Keeva Ch. 02: The Lamentation

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Part 1

Keeva Van Buren stepped out of the hotel room and on to the balcony, punching a number on her phone as she did so. She moved as far away from the doorway as she could, trying to escape the sounds coming from within. The phone at the other end took some time to be answered.

The tall blonde spoke quietly. “I hate my parents.”

“So you keep saying,” came the reply.

“I loathe them. I’m stuck here in quarantine with them, in a lousy three and a half star hotel, and all they do is fuck.”

“Did you walk in on them, in the act again?”

Keeva’s face contorted. “Thanks for making that horrid image flash back into my mind. No, I did not. Thankfully that hasn’t happened again since just before Halloween.”

“Would you like to see your father’s cock plowing into your milf mother’s shaved ‘cunt’ again?”

The way that word was said grated on Keeva. “Mistress, please stop. It’s bad enough I’m in this situation. I don’t need to focus even more on the sort of image of them. Just stop it, please! It is their third time today and it is only midday.”

“My poor little frustrated pet. Am I getting under your skin?”

“You know you do Mistress. You have every day since we first met,” she replied, trying to steer the talk further away from her parent’s sexual antics.

“I kicked your ass that day.”

Keeva rolled her eyes. “Yes Mistress, you did. You overpowered me with judo and cowered me with your strength of will.”

Laughter sounded from the phone. “I’m glad you haven’t forgotten.”

“Forgotten what happened or that you taught me to respond that way?”

“I miss you and your humour pet.”

Keeva’s brow furrowed. “Then why didn’t you save me from this nightmare? Why didn’t you let me stay with you in South Africa?”

“Keeva, stop right there! You know I would have been powerless to stop your father, your well contacted father, even if he was almost bankrupt, from taking you. Our time was up. Blame covid-19, and not me, for the world changing.”

Keeva went silent for a minute and tried to get her emotions back in check. Unfortunately, this just made her more aware of the sounds of her mother’s impending orgasm coming from inside the hotel. She took a few more calming breaths and resumed her conversation. “I’m sorry for my outburst, Mistress. I miss you too.”

“Have you thought more about your task?”

“Yes Mistress. I don’t want to do it, but I will, because I know, you know, what is best for me.” Her mother orgasmed at that moment and her father’s grunts indicated that he was only moments behind. Keeva shuddered in disgust.

“Are they always that noisy?”


“God, no wonder you hate them,” her Mistress replied. “Do you have anything else to add?”

“Yes Mistress. I saw someone.”

“A ‘he’?”

“A ‘she’, Mistress.”

“I want details, Pet.”

Keeva’s arms broke out in goosebumps. “She is stunning Mistress. She’s blonde and small framed. Not much over five foot six.”

Laughter again could be heard from the phone. “Have I got my Pet stuck on petite women? Are you looking for someone who looks like me? What makes you think you will see her again?”

“Wishful thinking, Mistress.”

“Ahhhh, you felt something?”

“Yes Mistress.”


“You know where. You know what I mean.”

There was a wait before her Mistress spoke again. “But I want to hear you say it. I want my slut to tell me exactly how her body reacted. Failure to do so will have consequences.”

“My heart raced and I felt my insides stir. My pussy started to moisten.”

“And how long did this take?”

“Seconds, Mistress.”

“Have you fingered yourself thinking of her?”

Keeva blushed. “Yes Mistress.”

“How many times?”

Keeva blushed again and felt her insides flutter at the recall. “Three times so far.”

“More details please.”

“She was wearing a white crop top and a translucent white mini skirt. She had an amazingly flat stomach.”


“And I couldn’t take my eyes off her.”


“Yes Mistress?”

“Put your hand down your shorts and tell me what you feel just above that beautiful pussy of yours.”

Keeva moved her phone to her other hand and, thankful that the brick work of the balcony would obscure her movements, she put her hand where she had been instructed, knowing exactly what she would find there. “I feel your mark, mersin escort Mistress.”

“I have to go Pet, work awaits me. We will speak soon. Don’t worry, it will all work out. But remember I own you and that vagina of yours.”

“Yes you do. I am yours Mistress.”

The voice on the phone softened. “Baby cakes?”

“Yes, Mistress?”

“I want you to fantasize about this petite enchantress but I forbid you from touching yourself.”

“I hate you too now, Mistress.”

“And know I don’t believe that for one second.” The line went dead and Keeva looked down frustratedly from her vantage point, hoping that she would cross paths with the diminutive blonde again soon.

Part 2

Keeva was just about asleep when her phone screen lit up. It was late, and by the sound of it her parents had finished their latest fuck session and had drifted off.

“Hello, Pet” came the voice down the line.

“Mistress. I’m going mental here.”

“Your parents or the blonde?”

“Both, Mistress.”

“Quarantine must be close to finishing. Will you soon be free?”

“Three days, Mistress, but my asshole parents are keeping us here at this shitty hotel for another two weeks or so, whilst they decide whether to move further east or stay here in Perth.”

