Last Night in Vegas Ch. 01


It was my last night in Vegas. I’d been there for a week and had gotten laid every night. Tonight, by buddies and I were starting the festivities at Cheetah’s. Before meeting them in the limo in front of the Cosmopolitan, I took a shower and made sure no stubble had grown back on my balls yet. After my shower, I did a few sit ups and push-ups to get myself pumped for the night and to keep things tight. Then I gelled my black hair, dawned my best Ed Hardy t-shirt, and checked myself in the mirror. My spray tan looked awesome. At six feet three inches tall and six percent body fat, I knew I’d be getting busy before the sun came up. Plus, I’d never met a girl who could turn down my eight inches before.

On the strip in the limo on the way to the strip joint, everybody was already drinking. We were all a little buzzed by the time we got there. The place was lame. Despite it being Friday night and prime strip club time, it was dead inside. They must have had the day girls working because they were all fat, had natural tits, and I even spotted a C-section scar. We took off as quickly as we had shown up.

The guys and I took the limo back to the strip and hit a night club. The place had just opened a few weeks before and was totally packed with hot chicks. My buddy Justin leaned over and whispered, “Check out those two.” He pointed to a blond and a brunette dancing seductively on the floor.

The blond was totally my type. Platinum, straight, long blond hair with a super dark tan. She was a size zero, with long, lean legs and fake tits. I couldn’t stop staring at her huge tits. They had to be a DD’s. They were way too big for her frame, but they looked awesome on her. She had on a ton of black makeup and looked like she was ready to take some cock. She was wearing a lacy, white bustier and a red schoolgirl skirt. The skirt barely covered her perfect ass and about three inches of her flat abs were showing above the skirt. To complete the look, she had on the highest red heals I’d ever seen.

The brunette wasn’t my type, but she was hot for a chick with brown hair. Her hair was deep brown, super long but with Bettie Page bangs. She was rocking the whole rockabilly look, with the cherry red lipstick and black eyeliner. She was the same height as the blond and a size 2. Cebeci Escort This girl had a large tattoo of a dragon on her left shoulder. I normally didn’t dig tattoos on chicks, but it suited her. She also had her nose pierced. She was wearing a black tube top with her entire midsection showing. Nice, tight abs, and a perfect ass, too. She had on tight black shorts that barely covered her pussy, thigh high fishnet stockings and red heels like her friend. Her tits were fake, too, but were only C’s.

“I’m going to get a beer. Get ’em warmed up,” said Justin, leaving for the bar.

I made my way through the busy crowd. These girls were so horny, I didn’t even have to say a word to them before they were both grinding all over me. The song ended and another started; they kept rubbing their tits all over me.

The brunette leaned close to my ear and asked my name.

“Jake,” I shouted over the music. “What’s yours?”

“I’m Kayla.”

“And your friend?”

“Her name’s Veronica.”

Veronica gave me a flirty smile, then turned around and stared rubbing her ass against me as she danced.

We danced through another song and Justin hadn’t come back from the bar. I scanned the crowd, but didn’t see him. Oh well.

“Do you girls want to see my stretch limo?”

They gave each other a look, then both nodded mischievously at me. I took each girl by the hand and led them out of the club.

Once we were inside the limo, I told the driver to take us back to the Cosmopolitan. He said that because of traffic, it might take a while. I told him I had all night and put up the tinted glass. The guys would have to find their own way back to the hotel. I offered the girls some champagne. They accepted and we all drank a few glasses.

Again, I didn’t even have to offer them a cheesy line or say anything before they started slutting it up. Kayla, the hot blond, came and sat beside me. Veronica, the hot Bettie Page chick, followed her lead and sat on the other side of me.

“We’ve always wanted to try a threesome,” said Kayla.

“Yeah, but we’ve never found a guy hot enough,” said Veronica. They both giggled demurely. “Until now.”

We were stuck in traffic on the strip, but I didn’t Kolej Escort care.

“You two should take off your tops so I can see who has the better tits.”

