(All characters are over 18 years old)

It was 2.AM and Leandro was getting dragged out of the club by two mountains of muscles, hammered up and babbling nonsense. Some people at the club cheered. Maggie and I followed right behind, trying to calm everybody down.

The security jocks threw Leandro on the sidewalk. He cursed at them, no coordination to stop himself from falling on his ass.

“Leandro, would you shut up?” Maggie said to her boyfriend.

“You know what, fuck you, bitch. Go back to rub your pussy on that guy, slut!”

Maggie gasped, and I paled. The stupid asshole was saying those things out of jealousy and being hammered up, but that didn’t matter, did it? Maggie seemed fed up. She turned around, crying.

“I’m done with this shit, Jay.” She said to me. “When he wake up tomorrow, tell him we’re done.”

“I’m right here, slut!” Leandro said, trying to get up. The guards were long gone. The other one on the entrance to the club let her go back in without a backward glance.

“She was just dancing with a friend, dude…” I said while helping him up. “They were barely touching.”

“Shut up. I don’t need your help,” he said, though it was difficult to understand. “She was cheating on me.” His sentences were run in, barely audible by the end.

“You do need my help.”

“Fine.” He allowed me to pull him from the ground. “I can drive.”

“Don’t be stupid. We’ll walk.”

“That bitch. I broke up with her first.”


Some people were still around, looking at us, but as we stumbled through the sidewalk, the streets got dark and deserted. Our place was a few blocks away. Well, probably half an hour walking with a drunk.

“Fucking headache dating that girl,” he mumbled. He was heavily built, so I was glad he was at least helping.


“Shit, fuck you, man…what do you know, you’re a fag.”

I stopped, looking at him, hurt. He had never called me that.

“Well, don’t look so fucking offended. You are a fag!” He chuckled at me. I decided to ignore him. He was just drunk. But my feelings were hurt, and he was suddenly heavier. “Cousin Jay, fag fag fag. No problem with that. I let you hop in and live with me, didn’t I?”

“Yeah, thank you.”

“So you should be on my side. Maggie is a slut.”

“You say that now, but tomorrow you’ll regret it.”

“Shut up, fag.”

I sighed, holding back a real whimper. Shit, I wanted to cry. I couldn’t believe he was calling me that. If he was it meant İstanbul Escort he probably thought those things secretly.

“You’re a naive fag… thought you people were like smart or somethin’. Guess I was just thinkin’ about promiscuity.” He stumbled at that last word, saying something completely wrong, but I got the gist.

“Fuck man, shut up, I’m serious.”

“Don’t cry on me, baby fag. Jay, you’re so stupid. Maggie is a slut. Say it.”

“No!” He didn’t even realize I was more offended about the fag thing. My heart was sinking so deep I feared going down through the sidewalk. “She’s not. You’re fucking drunk.”

“And you’re a stupid fag.” He laughed, and it cut me deep. I don’t know why I kept carrying him. Should’ve thrown him aside and left. “D’you know what I have to keep up with cause of you? Huh? People thinking I’m fag too.”

“Come on, man…stop,” I said. I, a grown ass 22 year old man, about to cry because he was hurting my feelings. It was humiliating.

“Even your voice is getting gayer,” he laughed. “But hey, is okay! Is okay! I know you fucking love me.”

“What?” I stopped again.

“Shhh. Whatever. Duhh. I’m hot.”

“Leandro, I don’t -“

“I see the way you look at me. How many times you jerk off thinking of me, huh?”

What the hell?

“I swear to God, man-“

“Come on, keep walking or we’ll never get home.” He pushed me forward and I was forced to oblige, but this words kept ringing in my ears. “You can’t hide from me. You’re a fag, you love me, smile up at me all the time, fucking annoying. Still, it’s kind of flattering. Fag crazy about me. Doing my every wish.”

I was shaking.

“Leandro, shut your fucking trap!”

“You think I don’t know about the cum you ate from my dirty undies? Huh?” His sentence got hard to understand by the end, but I still understood. I stopped dead for another time, and gasped. “Hah! There you go. Just admitted. Still, I know. I did it on purpose. I came in my boxers, and then I checked later, it was all licked up.”


“You’re a fucking pervert fag who licks my cum!”

“But it’s been months.”

“I bet those undies were smelling like heaven for you.”

“Stop,” I groaned.

“You’re hard, aren’t ya?” Then he reached down and checked himself. “Shit, look at that cock!” He laughed at me as I burned hot.

“Stop, man…please… you’re drunk,” But it didn’t really matter if he stopped now. I was mortified. I was going to have to move. So much things Escort Bayan came to my head suddenly. But most of all, shame. Shame for licking cum from his boxers. I kept carrying him, feeling dread.