“Is the hotel that bad?”

Keeva looked from her bed to the illumination coming through the window on the other side of the room. “The views are great during the day, I can see up and down the coast. At night the local lights are a bit bright. It’s clean enough but it needs a revamp and some updating.”


“Yes Mistress?”

“Have your parents still been fucking like rabbits?”

“Please Mistress, don’t do this.”

“You know I love torturing you, slut. Tell me the worst moment since we last spoke.”

“I awoke and left my room one afternoon. I could hear them but thought they were in their room.”


“They were in the tv area. She was on the couch facing me, biting her hand, and he was behind her fucking her. She saw me just as she came and lost control of her hand. She was wailing in orgasm as she looked at me, one arm flailing around like a demented appendage. He was just fucking away with a smirk on his face. I turned and went back to my room. We have not spoken about it.”

“Did it excite you?”

“No Mistress. It disgusted me.”

“The price of being born to young parents I suppose, slut. Now what of the blonde?”

“I think I glimpsed her on a balcony to the north of here.”

“Glimpsed? Is that all?”

“Yes, Mistress. I can only see the closest corner of that balcony. It looked like her though.”

“Are you sure?”

“I think I am. I hope I am.”

“You must be desperate if you are hanging your hopes on a corner of a balcony.”

Keeva did not answer.

“Pet, have you succumbed and played with yourself?”

“No Mistress! I almost did but I felt your mark and kept myself in control.” Keeva’s pride at following her Mistress’s demand was evident in her response.

“Good slut. Good Pet.”

“Thank you Mistress. Please though… Mistress, I need to come.”

“Why, Pet?”

“I miss you, Mistress, and I can’t stop thinking of the blonde and I’m frustrated. I’m sick of quarantining with my fucking parents and I want a life…”

“Calm Pet, calm. You really need it?”


“Are you really sure?”

“Mistress, please, please, please, I need to come.”

“Keeva, I will count down from 45. If you haven’t come by then, you will not have release for several more days. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress.”


Keeva dropped the phone in panic and thrust a hand down under the sheets and into the simple cotton hipsters she had on. She darted a finger to her clit and started rubbing it furiously, the lack of lubrication causing some discomfort but she gritted her teeth and persisted, relieved at being able to do something with her pent up frustrations.

She could just hear the countdown from the phone on the bed next to her.


She was distressed that she would not make it in time. Her frustration burned at her mind and taunted her.


“Mistress…fuck…. you skipped a number.”


Finally her clit responded and her lips flushed. Keeva darted the hand up to her mouth and wet her fingers, using mersin escort bayan up precious time but gaining in other ways. She grimaced as she shoved the hand back down her body and her middle finger lodged between her folds. It immediately went to work deep within her as her thumb found her clit. She moaned in frustration.


Time seemed to spiral out of control.


Her urgency gnawed at her psyche and she begged her body for mercy. “Please come, please…please…”


She felt it start in her thighs, then swell in both directions. A spark of anger, that quicly became a flame of desire, that in moments became a bonfire of pent up emotion. “C’mon, please..please…please…”


She willed the inferno on with every fibre of her being, seeking consummation in its flames.


“Oh fuck, oh fuck, I need this, fuck Mistress…”

The voice on the phone wanted her to have this, knew that she needed this, and wasn’t prepared to totally crush her. Keeva never noticed that ‘4’ was repeated twice, as was three.


Keeva’s torso convulsed as her now soaking pussy clamped down hard on her hand and waves of pent up sexual frustration exploded within her. She never heard the final few numbers as tears came and she sobbed both in joy and sorrow.

An ocean away, Arlene smiled at the phone and hit the right button to disconnect. She then went back to researching a client for an upcoming job.

Part 3

The phone answered on the third ring and Mistress’s voice purveyed her annoyance. “Pet, I’m still eating breakfast.”

“I beg forgiveness Mistress, but I have found the blonde.”

“Found as in located?”

“Yes Mistress. She is in the building I thought, it was her on the balcony that day. And Mistress…”

“Yes, Pet?”

“I’ve just seen her making love in a rooftop pool to another woman.”


Keeva’s excitement made her sound like an over sugared child. “It was her Mistress! She was swimming with this other woman, who looks about the same size. I came back with my father’s binoculars and found her sucking on the other woman’s breasts. Then they seemed to dance around the pool grinding on each other until the other woman shuddered.”

“And you saw all this?”

“Yes, Mistress, just now. I was able to see enough to know what was happening. The blonde was in in a white one piece and the other woman in a similar black swimsuit. I want her to do that to me Mistress. I want to be hers.”

“Patience, Pet. Wait for the right time. If you start stalking her you will scare her off.”

“But my parents are still talking of heading further east. They want me to go with them. I don’t think they trust me after the incident at the club.”

“What will be, will be, Keeva. Now, how is your first day out of isolation?”