They giggled at each other and both shed their shirts without a second thought. Of course, they weren’t wearing bras. Kayla’s huge fake tits were amazing. She had large, pink, hard nipples. Veronica’s were good, but her nipples were dark brown and small. I felt up both girls several times before announcing the winner.

“Sorry, but I got to give it to Kayla on size alone. Now, take off your bottoms.”

They eagerly complied and removed them. Kayla was just sitting there in a tiny white g-string and her red heals, and Veronica was wearing a hot pink, lacy thong, her fishnets, and her heals.

“This isn’t fair,” said Veronica. “You should take something off, too, Jake.”

“Let me help you,” said Kayla, pulling off my sparkly Ed Hardy t-shirt. She immediately unbuckled my belt and pulled off my sandblasted jeans, too.

I flexed my muscles for them and they felt my huge biceps, impressed. My hard on was turning my Calvin Klein’s into a tent.

Kayla giggled, like a schoolgirl. “Wow, your dick is so big.”

“You ain’t seen nothing yet,” I said, taking off my underwear and revealing all eight inches of my raging erection. Both girls’ eyes widened.

Veronica pulled off her lacy panties, revealing a completely shaved pink, wet pussy. She left the stockings and heals on. She got on her knees and started licking my balls. Kayla turned around and took off her g-string, bending over and giving me an awesome view of her shaved pink asshole and pussy. Then she joined Veronica and started licking the head of my dick.

I grabbed Kayla’s DD’s and squeezed them hard while she sucked my cock. Then I moved over to Veronica’s tits. I ran my hands down her back to her perfect ass and started fingering it. She moaned, loving it.

“There’s something I’ve always wanted to try,” said Veronica, two of my fingers still in her asshole.

“What?” I asked, gasping as their tongues collided on my penis.

“I’ve always wanted to rim a guy,” she admitted, embarrassed. And then she lifted my balls and started lapping at my asshole.

I Yenimahalle Escort was so turned on, I couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed Kayla, turned her around, and lowered her warm, dripping cunt onto my waiting prick. Veronica was still eating my asshole. Kayla’s blond locks were swinging in my face as I moved her up and down. Then, I pulled her up off my cock and told Veronica to lick Kayla’s pussy off of it. She did it excitedly, loving it. Then I pushed my slick cock up Kayla’s ass. She moaned loudly.

“Say my name, you dumb bitch,” I said.

“Jake,” she moaned.

“You’re a stupid slut,” I whispered. “Aren’t you?”

“Yes, Jake,” she responded. “Your huge cock feels so good in my ass.”

Veronica came up, licking her lips. “Isn’t it my turn yet?”

Kayla sat beside us in the limo, which was still stuck on the strip and had barely moved. I bent Veronica over, licking her tight asshole. Then I sat back down, and she sat on my dick, facing away from me. My huge penis fit easily into her warm asshole. Kayla starting licking Veronica’s pussy while I fucked her up the ass.

Then, the girls started to kiss and make out while I took turns fucking their eager asses. I bent both girls over, on their hands and knees, side by side and took turns going back and forth. I was about to come, so I pulled out and sat back, jerking off, while the girls played together. I managed to hold back for the time being.

Kayla licked Veronica’s shaved, pink pussy until she came twice, and then they switched places. Finally, I fucked Veronica’s tight pussy while Kayla sat on her face and I fingered her asshole. Then I took turns fucking their pussies, and then I went back to their asses. They sucked me off in between each switch.

I couldn’t keep going, so I had the girls kneel beside each other and blew my load all over their faces. They licked the come off of each other’s faces, their makeup smeared and running down their cheeks. I sat back, spent.

The girls slowly dressed. Once they had their clothes back on, I told the limo driver to pull over. I opened the door closest to the sidewalk and said, “That was fun girls. See you around.”

Kayla and Veronica looked at each other, confused.

“What? Am I speaking fucking Arabic? Hit the road, whores.”

They muttered some curse words under their breath and got out. Both girls turned around, peering into the limo.

“Sorry, bitches. That’s just how I roll,” I said. I slammed the door and told the driver to take me back to the club.

I would never forget my last night in Vegas; that’s when the fun really started.