Housemates Ch. 05


Alex and Brayden said they wouldn’t have sex, until Brayden talked to Jessica the coming weekend. But it wasn’t the weekend yet and somehow Alex was currently lying on a blanket in a wooded area; his arms and legs wrapped around Brayden. As Alex moaned into Brayden’s passionate kiss and they grinded their hips together, Alex wondered how him and Brayden got to this point.

Alex had just finished his last class and was walking to the bus stop. He would have usually met Professor Brooks in his office but he had a faculty meeting therefore that wasn’t an option. Alex was close to the exit when he got a call from Brayden.

“Big dick,” he answered.

“Tight ass,” Brayden responded.

“Not for much longer if what happened the other night continues.” Alex started to get an erection from thinking about it. He hoped no one noticed.

“Now I’m getting hard,” Brayden said.

“That makes both of us.”

“Have you finished class yet?”

“Yeah actually. I’m heading to the bus stop now.”

“Do you want to go for a drive?” Alex heard some shuffling in the background as Brayden spoke.

“To where?”

“Just to a spot I know. I was going to pick up some takeout and thought we could hangout for a bit.” This time Alex heard when Brayden unlocked his Chevy truck and got in.

“Like a date?” Alex instantly regretted saying it. He heard Brayden catch his breath and there was silence as Alex internally kicked himself. “Or we don’t have to label it and it’ll be just two friends hanging out.” Alex kicked himself again.

“Yeah…” Brayden said. Alex imagined that Brayden was running his hand through his hair at the moment and he was. “Will you be at Agate Station?” he continued.

“I just got there actually.”

“Okay. I’ll see you in about twenty minutes.” Alex responded with an ‘ok’ and Brayden ended the call. Alex sat at the bus stop with a heavy sigh. He too found himself running his hand through his hair. This made him realise that he was in need of a haircut.


Alex and Brayden were driving heading east on the OR-126. As they drove, they talked about how each others’ day went and Alex tried to get Brayden to tell him where they were going, but he wouldn’t say. Alex looked out the window as they passed the many trees and housing areas.

“Is there anyone else?” Brayden asked.

“Anyone else?” Alex looked at Brayden confused.

“Anyone one else… that you’re uh… um… sexually active with?”

Alex smiled at Brayden’s awkwardness. “Yes,” he answered.


“Why would you guess him?”

Brayden shrugged. “The way he was with you when you moved back to my place… I just thought…”

Alex chuckled. “He probably just did that to get under your skin. To be honest, we’ve fooled around a few times but it’s never been ‘like that’ between us. We’re best friends; nothing more.”

“I would say he’s a really great friend; since he came armed with a pocket knife when you first moved out.” Brayden shook his head at the memory. “Would he have actually used that knife on me?”

“Yeah, if he thought he needed to.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Actually, he’s the one that convinced me to move back in with you.”

“I’ll remember to thank him the next time I see him.”

“So if it isn’t Logan, is it someone else from school?” Brayden continued. “If you don’t mind me asking.”

Alex decided to be honest. “Yes. I’m sleeping with one of my professors.” Alex lurched forward from the sudden stopping of the truck. He gave Brayden a confused look.

“Sorry,” Brayden said. “I just wasn’t expecting that.” He continued driving again. “So your professor? Is it something serious?”

Alex caught on to how Brayden sounded. He seemed a bit jealous. “No, it’s not serious. After the intrigue of the student-teacher thing wears off, we’ll probably stop.” Alex decided not to mention the married part.


Alex smiled. “Are you jealous? That sounded like jealousy?”

“Pfftt. I’m not jealous. Why would I be jealous?”

Alex laughed. “You are jealous!”

“No I’m not.”

“Yes you are.”

“No I’m not.”

“Yes you are.”

“No I’m… just a little bit.” Brayden mumbled the ending.


“Oh, whatever.” Alex chuckled. “So you’re into older guys?” Brayden asked.

“I’m into you,” Alex said.

“I’m twenty-five.”

“With that grey in your beard you can pass for older.”

“I don’t have grey hair.”

“Yes you do. Right there.” Alex pointed at Brayden’s beard.

“No I don’t… I checked this morning.” Brayden had a sheepish smile.

They were driving some more and Alex realised that he hadn’t seen anymore houses in some time. They now seem to be in a more forested and deserted area. Brayden then took a left off the main road onto a dirt track. Alex took in his surroundings.

“Is this where you’re actually going to kill me and bury my body?” he asked.

Brayden sighed heavily. “You got me. I actually have a shovel in the bed of the truck.”

“Hmm. I know karate, so I won’t be going down without a fight.”

“That’s fine by me.”

“So how are you going to kill Bycasino me?”

