It’s Just Sex Incorporated

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He was glad the secretary hadn’t made him wait very long in the reception area. This whole ordeal was embarrassing enough without having to sit with all the other losers out there. Now his only hope was that this Harris woman didn’t humiliate him any farther than necessary. He automatically stood when she entered and he noticed she had a good firm handshake.

“Mister Johnson, it’s a pleasure to meet you; shall we get right to business? Just what can we at It’s Just Sex Incorporated do for you?”

“Thank you for seeing me Ms. Harris, well now as to what I’m seeking, it is kind of embarrassing…”

“I assure you Mister Johnson we do not judge here and believe me whatever you are seeking we are not only familiar with we can also provide a like minded partner for you.”

“Yes of course, I’m sure you’ve heard it all, let’s see how can I put this, OK, I’m a successful business man but all these decisions, they weigh on me and I would like to put my sex life in the hands of another.”

“Are you saying you wish to be dominated?”

“No, well yes but I don’t want any pain; I just have a desire to submit to a strong woman. Another thing I’m married so everything would need to remain anonymous.”

“That’s easily arranged, would you have a problem if the other person was married as well?”

“No, I don’t think so, that wouldn’t bother me.”

“OK then, let’s get you into medical for a check of STDs and if you’re good to go we can get you started. Is there anything else you would like to add?”

I know I’m a married man and I shouldn’t be here, it’s just that years ago I had an affair with a woman who enjoyed treating me like slime. I was more of a servant to her than a lover and yet the humiliation thrilled to my core. When she ended it, I felt ashamed of the degradation she put me through but more humiliating is I can’t seem to get that sexual rush out of my mind.”

“If I may ask, did you ever bring this need, up with your wife?”

“I couldn’t do that, she would lose all respect for me if she knew what a wimp I long to be. No she thinks her husband is a pillar of society not some deviant.”

“I have an idea; while we wait for you medical tests to come back would you be open to meeting with a lady on line? You two could chat and see if your, are of like minds and if so we would set up a meeting for you.”

Ms. Harris gave me a nom de plume, an e-mail address to use in correspondence, my name was Fateful Servant, and hers was Domestic Goddess. By the time I got home where I could check my e-mail I had already received a message from Domestic Goddess, konya escort it read:

To FS from DG

Here are some of the things I expect from you, if you don’t have the balls to live up to my expectations let me know now so I don’t have to waste my time.

• I expect you to be at my disposal. I don’t care of your other commitments and I don’t care if you are married, when I summon you I expect you to arrive and on time.

• You will need to be prepared to be my personal servant so make sure you know how to do such things as pedicures and shaving a ladies personal area. In addition, you will be required to hand wash my intimate wear and it had better be done correctly.

• I may or may not have sex with you but you defiantly will be required to please me orally anytime and anywhere on my body that I wish.

• I require that my happiness will become you number one concern and you will be expected to do everything in your power to make sure I am pleased at all times.

• I will add other desires to this list at anytime I feel the need arise and your only concern is to comply.

I expect to hear from you shortly,

Domestic Goddess,

My penis was so hard it ached; I snuck into the bathroom where I masturbated into the sink like a teenage boy. I went back to my study, reread her note, and found myself getting hard again. It was as if my urges were totally out of control and beyond my power. I knew right then that I would give of myself to this Goddess and would gladly comply with any wish she had. I hit reply:

My Dear Domestic Goddess,

I want nothing more in this world than to be your personal servant. I sit here with my penis in my hand, as the excitement of serving you is more than I can bear. The mere thought of being allowed to laundry your personal intimates makes me orgasm with a flood of sperm. I await your requests with anticipation and dream of when we can meet.


Your Fateful Servant

I hit send before I chickened out and then went back to the bathroom for more masturbation.

That night I made love to my wife and it was like no other time before. I made a special effort to concentrate on her needs and I spent extra time with my face between her legs in an effort to please her. After she mentioned that, she was surprised at how well I made her feel. I just wish I could fall to my knees and beg for the honor of serving her as I was soon to be serving Domestic Goddess. I was feeling guilty but there was nothing I could do about it. I had this compulsion for humiliation that I had to feed. Now konyaaltı escort that the time was nearing, I was becoming insatiable.