Keeva looked down from her hotel balcony and smiled. “Freedom never felt so good, Mistress. My parents are out walking. I went for a swim this morning and was able to escape them for a while. It’s beautiful here, the water at the beach is crystal clear and the weather is amazing. The people seem generally nice too.”

“I need to go, Pet. Enjoy the freedom. You have permission to play with yourself at will.”

Keeva frowned at the phone. “But I need to talk more…”

The call disconnected.

Keeva’s elation dissipated as she stared at the blank screen. She needed more contact than Mistress could give her and more than her parents were willing to provide.

Part 4

“You’ve reached Arlene Wessels at Deep Photography. I can’t take your call right now, please leave your details and I’ll get back to you, or alternatively, send me a text.”

“Mistress, It’s me. Please call me back, it’s urgent.”

Keeva waited five minutes before trying again. Again, she heard her Mistress’s recording. “Mistress, I really need to talk to you. They are fucking, on a balcony…The blonde and her friend. But at a different location. I’m watching them right now. I’m so wet and flustered that I can hardly stand. Please Mistress, I need your advice. I want to go there. I could be there in less than five minutes.” She cut the call and put down the binoculars. Her parents would be back any minute but she didn’t care.

She put the phone and binocs down on the floor away from her and checked that she was alone, or as escort mersin alone as one can be on the balcony of a high rise hotel overlooking a tourist area and a main road. She ran one hand down inside the waist band of her soccer shorts and cotton underwear and slipped a finger between her wet lips. A small moan escaped her.

Whist her view was no longer as good as it was with the binoculars, she could just make out the figures that had left the balcony of the hotel about 250m east of her. She closed her eyes and replayed what she had seen in her mind and felt her urges intensify. She slipped one finger, then another deep within her and started thrusting them in and out as she rubbed her clit with her thumb. She pictured the exquisite face of the blonde, the way her face had bloomed and flushed when she had orgasmed just minutes ago and knew that she wanted to do that to the woman and have her do it in return.

She opened her eyes and scanned for the couple again. Despite the failing light and the distance, she could just make them out inside the hotel room. The glass sliding doors had been pulled back fully, so there was no light reflection obscuring them, just the tyranny of distance and the falling light of dusk. The blonde was naked, her back mostly on display. She was toned.

Keeva’s sex was on fire and she felt her legs wobble slightly as her clit sparked with the latest brush from her thumb. She was close.

The blonde was slightly turned away from Keeva. The other woman walked out onto their balcony and retrieved a bottle of champagne and returned inside to where she had been before, pulling her dress up and over her as she went. She was also fit and toned, her perky breasts moving slightly as she turned to face the blonde and raised the bottle above the other woman’s chest.

Keeva’s heart raced and her hand faltered slightly. The woman poured some of the liquid and then bent forward, looking like she would lick it off the blonde’s body. Keeva’s body ignited at that vision and her pussy clamped. Her fingers fought to go deeper as she contracted in orgasm and moaned. Sliding to the tiled floor below her, Keeva quivered in ecstasy, not caring that she could no longer see the scene being played out by the two women.

Part 5

“I hate them with the intensity of a thousand suns, Mistress.”

“You can’t blame them entirely for this Pet.”

“You have no idea what it has been like to be in quarantine for another two weeks though Mistress. Where the hell did they get Omicron from? This is one of the places with the lowest infection rates in the world, and my parents managed to get infected, just days after leaving quarantine, sending us back into quarantining in our shitty hotel. Then of course, they had to infect me with it.”

Keeva switched hands as she continued walking up the steep set of steps located about a half mile from the hotel. Despite her whining to her Mistress, she was happy to be back out in the world and getting exercise.

“Anyway, enough of that. I’m hoping I will get to see those two women again. They have disappeared from view. A lot of people have been going back to working in the city again and I think this might be the case with them.”

“We are seeing that here too Pet. Longmarket Street eateries are doing a thriving business again. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen that.” Mistress said. “I’m glad you are feeling better. I miss you Pet. Hopefully things work out. I’m going to be busy with the International Jazz Festival over the next week. If you do manage to make contact with them, play it ‘cool’ okay. If you want me to explain things, you’ll just have to be patient as it may take a few goes of phone tag to make it work.”

“Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress. You know I miss you too.”

Keeva hit the disconnect button and looked at the area around her. To the north lay several tall hills which would make for a good run. She secured the phone in the thigh pocket of her sports skins and set off into the autumnal morning at a brisk pace.

Part 6

Mistresses phone notification came through at a quiet moment in what had been a manic morning. She looked at her messaging app.

Keeva: We were having breakfast and they were also in the café. I gave them my number. If I get to meet them alone in person I will call you. I would like you to explain things from your pov.

Smiling, Arlene powered off her phone, picked up her camera and moved towards the sultry English jazz singer who was going through a sound check on stage 3.

It was time to be moving on and she could imagine how amazing this new conquest in front of her would taste.

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