“I’m going to impale you on my dick,” Brayden said with a smirk.

Alex grinned. “Well at least I’ll die happy.”

Brayden was driving slower now as the terrain was a bit rougher. “So how did you get into karate?” he asked. “I don’t mean to be stereotypical, but when your sister first told me about you, I wasn’t expecting such a fit person with a mean right hook.”

“I owe that to my uncle,” Alex said. “Indirectly to my dad. When I came out, he sent me to my uncle for a summer to ‘fix me’ of sorts. My uncle was your stereotypical manly man. He also owns a gym and dojo. I hated it at first but then I got to really love it. When I came back at the end of the summer, I continued training. Was still gay though.”

Brayden stopped the truck and cut the engine. “We’ll walk the rest from here. Just a minute or two.” Alex and Brayden got out of the truck and Brayden handed Alex a blanket and a towel from the back seat. He also grabbed a paper bag and a small cooler.

“What are we having to eat?” Alex asked.

“I thought I would give you a taste of my original home. So we have chicken quesadillas with guacamole and salsa and sodas are in the cooler.”

“That sounds great,” Alex said. “Do you ever miss Mexico?”

“Sometimes. I was pretty young when my dad moved back here with my mom. I go back occasionally.”

“What was it like um… growing up there?”

“Do you mean what it was like having a white dad and a Mexican mom?” Alex nodded. “It was… interesting. Interracial couples were around but it was still slightly frowned upon. My mom’s family didn’t entirely agree with it at first. But my dad eventually won them over. On the other hand, my dad’s family loved my mom from the beginning. Wasn’t surprised when I first heard that. She tends to leave a good impression on you. But I didn’t experience anything different from any other mixed child from that time.”

As they walked, Alex heard the sound of running water getting closer. “We’re here,” Brayden said after some time. They came to an opening in the trees where there was a sunken area filled with water. Streams were running into it at one end from different points. They made miniature waterfalls as the water rushed over the rocks. The pool of water then exited into a larger stream.

“This is beautiful,” Alex said. “Do you come here often?”

“Only when I want to think or be alone,” Brayden answered. “It’s secluded and private. But there’s the rare occasion that you may see someone else passing through.”

“So you’ve never brought anyone out here?”

“No I haven’t.”

“Not even my sister?” Brayden shook his head. Alex couldn’t help but smile at the honor that he was the first person that Brayden has ever brought to his private spot.

They spread the blanket on the ground and sat. Brayden handed Alex his share of the food and a soda. As they ate, conversation flowed between them from one topic to another. They talked about when they were younger, their dreams and aspirations, their likes and dislikes, among other things. They were comfortable with each other and enjoyed each other’s company. After some time, Brayden got up and started unbuttoning his shirt.

“What are you doing?” Alex asked.

“Going for a swim. Want to join?” Brayden threw his shirt onto the blanket and began taking off his shoes.

Alex looked out to the body of water. “No thanks.”

“Suit yourself.”

“Do you ever wear underwear?” Alex asked as Brayden pulled down his jeans.

“Sometimes. But I prefer to have the snake hang free.”

Alex snorted. “That isn’t a snake; that’s a fucking dragon.”

Brayden grinned. “I’ve heard python, anaconda but never dragon. I like dragon.”

Alex watched Brayden in all his naked glory as he ran down to the water and dived in. Brayden spent some time in the pool before returning. Alex watched as Brayden dried himself off with the towel. Even if you weren’t attracted to Brayden, you still had to admire the body that he worked so hard to gain. Alex’s eyes roamed all over Brayden’s muscles. His thighs, his back, his arms. Even in his side profile, Brayden’s “dragon” was visible. Alex wasn’t exactly conscious of what he was doing, but in his daze, he was moving to a kneeling position.

Brayden wasn’t paying much attention to Alex. Alex had seen him naked before and they had said they wouldn’t do anything more until Brayden talked to Jessica. Therefore, Brayden wasn’t putting much thought into being naked in front of Alex. But when he saw Alex kneeling in his peripheral, he turned to him. The lust he saw in Alex’s eyes as he stared at his cock, made his groin stir. Something clicked in his brain and he dropped the towel; his feet automatically taking him over to Alex. By the time he reached Alex, his cock was fully hard. Alex whimpered softly as Brayden ran his cock along his lips.

“This is what you want?” he asked. Alex nodded.

“Stick your tongue out.” Alex obeyed. Brayden tapped and ran his cock against Alex’s tongue. Eventually, Brayden slid his length into Alex’s mouth; sighing as the warmth engulfed him. He held Alex’s Bycasino giriş head as he thrust in and out, sliding in more and more until his curve hit the back of Alex’s throat. Alex gagged a little and Brayden pulled out. He ran his head along Alex’s lips once more before sliding in again. This time, he let Alex take control.

