Lisa’s Milk Problem

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Lisa is a 32-year-old single mother, 5’11”, large 36H breasts, green eyes, and light blonde hair who lived in a house in an upscale neighborhood. She divorced about a year ago and is now raising her four month old girl Paige on her own. She is very attractive, has a slim frame with large, round breasts, wide hips, not a big booty but a decent ass. Her chest got a lot of stares from men. Because her breasts were so supple and sagging, they would jiggle uncontrollably, especially when she walked in high heels.

Lisa was facing an unusual problem in her life right now. Paige has experienced a condition called breast milk jaundice. The doctors advised her to use baby-feed formula and not to breastfeed until this condition resolves on its own in a few weeks. Lisa agreed to what the doctors wanted her to do and the resulting swelling in her breasts made it painful. Her breasts felt swollen and full all the time and not having a mouth to feed made her drip milk at random times.

Things did not go better as Paige was not able to suck hard enough. The pain just didn’t seem to go away as Paige struggled with breastfeeding. It was many endless nights of using the breast pump but a lot of the time she was not able to pump and had to deal with the pain and many stained shirts.

Going to the doctors revealed that she had clogged ducts. The one doctor seemed impressed at the size of her nipples as they now jutted out of her tit more than an inch. She needed to use a heavy padded bra, or her nipples would be seen in anything she wore. The initial diagnosis was clogged ducts. The doctors were suspicious if the problem was beyond that, and they ordered a special micro-ultrasound test to examine the milk ducts located deep inside her breasts. To their surprise, they found it was a rare case of narrow ducts. Lisa had abundant milk producing glands inside her breasts but her milk ducts (tubes carrying milk outwards all the way towards the nipple pores) were narrower than of average women.

The doctors explained with the help of a diagram of breast anatomy, that how this made it even harder for her breasts to let go of all the milk. Human milk has several components, including fats, a more solid component and is like butter. Under normal circumstances, the butter is dissolved in the milk as it is emptied regularly. The stagnation was causing the solid component to separate further narrowing her already narrow ducts and the lactiferous sinuses (a sinus where milk ducts from the entire breast converge) located underneath the areola, making her even more clogged, and causing her the pain.

After all this intensive assessment and identifying the exact causes of this problem, Lisa was advised to do the same things that she was already doing and knew from looking online. She shook her head. Lisa walked out with only medication for the pain and embarrassment that the one doctor probably got erect from looking at her breasts and seeing her large, oversized nipples.

Every morning, Lisa would look outside the window as she drank her coffee at the dinner table. She did not know many neighbors, but she noticed that the house next to the one right across the street had three black male tenants. She learned that they were resident doctors working at a nearby hospital as they left for work in scrubs or white coats, and stethoscopes. She would talk to them when she watered her plants. They had rented the house across the street, and were living as roommates for their residency, probably because the rent in the neighborhood was too high, and the location was close to the hospital. She learned their names — Jason, Tom, and Jim. They seemed in their early 30s, well-built, muscular, and athletic. Jim was shorter than her, whereas the other two were as tall as her. She found all of them attractive, but Jason was the one she was most attracted to. Jason had a French beard, big arms, and huge shoulders.

One night around 9 PM, Paige was crying uncontrollably, and she couldn’t understand why. She was thinking of taking her to the ER, but she saw Jason sitting out on his front porch with the lights on. She took Paige over to Jason after he agreed to have a look.

He examined her ears and nose and says, “It must be a common cold. There is some inflammation, but the over the counter medicines from the local drug store should immediately help.”

He continues, “You don’t need to take her to the ER unless this just doesn’t stop the crying until early morning.”

Jason saved her a visit to an ER. This was really helpful because Lisa was facing financial struggles since the last few months. The child was not her ex-husband’s, but the guy she had dated after her divorce. He had disappeared after he learned that she got pregnant.

The medicines helped, and the next day, Lisa went over to thank Jason when she saw him return from work. He invited her into their living room. She first thanked him and then they were just doing small talk. A wet spot appeared on her t-shirt; Jason’s eyes went niğde escort there. She is dismayed to find out she was leaking milk.

