy’s bed for Adam.

“I’m sorry,” she’d apologized. “This isn’t ideal, but it’s just for a couple of nights. I really thought they would want to stay at a hotel.”

Brother, brother, brother. Her fingers swirled around her clit, sending waves of pleasure through her body like radar echoing out from a single point. She replayed every moment behind her eyelids while her fingers slipped inside herself. Fuck me, fuck me fuck me!

The first night, he brushed his teeth with the bathroom door open and she watched silently from the bed as the shape of his cock jiggled back and forth in his pajama bottoms with each thrust urfa escort of the brush. Her eyes explored his bare chest and the smooth curve of his back when he turned away to rinse. He came into the room and took off the foreign glasses, becoming her brother Adam again as he climbed under the futon covers. She went to sleep feeling very conflicted, knowing she should feel shame at having looked at him that way, but there was no feeling but lust inside her.

“Motherfucker this futon sucks.” These were the words she awoke to the next morning as Adam sat up, clutching his back and grimacing.

“Well,” she ventured, her heart racing involuntarily, “we could share the bed if you want. It’s big enough.”

He looked nervous too. Laughed. “That is my bed you’re in. It’s only fair.”

So last night he climbed tentatively in beside her, being careful to respect the invisible line down the center of the bed. “Good night, sis.”

“Night,” she managed, although her throat felt very narrow and tight.

Then they lay next to each other in the dark, unmoving, each pretending to be asleep and each wondering what it would be like to reach out and touch the other. He turned his head toward her and Livy could smell the sweetness of his breath, felt the warmth radiating off his body. She surprised herself when her hand inched across the chasm between them and her index finger stroked his thigh.

She waited, her heart in her throat, for an objection. This isn’t right. What are you doing? Only he said nothing, and, emboldened, she caressed the taut muscle of his leg again. Slowly, almost as though he were trying to feign sleep, he rolled his body toward her, his own hand snaking up and over her hip and to her back, and he held her close as their lips met.

In a mere instant her every nerve ending buzzed, her body felt on fire with sensation, and her pussy was slick and ready for him, her enlarged clit almost begging for him. His soft, cushiony lips were like heaven and she no longer felt guilty for not feeling guilty. She only felt Adam, the length of his body pressed firmly against hers.

Their kisses were passionate, balıkesir escort hungry, the result of years of suppressed desire. In the first moment their bodies touched she knew he’d felt the same as she did, and now all the awkward silences in the car as they drove to school, the flushed cheeks at the pool in the summer, the sidelong glances when they watched movies with sex scenes, made perfect sense. He wanted to fuck her brains out, and she wanted to let him.

His hand ran down her back, fingernails scraping the skin deliciously, grabbed her by the ass and pulled her even closer, until there was no air to breathe between them. They were almost one, and she found with delight that as she ran her hands all over his body, exploring every part of him, he felt exactly like she’d always not quite allowed herself to imagine. He was home, comfort, security. His body was firm, warm, and she found her hands returning over and over to his strong biceps, and to the concave part of his chest where the hair was thick and she could twine her fingers into it and tug. He moaned when she did it, and she delighted in being able to make him react.

Still, her fingers felt restless and she yearned to know what he felt like in his most private spot, the place she as his sister should never ever touch, shouldn’t lay awake at night wondering about. And her clit throbbed and needed to be rubbed, needed to feel his naughty, forbidden touch. please.

She hooked a finger under the elastic band on his pajamas and slid her hand inside. Her fingers brushed over the dense forest of hair above his cock, and she closed her fist over his manhood. With each pump he grew harder and her pussy got wetter, imagining the veins throbbing on his shaft, throbbing against her pussy, imagining the bulbous head popping in and out of her, rubbing against her clit, shooting hot come onto her stomach.

He moaned again and reached down into her pajama pants, running his fingers over her soaking wet panties and setting her on fire. A pleading moan escaped her lips and she arched her hips in the air to meet his hand more forcibly. He rubbed harder trabzon escort and she ran her hand down the length of his shaft to his balls, he shivered and suddenly he was kicking off his pants, then straddling her at the hips and tearing off her clothes, throwing them over his shoulder.

His body held naked against hers felt better than any fantasy she ever had, and she was near orgasm already when he started sliding his cock through her wetness, hitting her clit with an explosion of pleasure at the crest of each thrust. He did it only a few times before she was begging to be fucked.

“I can’t take it anymore, fuck me, please! I want to feel you deep inside me, please,” she whined.

He was all too eager to comply, repositioning slightly, pausing ever so tormentingly with the head of his cock just touching her pussy. “You want me to fuck you?”

“Please,” she said, feeling him press a little more urgently against her.

“Want to feel your little bro inside you?”


“Want me to fuck your brains out, sis?”

“Dammit, Adam, fuck me!” Livy cried out, pulling him into her, and relief and pleasure washed all over her body like the ocean.

“Oh God!” he cried out, thrusting fast and hard, filling her up. They were both so close already it didn’t take long before they were teetering on the edge. His strokes became long and forceful, and he panted while he asked, “where do you want it?”

“Come in me!”

“Yeah? You want me to fill up your pussy?”

“Come in me then suck it out!”

“Dirty girl!” He chastised, pumping urgently. “I had no idea.”

Then he was exploding inside her, the hot liquid filling her and spilling out of her. He came with a final deep thrust and a groan, then immediately slid down between her legs to slurp up the mess. He slid three fingers inside her and kept pumping, his tongue flicking over her clit, and she came hard. Her body quaked with the effort and hot liquid squirted out of her pussy, puddling in his palm. He kept pumping and lapping it up until the spasms of her muscles quieted and she lay still, breathing hard.

He lay down next to her, their limbs entwined, their bodies nestled together, and they drifted into sleep.

Remembering it now, feeling him between her legs, pretending her fingertips were his tongue, she convulsed a second time, rivers running down her legs and she cried out in the quiet of the empty house. Then she lay still for a while and imagined what the next night would bring.