I Just Love The County Fair

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I love the County Fair! I had been a “County Fair Princess” in my teens. And even when I wasn’t an ambassador for the County, I worked every year at the fair; registering participants, clerking for judges, setting up displays. I loved the fair early in the morning. When the animal people were just waking up with their show animals. The chill in the air, the smell of fresh grease – oh yes, fair food. It was with real delight, that I am visiting this little fair. They have a great garden exhibit, good food, large animal barns…thrilling rides – all that you expect at the fair.

I entered the fair with the throng at the days opening. I made my way first to the animal pens. I love to look at them all. The rabbits, chickens, cattle and sheep. And the goats; they are so cute. As I came out of the Horse barn, another fine “animal” caught my attention. He was { }. Now this would make for an interesting day. I think I will follow him. If I can get him to then follow me, that would be a coup! So off I went a’ stocking. He was on his way to the car and truck exhibition. I was wearing my best summer-girl-on-the-farm outfit. I had my hair up in a ponytail. Sunglasses, visor (I burn!). I had a little blue sun dress, short of hem and lots of cleavage (I wear sunscreen!). And blue denim tennies, bobby socks – practical wear for tramping through animal stalls and stocking good looking men.

He enters the tractor exhibition. I can almost see the testosterone oozing from his pours as he joins in conversations with other men about all the big machines. They talk intently about pulling power and air conditioned cabs. I make a wide circle around the group that…I’ll call him Irish, ’cause of his smiling eyes….that Irish has joined. I think I may have caught his eye. Let’s see. I go over to the youngest salesmen I can find and ask if I can sit in the seat of the biggest open tractor I see. “Can you please help me up?” I ask demurely. “Sure, miss” he eagerly replies. He helps me into the seat, only groping me once. I giggle loudly. Once in the seat. I use the rear view mirror to check out Irish. Bingo! He’s looking in my direction. I get down from the tractor, with help again from the young hunk. I show a lot of leg and a little panty. I giggle again and slowly check over the rest of the hunk’s equipment.

As I leave the tractors and move to the trucks, Irish seems to be following me. I pause at this model and that. I ask good questions of the annoying salespeople. I flirt with the young ranchers looking at their dream wheels. Irish is still in the truck exhibit. Let’s see if he leaves when I do. He does!! Oh this is fun.

OK, Let’s reel him in. I go over to the rides. I am standing in line for tickets. He is very quick and manages to get in line right behind me. I pretend not to notice him. He seems to be struggling for an opening line. I am about to let him off the hook and say “hi,” when I get to the head of the line. “That will be $15 for a book of tickets.” I open my purse…perfect! beyoğlu escort I forgot to get cash. “Oh…Shhh..oot! I guess no rides for me. I forgot my cash.”

“Please, may I?” Irish pushes forward and puts $30 on the counter. Before I can respond with anything but a blush, he picks up the tickets and my elbow and we move out of line.

“My knight in shining armor. Thank you…? “

“Gary, and your name, my princess?”

“Vee – short for Victoria – and please don’t call me Vicky.”

“Wouldn’t think of it. Where to first?”


“V!! Victoria!!” I hear someone yelling. “Ann!!” My best friend Ann and I embrace and squeal just a bit as we hug. Ann and I are a perfect match. Perfect opposites. Ann is short, I am Tall. Ann is formal, I am provincial. I’m doing my farm girl imitation, and she’s doing Elvira-gets-some-sun. She has black short shorts (the kind that are full and almost look like a skirt, a skimpy black top and her dark sunglasses. But we both like men and I can see Ann eyeing Gary. “May I join you?” I can see the look of disappointment in Gary’s face. Little does he know, when Ann and I get together – It can be twice the fun…

“Sure” he manages with some enthusiasm. “Let try the Ferris wheel first.” We get on the ride after polite conversation in the line. Ann and I, after a wink, put Gary between us. As the ride starts, we squeeze into him, on the premise of needing to sit close so we can hear each other. You’d think we had this choreographed. Maybe we did.

As the rides starts, we talk over the top Gary about this and that. Giggling and taking every opportunity to press against him. He doesn’t seem to mind. We then smoothly put a hand on his thigh, each of us. He starts to get the idea. He puts an arm around each of us and we snuggle into him. By the end of the ride, he is definitely warming up to the possibilities. But the day is getting warm too, so we look for some shade. “Who about the wild rabbit? Yeah, That’s always cool and fun.”

At this point he is ready to try whatever we suggest. Our “wild rabbit” is a dark ride through a ‘fun house’. “You just hold on the bar here,” the girl says. We are all three on the same seat again, a Gary sandwich. We whisper in his ear, “You just hold on real tight dear.” We’ve been on this ride before. And we know the routine. The ride starts out slow and completely dark. Ann and I do a little investigating with our hands in the dark. We check out every inch of Gary and especially the good parts, but hands only. Then when the strobe light starts we go into hyperdrive and see just how many kisses and nibbles we can get on this poor hapless man in 30 seconds. Then its dark again, hand only. Then the next strobe, and so on. Gary sees (and feels) in the flashing lights 2 women doing their level best to cover him in kisses, and he notices on round 3, we are also kissing each other. The ride ends with a dark stretch. I think I hear Gary moan.