Seeing her reaction Jason says, “I’m sorry, please don’t be embarrassed. I understand. It’s a common problem with lactating mothers.”

“Thank you for understanding, but my problem is much worse than it looks.”

Jason nodded his head and then answered her, “I’m a pediatric resident doctor and I see this problem often in new mothers who are breastfeeding for the first time.”

Lisa’s eyes lit up. “Really?” Her heart skipped a beat as she was not told this before and felt like Jason could be her savior.

He shrugged and smiled making the problem seem trivial. “Your baby sometimes does not have the suction needed to help you express your milk. A strong suction…for example a man’s mouth sucking would draw out the milk and open up your ducts.”

For the first time she felt like her main problem was solved, but she now wondered who she could get.

Before she could think about who, Jason smiled at her. “I don’t mind helping you out. Let me see your problem breast.”

It was odd him bringing it up but taking away the pain seemed perfect. She looked around to see if anyone was nearby as exposing her tits was something she did not do often. She lifted her shirt up and held her breath as her large tits flopped out showing off their weight and size as they bounced slightly. They now hung in front of him like udders of milk for a hungry mouth.

Jason examined them. He led her to the kitchen and had her sit on the counter too for easy access. Both his roommates are on duty tonight, so she doesn’t have to worry about anyone walking in on them.

She lifts her huge left breast, which is bigger than her head, with her both hands and offers it to him.

Jason is turned on to see her large pink nipple inviting his mouth. He notices that her skin is milky white, soft, and her breast very ripe, and sagging a little with the weight from all the milk. The nipple is large, one of the largest he has seen as a doctor, but they are also aesthetic. They are about one and a half inches long when not erect, and the areola is quite large with bumps make them look very ripe. After all, her tits are 36H. Jason is incredibly turned on to see that, but he does well to hide it and appear thoroughly professional.

He moves closer to the nipple and takes a moment to admire it. It is moist, glistening, pink, raw, with visible pores which are the opening of her ducts. It’s a nipple of a fully lactating mom, a source of rich, nourishing fluid of life, full of love.

Jason engulfs the nipple and the surrounding areola in his mouth. He takes a moment to acknowledge the huge flesh underneath the warm skin of the nipple and areola with his tongue. He now closes his eyes and applies gentle suction, and starts working his jaws, just like a baby would after latching onto a mother’s nipple. There is no milk at first. He responds by increasing the suction pressure. Milk now follows but very slowly. Lisa is impressed by how he knows to latch so well.

After 15 minutes of suckling, the breasts are slightly drained. She still has some residual milk, but the engorgement is gone. Lisa finally has some relief.

He says with a friendly smile, “You should be good for the night.”

Lisa is so delighted that she’s not engorged for the first time in so many days. She thanks him. He offers her water and juice after that feeding saying she needs to keep hydrated.

Here’s where Jason’s devious side comes out. He mixes domperidone in her orange juice, unbeknown to her. Domperidone is a drug that increases lactation, knowing that she’s going to be engorged even more with this drug with her existing problem. He shares his number and asks her to text him or call him if she needs help with suckling her milk out again. She agrees with a smile and returns home.

As expected, by afternoon on the next day, Lisa’s tits are filled with milk. She is now very engorged, much more than she usually was, and in severe pain. The domperidone has made it worse. She calls Jason asking for his advice. He says he is sorry to hear that. He wants to help her like last night, but he won’t be home until 8 PM. She says that she’s going to be in a lot of pain by then, she will have to be patient. Jason then reassures her and suggests a plan.

He says that she would need both her breasts sucked aggressively and simultaneously. The problem with her ducts is much more severe than he initially thought. They need to be dilated using more than just sucking, which he did last night. If the suckling involved some additional forces on the nipple such as stretching, biting, chewing motions, tugging, and a stronger suction than he did last night, it might help.

Her nipple and areola would experience all kinds of sensations, and all this would help the milk ejection letdown reflex (which is based on sensory stimulation).