I showered and dressed in the morning then I went to my study and booted up my laptop. There it was a message from Domestic Goddess:

To FS from DG

Get this strait, your little man worm belongs to me now. I will not have you abusing it and you’re not allowed relief without my permission. I don’t even want you touching it when you urinate so from now on you sit to urinate. You are not allowed to wash it unless you are in my presence. If I find you can’t follow these instructions I will lock you in a cock cage, now wouldn’t that be hard to explain to your wife.

I knew she must really be upset for she didn’t even sign off, just sending it unsigned. I replied begging her forgiveness, saying I didn’t understand and promised to follow her rules to the fullest. It was just that my cock ached from all the excitement she gave me. When I received no answer, I had breakfast with my wife and then went to the office.

I was useless at work for there was only one thing on my mind. I’d displeased my Domestic Goddess before we had even met. All I felt like doing was falling on my knees before her and begging her forgiveness. If I couldn’t do it in person, at least I could do it on line. I logged on as Fateful Servant and began typing:

How could I have been so rash as to think I could abuse something that I have given to my Goddess? I wish I could be prone before you begging your forgiveness. As this is not possible at this time would my Goddess please accept an on line grovel until I can do it in person? I am so upset at aggravating you that I cannot accomplish anything at work or home. I pray there is some way I can atone for my sins and I wait with bated breath for your reply.

Your loyal but worthless,

Fateful Servant

When my e-mail button pinged, I almost couldn’t open it in fear of what my Goddess might say.

To FS from DG

I read all your yada, yada and it means nothing to me but until I can have you prone before me there is not much, I can do about it. As your punishment, I want you to scrub the toilet your wife uses with your toothbrush and I want you to take a picture with your phone and then send it to me as proof. You can do this either in front of your wife or behind her back, I don’t care but I expect your proof to be on my computer by this evening.


I left the office, I was wasting my time there anyway, and on the way home, I tried to devise a plan for scrubbing konyaaltı eve gelen escort my wife’s toilet without raising suspicion, as I never ventured into her bathroom. My wife was not at home, lucky for me, so I told myself I couldn’t wait any longer and went into her bath shutting the door behind me. I locked the door and went to her toilet then took my phone and toothbrush out of my pocket. Wanting to show my true submission to Domestic Goddess I put the brush in my mouth then lowered my head into the bowl. As I scrubbed I snapped pictures with my phone. Once done I only had to worry about escaping my wife’s bath undetected. Finding her still out I went to my study and opened my laptop to send my evidence of contrition to my Goddess. I had an e-mail from her so I opened it first. In it, the Goddess informed me that ‘Just for Sex ‘ had passed both of our physicals and we were now Okayed to meet. She instructed me to go to a hotel downtown, and then gave me a room number. I was then to go to the room get down on my knees in front of the door and then with my head bowed I was to knock.

I was so aroused I rushed out of the house without even sending my pictures. I don’t remember any of the drive downtown all I could think about was the chance to meet my Goddess. As instructed, I got down on my knees and knocked, that was when I realized what a fool I looked like, and that if anybody came by how mortifying it would be. I know I wasn’t there that long but it seemed like hours before the door was opened. “Howard?” I looked up to see my wife standing there,

“Mildred, what are you doing here?”

I stood up, the magic now gone, how could Domestic Goddess be my wife? She would never put up with what we had been doing for the past couple of days. We both were in a state of shock plus a million questions that needed answering. As I finally realized that my fantasy woman was my wife, I simply got down on my knees and said,

“How may I serve you Goddess?”

How our lives have changed since that fateful day, I now work from home so I can be around to serve my Goddess. My day starts by making the coffee and serving my wife in bed. I am then usually between her legs pleasuring her with my tongue as she reads the morning paper and enjoys her coffee. I next prepare her bath, first bathing her and drying her with a soft towel. Each day I lovingly hand wash her panties and other intimidates as per her instructions. As for sex, I am there for her when she wishes some diversion, which is more now than ever before. We are both immensely enjoying our new lifestyle with the power my wife now has over me as much an aphrodisiac to her as it is to me. I think about what our marriage could have been, if either one of us had the courage to discuss our fantasies to each other. Yet now that we are happy, I refuse to ponder of what might have been and only look forward to our future together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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