We exit the ride a little breathless sarıyer escort and apparently Gary is now the envy of several teenage boys that had been in seats around us. We are now a happy little trio. We spend the afternoon, eating too much junk food and taking in some of the acts. None of us are anxious to leave. Ann and I take turns taunting Gary with our hands on his thigh, up his thigh and anywhere else we can put them the doesn’t get us arrested. He has joined in the spirit of things and is doing the same for us. At one show, Ann and I sit in front of Gary. Gary is in the back row, we are one row in front of him. We give him a little show (and her and I a little pleasure) by “feeling each other up.” We start with just hands on each other thighs. I kiss the back of her neck. She leans in and kisses the top of my breasts. Our hand move up and under out panties. We are soon panting into each others ears. The secret is not to fall over and not to embrace and give each other the lip lock we are yearning for. We both come and then move up on either side of Gary. People would have thrown us out for what Ann and I just did, but necking with Gary is OK. We take turns kissing Gary to try and get some of the tension eased.

It doesn’t help; our tension increases. And we are pretty sure Gary is “about to blow” as well. “Time to go back to the big machines,” I suggest. “Pardon?” Gary and Ann say in tandem. We’d been making a circle of the fairgrounds all day. Now it was night and we were back at the transportation and farm equipment…and the RV’s. As we wind our way thru the exhibit and start back toward the RV’s, Ann and Gary seemed to guess the direction I was going.

I picked a big one, one I knew had a bedroom door. Gary got into the idea and start smoozing with the salesman. In less than 10 minutes, he had him convinced we were going to buy the biggest and brightest model on the lot. “Nothing’s too good for my girls.” Ann giggled. I smirked. The salesmen had a combination of envy and dollar signs in his eyes. “Let’s try this one out. Give us a few minutes will ya, Slim?” Gary hands the salesmen a $50.

Ann is feeling just a little greedy. Lucky for me. Before Gary even gets back to the bedroom. Ann has pulled down my dress top. After a hard passionate kiss on the lips, She moves her lovely soft mouth to my breast. My knees nearly buckle, as her hand goes into my panties. She slips them off my hips and onto the floor. Gary, ever the gentlemen, locks the door and comes up behind me to keep me from falling.

“My knight…” is all I can get out before I moan and am having trouble making words. Ann is still at my nipples, working back and forth between the two. And her other hand is doing a little magic dance on my clit. Gary has gotten his shirt off. And my dress top is now down around my waist. Ann drops to her knees, but with the feel of his skin on my back and his kisses on my neck…I cum before Ann is barely starting.

This leaves her hungry for more. maslak escort She stays on her knees and turns her attention to Gary. She undoes his pants in a snap and oh, yes, he’s ready for her mouth. She takes his dick in her mouth. And his knees buckle. My turn to be gallant. I get behind Gary and have the pleasure of feeling every inch of his chest, buns and all other area I can reach. Pinching nipples and biting ears. He is having a little trouble staying quiet. He is also having a little trouble staying upright. With the last moan, he pulls out of Ann mouth. She sigh with regret and stands to kiss him. He moves his hands over her body and his mouth follows. While his mouth lingers on her tits, his hand moves down to her clit. She’s doing a good job of stifling her moans. I on the other hand am on the bed, feeling my own pussy throb as I watch them. “Oh, baby, I need some more of this action.”

Gary looks over at me, sitting on the edge of the bed, head back, knees wide apart and makes his move. He is a man with a purpose. He picks up little Ann and while giving her a kiss that leaves her breathless, he lays her on the bed next to me. He pull me up by the waist and places me between Ann’s legs. This puts my head right at Ann’s breasts. He grabs me by the hips and slips into me from behind. I start to let out loud moan, Ann stifles it with her breast in my face. I am happy with this and suckle until Ann has to put a fist in her mouth to keep quiet. Gary is pounding me from behind. Yes, yes, Oh baby pound me hard! Ann has one hand at her pussy and one in her mouth. I have Gary’s cock in my cunt and Ann tits in my mouth. Gary is being a real fine Knight a fucking me like the king he is.

He holds my hips steady as he slowly goes in and out. Then a few firm thrusts. The slow in and out again. I take a moment to catch my breath, rising up from Ann’s breasts. He takes this opportunity to give me about a dozen hard thrusts. Oh God that feels so good! I fall forward and get a tit in my mouth again. I suckle like a babe as Gary is going in and out, almost painfully slow. He leans over and fingers my clit just enough to make me gasp.

I am afraid at this point our moans escape. We pant and moan and when Gary spasms and makes those final thrusts, Ann and I both come. When Gary stops, I slip off and onto the bed next to Ann. We kiss and caress. Then we stand and take turns thanking Gary, each in our own way. Suddenly a bright flash comes thru the window. Then another. “The fireworks!” We rush over and open the window and look up at the sky. Fireworks burst above us. Below us, a 4 year old is trying to tell Mommy to look at the naked people in the RV. But Mommy is too busy looking at the fireworks…as is everyone else. Time for an exit. We quickly dress and slip out the door. Slim is right my the door, but looking up at the fireworks. He was probably on his way to throw us out. Timing is everything.

“Well, Gary dear, I know Ann and I both had a great time. Thanks for the rides. Here’s my card. Give me..”

“Or me,” Ann hands him her card. “A call.” Ann and I leave Gary by the tractors. We walk away, giggling, arm and arm. “How ’bout some cotton candy?” I ask Ann. I just love the fair!

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