He goes on to explain nişantaşı escort in a very technical way how the proposed treatment would also keep her breasts ripe and always ready for the infant. Also, suckling leads to bonding, which in turn enhances the milk flow. This happens due to love hormones released in a nursing woman’s blood when a human jaw is suckling. A grown adult male jaw sucking is better than baby or a pump. It needs to be done in a right way keeping in mind the anatomy of the nipple and the underlying ducts. The bonding in this case is even stronger and it would benefit her breasts, fertility, and overall health.

Jason further says that this will eventually help her to develop a strong milk ejection letdown reflex. Lisa is trying to listen and comprehend amidst the severe pain and tightness in her breasts. All she senses is that Jason is trying to help her, and she’s happy to learn that he is trying so hard to solve her problem using his expert medical knowledge. The pain and pressure in her breasts are clouding her mind, and she’s unable to think of this situation from any other angle. She’s also a little turned on by this conversation, but right now her main problem is the engorgement. There is just a lot of buildup of the milk to be taken care of right now.

Jason further explains that the milk flow is further enhanced if someone penetrated her while she was being suckled. This would definitely increase the chances of achieving a letdown reflex. Therefore, she needs two mouths and one guy inside her for this plan to work.

He further hints that it is possible to try this plan because he had two doctor roommates– Tom and Jim– who might be happy to help. And they would do it the right way because they have medical knowledge on breast anatomy and lactation.

Lisa agrees to trying this intensive sucking treatment proposed by him, hoping it would help her. Jason again says that he’s very sorry that she’s in pain right now, but they could start working on her as soon as they are back at 8PM.

She arrives at their house at 8 PM in anticipation of relieving the pain as soon as possible and possibly trying a new solution for her problem which has been getting worse throughout the day, and the last few weeks. She brings Paige along in a stroller because the sucking treatment is going to take a while, and she can’t leave Paige alone at home. She feels safe at the doctors’ and they suggested that would be fine. She puts Paige to sleep in the next room.

Then they get together in Jason’s bedroom on his king-sized bed. He lays a cover on his mattress as he knows it’s going to get messy. He takes her t-shirt and nursing bra off.

Her breasts drop out of the bra like two heavy bouncing objects. Her nipples and the entire breast jiggle, but less than usual because the skin is so taut tonight. Her nipple is wet, with a drop of milk, glistening reddish pink in color, the veins around her nipple appear engorged. She knows the pain is because of the milk and is eager to let these men suck it out.

The three men now start working on her. Jason tells her that she will get a letdown tonight if his plan works. She’s thrilled to hear that because she badly wants a letdown because she’s never had one. “Let alone a letdown, I’ve never even had a proper flow with the pump suction,” she says to herself.

Jason further suggests that the letdown can be even more efficient and faster if there was anal penetration involved at the same time her pussy was penetrated. Because that would release even more love hormones in her body, which would help milk ejection. She is surprised to hear this because this wasn’t the original plan he discussed on the phone. Jason explains to her this added exercise as a part of her treatment is only to help her. Lisa believes him; she’s now mentally prepared for a double penetration session.

Jason came up with this new idea impromptu; he realizes that they now need one more person. They have only three people for a job that needs four. He calls his coworker and friend Tyler, a nurse at the same hospital. Tyler is a black guy, 5’6″, in his early 20s. Jason says that they are all tested and confirms that everyone is clean because the things they will be doing will involve exchanging fluids. Jason assures Lisa that Tyler will be gentle with her ass and use lots of lube. His cock is not as big as theirs, and she wouldn’t feel any pain or discomfort, and that he will explain to Tyler exactly how to do it right in this situation, which is different than the conventional anal sex that can hurt. Lisa agrees. Tyler arrives in 5 minutes as he doesn’t live far away.

Lisa feels relieved as he arrives, as she knows that her breasts are going to get finally drained.

Tyler quickly undresses and lies on his back. Lisa is impressed to see his chiseled abs. Looking at Lisa’s beautiful body, the smell of her skin, and the smell of cunt arouses Tyler, and his cock gets ankara olgun escort instantly hard. Jason insists that he be generous with the lube, to which Tyler agrees. Tyler slowly takes off her panties and asks Lisa if she is ready. Lisa looks at Jason for approval. He suggests to her a position such that she is on top of Tyler, on her back, with her ass resting against the tip of his cock. He tells her that her sphincter would slowly dilate. Tyler starts rubbing the tip of cock against her anal opening as she opens up. He massages her back and buttock, trying to get her to relax. He loves touching her soft skin.