“You know something? You’re a coward. Faggy coward. That’s you, Jay.” I didn’t even have the strength to say anything. “I’m so hammered, you could take me right here right now…or when we get home, you could take my clothes, all off, all of it, and play with my ass…”


“Shit, if I was a fag, I would jump at the chance,” he laughed. “Finger me while I sleep, lick my cock and balls, hmmmm. Abuse me raw. Cum in my mouth.”

“The fuck is wrong with you?”

“You’re a coward, Jay. And Maggie is a bitch.”

I pushed him away and he fell with his back against a lamppost. He groaned in pain, and I instantly went down to help. “Shit, I’m so sorry!”

“Get away from me.”

“No, Leandro, let me help.”

“I don’t…”

But I was raising him already, clasping his shoulder.

He was silent for the rest of the way. We lived in a condo, and had to use the stairs. When we were inside, he untangled himself from me and undressed in the hallway. He got completely naked. “There you go, another undie for you. Maybe there’s a little cum in there.”

“Fuck you, you bastard.”

My voice was weak, because he was naked and hard. It was the first time I saw him naked. He was so hairy, muscles bulging, and his cock was curved and uncut. He nonchalantly walked to his room. I stood there for another minute, thinking about the crazy night. My cock was so hard too, painfully.

I shrugged and went for the underwear. I went to his room, and he was laying on his back. He stared at me, surprised. He saw his underwear in my hands. I put it on my face and took a big fucking sniff. I rubbed it all over me violently. I was hoping to piss him off.

I opened my eyes and saw him jacking off. Just rubbing one out right in front of me.

“Keep going,” he said. He pinched his own nipple.

“You’re fucking drunk, Leandro…” I said. But his cock was big and full, long and white, gleaming with cum, pulsing, throbbing, so hard it must be agonizingly heavy, the foreskin about to tear apart. “You’re gonna wake up tomorrow and say I raped you. I’m a pervert fag, huh?”

“Am I not worth the risk?”

I chuckled.

“You’re so full of yourself…”

“Stop smelling underwear, Jay…You gotta stop at some point…come have a real taste.”

I Eskort jumped on him and ate his dick. It was the best blowjob of my life. It tasted so fucking good it was infuriating, maddening. The smell so much more prominent than the underwear. It destroyed my nostrils, taking over, no other smell mattered except that cock. Then his condensed gallons of cum down my throat to conclude the act. A deep sucking on his balls send him on a wild trip, moaning like a girl.

“Slap my face, call me a slut,” he asked mildly.

I did it, even as I didn’t understand what was happening. I just took what was being given. I was his gay cousin and I was desperate for his attention and love.

“Kiss me like a fag,” he said, and I tasted his lips and tongue for as long as I could. “Hmmm Jay, that’s good, cum in my ass now.”

“Are you sure?”

“Go ahead. If I shit, I shit,” he said. “You have lube, right?”

“But have you ever?”

“No you idiot, just do it!”

I obeyed. Like a mindless dog, my cock dangled hard as I lubed both of us. He was on his side, moaning softly. “Fuck my ass, baby, make me your fag,” he said.

It took me all the strength to not stab him with my cock.

I slowly got inside. “Oh my fucking God, that’s big,” he said, but my cock was just avarage. He was really a butt virgin. I took it slowly, happy that even though he moaned in pain, he still seemed to enjoy. “Yeahh, yeah, abuse that hole… I’m a fag now. I’m a fag,” he whispered.

“My fag,” I said.

“That’s fucking right,” he said. I hammered my cock inside, and he moaned louder. “Cum inside, cum inside…nut me like a dirty slut, dude!”

“Baby, I love you,” I said, since this night was going crazy, let’s just lay all the cards down.

“Then fuck me harder,” he begged.

Now I really stabbed him with my cock.

“I’m stretching you up, love,” I said.

“I deserve it, baby,” he said. I shivered all over with him calling me baby. “Nut me. Nut that ass.”

I began to love bite him as the build up began to scorch my balls. Then I fullfiled his wish.

“Ohhh fuck, I feel it…So good, such a good fuck, Jay,” he said.

I breathed down his neck, then started to move away.

“Stay, it’s cold…”


“Stop being a pussy, Jay.”

“No need to be so rough, love,” I said.

“Keep calling me love and I might cum again,” he said.

“That’s a bit gay, Leandro.”

“Oh damn…and I was hoping to get away with your cum leaking from my ass.” He licked my lips and the inside of my mouth. That movement turned into a slow kiss.

“What the fuck just happened, man?”

“Something I’ve been needing for a while,” he said. “Now shut up.”

“You don’t sound so drunk anymore.”

“I said shut up!”