Alex placed his hands on Brayden’s thighs and bobbed his head, taking in as much length as he could. “You’re so good at this,” Brayden said. Alex bobbed some more and then only sucked on the head. Brayden’s legs began to shake. “Oh fuck,” he said. Alex circled the head with his tongue and licked at the slit, tasting the precum that was oozing out. Alex took in Brayden’s length once more while reaching to fondle his balls. The suction noises that Alex made sent vibrations through Brayden’s cock.

“Okay, okay,” he said. “I think I have to sit down.” Alex pulled off of Brayden’s cock and Brayden sat on the blanket. Brayden leaned back on his elbows and spread his legs in front of him. Alex crawled between them and licked the entire underside of Brayden’s cock, circling the head each time he reached the top. He then bobbed his head while jerking the rest of the length. Brayden’s mouth hung open at the pleasure he was receiving. Alex then kissed his way down to the base and moved his way up Brayden’s body until both their tongues became entangled. After some intense kissing, Alex pulled away in order to take off his shirt. Brayden pulled Alex back into him and rolled over so that he would be on top.

Brayden kissed Alex along his jaw and down his neck. He sucked on the skin there leaving light marks. “We don’t have any condoms or lube,” Alex said between breaths.

“I have a condom in my wallet,” Brayden said. “And with regards to lube, we can go old school.” Brayden then licked the side of Alex’s face. Alex wrapped his arms and legs around Brayden as they returned to kissing. Alex moaned into Brayden’s passionate kiss as they grinded their hips together. Alex’s erections was straining against the fabric of his shorts, begging to be released. But then Alex suddenly pushed Brayden off of him.

“Wait, we can’t do this,” he said. Brayden knew what he meant. “We said we wouldn’t,” Alex continued.

Brayden laid beside Alex. “You’re right. It’s just… I don’t know man… something,” he said trying to catch his breath.

“I know what you mean.”

“Do you know what you’re going to say to her?” Alex asked after a couple minutes of silence.

“The truth,” Brayden said.


“Don’t worry, I won’t mention you. This was coming even before the things that happened between us. There’s no need to bring that part up.” Brayden then pulled Alex onto him. Even though Brayden said not to worry, Alex couldn’t help it. They laid there together for a few minutes more before getting dressed and packing up to leave.


Alex knocked on Professor Brooks’ office door. Instead of the usual “come in”, he got “who is it?”.

“It’s Alex.”

“Oh, come in.”

“Are you hiding something in here?” Alex asked after entering. Christopher opened his drawer and took out a glass with brown liquid inside. He placed it on the table with a bottle of whiskey. “Rough day?”


“Want to talk about it?”

“Not really.” Christopher drank the small amount of whiskey that was left in the glass. “Want a glass?” he asked.

“No thanks.”

Professor Brooks put away the glass and bottle, went over to Alex and pulled him into a kiss. Alex immediately pulled back. “I don’t like whiskey,” he said. Christopher chuckled. He then went over to his briefcase, took out a box of tic-tacs and put some in his mouth.

“Lets get out of here,” he said.

“To where?” Alex asked confused.

“To my house. I live in Springfield, so it’s not far from here.”

“Your wife or daughter isn’t going to be home soon?”

“No, my wife is out of town for work and my daughter is currently at band practice and she’ll be working on a school project at a friend’s house afterwards. So I thought we’d use the opportunity for a change in scenery.”

“Fine by me.”

Professor Brooks packed his things to leave and then he took his car keys out of his pants pocket. “Are you driving?” Alex asked.

“Yeah. Why wouldn’t I be?” Christopher rolled his eyes. “It was just the one drink you saw me with… Okay, it was my second shot… Don’t give me that look; my therapist looks at me like that.”

“You go to therapy?”

“I went through some things a while back,” Christopher waved his hand dismissively. “Now I go only when I want to get something off my chest or perspective. Now can we go?” Christopher gestured to the door. Alex didn’t move. Brooks sighed. “Fine. Do you have a valid license?” Alex nodded. “Then you drive; I’ll direct.

In about twenty minutes, they were pulling into Professor Brooks’ garage. He lived in a two-story wooden house with a two car garage and a sizeable porch. “Do you want anything to eat or drink?” Christopher asked when they got inside.

“No thanks.”

“Just want to get straight to the action.”


Christopher took Alex’s Bycasino güncel giriş hand and lead him upstairs. They went to the master bedroom which was at the end of the hallway. When they got inside, Brooks pulled Alex into a kiss. As their tongues collided, they ran their hands over each other. Brooks then shifted his head to place kisses on Alex’s neck.