The men in the room can now smell her sex, and they are all incredibly turned on by it. Tom and Jim position themselves by her side. They first start massaging her breasts as they tell her, “This is to loosen the milk, and massage the ducts, and get the breast ready to let go of the milk as we suck it out.” Lisa feels so proud of herself that tonight she is with these guys who know what they are doing. She has an embarrassed, half smile on her face that she is trying to hide.

Tom and Jim now stop massaging her breasts and will start sucking soon.

They tell her, “Jason will penetrate you after we have worked on your nipple to a certain extent.”

“We will try our best to coax out the milk from your entire breast first. We will try to remove most of it. It might be difficult to get all of it out which is why we will depend on the letdown to empty the rest. That will hopefully happen when Jason gets into the picture to penetrate you.”

Lisa’s anal sphincter dilates to let more of Tyler’s cock in. Tyler starts with slow, gentle strokes, going deeper with each stroke at a very slow pace. Her ass eventually accommodates his girth. After a few minutes, Tyler is now more than halfway in her ass and slowly thrusting until he goes all the way in. He caresses her arms and back to make her feel relaxed, loved, and cared. Lisa now utters a few moans. Tyler has an average-sized cock which works great for this occasion because Lisa was worried about getting hurt in the ass from a bigger cock. Tyler begins to slowly fuck Lisa with slow, gentle strokes, going deeper at a very slow pace, only making gentle love to her and is not working towards his own orgasm. Her ass eventually accommodated all of his cock. He feels her body reciprocating, her warm ass is gripping, holding on to his entire cock.

At this point, Jason crawls on top of Lisa. He goes by her right ear and whispers, “I want you to know that this treatment session is for your milk problem. For it to work effectively, I would advise you to mentally be in a submissive state of mind. Let the guys use your nipples as they wish. We are going to work on dilating your ducts as we talked earlier. They are doctors, and they know what they are doing. You may completely trust them.”

“I would say just “give” your nipples, “surrender” your nipples to these guys for the night. Let them do what they want. They will be aggressive with your nipples, but only to the extent that’s going to help you; they will be careful not to damage anything under that nipple.”

“Do you understand? And is that okay?

Lisa nods, “Yes, I understand. I will do my best to follow what you said”

Jason responds that, “Then you should let them know that you are okay with them using you tonight as they wish.”

Lisa then says out loud to Tom and Jim who are sucking her nipples, “These nipples belong to you for the night. I fully trust you two. You may use my nipples as you wish. I will accept all sensations you are giving to my nipples. We have also agreed to vaginal and anal penetration, which I trust you will be gentle with. I have not had sex for a long time.”

She goes on, “I will not resist or stop you at any time. If I do, you may stop me. I know you are doing it for my good, and I will understand. And I appreciate it.”

Lisa isn’t sure if this is her submissive side talking or if she’s being a good patient for these doctors. She trusts them, she wants this to work, and she is also beginning to enjoy it a little.

Jim, who is on her left nipple says, “Okay, thanks! We wanted to know that.”

They proceed to work on her nipples. They begin by licking her areola from the outside, slowly moving towards the center, then licking the nipple and its tip.

They first try a gentle suck. There is just a faint taste of the milk. There is hardly any milk coming with this suction.

They tell her that they need to stimulate the sensory nerve endings of her nipple first to see if milk flows. This is called the milk ejection reflex and it should normally express milk, like how it works when babies suck. They let her know this, and that they will be increasing the intensity in steps.

Their mouths go back to latch on her nipples. Now, along with the suction, they also flick the tip of her nipple with their tongue.

Lisa gasps in response and feels tingles of pleasure firing from the tip of her nipples. She’s now getting increasingly turned on. The sexual aspect of tonight’s exercise now starts catching up on Lisa

At the same time, her ass has warmed up to Tyler’s cock. He is comfortably inside her, and he feels her canal become more moist, more lubricated on its own.

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