“Are you stepping out on me?” he asked jokingly. Alex knew he meant the marks on his neck. Logan had also saw and asked about them earlier. He decided to tell Logan the truth and to say he was shocked at what Alex told him would be an understatement.

“Maybe…” Brooks went back to kissing Alex in his neck leaving some more marks behind. Brooks then pulled away to undress and Alex did the same. They were both now in their underwear; Christopher in boxer briefs and Alex in a jockstrap. They started to kiss again and as they did, Brooks walked backwards pulling Alex with him. When his legs hit the bed he sat and placed Alex to straddle him. Brooks roughly grabbed Alex’s ass and kneading it. As he did this, Alex rolled his hips against Brooks; their erections rubbing against each other.

Alex then slid off Brooks to his knees. He tugged at Brooks’ waistband and Brooks lifted his hips so Alex could completely take off his boxers. Alex jerked Brooks’ cock a few times before taking it in his mouth. He worked his way down, gagging a bit, until his nose was in Brooks’ pubic hair. He stayed there for a few seconds before coming up and jerking the cock some more. He went down again, this time with less gag. Christopher involuntarily raised his hips when Alex reached the base. Alex came up a bit and bobbed his head up and down Christopher’s cock. As he moved his head, Christopher, flexed his hips to meet Alex’s movements.

When Alex eventually came up, he kissed down Brooks’ shaft until he reached his balls. He took his time sucking on both of them. As Alex did this, Brooks leaned back on his elbows and lifted his legs onto the bed. This caused him to expose himself a bit to Alex. Alex lifted his balls and licked the space between Brooks’ testicles and his ass crack. Alex then licked from there all the way to the head of Brooks’ cock and circled the head with his tongue. When he did this, Brooks fell back completely. He then hooked his hands behind his knees and pulled them to his chest. Realising that Brooks enjoyed what he did, Alex repeated the motion a few more times.

Given the position Brooks was in, Alex couldn’t help but notice Brooks’ winking hole. He rubbed his thumb against it making Christopher moan.

“Christopher?” Alex asked.


“Have you ever been fucked?”

Brooks just smiled at Alex. Soon Alex had Brooks’ legs over his shoulders and was steadily stroking his ass. “Your cock feels so good, Alex… I don’t know why I didn’t suggest this before… Oh yeah, that’s it…right there.” Alex began to pick up pace and Brooks grabbed the bed sheet with both hands. “Yeah, that’s it… Fuck my hole… Fuck my tight hole.”

“It’s so tight,” Alex said. Alex stroked Brooks’ ass a few more times before completely pulling out. “Turn over,” he said. “Get on you hands and knees.” Christopher turned over and crawled up the bed a bit more. Alex climbed up on the bed and knelt on one knee behind him. He slid all the way into Brooks and held onto his shoulders as he began to fuck him again.

“Hmm yes… fuck me Alex… yes harder, harder.” For someone that hasn’t been fucked in almost two decades, Professor Brooks really got back into things. The noise of Alex’s hips colliding with Brooks’ ass filled the room. Alex then slowed down, giving Brooks some steady strokes. After, he went back to hammering away at Brooks’ ass. This caused Christopher to fall forward on his stomach. Alex followed, propping himself up on his arms and continued to drive into Brooks. He felt his orgasm coming and he let Brooks know. Christopher tightened his grip on Alex in his final strokes but Alex was abled to pull out in time to take off the condom and he came all over Brooks’ back and ass.

Christopher turned over onto his back and Alex laid next to him, trying to catch his breath. Christopher then grabbed his cock to finish himself off. Alex reached between Brooks’ legs until he found his hole. He slipped two fingers in and then dipped his head to suck on Brooks’ nipple. The three stimulants had Christopher on edge and he jerked his cock in time with Alex’s fingers. The faster Alex went so did he. Soon he was cumming all over himself; some of it landing on Alex’s face. Alex wiped it off and ate it.

“Thank you,” Professor Brooks said panting. “I didn’t realise I missed being fucked so much.”

“Well it was my pleasure.” Alex sat up and this was the first time he fully took in his surroundings. As he looked around the room his eyes fell upon a picture on the bedside table. It was a picture of Christopher with his wife and daughter. It was different from the one in his office. Christopher’s daughter was younger in this one. Looking at the picture, a pang of guilt came over Alex as he thought about the fact that he was sleeping with a married man. He then thought about his sister and what he did with Brayden. Alex wondered if Brayden was already on his way to Jessica. Brayden had told him that the breakup was going to come at some point but Alex couldn’t help but feel as though he was responsible for it being sooner rather than later.